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Prices have slumped, but FUD is at an ATH!
Lots of people are scared 😱

Here's why I'm still bullish on #Cardano / $ADA:
(news for some, an important reminder for others)

🧵Thread below! 👇

1. Partnerships Gallore: 📜🤝

Over the coming months; millions of real* users will be onboarded onto #Cardano - the fruits of years of careful planning 🫐

From governments: 🇪🇹 🇬🇪
@fdremoe @MESCS_Georgia
(Ministries of Education in Ethiopia & Georgia)

... to telecoms: 📡
@WorldMobileTeam @boostmobile @dish

Once millions (tens/hundreds) are brought online,
they'll be only a few taps away from opening DeFi savings accounts, receiving remittances, etc… ImageImageImage
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dont be fooled by the intro.

This shit is going to zero.

Baskitch price prediction pictured below....

#crypto #trading #education #BTC #ETH #SOL
#BTC #bitcoin $BTC

failed to hold this and the reality will be, i think, chop for the rest of the year

bullish hopium is the weekly, loss of 43k is the fuck off and this is bearish

lower timeframes are jacked up
The thing at this time that i overall disagree with, is a short timeframe solution to this candle. Wanting this to go back up.

in May, we bled downwards for 3months
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Later today, @SundaeSwap will launch their DEX on the #Cardano TestNet launch. We’re expecting a huge amount of interest in this highly-anticipated event, and lots of activity. This is why we are collaborating. Because we're looking to learn a lot, too.

The test is intended to put the network under high throughput so we can monitor and analyse the current network parameter settings. As a user, expect congestion on the testnet. This will be a sign that we are getting the traffic volume we want/need to properly assess!

And expect bugs in the DEX. The @sundaeswap team is encouraging you to find some. Remember this is early #DApp software, and it's still early days for #DeFi on #Cardano. Testnets are a key part of iterating & improving the experience. Read more:…

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THREAD: @VyFiOfficial

If you're looking to get into the #Cardano space, specifically for NFT and Defi-related reasons, you need to check this project out.

They have an amazing community and an even better roadmap.

Read this thread to find out more
Vyfinance's main focus is on decentralized finance and breaking the barriers for newcomers to make it easy for everyone to capitalize on their assets.

Not only that, but they have started to garner a reputation for being innovators within the Cardano DEFI space.
One aspect that makes Vyfinance unique is that they actually allow you to stake NFTs in their NFT Vault to receive coins from other up-and-coming DEFI projects.

As of now, you can only stake their proprietary NFTs but more CNFT partnerships are on the way...
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1/n There are important differences between city infrastructure, governments, institutions, bureaucracies, and the communities and ecosystems that take root and thrive within these contexts. Lets focus on how blockchain infrastructure is analogous to city infrastructure.
2/n City Infrastructure consists of things like roads and highways, public transportation, and utilities like sewage, water, energy among other concerns. This infrastructure is planned and developed in the context of the citizens and communities they will support.
3/n City infrastructure is scrutinized by architects and civil engineers who ask questions like how wide should the roads be? how will traffic flow? how to ensure safety? will we bury our utilities? how much sewage and water treatment do we need?
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The first 7 weeks. I learned a lot about #cnfts this last weeks. #cnftcreator

First, I had no idea where to price my pieces, and I must say, the collectible space, and 10k avatar MLM ponzi, albeit fun, created unrealistic pricing expectations for me.
I got incredibly lucky day1
with @JorgePascoal18 immediately pouncing multiple pieces without question of which platform I was selling it on. It turns out he's a frequent collector of pieces and loves supporting local artists.

The question came out - where to buy, what marketplaces are good etc.
I was minting, and still am, with the great team at @nftmakerio. In the beginning this caused quite a bit of frustration, in terms of understanding how everything works and clicks together. My biggest regret was setting a 2.5% royalty initially, which means, if I need to
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This is how bad things are with the Turkish lira right now.

Apparently the only inflow to #Tether over last 24 hours. Image
… meanwhile, the #Tether to #USDC pipeline keeps pumping.

What I want to know is, who is getting stuck with all this #Tether? Image
And $BUSD looks like… a bank.

If I had $$$ in stablecoins, I think this is where I would put it.

Or, you know, just keep it in cash. Image
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It seems like many people in the #Cardano community, builders or not, still don't know about the #CIP!

So let me explain a bit, and quickly dive into some of them👇👇

CIP stands for 'Cardano Improvement Proposal' and refers to both a process and a collection of technical solutions to common problems of the Cardano ecosystem.

Proposals take the form of written specification files, hosted in a public code repository:…
The CIP is geared towards the community and everyone is welcome to participate in the discussions.

There are different types of CIP for different purpose, some are informational (i.e. explaining how something work) and some are standards to facilitate interoperability.
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Very simple crypto investment advice. Look at the community for a project:

Cis women? Bearish.

