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#LongCovid: @Attomarker Immunity Spectrum test offers hope for treatment.…

To order a test to assess your immunity spectrum please contact @ReCogHealth -

One patient reports, “After 3 years of living with debilitating
Long Covid, and trying myriad solutions, Professor Andrew Shaw's approach in collaboration with Dr Steve Allder at @RecognitionHealth, has given me by far and away the biggest boost to my health. Since plugging my ‘antibody gap’ I’ve seen a dramatic decrease in brain fog,
migraines and a very big increase in gut health. It’s still relatively early days, but after 3 long years I feel more confident than I ever have done that my symptoms will continue to improve until I reach full recovery.”

Ideally, when you get an infection, your body prepares
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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial, "Utilizing Immunohistochemistry Testing, Biomarkers, and Targeted Therapeutics to Optimize Outcomes in Patients with NSCLC," featuring the highlights of a symposium presented at the #ESMOIO22 congress.
@myESMO #LCSM #FOAMed Image
2) The faculty for this outstanding program were @peters_solange (Chair) 🇨🇭, @HosseinBorghaei 🇺🇸, Natasha Leighl MD 🇨🇦, and @dplanchard 🇫🇷. A truly international roster of experts in #oncology!
Don't miss prior accredited courses in this space at….
3) This program is supported by an educational grant from Sanofi. Statement of accreditation and author disclosures are at
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Delighted that the Editorial Board of @NeurologyToday, the news source of the AAN, @AANmember, selected our dendritic cell vaccine trial, led by Dr. Linda Liau, as one of the "Best Advances of 2022." #immunotherapy @PennNeurology @PennNSG @PennCancer
The article notes Median OS for 232 patients with nGBM on DCVax = 19.3M from randomization (22.4M from surgery) vs 16.5M from controls; Survival at 48 M = 15.7% vs 9.9%; mOS at 60M, 13.0M vs 5.7%. Survival for 64 patients with rGBM =13.2M vs. 7.8 M, controls. At 24M, 20.7 vs 9.6%
At 30M, survival was 11.1 vs 5.1% (controls). The study is deemed important because: i) addition of DCVax to SOC resulted in clinically meaningful and statistically significant extension of survival compared to matched, contemporaneous, external controls receiving SOC alone.
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The science of #immunotherapy can cure a patient's otherwise incurable cancer.

But sometimes immunotherapy fails completely

Shockingly, we hardly know why.

A meta-analysis of #Genomics & #Transcriptomics in >1,000 immunotherapy-treated patients aims to better understand why🧵
This 2021 @CellCellPress paper is one of the best #DataScience #Bioinformatics resources out there for understanding the genetic determinants of response to immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs).…
Some context:

PD-1 & PD-L1 inhibitors are examples of ICIs.

ICI is a type of immunotherapy that un-blocks the immune system & allows it to mount attacks🤺

It does it by inhibiting checkpoints (s.a. PD-1 & PD-L1): proteins that keep the immune system from attacking its own self
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#singlecell analysis is revolutionizing medicine and changing the way we look at disease.

New perspective article just out🚨@NatureMedicine reflecting on @humancellatlas: informative for both #singlecell lovers❤️& skeptiks🤔

Let's map out where the field stands & what is next🧵
First, some context.

The genomics single cell field has started out 1-2 decades ago with a huge promise:

"Find the missing link between genes, diseases and therapies. This will bring completely novel therapeutics to the market & cure disease."
The underlying logic is straigtforward:

1. the cell is the main unit of living organisms
2. cells break down in disease
3. understanding cells helps understand how & why they break
4. this helps with engineering new therapeutics
5. new therapeutics will cure disease
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Happy to announce our latest publication is online!
Huge effort from @ashkanshahbandi and co authors @Raegan2222 @SelinaSMJ_here @AshlynA_99 @LabMachado @Lorax_Bodyspray @Thesrao
#cancer #breastcancer #Immunotherapy #SABCS2022
a quick 🧵 tweetorial... Image
@ashkanshahbandi was interested in examining why some BC have residual disease after chemo Rx that persists. These tumors tend to be p53 wild type and tend to undergo cell cycle arrest/senescence rather than cell death #chemotherapy #residualdisease
Looking at immune regulatory pathways he found PD-L1 and CD80 were both highly induced in tumors from chemotherapy treated mice. By RNA, many checkpoints were induced in senescent human BC and mouse mammary tumors after chemo (Fig.1) Image
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New🔥TCR #CRISPR✂️ cancer #immunotherapy paper just out in @Nature by PACT Pharma & UCLA.

Why all the 📸headlines & press coverage?

This small proof-of-concept study can give us a glimpse into the future of cancer therapy.

