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每天都在用 #twitter ,分享10个推特好玩的小工具:
识别大V头像属于哪个 #nft 集合


1️⃣检测 twitter 真实粉丝量级的工具:twitteraudit

检测出来的假粉数量 *1.5 就是该账户真实的假粉数量
2️⃣Twitter 的 NFT 工具:Nftinspect

安装后不需要头像认证,在 twitter 上就可以识别出头像归属于哪个 NFT,包括该 NFT 的占比率,还可以查看该 NFT 的社区成员,监控 k 线增长规模,粉丝规模,影响力规模,甚至可以识别出推文上配的 NFT 图片。

可以分析项目方在 Twitter 中的社交指数的项目含鲸量。
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Hello @TwitterDev @elonmusk our LastQuake info services are downgraded because yesterday, without warning 4 of our API tools were deleted while on May 2nd you had informed us that there were ""protected apps" and will keep running
We are a small not for profit NGO but one. 1/n
one of the main global earthquake information centre (@LastQuake is likely the biggest earthquake Twitter account). We have no commercial activities, we do not make advertising. It is then impossible for us to pay to access your API (well above our total budget) @TwitterDev 2/n
We just do not understand why suddenly yesterday you deleted our apps that you had protected 6 weeks ago? We sent you DM without answers! If it is a mistake, please restore these apps @TwitterDev
If it is permanent, what is essential to know is whether it is a final move 3/n
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Durante las últimas horas #Tether se ha ido alejando del #Dollar, experimentando una caída de más de un 0.3%, lo que vuelto a levantar polémica en torno a #USDT 👀

Os EXPLICO que está pasando: 👇 Image
2/ Pues Bien, todo esto tiene que ver con las Ballenas🐳 y el 3Pool de #tether

Y es que durante las últimas horas, el 3Pool de USDT se ha descompensado muchísimo, superando la concentración de #USDT el 50%

El nivel más alto desde noviembre de 2022, durante el Colapso de FTX Image
3/ El 3Pool de Curve, básicamente es uno de los principales Grupos para el trading de Stablecoins en finanzas descentralizadas

Un Pool que se ha desequilibrado enormemente durante las últimas horas... Image
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L'affaire #Dorsey

There's been a minor kerfuffle in India for the last two days since the Twitter ex-CEO, Jack Dorsey, @jack, made some statements about freedom of speech in India under #Modi.

A 🧵

#Liberals are gleefully sharing these comments as evidence of #India not being a democratic country, and defenders of the government are going into attack dog mode, as usual.

But many people on both sides are missing some key things here:

1. Dorsey didn't talk only about India. In fact, he also talked about how the #USA government tried to suppress things. As also #Turkey, #Nigeria.

2. This points to a deeper issue underlying the whole controversy: Is #FreedomOfSpeech absolute?

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Moin :-)Der #Twitter Thread Generator ist wieder online.Nachdem ich endlich Zeit gefunden hatte, den einen SO NERVIGEN Fehler in Ruhe anzuschauen, hab ich gleich noch ein paar andere Feintunings daran vorgenommen.Das Ding
sollte jetzt halbwegs normal laufen und hat als Sahnehäubchen noch ein Feld für einen Link im ersten Tweet des Threads bekommen. Dazu bitte einfach den Text eingeben und drunter ins dafür vorgesehene Feld den passenden Link
einfügen.Der Link wird dann im ersten Tweet des Threads ans Ende angeklebt, Twitter sollte dann seine Verkürzungsmagie auf 23 Zeichen erledigen und gutists(tm).Zwei Hinweise noch:- Die Verwendung exotischer Sonderzeichen
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Newbies are making over $10,000 worth of free money through #Airdrops 💸🤑

A simple guide to spot a major airdrop before the masses so that you can make life-changing money and be the next #Cillionaire

A thread 🧵 👇 Image
I will cover 2 things in this thread:

1️⃣ How to find potential airdrop projects before everyone else.

2️⃣ Guide to these airdrops.
1️⃣ How to easily find the projects that could potentially do an airdrop.

1. You can use @DefiLlama to find projects with airdrop potential.

👉 Click on this link, and you will get to the Airdrops tab. Image
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Fellow tweeps, you might not be as safe as you had thought. Yeah, #Twitter might be posing some risks to you. ⚠👀

In this thread, I’ve compiled some security checks you SHOULD do on your @Twitter account.

