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#corruption #Moneylaundering #OSINT #29leaks #panamapapers #icij #china #offshoreleaks Finding the foreigners co-opted by the #MSS
Dec 13, 2019 7 tweets 9 min read
Erik Prince-The founder of Blackwater, former US Navy Seal, and brother of US Education Secretary Betsy De Vos appears to have business links to China's People's Liberation Army through CITIC.
@mrbcyber @gaodawei @RKSimpkins @JohnJos63918626 @ICIJorg @WestrnWatchdog @of_watchdog According to the South China Morning Post, Prince was introduced to Chang Zhenming, the Chairman of CITIC group back in 2013, a Chinese SOE and known "Chinese military front company".…
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Nov 22, 2019 6 tweets 4 min read
Chinese Spy Wang "William" Liqiang, who just defected to Australia, worked for HK based China Innovation Investment Limited (CIIL). Wang described this as a cover company that several Chinese Intelligence agencies used for operations.#osint #PanamaPapers #China CIIL appears as an offshore company registered in the Cayman Islands in February 2002 and also traded on the HK stock exchange. The English name for the company is Sino Technology Investment Company Limited. #PanamaPapers #offshoreleaks
Nov 21, 2019 13 tweets 6 min read
Bill Majcher: Cozy with the Chinese Government and corrupt business leaders, and happy to help them defraud innocent Chinese people out of their life savings. Taking everything he learned as a money laundering cop in Canada to help autocrats and scammers. What a Canadian hero! Thanks to a tip from a concerned citizen, there is info suggesting Majcher was involved in a massive fraud scheme. #OSINT #Bellingcat #offshoreleaks
May 8, 2019 9 tweets 12 min read
With all the recent discussions about Money Laundering in Canada, I thought it would be a good time to bring up the fact that Bill Majcher, the former head of BC's Integrated Market Enforcement Team, now works on behalf of the Chinese. Keep reading, it gets better. #VANRE In 2003, Majcher was the lead investigator at the Martin Chambers trial, when he had an affair with the Judge Ursula Ungaro. At first, Majcher denied the affair, but Ungaro later admitted to it, and then he did too.…