No women? Bullish.

Trans women? Extreme bullish. You found the next big thing.
Example: #Cardano: bearish. Image
#Bitcoin: bearish Image
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Crypto <--> early computing analogy:

#Bitcoin is #IBM
#Ethereum is #Microsoft
#Solana is #Apple

All the other stuff will get pruned or absorbed by Ethereum.

IBM came to early computing with a fundamentally broken assumption: that personal computers wouldn't be needed.

Bitcoin comes to blockchain with a fundamentally broken assumption: that people just want to hodl and not interact with each other.

This goes badly
Ethereum is Microsoft (but also has shades of Linux).

Reasoning: almost everything in the Web3 world is advertising itself as EVM compatible. Ethereum has become the de-facto standard for smart contracts, and is the biggest and safest smart contract blockchain.
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1/ On Domain Name Systems

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical blanket over Web 2.0 (the current iteration of the internet).

It is an essential naming system for computers, services and private networks alike.
2/ It is a very useful tool in bridging computer-compatible language to human-readable form.

DNS was one of the main features that bolstered the adoption of the internet.

Blockchains and crypto have opened our eyes to the possibilities of the next evolution of the internet.
3/ We call this Web 3.0.

In Web 3.0 the trophic coherence, or the way in which a hierarchy is instituted, has freedom to form its own design, whether it be horizontal, vertical or anything in between and still maintain efficiency.
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1/ The journey of @iota [MONSTER THREAD] - From the top 5 token to the top 50 token and why it will at least get back into the top 5.
2/ #IOTA was founded in 2015 with the aim and vision of developing a #DLT protocol in which people and machines, can communicate via data & value tx permissionless, feeless, efficient and with the least technical requirements -
With a high level of security, decentralization…
3/ …and Scalability➡️blockchain trilemma.
They also wanted to develop their own #smartcontracts, #oracles, #identity solutions, etc.

At that time they already attracted the attention of the then much smaller #crypto community.

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DD Thread: $BTCS

Sector: Blockchain, Crypto-staking

Float: 5.69M

52w high: $32.4

Current price: $8.33

Taking above ALL key MAs on the weekly and the daily chart.

Double bottom on weekly.

Downtrend break on daily.

Day one above key resistance ($8.10)
$11.20 next, then $34
$BTCS is a early-mover in blockchain and crypto ecosystem. With so much attention revolving around crypto miners, companies investing in crypto STAKING solutions are going under the radar, but this is the FUTURE of blockchain.
In addition to creating value through staking operations, $BTCS is creating blockchain relative solutions and providing much utility as the mainstream begins to adopt blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.
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1/22 Some perspective on #Solana TPS. On September 14, 2021 Solana said that it had encountered a denial-of-service disruption caused by a surge txn loads, reaching as high as 400k attempted txns per second, that overwhelmed its network and led to its longest downtime yet.
2/22 While initial tweets by the official Solana Support Twitter account suggested it was due to its mainnet-beta network “experiencing intermittent stability,” Solana Labs’ CEO Anatoly Yakovenko eventually attributed the network’s failure to the overwhelming transaction volume.
3/22 Transaction volume from bots during an initial decentralized exchange offering, or IDO, for the Grape Protocol project that was taking place on the Solana-based decentralized exchange Radium.
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Another hot and quite captivating topic these days is whether or not #Cardano needs a *fee market*.

I don't have myself a definitive answer for I think a large part of the answer is not software-related, but about economics.

Here's my two lovelace nonetheless... 👇👇 1/n
Firstly, why do we need fee at all on blockchains? For two reasons mainly.

(a) as a security mechanism to prevent spamming attacks against the network.

(b) as an incentive to pay those powering the network -- typically nodes, but in PoS, this also includes delegators!
On Cardano, fees can be mapped to physical quantities (e.g. bytes in storage, bytes in RAM, seconds of CPU time...) so that they make certain classes of attacks infeasible (too expensive). This is the case for tx fee, but also stake key deposits or Plutus execution costs.
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1) EoW Updates Monthly/Weekly charts
Fri, 5 NOV 21

$COMPQ Nasdaq
$RUT Russell 2000
$SPX S&P 500
$USD US Dollar
$KBE S&P Bank Sector
$UST10Y 10 Year Bond
$UST20Y 20 Year Bond
$UST30Y 30 Year Bond
$CRB Commodities
$BDI Baltic Dry Index
$TRAN Dow Jones Transportation Avg.
2) Monthly/Weekly Chart Updates: Fri,
5 NOV 21

$WTIC Light Crude
$BRENT Brent Crude
$GASO Gasoline (new)
$NATGAS Natural Gas
$LIT Lithium ETF
$REMX Rare Earth Strategic Metals
$COPPER Copper
$COPX Copper Miners
$SLX Steel ETF
$PAVE U.S. Infrastructure
3) Monthly/Weekly Chart Updates: Friday,
5 NOV 21

