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📲🚀Envie de vous lancer ds le journalisme mobile, de produire du contenu avec votre smartphone, en mode #mojo ? Voici une série de liens : conseils, matériel, tutos, formats...
De débutant à expert, il suffit de dérouler👇
#videomobile #compublique #compol #socialmedia
1️⃣ Introduction au journalisme mobile en 7 questions:
🔸 Le #mojo, qu'est-ce que c'est?
🔸 Pour qui et quels usages?
🔸 Qualité pro ou lowcost?
🔸 iOS ou Android?
🔸 Où trouver le matériel?
🔸 Quel smartphone choisir?…
#videomobile #compublique #compol
@couve @_gkuster @Stephrabut @LaurentClause @npcheynel @aviers @laurenceallard @LaVideoMobile @vmpfm 2️⃣🚀📲 Autonomie, narration multimédia et multi-plateformes, souci des publics, flexibilité technique… Le journalisme mobile contribue à la transformation numérique des rédactions. Une excellente raison de s’intéresser au #mojo.
—>… @ejo_fr #journalisme
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@ffolliet @LowUpCdnAnesSym @sarah_mcisaac The #storyline or the arc of a story:
What it is -> what it could be -> the "bliss"…
#LUCAS2020 @LowUpCdnAnesSym
@ffolliet @LowUpCdnAnesSym @sarah_mcisaac p2: the #media is not about the data it's about the MEANING of the data
Illustrate don't annotate
Put it on the big billboard
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The Marlian Empire: A brief history on human history

[#Story thread]

Cc: @Oli_Ekun @officialnairam1 @Zinoleesky
T​​he year is 001 Marlian Era (ME) and the world has been rearranged into three regions: Natural Marlians (NMs), Marlians Ensuite (ME), and Barbarian Marlians (BMs). The NMs used to be Africans and Europeans. The ME covered the regions formerly known as Asia, and Oceania.
The BMs are the rest of the world.

The Marlian Conquest started as a slow, peaceful, and delightful movement from Lagos, Marlian Republic of Nigeria, which is now the capital of the Marlian Empire. The first Marlian was a lanky man, with legs intertwined like ropes, named Hafiz
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#Story thread
The year is 3100, & memes have been banned. The interplanetary alliance (replaced the United Alliance, which replaced UN), now sits in Lagos, Nigeria. The IA is an alliance of Humans (CEOs of the top 1% tech companies), Robots, and life forms from other planets.
The IA has focused over the years on elevating all life forms to the deus (God) level, devoid of emotions, sentiments, and the weaknesses that make organisms vulnerable to outbursts, war, and constant laughter. We live in a serious world now, and you're either a part of it
Or you'll be purged. To be purged means to be uploaded to a server where your worst memories are played in a loop, while putting your consciousness in REM state, so that you are present, unable to run away, and feeling all the mental torture at once. Nobody makes it out of the
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1) Today marks the 30th anniversary of the start of the #VelvetRevolution. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, this moment triggered a chain of events that would indirectly affect me in a myriad of ways. This #story is a bit rambling, but please hear me out…
2) First, let’s back things up to 3/31/90 - the final day of the #NHL regular season. I listened to the @penguins v. @BuffaloSabres on @KDKA 1020, as usual. But this was no ordinary game.
3) The #Pens needed a tie or win to advance to the playoffs. Also, #MarioLemieux was back in action for the first time in months. The stakes were high. I was 14 years old. This game meant the world to me. .
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Based on true story

#thread #horror #story #suryanti
Sila di RT, bila mana ramai, akan saya tulis malam ini atau besok #Suryanti
Tunggu nanti agak maleman ya... Untuk nemenin #malamjumat mu..
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based on true story

#thread #horror #story #malamjumat #pasarsetan
Nanti malam ya bro sist.. Selamat ber #malamjumat #pasarsetan
Kejadian ini di alami oleh Pak Rudi (bukan nama sebenarnya) beliau adalah teman ayah saya dari remaja, kebetulan beliau cerita sendiri tadi malem, jadi masih anget nih di ingatan saya..
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Nunggu agak malem ya..

