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Socialist, hater of tories, member of UN Women . NHS Worker.I hear my voice and it’s been here silent all these years 🌹🌹🌹🌹#JohnsonOut #DisabilityRights
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Johnson thread…

In February I discussed what I thought Johnson would do after #Partygate came to light. I said we were reaching a very turbulent time in politics,

I predicted that the man would never resign. I was right. Even when he received the FPN i said…1/ He still wouldn’t resign. I wish I was wrong but I wasn’t.

The other thing I said was he would change the laws that would mean he didn’t have to go. Again I was right.

My other prediction has me more scared than ever. I said a desperate man…. 2/
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So more on #FishiRishi and Mrs Rishi. Let me first point out that I’m not having a go at her personality or looks. Nor am I dissing his family…

Firstly there’s no way he doesn’t know everything about her finances. He knows exactly where every penny comes from…. He would know and would have advised her financially before he became Chancellor. So Non Dom it states that a persons permanent home is outside the Uk!! Does she not live permanently in the Uk? No laws have been broken but it is immoral. With people struggling with the…..
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Let’s have a lil midweek chirpity to start #humpwednesday love almost everyone on here🤣🤣 nah these are good peoples….. #TakeBackDemocracy #JohnsonOut16 #UnitedAgainstJohnson @shoshanade @jpxan71
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As I have amassed a fair few followers as of late I feel the need to talk about why and how I became involved in politics…… it all started in 2016 watching the brexit result. I saw my children’s futures destroyed by brexit, then followed months of armchair politics. 1/ Shouting at the tv, getting upset reading the papers!! 🤬 I decided that I needed to be pro active. I looked at the opposition parties and the best fit for me was the @LibDems . So I joined, I attended my first meeting with the local @WLM_LibDems and got the bug. I had been 2/
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Didn’t sleep much last night, thoughts of what is actually happening in this country running through my head…. Then light bulb moment💡💡are we in one big social experiment???

Firstly #BrexitChaos remove freedom of movement. So only the elite can travel. Therefore keeping 1/ The masses on the island !!!

Then ;- #COVID19 remove the weak from society. They aren’t needed, they aren’t useful.
Use the media, lockdown to control the masses while the elite ignore all the rules.
Use the counties finances to ensure your peers are well looked after. 2/