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There’s a coordinated international hit job on 🇨🇦’s gov’t. 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇷🇺🇨🇳 operations. The ops coming out of England may be a proxy for Russian ops amplified by England’s ever-present far right. They inauthentically trend anti-Trudeau hashtags using accelerator botnets & trolls #cdnpoli ImageImage
But, as I’ve said many times, these ops are only successful when they can get real people to engage & perpetuate them. So 3k people in 🇨🇦 + 4K in 🇺🇸 + 3K in 🇬🇧 + troll factories & botnets, suddenly appears like an overwhelming movement that spurs others to believe. #CdnDisinfo
Troll networks are complex echo chambers that have steadily evolved since the early days of 🇷🇺’s Internet Research Agency. To be successful they MUST include authentic users. So a typical response from people in these malign networks is “she says I’m a bot!! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣”. Um, no
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Man könnte glauben, ich wäre zufrieden mit der Sperrung von #Weinthal. Das geht aber am Problem vorbei. Wir verlangen, dass Twitter sich endlich an deutsches Recht hält. Accountsperren sind nicht die Lösung.
Wir verlangen von @TwitterSupport, dass es zuverlässig und exklusiv die rechtswidrigen Inhalte löscht und seine Geschäftsbedingungen zum Schutz der eigenen User anwendet. Bei Kenntnis von einem Verstoß muss #Twitter die zumutbaren Maßnahmen ergreifen, um... Image
...kerngleiche Verstöße zu beenden und zu verhindern. Das kann durch technische oder rechtliche Maßnahmen erfolgen, z.B. Vertragsstrafenversprechen des Users, aber notfalls auch durch Sperrungen.…
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$MIOTA has been one of the best performers in the @COIN360com top 100 list with a 9.2%% daily gain and 21% weekly gain.

What powered such a price surge in a bleeding market? #IOTA 2.0 with @shimmernet, #Stardust, and more @iota developments.

A 🧵 👇

1/ What is @iota?

A distributed ledger built for the "Internet of Everything" for exchanging value and data between humans and machines.

It uses Tangle, a structure where newer txs verify the older ones, for parallel validation of txs without requiring total ordering.
2/ It offers a network that is:

- Secure: the whole system is distributed across many network participants -> no single point of failure or attack

- Feeless: no txs fees charged, but $MIOTA holders can secure prioritized txs if the network reaches capacity limits
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A few people have recently asked me about my approach to using Twitter. In essence, I love the ‘mission to civilise’ approach (from The Newsroom). This means that I focus on positive use of social media, while encouraging professional discourse and disagreements. 1/7
2/ It is important that we can have robust debates and generate diverse views here. It democratises both access to information and the ability to participate in debates. We all have a responsibility to nurture this environment.
3/ At the same time, this medium is an opportunity to amplify new and different voices. This is so important, especially for those who have a lot of followers. We should use the influence this provides to assist others to get their views into the wider discourse.
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JUST IN: @Twitter Twitter Inc. said that it plans to provide more data to external researchers studying online misinformation and moderation as part of an effort to increase transparency on the platform. Image
#Twitter will also extend an application procedure to let additional people working in academia, public society, and journalism join the Twitter Moderation Research Consortium, a group founded earlier this year in a pilot mode that has access to the statistics.
While researchers have been studying the flow of harmful content on social platforms for years, they have often done so without direct involvement from social media companies.
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Hey #Twitter .
Je vais vous conter l'histroier de nejma.
Nejma c'est une border de 1 an qui sait faite violemment renversée par une voiture.
Le conducteur responsable roulait vite dans une zone limitée à 30. Il nie sa vitesse et refuse toutes participations.
L'impact était choquant ! Nejma s'est fait renverser sous les yeux de son frère et sa mère.
Ils sont une petite famille de trois chiens !
Elle a tout juste 1 an ! C'est une Border collie.

Elle souffre d'une côte cassée, d'un poumon et d'une vessie perforées. les frais pour la soigner sont très coûteux !
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¿Con quién te llevas bien aquí en Twitter?
¿Con quién tienes más interacción?

