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I want to dedicate this thread to Margaret Thatcher

And I am going to talk about a number (240)

So I want to talk about four people

And I want you to use your imagination

Imagine you are

1. @GregHands
2. @Jacob_Rees_Mogg
3. @bbclaurak
4. @WestminsterWAG
So the reason we are starting with @GregHands is quite simple

Question from @SophyRidgeSky: 'Is Boris Johnson a man of integrity?'

@GregHands "I'm in the business of politics, not moral judgement calls"
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#BorisJohnson #PrivilegeCommittee #PriviledgesCommittee #PrivilegesCommittee #Partygate

We knew the rules and the law.
Never forget…
A thread: ImageImageImageImage
#BorisJohnson #PrivilegeCommittee #PriviledgesCommittee #PrivilegesCommittee #Partygate

We knew the rules and the law.
Never forget…
A thread: ImageImageImageImage
#BorisJohnson #PrivilegeCommittee #PriviledgesCommittee #PrivilegesCommittee #Partygate

We knew the rules and the law.
Never forget…
A thread: ImageImageImageImage
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Today #partygate Johnson faces a cross party privileges committee of MPs. Let’s recall what #Colchester MP Will Quince, the Health Minister, had to say during this national scandal. Here he is the notorious #BorisJohnson apologist supporting Johnson in April 2022. 1/4
Here is #Colchester Quince, the notorious Johnson apologist, backing Johnson on 6 June 2022. 2/4
Here is #Colchester Quince the notorious Johnson apologist on TV on 4 July 2022 backing Johnson to the hilt over ‘Pincher by name Pincher by nature . 3/4
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#NeverForgiveNeverForget they got pissed while our loved ones died alone and scared,
this is my brother, he died alone and scared, while that disgusting fucking animal got pissed Image
It's an outrage that he's using" but I didn't know "he's not a fucking child, he wrote a letter to a little girl saying well done for not having a birthday party, this defies belief, this committee is going to be an opportunity for this fucking clown today he will relish being in
The limelight, honour, honesty integrity are nowhere to be seen in this fucking clown,
It's 💔 to remember this Image
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1/ Could be a significant few weeks ahead
- DUP and likely ERG will vote against Windsor Framework
- a relaunch of ReformUK asking Tories to join them
- Partygate the gift that keeps on giving
- Polls that show Tories flailing whatever they announce
#ToriesOut256 #SunakOut147
- Johnson guilty verdict likely
- Local elections May 4th
- Increasing splits in the Tories

Take all of that together - especially Reform aiming to wipe the Tories out and you have a situation where some who think it likely to lose their seats could defect
If they think all is lost, that Brexit is not as they wished, Budget has not worked in their favour, Johnson is facing suspension and there is wipeout on ay 4th it is feasible a number will choose to jump ship.
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
@BorisJohnson is a serial liar, sacked for lying from several jobs including as Prime Minister, £220,000 we have paid to defend the indefensible, he was fined for one party when he attended lots.
If he gets away with this then we have to accept MP'S
Can do whatever they want with no repercussions, I for one will #NeverForgiveNeverForget.
@BorisJohnson has blood on his hands
#PartyGate Image
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I'm going to continue with Tony Douglass here @openthebooksaus

His CV is very interesting
Managing Director
Feb 1997 - Dec 1999

Sydney, Australia

Audio Visual Systems Consulting, Television, Video and Music Production - clients included Standards Australia, The NSW Attorney General's Department and international children's entertainers - The Wiggles
Arcom Director : Roch-Olivier Maistre…

From 1986 to 1988, he was technical adviser to the office of the Minister of Culture, François Léotard ; he then took part in drafting the law on freedom of communication , which governs the CSA. Between 1988 & 1991,
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Oh my word!!! 😱😱😱😱😱

Suddenly everything is starting to make sense…

👀😱👇 #SueGrayGate… Image
Couple that with this:

And you start to understand how we got to where we are now! 😱👀😱👇


For once I’m ‘threadless’

Where to begin…??? 😱👀🫣
Guess who was invited in to HoC to speak at the Committee on standards on December 8th 2020(a year to the date of Allegra Stratton video) to discuss MPs code of conduct&the Ministerial code: whether and how the system should change?

Take a look…
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Did #SueGray gather the evidence and report the facts of gatherings in Downing Street or did she set the narrative and set the wheels in motion to oust a democratically elected PM? 🧵👇

Was she motivated by her politics or did she simply report the facts?
There were parties - no one is denying that but was her first report prejudicial and was it even necessary?