Let’s unpack the details & relevance of this study👇🧵
First things first:

Here’s the link to the paper, which has been made public by @Nature in an unedited form (before official publication), due to its perceived immediate relevance to the research & clinical cancer communities.…
A. The context ✍️ of this work:

Most cancerous lesions have mutations in the 🧬of their cells.

Cancer cells (literally) display small pieces of cellular mutated proteins (called peptides) on their surface.

These peptides, called neoantigens, are important therapeutic targets.
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Sponsored by @Roche,
I would like to share a Tweetorial about recent important advances in the management of advanced/metastatic triple negative breast cancer (mTNBC)

#Tweetorial #Oncology #Cancer #Diagnosis #TNBC #Immunotherapy #PDL1
TNBC is a challenging disease to treat due to its aggressive behavior, heterogeneity, and the lack of universal actionable targets. mTNBC is commonly diagnosed at a younger age than other BC subtypes and its prognosis is poor, with a median survival of <2 years.
Advanced TNBC can result from recurrence after treatment in the early-stage disease setting, or it may be diagnosed at initial (de novo) presentation
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📢 Very 🔥 out of press!

Our paper about #metabolic reprogramming in DC during development and activation.

OPEN ! (enjoy)…

DC can 🔥 or🧯adaptive immune responses (IR). Also Metabolism can 🔥 or🧯 IR.

Little "zoom" on this story:👇

🧵 ImageImage
🤔 What are the metabolic profiles associated to inflammatory🔥 and tolerogenic 🧯👫 monocyte derived DCs?

Tools 🛠️ developed by us @SCENITHmetab (@CIML_Immunology), @felixjhartmann and others allowed us to address those questions.

- A dramatic metabolic switch in monocytes one day after they start differentiation (top right).

How metabolic heterogeneity links to surface markers heterogeneity by #SCENITH (@SCENITHmetab & #scMEP in 🧯or 🔥 conditions

Check the…

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Very happy to share our new study on #immunotherapy in #POTS. We conclude that patients w/ severe, treatment-refractory POTS experienced significant improvement with subcutaneous immunoglobulin or PLEX. Randomized controlled trials are needed. #MedTwitter Image
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Our latest now out @NatureComms! We use cell surface #proteomics to find new #immunotherapy targets and biomarkers of resistance in #myeloma #mssm. Resource + we identify CCR10 as target & develop natural ligand CAR-Ts. Huge effort led by @idferguson…
w/informatics & primary sample analysis led by @bonellpatinoe. Wonderful collaboration with @realjimwells @j_eyquem @iamdrdex and our @ucsfcancer myeloma clinical team @ninashah33 @tombmt133 @myelomawolf @sandywong0211
We initially quantified >1000 membrane spanning proteins across myeloma cells and identified some surprising proteins that most distinguish plasma cells vs. B-cell leukemia, along with canonical markers
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Today, in @Nature, we reveal PART 2 of our investigations on

“What IS going on in long-term survivors of #PancreaticCancer (#PDAC)?”

“Is it REALLY the immune system?”

Well…more evidence here - >…

Thread below [1/30]
In 2017, we reported in @Nature here ->… -> that primary tumors of long-term survivors of #PDAC had ~12x more activated CD8 T cells vs. short-term survivors. Now, others had reported this before - but we wanted to know:

“What are the antigens?” Image
Here, the prevailing belief was:

#PDAC has few mutations -> even fewer mutation-derived neoantigens -> neoantigens are unlikely T cell antigens in #PDAC.

But we thought: despite #PDAC’s few mutations, mutation-derived neoantigens may still be T cell antigens in #PDAC survivors
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Excited to share that our @NatureBiotech paper with Aviv Regev on Multicellular Programs (MCPs) is now out with a fully automated data-driven method to identify MCPs from #singlecell or spatial data #behindthepaper:… (1/19)
Gene programs are often studied within a cell, with each cell considered an “independent entity”. However, cells from the same niche/tissue/organism are not independent, but share external signals, genetic background/lineage, and can directly impact one another. (2/19)
Here we define “Multicellular Programs (MCPs)” as different sets of genes working in concert across different cell types. (3/19)
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Do Bone Marrow Haematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells (#stemcells) influence #fattyliver, Core Liver Networks, and liver cancer?

Very happy to share our findings in this (5 min read) Tweetorial🧵
More details on bioRxiv:

#livertwitter Schematic depicts a plausible and novel mechanism linking fa
2. In our previous publication in @CellSystemsCP, we used network analysis (#WGCNA) to identify the preserved liver networks (Core-Modules) between species and screened for their genetic regulators (module-eQTLs).
Infographic by Misaki Ouchida:
3. Here you can find a concise review/commentary on our previous paper on core liver networks in @CellRepMed…
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Really chuffed to share our latest work from Sanjana Lab out in @nature today (…).

