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Apr 28, 2020
@rakeshfilm @_realitybytes__ @rehnewsletter @Shehla_Rashid @_kanikas_ Actually I'm working on another story today on how farmers will face a major credit crisis this quarter. Farm lending in India hit a 5-year low in FY20, according to data from credit bureau CRIF. So-as far my limited knowledge goes- there have been 8 farmer suicides post-lockdown @rakeshfilm @_realitybytes__ @rehnewsletter @Shehla_Rashid @_kanikas_ Now this number could be more - as in many places when farmers ended their life - the police report made it out to be a case of suicide due to coronavirus scare. But it could also be that they ended their life because of debt burden & being unable to sell this harvest's produce
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Apr 5, 2020
As of Monday (April 6, 2020), the number of deaths due to #Coronavirus in India stand at 83. But I was also thinking maybe one ought to look at non-Covid 19 deaths too. Deaths due to various circumstances under the #lockdown #covid19 #CoronavirusinIndia 1. Ravneer Singh (30) died in Kaliash Mod, Uttar Pradesh. A native of Badfra village, Morena district, this father of 3 worked as a delivery agent in Delhi. Walked 200 km before dying of exhaustion
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Jan 31, 2020
A sight to behold! For the first time ever #EconomicSurvey sources Wikipedia - page 150 Image #EconomicSurvey surprisingly uses rhetoric. Sounding a tad defensive, chapter 10 is entitled "Is India’s GDP Growth Overstated? No!"
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Jan 24, 2020
The Periyar controversy: In an era of twitter outrage & abusive behaviour its easy to see why Periyar might prove a target for click-baits and yellow journalism -- ignoring his message, life & legacy

#Periyar #Periyarstatue #EVRamaswamy #Rajnikanth

(Periyar at Vaikom) For #Rajnikanth - #Periyar must be the vilest politican that ever existed because his protestors once garlanded chappals on an idol of Lord Rama and carried vulgar nude pictures of Hindu dieties during the Salem rally of 1971.
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Jan 22, 2020
Even as protests over #CAA rage across India, a review of government orders (GO) by TOI shows that the government has been steadily placing hurdles in the way of Muslims seeking Indian citizenship since December 2014. #ConstitutionBench #NRC #SupremeCourt
timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/before-c… The most significant GO is the October 22, 2018 amendment to the Passport (Entry into India) Rules, 1950 and Foreigners Act, 1946, discriminating against Muslims and atheists for the grant of long-term visas (LTVs). The changed LTV regulations say..
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Mar 5, 2019
Guys please help. I'm having an issue with garbage disposal. For nearly a year, I've lived in Tippasandra and have always missed the morning disposal collection because of my odd timings and late hours. @BengaluruPolice @ChristinMP_TOI Since there are no more any public garbage bins in Indira Nagar - I've always had to throw my rubbish bags at the open bin outside Hotel Empire,Indira Nagar or the open bin at Addigas, near my office, MG Road.
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