Con Circulum podrás localizar los perfiles con los que has tenido últimamente más relación (pública) en #Twitter

Valora tus likes, retuits, citas y menciones
Puedes analizar tu cuenta o la actividad cualquier otro perfil para conocer su comunidad e intereses

En mis círculos me encuentro muchas caras conocidas

Gente maja principalmente del sector salud con la que comparto proyectos e intereses #RRSS, #SEO, #WordPress, #SocialAudio
La herramienta es gratuita y te ayudará a conocer mejor tu actividad pública en Twitter.

Por ejemplo, si estás haciendo un uso más profesional de Twitter... ¿Lo que ves está alineado con tu marca personal?

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A self-titled group of “patriots” launched an effort to crank call ⁦@DeptVetAffairs⁩ Veterans Crisis Line & urged supporters to clog the line with calls complaining #veterans arrested for the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot are being mistreated in custody.…
On Monday, the group held a live-streamed vigil outside the VA’s National Capital Regional Office in Washington, D.C. A man who identified himself as “Justin Johnson” urged 1776 Restoration Movement supporters to they could help the cause by calling the #veterans crisis line.
“Justin Johnson” said: “So, you dial 988 – they made it easier than ever to call. So, you dial 988 & then you press 1.” He put his phone up to the camera to show people the number to call & said: “So, let them know that there is inhumane treatment going on at the D.C. jail.”
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Must read thread: Ongoing organised, planned and systematic Islamist terror and anti-India campaign against Hindus/Indians in #Leicester intended to isolate and attenuate Hindu/Indian interests the #UnitedKingdom. 1/20
#Leicester is home to the second largest Hindu population in Europe and is the heartland for Hindu diaspora in the United Kingdom. It is known for hosting delightful Hindu festivals, the biggest of which is Diwali. 2/20
#Muslims make up roughly 5.7% of the population in the #UK, whereas #Hindus make up roughly 1.7%. The majority of Muslims in the UK are from Bangladesh and Pakistan and maintain strong ties with their home countries religious, political and social communities. 3/20
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Regarding @elonmusk's twitter acquisition.

A thread.

@chancery_daily #Twitter #ElonMusk

1. Elon WANTS this deal to close (he just doesn’t want to get f’d over)
2. Elon is NOT one to play games (his online troll person IS NOT a barometer for how seriously he takes SERIOUS matters)
3. Twitter has NOT satisfactorily substantiated their bot/mDAU claims to @elonmusk

Assume above 3 points are true (I am adamant they are) even if you disagree. It will help you think clearly on this matter and see things from my perspective.
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🤏 Mind the GAP!
(Automatic Intraday GAP Overnight) | by Octopu$

🧵 #Thread! Click to expand:
Gaps are areas on a chart where the price of a stock moves sharply up or down, with little or no trading in between.
When it happens overnight (not considering Extended Hours), it is just considered as Price Level, for possible revisit.

A Gap is when the Open current Candle is Higher or Lower than the Close of the Last Candle:

Open of the current Candle is Higher than the Close of the Last Candle? It is a Gap UP.
Open of the current Candle is Lower than the Close of the Last Candle?It is a Gap DOWN.
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Eres de los que usas #Twitter todos los días.

Sin embargo, nadie te ha enseñado cómo sacarle el máximo potencial.

Aquí te dejo 5 trucos para utilizar Twitter como un PRO 👇

[ H I L O ]
Búsquedas avanzadas

Probablemente, uno de los hacks más útiles y menos usados.

Puedes encontrar los mejores tweets de un usuario o su opinión sobre un tema de esta forma:

👉 (from:nombreusuario) min_faves:100 

👉 (from:nombreusuario) "marketing digital"

Crea listas temáticas

Puedes fijar hasta 5 listas en la parte superior de tu móvil.

¿Por qué deberías hacerlo?

