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Jan 9 11 tweets 5 min read
Published today! 📰

One of the first #cancer vaccines💉that target #KRAS. Not just G12C.
👇🏾The 2-peptide was G12D & R.
The 7-Peptide/Elicio targets


Implications for so many patients!
Open now.
Image This is a groundbreaking study in so many respects.

Besides the fact that the vaccine worked, many unique/powerful aspects👇🏾.

First: how did we enroll?

Patients with pancreas & colorectal cancer. Those who had persistence of disease post-curative intent therapy. Image
Aug 6, 2023 8 tweets 4 min read
What is the #CityOfHopeDrug?

A pill💊that can kill all #cancers.

I have been asked the "killer-pill" question several times this week. What is the hope or the hype?

Let’s learn together:
👇Here’s a tweetorial: @OncoAlert

Press release: August 1, 2023:…
Image The study was published in the journal Cell Chemical and Biology.

"Small molecule targeting of transcription-replication conflict for selective chemotherapy."

Link to journal article:

It targets DNA🧬 replication/transcription simplistically speaking.…
Mar 31, 2022 9 tweets 10 min read
Yesterday at #TargetedChat we talked about a challenging case of a young individual with recurrent UNRESECTABLE colon cancer after adjuvant.

Here’s a 🧵 on the questions/answers. No one right away. What would you do differently?👇🏾Read/reply along #ColorectalCancerAwarenessMonth Image It was interesting to see the distribution on the chemo backbone options.

Jan 15, 2021 12 tweets 17 min read
#GI21 time for another #Tweetorial🧵 on


in a very 🎯 “Target-rich” disease

~3️⃣0️⃣% actionable findings

Interestingly we found more #FGFR🧬 fusions on liquid🩸than tissue 🔬. #OncoAlert
@TempusLabs 🧵2️⃣ #GI21
#Cholangiocarcinoma is the poster child of actionable aberrations & truly a 🎯“Target-rich” disease.

We focused on %numbers for aberrations for which there’s either an ✅approved drug, guideline endorsement, #clinicaltrials or even off-label reports/cases.👇🏾
Jul 1, 2020 55 tweets 99 min read
Bird’s-eye view 👁 on what to look out for @WCGIC #WorldGI2020.
Opening remarks on important data 📺 @myESMO - by Dr. Eric Van Cutsem @UZLeuven.
🟩Good to see more #PrecisionMedicine🧬
🟥#Immunotherapy #Immuno-#oncology
🟦TNT & other chemo strategies
@Annals_Oncology #OncoAlert 🆕#ctDNA #liquidbiopsies 🩸🧬
👀 👇🏾at the number of #clinicaltrials cropping up in this space‼️
We have 2🇺🇸studies open. #CRCSM #WorldGI2020