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"Doctor, the cancer has spread to the brain. Would he be alive for atleast 3-4months? There are so many things we want to do for him " 2 children enquiring about their elderly father brought in with seizures
Read on this miraculous story.
#CancerAwareness #oncology #MedTwitter
An elderly patient who was diagnosed as #lungcancer 2 years back presented to the ER at 5 pm with multiple episodes of seizures. He couldnt speak, recognise his daughters and was having slurring of speech. His consciousness levels were low
#CancerAwareness #oncology #MedTwitter
A MRI of the brain done showed one of the most tragic sights-multiple areas of the brain affected by Cancer deposits. In the image you can see them as the fluffy white spots.
#lungcancer #MedTwitter #oncology
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First, an evolutionary stress model would suggest that there is not a single "normal" response to stress, but rather that there is a wide range of responses that may be adaptive for different individuals or groups.
This perspective is consistent with the idea of neurodiversity, which recognizes that there is a wide range of variations in brain function and development that are normal and valuable.
Second, an evolutionary stress model would suggest that interventions for stress-related disorders should be tailored to an individual's unique genetic and environmental background.
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tutto parte da questo sondaggio di @clacardone
nell'era della #precisionmedicine, l'attenzione alla #subgroupanalysis appare del tutto legittima
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1/ $PVCT 2023 Shareholder Letter: (2) Design, prepare, and potentially commence a Phase 2/3 RCT of PV-10®+SOC checkpoint vs monotherapy SOC checkpoint ($MRK #keytruda, $BMY #opdivo) for 1st-line Stage III cutaneous melanoma. #rosebengal #rosebengalsodium. A THREAD.
2/ Utilizing clinical data from an ongoing, multi-cohort, Phase 1b/2 study of PV-10+checkpoint ($MRK #keytruda) for checkpoint-naïve metastatic melanoma (NCT02557321). #rosebengal #rosebengalsodium.
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📢🥁By popular demand presenting the TOP Oncology publications of 2022.

PS: List not exhaustive - so feel free to tag & add important papers to the list @OncoAlert @NEJM @TheLancetOncol @Annals_Oncology @NatureMedicine @Nature @CD_AACR
First 2022 saw publication of Hallmarks of Cancer: New Dimensions @CD_AACR @AACR @ElizSMcKenna…
DESTINY-Changing Results for Advanced Breast Cancer Trastuzumab Deruxtecan in Previously Treated HER2-Low Advanced Breast Cancer @NEJM @weoncologists @ErikaHamilton9 @teamoncology…
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$PVCT ITU PV-10 v $MRNA cancer vaccine: mRNA produces antigens from a defined library; PV-10 produces antigens present in an injected tumor that may extend beyond what's contained in the library
$PVCT ITU PV-10 v $MRNA cancer vaccine: mRNA presumably is based on genomic profiling of a single tumor; PV-10 produces antigens specific to each injected tumor
$PVCT ITU PV-10 v $MRNA cancer vaccine: mRNA produces antigens, but presumably does not produce co-stimulatory factors; PV-10 produces antigens + multiple co-stimulatory factors, such as DAMPs (damage-associated molecular patterns)
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Though not its intention, this study from #OW2022 illustrated the concepts of satiation vs satiety very well

Colloquially we use these terms interchangeable

But they are technically different

#obesity #science #research #physiology #pathophysiology

1/ Image
Satiation is the feeling of fullness WITHIN a meal while satiety is the feeling of fullness IN BETWEEN meals

Even though current meds like GLP1s seem to affect both, it’s an impt distinction especially when some peptides (eg, amylin)
may only effect satiation (⬇️meal size) and not satiety (change meal frequency)

[btw This study was an intracerebral injection of calcitonin into male rats and calcitonin is an agonist at the amylin receptor in the ventral tegmental area]
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🙌We are beyond excited to share our Perspective on graph representation learning for biomedicine and healthcare!🥳 @natBME @KexinHuang5 @marinkazitnik @HarvardDBMI… (1/4) ImageImage
Graphs are pervasive in #biomedicine & #healthcare, from the molecular structure of proteins to population-scale healthcare systems!

We first describe the key algorithmic paradigms of graph representation learning & their successes and limitations in this space.

(2/4) Image
We then carefully survey and highlight notable applications of graph representation learning in biomedicine and healthcare!

#molecules #diseases #therapeutics #histopathology #singlecell #precisionmedicine (3/4) Image
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Hot but not bothered?🧠🔥 Our paper on human brain temperature is out today in Brain! @ONeill_Lab @MRC_LMB @Brain1878 #LMBResearch #BrainTemp #BrainTrauma…
With thanks to our amazing participants, collaborators, and supporters @AriErcole @Etherjoe @ManuelCabeleira @CescaStats @EdinUniImaging @EdinUniNeuro @EdinUniBrainSci @CenterTBI @CellBiol_MRCLMB @RachelSEdgar and @The_MRC for funding
In a prospective analysis of healthy men and women, we found that brain temperature is higher than body temperature; brain temperature ranges from 36.1 to 40.9°C, with an average of 38.5C 🧠🔥.
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1/9 #TumorBoardTuesday Thursday Case Wrap Up🎀

⏰ for #TBT Case Wrap Up!

