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Possibly more significant than any other Tory story currently
Tory voting public still back Boris over Sunak - that is a major issue for any MP who votes for the Privileges Committee report or abstains
#Toriesout347 #SunakOut237 #GeneralElectionNow…
Now as #Partygate drags on with Johnson out of the equation #BackBoris will latch on to every story and magnify it.
Sunak's role and complicity in #Partygate will be exposed by stories and inaction or by the Covid Inquiry
It is obvious from recent disclosures
- no rules in Downing St where he lived and worked
- Mail story yesterday when he walked past a garden gathering in March 2021
- the desperation to hide the diaries and Whatsapp messages from the Inquiry
SUNAK was fully aware and complicit
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This is quite a steaming pile of horseshit from brexiteers

So let's get started
1.1 I remember Vote Leave calling the EU the 4th reich
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After reading the full 110 pages my overriding conclusion is that the Privileges Committee Report into whether Boris Johnson intentionally misled Parliament is a confused word salad of conjecture, contradiction and is rather misleading in and of……
The basic conclusion of the Privilege Committee investigation is that they find Boris Johnson intentionally misled the house and, in so doing, is found in contempt of the house
Their initial ‘warning’ to BJ was that they were going to recommend a sanction of suspension that would be long enough to cause a recall petition in his constituency

Events then moved very quickly they increased their recommendations to 90 days&removal of his parliamentary pass
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I've sat on this since seven o block this morning picking up my phone putting it down, talking to people not talking to people, I come back to the same thing, this country is governed by lawbreakers who have no regard for anyone but themselves, when I saw that video this
Morning I felt physically sick thinking about the times all those lonely families, older people, the vulnerable,Christmas cancelled at a moments notice, imagining so many in this country fraught with worry, stress and all the fucking time they were partying the time away, every
Single person in the @Conservatives knew , we all know office gossip, we know how it works, we're not fuckng dumb, they all knew and they didn't care , any MP who votes against the vote in parliament tomorrow is a disgraceful selfish human being, you have a chance to say sorry
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🧵 A note on complex grief and that partygate video:

Complex or complicated grief is characterised as being in an ongoing, heightened state of mourning that prevents you from healing.

A crippling sense of loss or other severe & unpleasant emotions endure & prevent recovery.
A person’s ability to function normally can be severely impaired, and for many months or years.

You may feel numb, angry, bitter, unable to focus on anything but the death of your loved one. You may suffer from hopelessness, depression or feel that life is not worth living.
There are many causes of complex grief such as how the person died (suddenly, traumatically), prior family conflicts or when the person who died was a child.

One key factor can be the thought that the death was avoidable, that it could have been prevented.
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I’ve read all 106 pages of the #PrivilegesCommittee Report and looked up extracts they’ve referred to, at source in Hansard etc., to get context. Their findings hinge on 4 occasions where they say Boris deliberately mislead HoC. To get to this conclusion they spend 55 pages…1/
..going over all the events relating to #Partygate to say, in essence, that Boris must have known he was deliberately misleading (‘lying’ in common parlance) HoC on those 4 occasions. I prefer to look directly at detail of those 4 occasions and consider whether their case.. 2/ proven. In doing so, it seems to me that Boris rightly gave specific answers to the specific questions he was asked in HoC - there was no obligation for him to do anything else, however much the C’ttee seems to think he should have done. Taking them in turn….3/
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There are many today with the wrong focus
-the #BackBoris #Boris screaming about a kangaroo Court
- Others shouting about Rayner and Starmer - get a grip that was investigated twice

#ToriesOut344 #SunakOut234 #GeneralElectionNow Image

- others about Jenkins and attending a party
- even more about Harriet Harman a non voting Chair on a Committee that made a unanimous decision.