Masih dalam lingkup "Mbah bongkok" ya, ini kejadian tahun 2018 akhir, sekitar pertengahan bulan desember, saya denger langsung dari orang yang mengalaminnya, Sebut saja mas "Ranto" #mbahbongkok
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A #Short #Story

It’s past sunrise — and here I am writing about my encounter with a Parizad. Yesterday I was invited to a dholki, though I normally avoid such social gatherings for the anxiety they bring — But I can’t forget this one. I am penning this down,— amidst
as I don’t know whether it is in our fate to meet or not; but I’m sure that I will leave this behind in my belongings so that it reaches you even if I am gone.

To a Parizad

As I entered the garden; I forgot the directions given to me and I ended up where the girls were —
amidst laughters, dholak and a background score from movie Pakeeza on gramophone — I saw you. Draped in a lovely ensemble of tea pink; beaming with light shining in broad day light by rose petals and little unlit candles.
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#thread #horror #true #story #malamjumat
Halo bro sist, sambil nunggu ada yg nyimak ya, nunggu agak maleman, sory jg nih soal kelanjutan cerita "Ada yg lain di rumahku" gak bisa ku terusin, soalnya emang dianya gak suka kalo saya cerita2in.. #malamjumat
Jadi ini cerita nyata, dari kakeknya temenku, kemarin kebetulan maen kesana, dan cerita2 gitu soal mbah bongkok ini, saya coba ceritakan dari awal mulanya ya, versi bpknya temenku #malamjumat
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In my role as a Story Artist for animated features, I always end up rewatching the climactic train chase from "Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers". No matter what my film/sequence is, I invariably find myself coming back to it for inspiration. (THREAD)
I think it could be the single best piece of storyboarding in all animation. Compositionally, conceptually, it's just a perfect balance of conflict, character and humour. And I thought I'd take a few words to ponder why that is. So let's get under the hood of this bad boy. (1/24)
Let's start with the first cardinal rule of Story: Clarity. The audience has no idea where they're being thrown next, and yet they are never lost. There's not a shot wasted, they all tell a story. And it's propulsive, each beat causes the next in a meticulous chain. (2/24)
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1/ I’ve been thinking about #soulmates for a while. For years, actually, when I began collecting stories from people about these connections.
2/ I realized everybody has a story. A defining jolt of clarity they can describe with vividness, sadness, regret or awe when reflecting on “the moment.” Even when cracking jokes about it, they *knew*.
3/ I've nurtured this idea for a long time; it sprang from my travels. All over the world, in every culture I visited, I would ask this question: "How did you know they were *The One*? (An intimate question, indeed!) I'd ask an elderly married couple,
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Why one should invest in what suits their true risk appetite? #story
Generally my father in law does not introduce me to his friends for investment guidance. 1. Because generally I am extremely blunt when it comes to investment guidance 2. I only mostly explain #risks involved
But I think his friend really forced him so he finally introduced me to this gentleman who retired from government service, has good pension and also has a frugal life style so has lot of money saved. He wanted to invest his just matured FD into a MF because FD rates were low.
After few minutes of talking to him I realised he had never invested any money in #stocks #mfs or any equity instruments ever. As I continued I realised that he wanted to invest this money for a long term and wanted the wealth generated to be transferred to his son.
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#OnceUponATime,Six Blind fellows came in front of an elephant.
The first guy, Abraham by name, felt up the trunk and declared elephant is long & flexible.
When the elephant started probing with its trunk, seeking food, Abraham pushed his son to front.
Elephant a herbivore, returned the child to Abraham.