📌 Para espiar a tus competidores
📌 Para analizar las tendencias de una zona en minutos
📌 Para organizar tu feed

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#StepN Townhall AMA 14/09/2022

* Backstory of @yawn_rong & @Jerry10240
- Satoshi
- Graphics
- GPS issues
- Marketing
- Hackathon
- Surgery & Hype
* Genesis sneaker design
* Hong Kong expansion
* #GMT earnings
* #EthereumMerge


* @yawn_rong & @Jerry10240 wanted to build a game around #Satoshi
* He died on Earth, shattered in pieces. People had to walk to collect shards/pieces of him.
* That’s why there’re gems in the game.
* But if you have a storyline, you need to stick to the storyline.

* All in all, they cut the whole thing but they kept the token name (Green Satoshi Token & Green Metaverse Token)
* @Jerry10240 & @yawn_rong cycled through some names (Drystack?, Stride etc)
* Focus on global warming
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@danielgibber Should making a living and working toward justice be the focus of most of our time?
For most people, yes.
Is religion a supplement and inspiration—but NOT how we use the bulk of our time?
For most people, yes.
It’s no sin to live mostly in THIS world.
After all, who PUT us here?
@danielgibber If some choose to sideline themselves from the public discourse for 22+ DAYS—with elections only 54 days away—be my guest.
Those who do so hurt only their own interests and causes.

Yes, the High Holy Days call for meditation and 2-3 full DAYS in “timeout”.
Not 3 whole WEEKS+.
@danielgibber Maybe the more privileged individuals and groups among us can deputize/hire PR firms, campaigns, and other institutions to speak FOR them while they’re on a 3-week “hiatus” from public speech.
We grassroots activists cannot.
Social media are among our main tools for being heard.
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Wenn wir verhindern wollen, dass #lisamariakellermayr durch Drohungen in den Tod getrieben und Alex W. in Idar-Oberstein ermordet wird, reicht es nicht aus, Mord und Bedrohung unter Strafe zu stellen. Das ist schon verboten. Beide Täter glaubten, zur Gewalt berufen zu sein, 1/x
weil jene, die den Hass zum Geschäftsmodell gemacht haben, mit stochastischem Terrorismus ihre politischen Machtinteressen erfolgreich so durchsetzen:
1. Auswanderer aus dem Rechtsstaat behaupten, dass die demokratische Vertretung unfähig und illegitim oder diktatorisch sei.
2. Notwehr sei geboten. Jedes Mittel ist dabei gerechtfertigt, um sich aufzulehnen. Verbrecher fühlen sich wie mutige Bürgerrechtler, die ein Zeichen statuieren setzen wollen, dürfen, müssen.
3. Aus Empörung wird Hass. Die Zustimmung der Anhänger bestärkt die Bereitschaft.
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JUST IN: Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, a former Twitter executive, testifies on security and privacy issues relating to the social media company before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Mr. Zatko wrote a whistleblower complaint that was published in August. #Twitter Image
“Twitter is misleading the public, lawmakers, and regulators," Peter “Mudge" Zatko, informed the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Twitter #whistleblower testimony indicated that "the FBI notified Twitter of at least one Chinese agent in the company."
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Now underway: US Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “Data Security at Risk: Testimony from a Twitter Whistleblower.”
The #Twitter whistleblower who will be testifying momentarily is @dotMudge.
"I love use using Twitter" but @Twitter has a responsibility for making sure its users' data doesn't fall into the hands of foreign powers, says @ChuckGrassley.
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Bildet #Twitter die Realiät ab?
Gegenfrage: Bildet deine Tageszeitung die Realität ab? Dein Nachrichtenkonsum außerhalb von Twitter? /TN
Wie immer kommt es darauf an, was man daraus macht.

Twitter hat den Vorteil, dass es weitaus mehr Einblicke in die Realität gibt, wenn man sich vielfältig hier informiert.

