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dark clouds ahead..
11 Jan
Armin van Buuren - Euthymia (Extended Mix) @YouTube aracılığıyla
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9 Mar 20
1. feds surprise cut panicked the rest of globe; waiting for march 18, before that ecb has a meeting on 12th; after that boj has a meeting, meanwhile tlt almost made %15 upmovement meanin more fed cuts still expected hence that no correction occured yet, money goes2bonds &gold
2. us treasuries volume is generally x5 than gold x2 than sp dow nasdaq combined (major financial volumes) from 1.34 to 0.77 of us10y, means trillions of usd are in to us10y,
3. So money goes into us10y, but where does it go to? meanwhile edxy hits 95 isn it anomaly? us bonds get higher value but dxy goes down how so?? boj and ecb are being forced to cut their rates(since their rates are higher now dxy goes down)..
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