$SMH Semiconductors
$XBI Biotech
$DBA Agriculture
$COFFEE Coffee
$GOLD Gold
$GDX Gold Miners
$SILVER Silver
$SIL Silver Miners
$BTDUSD Bitcoin
$ETHUSD Ethereum
$ADAUSD Cardano
$SOLUSD Solana
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@ ArdanaProject @ ryanmatovu RYAN MATOVU this guy is a shitcoin scammer first $YFD #YFDFI Finance #YFD second was $PLE #plethori
$YFD rug/scam 1 "Ryan Matovu" was early contributor to and founding member. exit scam abandoned project…

should be #yourfuckingdead Image
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Does #Cardano need rollups (optimistic or zk)?

Probably not.

Rollups are a technical solution to a particular problem: cost of on-chain computation.

Rollups move on-chain computation off-chain, while keeping most of the traffic on chain.

This is crucial for Ethereum for which on-chain contracts have turned into large and complex programs that are very resource demanding.

Blockchains are *not* general-purpose programming platforms. They do poorly if one tries to execute its entire app logic on it.

Cardano addressed that from the start by taking a very opinionated, albeit unusual, road when designing the EUTXO model.

The on-chain logic is only about validation and is a lot less ressource demanding. Most of the DApp logic *already* happens off-chain, by design.

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#Blockchain economies have the potential to unite far left and far right #Economic ideologies. What? How? Let’s explore. This thread focuses on how #blockchains, contrary to popular sentiment, actually serve many ideals of the economic #left far better than existing systems.
The economic left’s case for blockchain has been massively understated, and never properly articulated – so that is what I set out to do. Why is this important? Because if blockchain can be established to have bi-partisan importance, adoption rates will dramatically increase.
Note: This is my first ever megathread – if you like it and want more, give me a follow. Some technical approximations are made in the interest of saving time. It’s a long one, so buckle up.
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Sale hilo 🧵 con sitios web que tenes que tener agregados a tus favoritos, si es que estás en el mundo de las #Criptomonedas

Coingecko es una página donde vas a poder encontrar todos los proyectos #cripto del mercado, con datos oficiales como página web, redes sociales, smart contracts, etc.
También vas a tener datos de exchanges, y mucha información más.

Un sitio donde vas a poder encontrar un calendario con fechas importantes de miles de proyectos.
Lo bueno es que tiene varios filtros para el caso de que quieras ver algún proyecto en particular.
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Since some of you are depressed with PAB on Cardano taking longer than expected by the community, let me try to cheer you up and you tell me if this worked.

... thread...
"We recognize the power of UTXO, this is why at @fuellabs_ we are building the most scalable optimistic rollup in the world, with unique UTXO-based design on Ethereum as L2 solution. We just don't believe 6 years peer reviewed research that IOHK is doing is necessary".

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Hi my name is unimportant, call me chaos, call me legion, call me fool with a pen. From an early age I was influenced by an extremely technical father and a selfless loving mother. My father inspired me with stacks and stacks of tools, and books of crafts art and photography.
One of the 1st being Salvador Dali. Which stuck to me the most. That as a foundation, of course layered with countless video games, movies, stories, books, comics, explorative space explorations. My sister would read MacBeth to me even though I didn't understand it.
She went on to study fine art till she changed to photography and completed that. I remember the house buzzing, with her trying to get projects done and everyone chipping in and me falling asleep on a couch with all that lovely noise.
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Okay, everyone! We are selling #NFTs to buy #GoldenVisa and thus


Here, we explain 1) NFTs, 2) golden Visa and 3) why we do this: A thread to explain our contemporary mindfuck.🧵

#NFTCommunity #NFTart #NFTcollector
First of all, here is a video explaining the project in 2 min. English with english subs. 👇🏼
And here the longer version:
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#Cardano ekosistemine yönelen ilgi bizler için yeni projeler ve yeni yatırım fırsatları doğuruyor. Bir süredir buna dikkat çekiyordum artık yavaş yavaş dikkat çekici projeler için temel analizler hazırlamayı planlıyorum. Bugün anlatacağım @ArdanaProject , #Cardano ekosisteminde +
yer alan ilk all-in-one stable coin ekosistemi sunuyor. #Cardano DeFi ekosisteminde bir hub olma vizyonuyla yola çıkan @ArdanaProject , on-chain varlık destekli bir stabilcoin ve stabilcoinler için bir DEX sunuyor.
Ardana , USD ye sabitlenmiş ve aşırı teminatlandırılmış stable coinini $dUSD ile lending / borrowing, staking, liquidity mining, AMM ve birçok asset içeren düşük fee/slippage ve sermeye verimliliği sağlayan likidite havuzlarıyla +
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