You don’t want to read it? As you wish. 🧵🏌️‍♂️ Image
Oh, well, I guess you decided to read it anyway. That’s so thoughtful of you, and while we’re at it, I’ll appreciate and urge you to follow me. I provide exquisite contents that’ll interest you. 💯

For the taking, this thread is not about the internal vulnerabilities of Twitter;
I mean those private data leaks, account hacks, internal errors, and whatnot; no, it ain’t about all that. ❌👎

But you see those access and authorizations you give to external apps and sites via the Application Programming Interface (#API), they’re toast, man. 😂
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Voila 10 ans que je suis sur ce réseau, ma présence sur #Twitter était de promouvoir un projet d’un nouveau contrat pour les jeunes, un plan que j’ai baptisé #AJIRE qui est mon tweet épinglé sur mon compte
Projet qui a failli être adopté comme Loi lors du débat à l’AN👇
sur la Loi El Khomri malheureusement le 49.3 (voté par @faureolivier ) a avorté,le projet n’a pas abouti,je le regrette pour tous les jeunes
Avec bientôt 22000 followers je me pose la question de l’intérêt de ce réseau,au-delà des amitiés rencontrées et de riches échanges avec 👇
les uns et les autres, je me pose la question de continuer ou pas, d’arrêter tout simplement et de prendre un peu de recul, peut-être aussi un besoin de réfléchir autrement, de passer plus de temps à écrire
Aucune dépression, aucune nostalgie, tout va bien, juste besoin de 👇
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💥How to WORK OUT if you’re shadowbanned💥


👇 Image
2) I just thought of a simple way to calculate if you‘re being heavily shadowbanned on #Twitter.

It involves comparing your interactions with Truth Social.

3) As you may know I was “permanently suspended” along with 70,000 froggies on 7th Jan 2021 in the “great purge”.

I was reinstated to #Twitter a couple of months ago - with half my followers.

I believe I was heavily shadowbanned prior to my ban and I reckon this continues.

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russians have blown up Kakhovska hydroelectric power station.…


Evacuation has started
Critical level of water will be in 5-6 hours.

This is an ecological catastrophe for the whole world.
18 million cubic meters of water
@UN it could be the biggest ecoside as Zaporizhya nuclear power plant’s uses the water reserves to cool down the nuclear reactors Image
#twitter is blocking my tweets on the topic

#NAFOfellas does someone experience the same? Image
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#Health #Insurance #India
Public sector general insurance companies in India are facing a huge challenge as they continue to lose market share in their #healthinsurance portfolio to private insurance Cos. Should you switch from a PSU to a Pvt Insurer
A thread🧵
1/n ⬇️
According to #Statista Pvt insurers across India held around 49 %  of the industry’s market share in FY 2021, compared to 36 % by public sector insurers. Standalone health insurers had a market share of around 8 % and specialized insurers had a market share of over 6 %
Public sector insurers are facing challenges such as low profitability, high claims ratio, outdated products, poor customer service, and lack of innovation. They have also been unable to compete with the aggressive pricing and marketing strategies of the private players.
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#Factcheck @snopes: ‘Did a Florida School Ban Amanda Gorman's Poem, 'The Hill We Climb'?

No, the book wasn't banned and remains accessible to all students’:…

🧵 Hoe diverse #media in Nederland en België hierover berichten in hun kop (op #Twitter): Image
@nrc: ‘School in Florida haalt gedicht Amanda Gorman uit bibliotheek na klacht over ‘indoctrinatie’.

#Factcheck:… ImageImage
@trouw: ‘Beroemd gedicht Amanda Gorman van Bidens inauguratie verboden op school Florida’.

@ADnl: ‘Basisschool Florida verbiedt gedicht dat werd voorgelezen bij Bidens inauguratie om haatboodschappen’.

#Factcheck:… ImageImage
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1/ Speculative thoughts on Elon and #Twitter (🧵):
- There's no point in trying to talk sense into the EU clowns. (OpenAI is realizing that, too - see my tweets on #EU #AI laws)
- *Unlike the rest of big US tech*, Twitter has more to gain in the US than lose in the EU (🗝️ point)
2/ Historically #Twitter's foreign user base is 4x of its US user base, but foreign revenue is only 1/5th of the US (h/t Forbes). So, why not tell the eurocrats to F-OFF? 😉
- Legally, Twitter is unlikely to have issues in the US. 5) - So, how to increase revenue in the US?
3/ First, get a CEO to deal with the US-based #ESG morons and #DIEcultists as well as regular businesses (☑️)
Second, cash in on the presidential race.
- Glitches, but also improvements (Spaces) are happening 📈
- Go-to platform for non-MSM candidates (DeSantis, RFK Jr, etc)🚀
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Been seeing these replies everywhere?

It's happening because Musk can't stop bots.

Let me break it down what's going on with this spam. 1./ Image
2/ Reply spammers fight a cat & mouse games with platforms like #Twitter.

One way they get spotted is by the platforms examining links.

If spammers hammer a platform by sending the same link in a thousands replies to the same scam site, it's not hard to spot & scale blocking. Image
3/ Remember spam emails w/misspellings, weird names, blocks of garbage text, mixtures of words & numbers etc?