Imo there are two main aspects of her first report that I find troubling

(FTR the second report I have no issue with- the damage was already done imo by the first)
1. Timings - as I have set out in a previous thread

Why did she publish that first report?

What motivated her?

Previous 🧵👇
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
Happy Sunday ☺️
The Nasty Party are showing their true colours when they talk about @SueGrayCO, gone is the gratitude and praise for her report on #PartyGate it's now replaced with "which hunt" "plot", Labour dragged in as usual, who could blame
@SueGrayCO Wanting to work for a party who has integrity, honesty and honour, a party that tells the truth.
Its outrageous the language being used by the"Nasty Party but not unexpected.
Most if not all the MPS in the nasty party knew about the parties in fact lots of them were
There, #EnoughIsEnough of their lies, @BorisJohnson is entirely to blame, the nasty party should point the finger where it belongs.
@SueGrayCO did an adept job, my only criticism would be why wasn't the Abba party investigated?.
The nasty party accepted her report as
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Hard agree with @RobDotHutton here that “Gray’s report is the work of someone who was determined to leave stones unturned and questions unasked. Her conclusions were the bare minimum that could be reached.”…
For instance she deliberately chose not to investigate the ABBA party in the PM’s own flat with Government aides, even though the music was loud enough to be heard out in the street. Johnson went up to it after another party downstairs in No 10.
“That (the conclusions) were still fairly damning was simply the result of the underlying facts being appalling: that, whilst refusing to let people visit dying relatives or attend funerals, government officials routinely spent the evening getting off their faces together. “
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So I’ve started reading the report from the privileges committee.

It’s a severe case of moving the goal posts from lying about parties to being reckless about social distancing

I’m going to create a thread as I go through it so it will take time 🧵 1/?

#borisjohnson #partygate
1. To intend to mislead is to lie

To inadvertently mislead is to report what you think is true but later find out that it wasn’t

That’s what the ministerial code distinguishes between

What’s this addition of reckless? How are they defining that in action? Image
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
Happy Saturday ☺️
It's hard writing this today but #partygate is on everyone's mind again! , learning his utter disregard for the health and welfare of the people in the UK is so hard,
The Daily fail headlines today "no evidence"I hate to point out
To them but there's photos!.
It doesn't hurt any less today hearing "let the bodies pile high in there thousands", only "80s dying that's above life expectancy so get covid and live longer", and" let it wash through the country". There was also apparently talk of chicken pox
parties where people were encouraged to get together and get infected, so he was encouraging heard immunity.
There was apparently a comment made "eat out to get the virus about". Was It was supposed to be funny, it's not!.
He said in parliament that there were "no parties,all
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Examples of Adam Wagner- who you may recall was constantly on @gmb @skynews etc pushing the narrative that it was all about the PM based off #SueGray interim report in January 2022
Also evidence from the Good Law Project themselves that they threatened the @metpoliceuk with being sued if they didn’t investigate #partygate
All in build up to initial #SueGray report.
Adam Wagner admitting that he is in fact a ‘leftie lawyer’&demonstrating his view of @borisjohnson at the very start of the pandemic. #SueGray

Was his reading of the law that he expressed on many media outlets impartial??

I think not
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The 'evidence report and 'questions' released for the #Partygate investigation
P8 identifies parties
Report mentions he attended 'gatherings' and he was aware
Evidence HOC may have been misled P14
#ToriesOut239 #SunakOut130 #GeneralElectionNow…
There is more in the footnotes rather than the full report as it is in the footnotes where text messages are placed
Staff were desperately trying to justify things that had occurred
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There is no doubt that there were parties(in the traditional sense)within WM during the covid pandemic

I don’t doubt the evidence contained within #SueGray reports

I say reports because she released two

One when @metpoliceuk took over and one at end 🧵👇 1/?
What never sat right with me in #SueGray ‘s report was that the evidence contained in the final report showed that Boris was barely at these events AND YET

He was being held as the focus (indirectly) within the narrative whilst the behaviour of senior civil servants appeared to be less significant and imo they were let off the hook


In fact in @PaulBrandITV podcast one of the female whistleblowers agrees with me on this
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EXCL: Sue Gray has been appointed chief of staff to Labour leader Keir Starmer.