Now that is out of the system focus on Sunak reality
- who is laughing at you
- who was fined for attending the same party
- who registered a campaigning website months before any move
- who was one of the first to move against Johnson
- who stated in Parliament that they attended no parties
- the report appendix highlights a no rules culture in Downing St - as evidenced below Image
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
It looks like today is the day , finally we get to know the whole truth about #PartyGate.
I'm sending so many hugs and love to anyone who lost loved ones while they partied.
Be prepared to be shocked and angry, i'm glad he's gone!. Now slither away
Like the snake you are , all of his supporters should hang their years in shame , they knew, they all knew!.
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1 /
The proof Sunak is lying - Holac is an advisory Committee only - the final decision lies with the PM
#ToriesOut340 #SunakOut231 #GeneralElectionNow
#Sunackered Image
The reports highlight Sunaks lying / interference
- Nov 2022 - Holac wrote asking for a meeting reference Johnson honours list.
- there were many briefings identifying Dorries, Sharma, Adams and Jack as being on the list from the very beginning
- in February 2023 it was reported that CCHQ was working on dry runs for byelections due to #Partygate and possible Johnson sanction and the honours list
- in March Johnson was advised he needed to reduce the list
- Dorries and Sharma had stated they would stand down
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
Listening to the @GMB presenters say the public have short memories and are very forgiving enrages me , NO we will never forgive and never forget #PartyGate , it must feel so nice when you don't have your heart broken over and over again everytime
His name is pushed into our faces, knowing he lied, then lied, then lied some more , the privileges committee have put on paper what we've known all along , I wish he would just bugger off and leave us in peace.
@threadreaderapp please unroll
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I guess once the not safe for EU labels start rolling out, Billingsgate Market will need an E-Coli section for UK consumption only.
Just so the @Conservatives can feed the UK more shit, we have the #SewageScandal #CovidEnquiry #Profiteering #NHSCrisis #PartyGate #BrexitDisaster
Any more shit?

But we all know what your doing wrong

We need a
A government that thinks of people not their pockets and profits Image
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Hey @Guto_Harri…

I’ve just listened to your interview w/ @TheNewsAgents & strongly reject your assertion that “some ppl are addicted to #Partygate”.

In fact hearing you defend the actions, inactions & RELENTLESS LIES of #BorisJohnson during his premiership is sickening.
I can only assume that you are able to block out the avoidable harm & visceral pain felt by millions of ppl in the UK, since Mar 2020, which could have been lessened by us having a decent, honest, compassionate PM who wasn’t only interested in himself & furthering his career?
You know the type of ppl I am referring to…

Those who died of #COVID, many alone or in hospital, those who couldn’t be w/ their sick or dying loved ones, those who couldn’t attend births/weddings/graduations/funerals/special PARTIES 🍾🥂🎉
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Tories were 8 - 10 points ahead in mid 2020 when @RishiSunak leaked photos to ITV

He had former ITV worker (and his best man’s wife) @AllegraStratton ‘slip up’ on camera

He even hired ITV #partygate reporter @amberdebotton as his communications Director…
@RishiSunak committed this coup with the support of @georgesoros through @OpenSociety and their sock puppet organisations like the @resfoundation @BestForBritain @BylineTimes and @euromove and a series of paid talking heads like @Femi_Sorry

They were desperate to stop Brexit. Image
@RishiSunak paid for their temporary support with the leadership of @OBR_UK given to the former @resfoundation man @rjdhughes

He hired more resolution foundation people and that organisation is effectively under their control.…
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I want to dedicate this thread to Margaret Thatcher

And I am going to talk about a number (240)

So I want to talk about four people

And I want you to use your imagination

Imagine you are

1. @GregHands
2. @Jacob_Rees_Mogg
3. @bbclaurak
4. @WestminsterWAG
So the reason we are starting with @GregHands is quite simple

Question from @SophyRidgeSky: 'Is Boris Johnson a man of integrity?'

@GregHands "I'm in the business of politics, not moral judgement calls"
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#BorisJohnson #PrivilegeCommittee #PriviledgesCommittee #PrivilegesCommittee #Partygate

We knew the rules and the law.
Never forget…
A thread: ImageImageImageImage
#BorisJohnson #PrivilegeCommittee #PriviledgesCommittee #PrivilegesCommittee #Partygate

We knew the rules and the law.
Never forget…
A thread: ImageImageImageImage
#BorisJohnson #PrivilegeCommittee #PriviledgesCommittee #PrivilegesCommittee #Partygate