These were all tactics to avoid spam filtering done by looking at each of these things for patterns.

Each new filtering strategy = new workarounds. ImageImageImage
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This weekend.

Monk mode.


Haters gonna hate, lovers gonna be in awe.

Any tips on getting monk mode and clearing a 10.000 tasks?

#help 😭😭
Step 1 monk mode: reduce entropy of workplace.

(Making a thread of my monk mode)

Follow to see what is happening 🧘🏻
Step 1.1: cleaning my desk and devices

P.S. will be validating the new learning about willpower down the way.

Normally I should have unlimited willpower when it comes to things I do effortlessly.

Things I like and do effortlessly:

- Code
- Connect
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1/ Gisteren aan het eind van de middag plaatste @collegetour_nl van de @PubliekeOmroep (@KroNcrv) deze 'alarmerende' tweet over @SigridKaag. Daarna gebeurde er iets opmerkelijks. Een draadje. 👇

2/ Binnen no-time reageerden honderden BN-ers met verontwaardiging en afschuw; veelal leden van het kabinet, politici van de kartelpartijen en journalisten van de mainstream media. Allemaal min of meer gelijktijdig. Heel #Twitter werd urenlang bedolven onder hun tweets.
3/ Dit was overduidelijk een georkestreerde actie. Dit is achter de schermen afgestemd en gecoördineerd. Het waren veel te veel tweets, allemaal ongeveer op hetzelfde tijdstip met ongeveer dezelfde boodschap, om dit toeval te laten zijn.
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You can be that way if you'd like, Daniel. No one's upset that you're a #Kremlin employee. Everyone has to make a living, right? 🤷‍♂️

Just understand that we shall continue to obstruct #Russia's plainly obvious #war of conquest—apparently your definition of "#warmongering."
1/ Image
I'd probably miss the old #Soviet days too if I was you. We can understand your desire to rebuild the old empire.

Although, for the sake of your mental health, I hope you're not too overly nostalgic. Now that we know what you're up to, we'll certainly thwart your ambitions.
2/ Image
We'd had high hopes that you'd choose a more enlightened means of restoring your respectability. 🌍

Unfortunately, like the fellow in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade film who foolishly drank from the necrotizing holy grail instead of the real one, "you've chosen poorly."
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Author Anand Ranganathan to appear before the Delhi High Court in a contempt case related to remarks made against Justice S. Muralidhar on #Twitter in 2018.

Vivek Agnihotri has already been discharged as contemner after his “unconditional apology.”

#DelhiHighCourt #Contempt Image
A division bench of Justice Siddharth Mridul and Justice Talwant Singh will shortly hear a suo motu criminal contempt case initiated by the court in the matter.

#DelhiHighCourt #Contempt #Twitter
The tweets in question were made against Justice Muralidhar, former judge of the High Court and present Chief Justice of Orissa High Court, in respect of his order quashing the order of house arrest and transit remand of activist Gautam Navlakha in the Bhima Koregaon case.
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Daily Salinas at a Proud Boy rally with her husband Alberto Rego
She is the reason for books like ABCs of Black History and Amanda Gorman poem banned
Salinas’ has ties to far-right groups like M4L(Moms for Liberty) & openly supports Proud Boys
Make her racism famous #Twitter ImageImage
Does anyone else notice the hypocrisy of freedom lives here shirt as they push to suppress freedom?
Moms For Liberty sole focus is book bans, classroom censorship and bans on teaching about slavery, race, racism and LGBTQ people and history. Executive Director of previously worked for the homophobic Rep. Randy Fine with support from DeSantis, Rick Scott and Turning Point USA
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📱 Instagram is reportedly set to launch a rival Twitter competitor app this summer

👉 Read more:… Image
2/6 💥 This announcement has certainly shaken up the social media world.

With the dominance of @Twitter in real-time, short-form content, Instagram stepping into this sphere signifies a major shift.
@Twitter 3/6 👀 The platform, owned by #Facebook parent company @Meta, has been known for its focus on photo and video sharing, and this move represents a significant expansion into a new form of social media interaction.
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Quel lien entre l’activité scientifique et l’usage de Twitter ?

Article récent de #TwitterEtScience propose d’éclairer les facteurs impliqués dans l’usage de Twitter pour la dissémination scientifique de résultats

Le point de départ est connu : Twitter est un nouveau canal de communication scientifique pour s’informer, échanger et diffuser l’information, à une époque où une incitation est faite à diffuser ses productions scientifiques. Pleins de chercheurs sont sur Twitter 👀
Cette étude originale se concentre sur les 15,000 chercheurs des instituts Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, dont 800 ont des comptes Twitter. Elle propose de regarder le lien entre la production académique et l’activité Twitter.
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