Next guy Moses, when he approached, elephant lifted up its head & trunk.
Moses reached its leg, declared it is solid, straight like pillar & not flexible. He issued commandments, rigid, inflexible & hard as elephant hide.
Next guy, Siddhartha was tall, he could reach upto the ears, declared elephant is flat, thin and broad and provides comforting wind when you move it.
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Do you think we earn this: 21st Century skills intervention & Technical/Vocational Education Intervention as #NGO in schools?
If yes:
Nominate here:
Use #TeamYowamca as Name of Implementing Organisation
Facebook: O'star Yowamca
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sooo me and my boyfriend, we’re gonna call him Kai bc I don’t expose names🧚🏽‍♀️so backstory, Kai and I had been dating for almost 6 months, i’m his first girlfriend and he always been all bout school and nothing else not freaky but i turned this boy into a freak.
before we dated we were bsf so at this point we trust each other bare and we’re Freaky asf, all our friends think we’re crazy ass ppl for the shit we do ANYWAYS.
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So like this was in summer 18' and during this summer I usually spend my time at my gurls crib, ( and both our parents were cool wit us dating) so one day my gurl told me to "cum ova🍆🍑" so I deadass hopped on my bike and rode my ass there in the blazing sun.
So I had reached the tight as hell cause the sun was fucking on one that day. Tell me why, the moment I reached there, my gurl tells me she not home yet💀💀
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A Chinese traveller is on a cycling mission from Shanghai to Paris. After riding for more than 12 thousand miles across 12 countries, his #bicycle gets stolen in #Brussels at Gare du Midi.
🚴‍♂️😱🚳 #Bruxelles… (1)
Apparently the #bicycle was locked, but to no railing. Not the best idea, man, certainly not in #Brussels or any big city.
Yet, people should refrain from stealing bikes. Come on, it's a mean thing, really. 🙄💔🚲 #Bruxelles (2)
Now comes the part of the #story you don't expect. 💫
The guy launches an online pot on @Leetchiweb, calling on Brusseleirs & Belgians to donate 1€ and help him buy a new #bicycle - and build a beautiful memory of #Brussels, rather than a painful one. #Bruxelles (3)
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#Navratri2018 Day-3, तृतीय दिवस, माता चंद्रघंटा का दिवस।

#हिंदी कथा #Story #नवरात्रि की शुभकामनाएँ
कैलाश से लौटी गौरी के पैरों मे चिड़िया सी चपलता थी। पिता के नयन पुत्री की तृणमात्र हुए शरीर को देख चिंतित थे और उन्नत ग्रीवा को देख गर्वित भी थे। गौरी आँगन मे तुलसी को पानी दे रही थी और पिता उसी स्नेह के साथ गौरी को देख रहे थे जैसे वर्षों से देखा करते रहे थे।
जिस पिता की पुत्री विदा होने के लिए आई हो, उस के हृदय का वर्णन किसी कवि के शब्दों मे भी सीमित नही हो सकता, एक हिमवान जैसा योद्धा पिता भला क्या कह पाता।
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#नवरात्रि द्वितीया। कल शैलपुत्री की कथा के बाद, नारी के पुत्री रूप के पश्चात #ब्रह्मचारिणी माँ की कथा पढ़ें । #Navaratri #brahmacharini #Story #Hindi #कथा
शैलपुत्री पिता के संरक्षण मे बालसुलभ हठ एवम् आनंद की कथा थी। बिटिया को बताया कि घर से निकल चुकी उस कन्या का है। आज की कथा मेट्रो, ऑटो, बसो मे अस्तित्व का स्थान ढूँढती ब्रह्मचारिणी का है।
या देवी सर्वभूतेषु मां बह्मचारिणी रूपेण संस्थिता।
नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नम:।।

शैलसुते पिता की ड्योढ़ी लाँघ कर कैलाश पहुँच गई। नव-यौवनावस्था प्रिय के घर पहुँची तो स्वागत मे एक उदासीन, आत्मा को पिघला देने वाला अँधकार था। पिता के अश्रुपूरित नेत्रों को त्याग कर सुहागिन आँगन के स्थान पर देवि ब्रह्मचारिणी ने एक निस्तब्ध, अपरिचित अँधकार में पदार्पण किया।
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