We looked at dx and tx of Carcinoma of Unknown Primary (#CUP), including how 🧬 can change tx.
There was a lot to learn–we captured what we could of the discussion here:…
2/9 #TumorBoardTuesday Thurs Case🎀
#CUP is complicated!
✅Comprehensive approach needed, including:
H&P,🔬, 🩻, 🧬
✅Overall inc of CUP is ⬇️–many liver CUP being recognized as cholangio
✅NGS can help augment the w/u
✅STK11= frequently mut in lung; ⬇️response to IO Image
3/9 #TumorBoardTuesday Thursday Case🎀

@LaurenBzak’s case: Pt p/w solitary 🧠 lesion ➡️ poorly diff adenocarcinoma. But–not a primary CNS malignancy. NOTHING outside 🧠on CT or PET.

🧐What should we do next?

👍Detailed H&P (smoking hx)
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@TumorBoardTues @JohnEbbenMDPhD 1/14 Case Presentation

63 👱‍♂️ p/w LUE & LLE weakness. CT 🧠 w/ R frontal mass.

Craniotomy and 🔪 resection ➡️ metastatic poorly-differentiated carcinoma. CT C/A/P normal.

❓What would you do next? 🧐

@NSethakorn @NarjustDumaMD @HamidEmamekhoo @KariWisinski_MD @HemOncFellows
@TumorBoardTues @JohnEbbenMDPhD @NSethakorn @NarjustDumaMD @HamidEmamekhoo @KariWisinski_MD @HemOncFellows 2/14 #TumorBoardTuesday #OncTwitter #CUP

This is cancer of unknown primary (CUP)! ☕️

Initial evaluation of CUP includes:
🔹 H&P
🔹 CBC, CMP 🧪
🔹 CT C/A/P 📷
🔹 IHC 🔬
🔹 Optional ➡️ tumor markers, endoscopy, mammogram, PET/CT

@SamLubner @loconte @uw_hemeoncpc @OncoAlert
@TumorBoardTues @JohnEbbenMDPhD @NSethakorn @NarjustDumaMD @HamidEmamekhoo @KariWisinski_MD @HemOncFellows @SamLubner @loconte @uw_hemeoncpc @OncoAlert 3/14 #TumorBoardTuesday

Other history ➡️ no other sxs, 🚬 30 pack-years, no family history of cancer

The patient’s IHC findings:
🔸 CAM5.2 ➕
🔸 CK7 ➕
🔸 CK20 ➖
🔸 All other markers ➖

❓What primary site are you most suspicious of? 🕵️

@UWiscPathology @erik_rannheim
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1/9 #TumorBoardTuesday Friday Case Wrap Up

🚨Special Friday Edition of #TBT🚨
This week, mgmt of #Pancreatic neuroendo tumors (pNET), led by @nanudasmd. We discussed SOC, role of IO, & brand🆕 💊. Buckle up! We captured the discussion in this moment:…
2/9 #TumorBoardTuesday Friday Case🎀
We discussed #pNET:
✅Well diff= sens to cape/tem; high% of MGMT methylation -but not predictive of response
✅Tx dictated by disease extent
✅NOT all NETs are ➕ on dotatate! If they are, ☢️PRRT option- but may use late line
2.5/9 #TumorBoardTuesday Friday Case🎀

Take 🏠 messages continued:

✅Mixed track record of IO, despite TMB increase s/p TMZ. Higher prolif rate = better IO response
✅New: belzutifan (HIF-2a inhibitor) w activity in pNET!
✅Each pt is different- 💊 customized to pt situation
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I am a recent but huge fan of @Freakonomics podcast. I've also been enjoying @DrBapuPod by @AnupamBJena

Episode today was about #ArtificialIntelligence in #medicine and I want to share my concerns about the discussion on racial disparities in knee pain (starting at 19:00)

A 🧵
#1 - The suggestion that only pain that can be explained by pathology seen on a knee xray is "real, organic, genuine" and other pain is "in someone's head" is hugely problematic and detrimental to patients seeking care for #Chronicpain and providers.…
This is not aligned with the role of nervous system sensitization, psychological factors, and other mechanisms underlying the chronic pain experience.
Imp to note that #machinelearning model from xrays explained only 16% of variability in pain overall

@NatureMedicine @oziadias
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1) Welcome to @cardiomet_CE's series on #lipid management! This is a 10-#tweetorial program, all #accredited, that will cover IT ALL. The expert author for this module is Robert Giugliano MD @ @rgiugliano, renowned #cardiologist from @BrighamWomens & @harvardmed ! Image
2) This #tweetorial, accredited for #CME/CE and intended for #physicians #physicianassociates #nurses #nursepractitioners #pharmacists is supported by an educational grant from Esperion Therapeutics. See faculty disclosures at
3) @rgiugliano is going to discuss care of patients taking #statins who still have residual atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease #ASCVD risk.
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Happy present our manuscript on targeting RTK and adaptive resistance in RTK-addicted sarcomas 🎯. @MLadanyi, Romel Somwar and amazing @sloan_kettering pediatrics team! @JGladeBender @MichaelVOrtiz #MSKkids #MolPath #Sarcoma @OncoAlert…