Das schafft keine Tageszeitung. Das schafft auch kein Nachrichtenkonsum außerhalb von Twitter. /TN
Denn Twitter hat den Vorteil, dass nicht jemand vorselektiert, was in der eigenen Wahrnehmung "wichtig" ist. Hier können die Menschen selbst Einblick in ihr Leben geben und sich selbst an Diskussionen beteiligen. Großer Vorteil. /TN
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Suite @Cdenquete j’ai assisté à un Space je suis partie avant de degueuler avec un tas de gens "connus" #Gaccio #Usul des journalistes des anciens conseillers municipaux ils ont parlé de l’affaire du #CPF en cours accusant @BrunoLeMaire le président et sa femme
Plus de 700 personnes présentes écoutant des lieux communs des brèves de comptoir d’inconnus et des listes de #Juifs qu’on retrouve ce matin sur #Twitter Pas une seule fois l’organisatrice n’a demandé de la réserve aux participants car l’enquête est en cours
Ou de faire attention à la diffamation

Mais à la place on a eu le droit à des phrases lunaires “on sait tous qu’ ils vont protéger les dominants et faire tomber les non blancs"
"la lutte est dans la victoire"
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Hello everyone 👋 my name is Cosima and I usually tweet at @cosima_meyer.
In my professional life, I work as a data scientist in the field of AI. I love my job because it allows me to work with fantastic teams to solve puzzles👩🏼‍💻 Image showing two people holding two puzzle pieces to the sk
@cosima_meyer Before working in the industry, I explored my passion for research in academia. I hold a PhD from the University of Mannheim in #politicalscience (my dissertation dealt with post-civil war stability 🕊).
@cosima_meyer While working at @MZESUniMannheim, I co-founded a #datascience blog “Methods Bites” (@mzes_ssdl) which provides several hands-on tutorials on #NLP, scraping #Twitter data, #dataviz, or how to publish your package on #CRAN.
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Türkiye’de yarın okullar açılıyor. UK’de ise 5 Eylül’de açıldı. Geçtiğimiz haftaların birinde, bir takipçimin sorusu vesilesiyle İngiltere’de ilkokul eğitimi üzerine bu uzun zinciri yazmaya karar verdim.RT edip, merak eden olası kişilere ulaştırırsanız sevinirim.#İngiltereNotları
2)Öncelikle, aşağıdaki aktarımlar bizim tam bir öğretim döneminde Primary Schooll’da yaşadığımız kişisel deneyimlerimizin sonucudur. Başlayalım, İngiltere’de Anaokulu (Reception) başlangıç yaşı: 4 ve 5; Primary Schooll için Year 1: 5 ve 6 yaş, Year 2: 6 ve 7; Year 3: 7 ve 8;
3)Year 4: 8 ve 9; Year 5: 9 ve 10 yaş olarak bölünmüş. Zorunlu eğitim de 11 yıl. Primary Scholl’lar da Outstanding (Mükemmel), Good (İyi), Satisfactory (Yeterli), Inadequate (Yetersiz - bazen bu okullar için “derecelendirmesiz” yazıyor) şeklinde “dört kategoriye” ayrılmış.
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My #twitter feed has become utterly weird. For some reason I’m seeing ton of folks I don’t follow. And what folks 😬

Ted Cruz, Jake Tapper, CNN, Stephen Miller, Tom Cotton, and tons of twisted accounts best described as pseudo-religious and “power of maybe” funnel types.
My lists are even weirder. Barely any activity of tweets in them, but when I look at individual accounts in the lists there’s a lot more tweets going on.

Starting to feel like Facebook tactics like this.
What the heck, how is this in my feed?
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Notion is a beast

But 98.9% of people are still unaware of the full potential of @NotionHQ.

Here are the best free 30 Notion tools 🧵 👇
Use Dynamic Visualisations (Graphs & Charts)

1. Customblocks:
2. Notion2Charts:
3. Vizydrop:
4. Notion Charts:

#charts #notiontwt #visualizations
5. Chart Nerd:
6. NoChart:

BONUS! Notion Metrics:

#charts #notiontwt #visualizations
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