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6 Sep
Most Indians consider equity to be an asset class meant for speculation, and consider house/gold/FD as the safest investments. However, equity can give better returns if held with the same discipline for a longer term. (1/n)

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Amidst all the noise, we have forgotten the basic definition of equity. Equity is a stake in a company. When the company prospers, the stake becomes more valuable. Holding some good names for a longer term has an added advantage to a person’s wealth creation. (2/n)
FD gives -ve inflation adjusted post tax return, and real estate has its own cycle of ups and downs. Yet, these are considered as safe havens. Gold has always given positive returns and Nifty, in the last 10 ys has given an average return of 12-13%. (3/n)

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21 May
Volatility Contraction Pattern - a thread

The concept is exactly what the name suggests. It is a part of technical analysis in trading. The idea is to find stocks which show clear signs of volatility contractions.


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Technical analysis is all about finding stocks which are under institutional command. There are various parameters to find this. Volume, volatility contraction patterns etc.


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The big guys accumulate from retail holders. The stock sees a dip, which forces the retail investors to panic and exit. This process is repeated over and over to get the weak holders out. Here the stock moves from weak hands to strong hands i.e. institutional investors. (3/n)
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1 May
(1/n) Some notes from my trading journal – A thread
With this thread I shall attempt to explain how I select my trading picks.

I have learn't this concept from @markminervini 's books. Hope it helps.

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(2/n) Stock trading above 200 and 50 DMA

Buy high to gain higher. CMP above 50 Day Moving Average (DMA) and 50 DMA above 200 DMA signifies the stock to be in an uptrend. This is an uncompromisable rule. @ZerodhaVarsity @zerodhaonline
(3/n) Volume

Volume is the key factor. The stock should show clear signs of accumulation. Generally, accumulation should happen over multiple periods of time. Attached image in the case of #BALAMINES can be used as an eg.

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