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~ #SolidNote 1
A civic innovation idea:
Entrepreneurship-In-Residence (EIR) Program

which brings selected startup companies together with a city's government for 16-20 weeks to explore ways to make government more efficient and responsive.

A Thread 🧵
In the attempt to solve some of the city's public sector tech and functionality woes, and give entrepreneurs a chance to tap the public sector market, our governors need to launch an EIR program. 1/13
The government will (meritoriously) select 3-5 Startup teams of entrepreneur who will spend 16-20 weeks with the government officials on their chosen projects.
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🔴 La #Vo5G regroupe les technologies permettant de passer un appel via la #5G. Elle sera disponible en France à la fin de l'année chez @orange mais savez-vous comment ça fonctionne ? 👇 Image
@orange Tout d'abord, un réseau de télécommunications se compose d'un réseau d'accès (RAN, ou Radio Access Network) et d'un réseau cœur (CN, ou Core Network). Pour faire un parallèle avec internet, le RAN est un client, le CN, un serveur, et le mobile est un utilisateur. Image
@orange De la vient la différence entre la 5G NSA (non-standalone) actuellement déployée en France et la 5G SA (standalone) qui sera disponible d'ici la fin de l'année (c'est d'ailleurs une obligation légale pour nos 4 opérateurs).
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The #PutinHitler system of fear can’t solve its people problems.
Regime choice ist external distraction of opinion + internal destruction of people
#negotiate ignores that wars, not war serve its purpose.
#ukraine only more of the same.
Long #thread 1/22
Western approval ratings used by #Russia at gunpoint explains the repeated requirement for wars, not war.
Not external factors, as #negotiate likes to make believe.
Reason to stop war will not work for a system, which needs to start wars and only stops to prepare for the next. 2
#negotiate speak in terms of resources & solutions omits, it requires a productive system to work for output. All #terrorists systems quickly deteriorate to their single core asset, which is fear, not productivity. #Russia is the mother of fear, fed by western appeasement. 3/22
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#Kandahar_Governor Muhammad Yusuf Wafa:
"It is the duty of everyone to #accept& #follow every #order and decree of the #supreme_leader, Sheikh Hebatullah Akhundzada, because we all pledged allegiance to him in hardship& ease."
Wafa seemingly responded to remarks of Haqqani.
"We already assumed that if we implement Sharia system, the world will stand against us. Schools& universities are ours, women are ours, but they (international community) are worried about it (women's education). They think we (TB) are their slaves, similar to some others.
...No, we are free and independent country. We don't listen to others. We can implement Sharia system in our country, the way we want it. This is our country and our system. Afghans don't want other system. If they wanted other system, why in last 20 years the occupation failed?"
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Timing the #crypto narrative cycle.
Which #alts I bought, and when to accumulate again?

Narratives, #alpha & charts for my favorite #altcoins.

The final stage of the #BearMarket is where you build the foundation for future #wealth.

1/ 🧵


#bitcoin $BTCUSD Image
#AI narrative

The parabolic move already played out, we are in the final stage before major correction.

$FET, $AIRI (degen play)

2/ Image
#LSD narrative

The parabolic move already played out, a second wave will start with $ETH Restaking @eigenlayer

$FRX, $SD (degen play)

3/ ImageImage
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Michael Hsu - Acting Comptroller of the Currency.
One way to mitigate risks.
Stablecoin issuance must be conducted in a standalone chartered entity, separate from other insured depository institutions and other regulatory affiliates.……
Stability, interoperability and separability are preliminary policy factors to consider in the architectural development. Other core values such as privacy, security and preventing illicit finance may also have architectural implications and warrant discussion.…
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Summary of #Java 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19 features.
All features in a single tweet. #retweet #share #like #follow #bookmark Good know.
Thread 👇
#Java 19 Features:
- Record Patterns
- Linux/RISC-V Port
- Foreign Function & Memory API
- Virtual Threads
- Vector API (Fourth Incubator)
- Pattern Matching for the switch
- Structured Concurrency (Incubator)
#Java 18 Features:
- UTF-8 by Default
- Simple Web Server
- Code Snippets in Java API Doc
- Reimplement Core Reflection with Method Handles
- Vector API
- Internet-Address Resolution SPI
- Foreign Function & Memory API
- Pattern Matching for switch
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1/14 This piece from @latimes @hiltzikm about the #southwest meltdown is a must-read ⬇