🧵 🧵 🧵 (1/19) Image
Disclaimer #1: I have no conflicts of interest to disclose.
Disclaimer #2: Please note that this post does not constitute medical advice. Please consult your physician or other qualified health care provider. (2/19)
With the development and broader adaptation of NGS, we now know that a variety of soft tissue sarcomas harbor receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) fusions. (3/19) Image
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This paper has many interesting findings but I wanted to focus on the #brain-#kidney axis. What is the relationship between the kidneys and brain injury in malaria? Can measuring tau levels help us identify children at risk of long-term brain injury? Let's discuss! 🧵 Image
Last year there were an estimated 627 000 malaria deaths with 80% of African deaths occurring in children <5 years of age. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 disruptions in public health measures to control malaria, this is higher than in previous years.
Survivors are at risk of long-term brain injury. We need tools to identify children at risk of brain injury for early interventions so that every child has an opportunity to survive, and thrive.….
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Very happy to present our #proteomics analysis of #lungcancer published today @NatureCancer!🙂
Here’s a walk-through: #MassSpec analysis covering almost 14k proteins in 141 NSCLC tumors revealed 6 proteome subtypes with distinct biology. 1/6
#NSCLC proteome subtypes are driven by histology, growth pattern, immune cell infiltration, driver mutations, oncogenic pathways, and cell types, suggesting potential clinical value for treatment stratification and #PrecisionMedicine. 2/6
Unexpectedly, #proteogenomics analysis revealed that high neoantigen burden was linked to global hypomethylation, and that complex neoantigens mapping to genomic regions normally not active in lung were produced in immune-cold subtypes. 3/6
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1/10 #TumorBoardTuesday

🔬A discussion focused on precision med in cervical cancer led by @GauravGangwan15
➡️Here's the Thursday Case🎀

👉 Don’t forget to pick up your 🆓 #CME credit- answer 2 quick❓here:

2/10 #TumorBoardTuesday
Take🏠msgs re: stage IV #CervicalCancer & 🎯med.
✅Cervical ca =4th leading cause of ca☠️ in♀️around the🌍
✅Screen &💉key; some spirited debate re: 💉roll out
✅AJCC revised- consider HPV, incorp addtl imaging in staging

3/10 #TumorBoardTuesday
Take🏠messages cont’d:
✅NGS can yield 🗝️tx, even when🎯🧬are rare in a dz
✅CRAF🎯 💊 paired with MEK 💊. Why?
✅RAF inhib➡️ ⬆️MEK activation

📚We captured as much of @GauravGangwan15’s discussion as we could:…
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1/10 #TumorBoardTuesday

🔬We reviewed RET mutations as an actionable🎯 in practice!
➡️Here’s this week's Thursday Case🎀

👉👉 Don’t forget to pick up your 🆓 #CME credit by answering 2 quick❓
Here’s the post-test🔗:
2/10 #TumorBoardTuesday
RET muts are ⬆️in medullary thyroid cancer
✅Sensitive to multikinase 💊
✅Gatekeeper resistance muts overcome by specific💊
✅RET is also seen in other cancers, including 🫁
2.5/10 #TumorBoardTuesday
9/28/2021 Case 🎀

✅Repeat NGS w progression is🗝️strategy to tx resistance

@VivekSubbiah is truly the “RET Master”!
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Recurrent Frameshift Neoantigen Vaccine Elicits Protective Immunity With Reduced Tumor Burden and Improved Overall Survival in a Lynch Syndrome Mouse Model #GITwitter
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Delighted to share our new study… introducing PhasED-Seq out today @NatureBiotech.
A fantastic collaboration from @StanfordMedicine led by Dave_Kurtz & Joanne Soo with @max_diehn to help transform #cancer interception & monitoring by improving #LiquidBiopsy #ctDNA detection of #MRD.
For many cancers & nearly all currently available techniques, the impressive KM plots of #ctDNA #MRD immediately after definitive Rx w/ curative-intent unfortunately still miss ~50% of all events which occur in the MRD-negative subset, thus having modest NPV.
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Very excited to share our synthetic lethality based precision oncology approach via the tumor transcriptome (SELECT) @Cell
This effort is led by @joo_sang_lee @theNCI #PrecisionMedicine [1/n]…
Current precision oncology mainly targets actionable mutations & has limited patient coverage. We present the first precision oncology framework that systematically guides cancer treatment based on *synthetic lethal* vulnerabilities identified via the tumor transcriptome.
*Synthetic lethality* (SL) is an interaction between a pair of genes, where their individual inactivation has no phenotype, but their co-inactivation leads to cell death. We identified the SL pairs from analyzing a large collection of patient cohorts of 10k tumors.
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