We tested >12,000 genes to find positive regulators of T cell proliferation to be used for next-gen #immunotherapies.

A thread...
(2/28) T cell therapies have shown the potential to cure patients from #cancer – but even in B cell cancers, relapses outnumber cures… One of the problems is limited T cell persistence. #celltherapy #CARTcell
(3/28) We wanted to find new genes (including genes never expressed in T cells) that could improve T cell persistence. Now, the question was: should we use #crispr activation or directly deliver target genes on a #lentivirus?
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Delighted to share our paper,… . Huge thanks to @CoukosGeorge for the opportunity as well as all our collaborators, @carmonation. A summary of our main findings:
Orthogonal combinatorial T-cell engineering overcomes homeostatic barriers to engraftment, reprograms TILs as well as the tumor microenvironment and mediates solid tumor regression in the absence of preconditioning or systemic cytokine support @CoukosGeorge, @carmonation
As a proof of principle of orthogonal T-cell engineering, here we successfully combined two main secreted components: an IL-2 variant binding to b/g but not IL-2Ra (promote T-cell stemness), together with the pro-inflammatory alarmin IL-33.
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Very happy to present our #proteomics analysis of #lungcancer published today @NatureCancer!🙂
Here’s a walk-through: #MassSpec analysis covering almost 14k proteins in 141 NSCLC tumors revealed 6 proteome subtypes with distinct biology. 1/6
#NSCLC proteome subtypes are driven by histology, growth pattern, immune cell infiltration, driver mutations, oncogenic pathways, and cell types, suggesting potential clinical value for treatment stratification and #PrecisionMedicine. 2/6
Unexpectedly, #proteogenomics analysis revealed that high neoantigen burden was linked to global hypomethylation, and that complex neoantigens mapping to genomic regions normally not active in lung were produced in immune-cold subtypes. 3/6
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Starting #UnsungHeroesImmuno. Did you know about Onesimus and his knowledge of variolation? 1/
#UnsungHeroesImmuno What about Dr. William Augustus Hinton and his work with syphilis? 2/
#UnsungHeroesImmuno We also have Drs. Louis Tompkins Wright and Jane Cook Wright, a father-daughter pair that changed the field of oncology. 3/
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1/ Excited to share how T cell therapies kill #leukemia!! multi-omics + new #computational #singlecell tools for longitudinal analysis 👉unexpected answer!…

*👏* @elhamazizi! 🙏 @dpeer Cathy Wu @MDAndersonNews @CPRITTexas @ColumbiaBME @sloan_kettering
2/ We studied donor lymphocyte infusion (DLI) - an #Immunotherapy for relapsed #leukemia after #BMT & the #og of #celltherapy. Previously, we showed DLI reversed T cell exhaustion - but didn't know why/how/which T cells were responsible...…
3/ To address these ?'s, we modeled intraleukemic T cell dynamics by integrating longitudinal, multimodal data from ~100K T cells (!) during response (R) or resistance (NR: nonresponder) to DLI.
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What does a nephrologist need to know about immune checkpoint inhibitor-associated AKI (ICPi-AKI)?@DavidLeaf9 #Thread
my first #tweetorial with help from @kdjhaveri… (1/11)
Why does it matter? ICPi-AKI can lead to:
*Discontinuation of ICPi therapy
*Irreversible loss of kidney function
*Prolonged courses of immunosuppression (2/11)
We conducted a multicenter study of 429 patients with ICPi-AKI from 30 sites across 10 countries, along with 429 control patients who received ICPis contemporaneously but did not develop ICPi-AKI. This is the largest study to date on ICPi-AKI (3/11)
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1)Tweetorial: Immune check point inhibitor related electrolyte disorders short letter @Kidney_Int… @renalmyeloma and Vipul Sakhiya - the FDA adverse reporting system.
2) Electrolytes were first mentioned @MayoClinicNeph as most common being hypocalcemia
3)Hyponatremia and other disorders were summarized in a single center study @BWHKidney @BetterCallSeeth @MegSise
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💥Wow - this week was TOO much‼️

A🗣️on TMB-high #PancreaticCancer & #Immunotherapy by @DrBonillaOnc

AND our 1st pt-directed🗣️led by @HPolymenis and @StephenVLiu

👉Don’t forget your🆓#CME credit-answer 3 quick❓
Here's the postest🔗 Image
Thursday Case🎀
(Case from 06/01 and 06/02/21)

We discussed #PancreaticCancer and:
✅The importance of multi-D care
✅1st line Tx

We captured as much as we could in this moment:…
Thursday Case🎀
(Case from 06/01 and 06/02/21)

And also this moment:…
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