Southwest’s meltdown was born in America’s cheapskate corporate culture
2/14 "The short answer is their underinvestment in preparation and planning. For decades, Big Business has been squandering its resources…instead of spending on workers and infrastructure. There’s not enough give in the system, so when crisis comes, it doesn’t bend, but breaks."
3/14 $LUV gross profit for the twelve months ending September 30, 2022 was $5.928B, a 53.81% increase year-over-year.
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Social Media - A Haiku
by @CraigZengar
Reflections morning
Help me with better input
despite the expert
Whenever I see someone touting themselves as an expert in Social Media, I checked their @Twitter profile, IF they have one. Small follower list, blast but don't engage... Charlatan. It's the hardest venue to master but the absolute best way to tell if someone is full of it.
@Twitter Not experts in Social Media per se BUT they do engage in a friendly and social manner here on @Twitter. First, on the list and highly recommended #Follow - @RadioAndrewE 🙏
More to come...
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@m_kubiciel @PinG_Journal 1. Michael Kubiciel unterhält sich mit Max Adamek und mir über die Strafrechtspolitik der „Ampel“, die sich deutlich von der Politik der (schwarz-roten) Vorgängerregierungen unterscheidet.
@m_kubiciel @PinG_Journal 2. Insbesondere in der Amtszeit des Bundesjustizministers Heiko Maas (2013 bis 2017) wurden immer wieder neue Strafnormen geschaffen, bestehende Straftatbestände verschärft und „Strafbarkeitslücken“ geschlossen. Dies begründete man gerne mit der Symbolkraft von Strafgesetzen.
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Summary of All #Java 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 Features. All features in a single tweet. #bookmark #save #pin
Thread 👇 #retweet #follow
#Java 18 Features:
- UTF-8 by Default
- Simple Web Server
- Code Snippets in Java API Doc
- Reimplement Core Reflection with Method Handles
- Vector API
- Internet-Address Resolution SPI
- Foreign Function & Memory API
- Pattern Matching for switch
#Java 17 Features:
- Restore Always-Strict Floating-Point Semantics
- Enhanced Pseudo-Random Number Generators
- New macOS Rendering Pipeline
- macOS/AArch64 Port
- Deprecate the Applet API for Removal
- Strongly Encapsulate JDK Internals
- Pattern Matching for switch
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Introducing the Leaders in Action 🥳

Young leaders from across the country are joining the first ever Solve Ninja Leadership Utsav in Bangalore on the 3rd and 4th of September

Over the last 5 months, these young leaders have taken steps to build solutions to complex problems
.@SanskrutiDalavi, a 19-year-old from Mumbai, Diana Awardi, is working to inspire school children to be leaders for social development. She has worked with various schools to implement her ideas.
Sanskriti Sharma from Hyderabad is working to build her enterprise Sustainably Messy. She is upcycling waste materials to make aspirational products and is passing on the manufacturing abilities to women from low-socio-economic strata to build circular economy.
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What is one of the biggest areas holding back mainstream #crypto & #NFT adoption?

The answer: Wallets suck ☠️

Here’s 4 #features that we need to see in #Crypto #Wallets before we get adoption from #Web2 users.

1⃣ Anti-Wallet Drain Preferences

All wallets need to add this feature.

A toggle that is on by default, which prevents you from signing any #transaction that will give #scammers the ability to #drain your wallet.
🧵 (1/14)
If you can lose everything from one click, the space will never grow.

In addition to this, when signing a transaction like this, it needs a big red warning of what functions you are approving and what you currently have in your wallet ⚠️

🧵 (2/14)
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#NFT ticketing has all the ingredients necessary to create an overnight boom for mainstream NFT adoption.

Here’s how 🧵👇
In business, there are two types of services:

💊 Vitamins - Add benefits to a customer’s life

💉 Pain Killers - Remove a problem that the customer cannot stand dealing with

The best services, companies or technology use cases do both.

🧵 (1/17)
☠️ Let’s start with the PAIN: Fake Tickets ☠️

To illustrate the scale of this problem, let’s look at a near #riot that broke out as a result of fake tickets just 2 months ago.

🧵 (2/17)
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Getting Multibaggers Returns in a few years time frame is a dream of many investors but very few are lucky to enjoy multibagger returns💯💯

In the following #thread🧵 we'll look at 15 points that will not give you guarantee about getting multibaggers returns but it will
Surely Give you confidence on your investments and it will also teach you how actually to invest in a company for the long run and who knows if your investment is in the correct company you may get multibagger returns too🔥💯

🥇15 Points To Look For While Investing In A Company
✅Point 1:- Does the company have products or services with sufficient market potential to make possible a sizable increase in sales for at least several years?