As a senior civil servant, the job offer will be subject to ACOBA process before formal confirmation.

Major coup for the Labour leader and part of an effort to prove the party is preparing for govt. Image
Conservative MPs seem largely furious:

@NadineDorries - "The Gray report was a stitch up"

@cmackinlay - "Does this smell right?"

@JamesDuddridge - "that explains a lot. We can now see which Party was investigated #partygate."
.@RishiSunak could decide to block the appointment. The signs so far aren't positive for Ms Gray:

“This doesn’t smell right at all. Serious questions need to be asked about how this has come about.” - senior government source
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I'm fucking outraged that it's even been suggested that Johnson may be planning a comeback, Tories think that's going to upset the woke left, they may be surprised to learn it's going to upset so many more people in this country,
Johnson who was fined for breaking his
own governments rules with party after party, I'm sure EVERYONE remembers #PartyGate, some say it was only a cake, knowing full well it was so much more, they we're the lucky ones, they didn't see their loved ones over zoom while they were dying
The only thing Johnson
was concerned about lockdown getting a peerage for Levedev why?.
It's an outrage that his name is even in people's mouths.
So many in this country lost loved ones while he ate fucking cake getting pissed out of his tiny brain, a man who couldn't even be bothered attend cobra
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@RishiSunak why are you increasing the amount of money it's costing us to defend @BorisJohnson?, we all know he broke not only the moral law but the judicial law with #Partygate, no money for Nurses who put their lives at risk during the covid pandemic but you support that
Criminal, accountability, integrity and professionalism that's what you promised us, please explain what accountability, professionalism and integrity there is in giving away our money to someone who has no regard for the law.
You are a disgrace I am appalled that you allow
Not only allow this man to laugh in our faces but help him do it, shame on you!.
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The contortions here should scare you. No rational and reasonable government should excuse the possibility that people don't have the means to vote in elections
In 'normal' times we might have the talking heads on a right wing talk show batting about these ideas. While a government minister comes out to say definitively that all is being done to ensure ever person knows about the changes and has the means to vote
In 'normal' times we would have a government who did not work to weaken the electoral commission and also change local elections for Mayors, PCCs and maybe new governors from a form of PR to First Past the Post
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So I am going to a thread on @GeorgeFreemanMP

And @BBCQuestionTime with @lisanandy

Yesterday I did a thread on a horrendous interview @LeeAndersonMP_ in terms of how he behaved

I can't decide whether George's behaviour is better or worse

There was also a BBC Question Time question on Russian money

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#BoJo branded '#provenliar' as Met Police issue fines over Downing Street parties -2 hrs ago
- #ScotlandYard statement confirming twenty fixed penalty notices will be issued for breaches of Covid-19 rules following lockdown-busting parties in #SesameStreet
#SesameStreet's Awards, The Worst Actor Winner.
The #UK health secretary, #Hancock #CrocodileTears | Dec 09, 2020
- “It’s been such a tough year for so many people and there’s William #Shakespeare putting it simply for everybody...
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Does it feel to you like this political class (& media) have completely abandoned the next generation of Brits? Thrown under the bus? And everywhere you look there’s this palpable sense of decay. What do the young have to look forward to?
Thread🧵 1/11 ..
Housing ladder? Forget it. Let’s just talk about access to decent housing at an affordable price of say 20% monthly salary. Is the political architecture addressing this in any way?
🧵 2/11 …
Job security? Please. The way we’re going, over 50% of the next generation will be on ‘zero hours’ type employment contracts within 20 yrs - with no access to paid leave, sick pay etc. What will this extreme form of precariousness do to the fabric of society?
🧵 3/11
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I am unbelievably delighted and humbled to have won Political Journalist of Year, Investigation of Year & Journalist of Year ⁦@EditorsUK⁩ awards. These things are huge team effort, so am thrilled @DailyMirror ⁦@MirrorAlison⁩ won Media Organisation of Year 🙏🏽 #MFA2022 Image
Huge congratulations to @MirrorAlison @Mirror_Editor @JBeattieMirror #TomCarlin @paulcockerton @MirrorPolitics and the whole team at @DailyMirror who have consistently punched above their weight. I’m so proud to have been part of it. #MFA2022
Also a big shout out to my fellow nominees in @EditorsUK awards - each and every one of you would have been a more than worthy winners - and congrats to others who picked up awards. Despite all the challenges, British journalism does some amazing things.

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