We knew the rules and the law.
Never forget…
A thread: ImageImageImageImage
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Today #partygate Johnson faces a cross party privileges committee of MPs. Let’s recall what #Colchester MP Will Quince, the Health Minister, had to say during this national scandal. Here he is the notorious #BorisJohnson apologist supporting Johnson in April 2022. 1/4
Here is #Colchester Quince, the notorious Johnson apologist, backing Johnson on 6 June 2022. 2/4
Here is #Colchester Quince the notorious Johnson apologist on TV on 4 July 2022 backing Johnson to the hilt over ‘Pincher by name Pincher by nature . 3/4
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#NeverForgiveNeverForget they got pissed while our loved ones died alone and scared,
this is my brother, he died alone and scared, while that disgusting fucking animal got pissed Image
It's an outrage that he's using" but I didn't know "he's not a fucking child, he wrote a letter to a little girl saying well done for not having a birthday party, this defies belief, this committee is going to be an opportunity for this fucking clown today he will relish being in
The limelight, honour, honesty integrity are nowhere to be seen in this fucking clown,
It's 💔 to remember this Image
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1/ Could be a significant few weeks ahead
- DUP and likely ERG will vote against Windsor Framework
- a relaunch of ReformUK asking Tories to join them
- Partygate the gift that keeps on giving
- Polls that show Tories flailing whatever they announce
#ToriesOut256 #SunakOut147
- Johnson guilty verdict likely
- Local elections May 4th
- Increasing splits in the Tories

Take all of that together - especially Reform aiming to wipe the Tories out and you have a situation where some who think it likely to lose their seats could defect
If they think all is lost, that Brexit is not as they wished, Budget has not worked in their favour, Johnson is facing suspension and there is wipeout on ay 4th it is feasible a number will choose to jump ship.
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
@BorisJohnson is a serial liar, sacked for lying from several jobs including as Prime Minister, £220,000 we have paid to defend the indefensible, he was fined for one party when he attended lots.
If he gets away with this then we have to accept MP'S
Can do whatever they want with no repercussions, I for one will #NeverForgiveNeverForget.
@BorisJohnson has blood on his hands
#PartyGate Image
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I'm going to continue with Tony Douglass here @openthebooksaus

His CV is very interesting
Managing Director
Feb 1997 - Dec 1999

Sydney, Australia

Audio Visual Systems Consulting, Television, Video and Music Production - clients included Standards Australia, The NSW Attorney General's Department and international children's entertainers - The Wiggles
Arcom Director : Roch-Olivier Maistre…

From 1986 to 1988, he was technical adviser to the office of the Minister of Culture, François Léotard ; he then took part in drafting the law on freedom of communication , which governs the CSA. Between 1988 & 1991,
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Oh my word!!! 😱😱😱😱😱

Suddenly everything is starting to make sense…

👀😱👇 #SueGrayGate… Image
Couple that with this:

And you start to understand how we got to where we are now! 😱👀😱👇


For once I’m ‘threadless’

Where to begin…??? 😱👀🫣
Guess who was invited in to HoC to speak at the Committee on standards on December 8th 2020(a year to the date of Allegra Stratton video) to discuss MPs code of conduct&the Ministerial code: whether and how the system should change?

Take a look…
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Did #SueGray gather the evidence and report the facts of gatherings in Downing Street or did she set the narrative and set the wheels in motion to oust a democratically elected PM? 🧵👇

Was she motivated by her politics or did she simply report the facts?
There were parties - no one is denying that but was her first report prejudicial and was it even necessary?

Imo there are two main aspects of her first report that I find troubling

(FTR the second report I have no issue with- the damage was already done imo by the first)
1. Timings - as I have set out in a previous thread

Why did she publish that first report?

What motivated her?

Previous 🧵👇
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Good morning everyone 🌸🌞🌸
Happy Sunday ☺️
The Nasty Party are showing their true colours when they talk about @SueGrayCO, gone is the gratitude and praise for her report on #PartyGate it's now replaced with "which hunt" "plot", Labour dragged in as usual, who could blame
@SueGrayCO Wanting to work for a party who has integrity, honesty and honour, a party that tells the truth.
Its outrageous the language being used by the"Nasty Party but not unexpected.
Most if not all the MPS in the nasty party knew about the parties in fact lots of them were
There, #EnoughIsEnough of their lies, @BorisJohnson is entirely to blame, the nasty party should point the finger where it belongs.
@SueGrayCO did an adept job, my only criticism would be why wasn't the Abba party investigated?.
The nasty party accepted her report as
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