✅Point 2:- Does the management have a determination to continue to develop products or processes that will still
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🧵ZK landscape (Part2) + Diff flavors of Rollups, (ELI5 summary of Rollups)

Quite some updates especially during ETHCC. Will post some notable ones that I come across today before sharing some Rollups' notes I compiled for @ForwardAnalytic
1) @0xPolygon - zkEVM is here!
TLDR: Build an App on zkRollup without learning a brand new coding language! And take advantage of the fastest ZK tech with #plonky2 by @0xPolygonZero
(Testnet will soon be Live)…
Also since the last tweet of Zk landscape(Part1) 10days ago, #Polygon has nearly doubled 2x their FDV, and caught up with #Starkware.
Polygon's current Valuation is now at $9.1 Billion FDV
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Un niño japonesito llega a Estados Unidos y el papá lo inscribe en la escuela.

El primer día de clase, la maestra presenta a Suzuki, hijo de un empresario japonés, a los chicos de sexto grado.

Luego la maestra les dice a los alumnos :
-"Hoy empecemos repasando un poco de historia de América del norte y del sur"

-¿Quién dijo "Denme la libertad o denme la muerte"?

La clase se quedó callada, excepto Suzuki:

-"Lo dijo Patrick Henry, 1775"

-"Muy Bien!. Dijo la maestra
- ¿Quién dijo "el gobierno del pueblo para el pueblo, no debe desaparecer de la faz de la tierra"?

De nuevo, ninguna respuesta de la clase, salvo Suzuki:

- "Abraham Lincoln, 1863".
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10+ Excellent GitHub Repositories for Every Java developer - Amazing GitHub repositories. #retweet #share #like #follow…
Thread 👇
100+ Java Design Patterns…
Modern Java - A Guide to Java 8…
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100+ Spring Core, Spring Boot, Spring REST, Spring Security, Spring Cloud, and Spring Testing Annotations in a single tweet.
Thread 👇
#retweet #follow #like #springframework #springmvc #springcloud #springboot #springdata
Core Spring Framework Annotations:
- @Required
- @Autowired
- @Qualifier
- @Configuration
- @ComponentScan
- @Bean
- @Lazy
- @Value
Spring Framework Stereotype Annotations:
- @Component
- @Controller
- @Service
- @Repository
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Summary of #Java 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 features.
All features in single tweet. #bookmark #save #pin
Thread 👇 #retweet #follow
Java 8 Features:
- Lambda expression
- Stream API
- Functional interface
- Default and static methods
- Optional class
- Nashorn – JavaScript runtime engine
- Annotation on Java Types
- Unsigned Integer Arithmetic
- Repeating annotations
- New Date and Time API
#Java 9 Features:
- Java platform module system
- Interface Private Methods
- HTTP 2 Client
- JShell
- Platform and JVM Logging
- Process API Updates
- Collection API Updates
- Improvements in Stream API
- Multi-release JAR Files
- @Deprecated Tag Changes
- Stack Walking
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The @AP has published (yet another) “hit-piece” on @elonmusk, attempting to spread widespread fear of imminent bullying if/when the Twitter deal closes… 🐦

See below how this article falls short of @AP’s mission to discredit… 🪡 👇🏻 1/9
We all know the #JRE clip, and we all know the context (Must having said he’s never smoked before…) 💨

The obsession with left-leaning fear-mongers of calling @elonmusk a “pot smoker” is laughable. 🤡

Meanwhile, the democratic fights to legalize cannabis nationwide… 2/9 Image
The @AP quotes an opinion from a solitary anonymous investment firm that thinks the @Twitter takeover is “comical and surreal”. 🥁

Using quotes from nameless entities serves to enrich the @AP’s narrative while providing absolutely zero real-world value to the reader… 3/9 Image
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⛔Rupture de la gorge en éternuant 👇


Un homme de 34 ans a été admis à l'hôpital se plaignant de douleurs aiguës lors de la déglutition et de modifications de sa voix après un éternuement violent. Il a essayé de retenir l'envie d'éternuer en pinçant ses narines avec
ses doigts, mais lorsqu'il a éternué, il a ressenti des secousses dans son cou puis a constaté que le cou était enflé. Le patient a eu une radiographie montrant une accumulation excessive d'air dans les tissus mous du cou devant la trachée. Diagnostiqué avec une rupture
spontanée de l'œsophage.
Cette pratique consistant à se pincer la bouche et le nez pour éviter d'éternuer est dangereuse et ne doit pas être pratiquée. Les conséquences possibles d'une telle manœuvre incluent l'emphysème médiastinal (accumulation anormale d'air dans
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A trading plan can be as simple as deciding to buy above these levels and sell below these levels. Usually trading plan also called as homework has to be done one day prior to your trading day.

For FNO it might be a daily task. For cash players it can be weekly.
Trading is one of the most flexible businesses out there. It's you who decide to run the shop or close it for a day. Always treat it like a business. Calculate your loss, sunk cost, depreciation, bad debts etc too. Yess trading had these terms too.
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