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Does the competition among blockchain layer 1 protocols create nothing but an involution?

A quick 🧵
1) Clifford Geertz used the concept of involution to explain a situation in which the crafts of a society stuck with the same fundamental patterns become more intricate over time.

The term, "neijuan" in Chinese, has become a buzzword in China.…
2) In modern times, involution is used to describe the quality of having no value or significance amid the competitive circumstances in business, professional or technological settings.

It is intuitively understood as something that spirals in on itself & traps the participants.
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Long-term thoughts about the #crypto market

Get ready to get into a VERY long thread, full of charts.

Popcorns ready? Let's start!

In this thread I will try to put together most of the reasons that make me think that we are not yet close to a top in the market, but rather that there is still the best part...

First of all, let's talk about #Bitcoin. Bitcoin is still the king, although it is losing dominance lately due to the altseason.

In my opinion, it still has a lot of room to rise in terms of price (not so much in terms of time)

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Os traigo una recopilación de la info que necesitas para conocer uno de los proyectos más ambiciosos y complejos que existen en la actualidad #Polkadot

¡Empezamos! 👇 Image
BLOQUE 1 - ¿QUÉ ES POLKADOT? Vistazo rápido

Polkadot es una plataforma que permite transferencias de tokens, información y/o activos entre diferentes redes de blockchain en un único sistema descentralizado. Es uno de los proyectos de mayor complejidad estructural que existen. Image
Ofrece una comunicación Cross-Chain mediante el protocolo XCMP, la cual conecta todas las cadenas internas en una sola red, diseñada para ofrecer soluciones de INTEROPERABILIDAD y ESCALABILIDAD para proyectos internos de blockchain y la comunicación entre blockchains externas. Image
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#Radix $eXRD Research project
Still unknown to many, Cassandra is one of the most significant ongoing research projects in the crypto-space today. The findings from Cassandra will have a huge impact on the future of digital currencies and DeFi.
R&D has always been a significant part of the development of Radix. Other large projects in the crypto-space such as #cardano and #Dfinity have also realised the importance of R&D and have been rightfully praised for taking a scientific approach to development.
Building prototypes and testing them is a major part of a proper R&D cycle. The benefits of building a prototype can be seen in the case of #polkadot's #kusama network.
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Fee comparison, mini-research

(Based on Binance withdrawal transactions, 03/2021)

@Bitcoin : 0.0005 $BTC
≈ $27.02

@ethereum : 0.008 $ETH
≈ $14.56

@Polkadot : 0.1 $DOT
≈ $3.61


#crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Polkadot #DeFi #fees
@OntologyNetwork :1 $ONT
≈ $1.19

@Cardano : 1 $ADA
≈ $1.18

@Dogecoin : 20 $DOGE
≈ $1.14


#crypto #Bitcoin #Ontology #Dogecoin #Cardano
@Dahspay : 0.002 $DASH
≈ $0.475380

@avalancheavax : 0.01 $AVAX
≈ $0.273549

@binance : 0.0008 $BNB on #BSC
≈ $0.218595


#crypto #Binance #BinanceSmartChain #BSC #BNB #Avalanche #Dash
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To give you a brief comparison of the capabilities of #Holochain to #Blockchain, I just noticed a #Polkadot project for #IOT named Nodle.

This thread will really highlight the weakness of old technology vs new tech.

Firstly because it is blockchain, it needs to be tokenized
because that is the working parameters of blockchain, it is forever stuck in an uncomfortable place of having to tokenize most evolutions.

The other problem is in its very design, needing humans to act as mobile nodes.

The company behind this created a great hardware device
for tracking #Coronavirus which saw people wear the device & be alerted for social distancing & contact tracing.

But the #Polkadot blockchain-ization of it really does highlight the weaknesses of #blockchain.

Because blockchain needs to have a global consensus to validate
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By the time people will realize adoption of #Avalanche $Avax #blockchain could surpass that of #Ethereum it will be too late. Think about how #Facebook replaced #Myspace. Layer2 on ethereum is nail in the coffin. Why? Read below:

#cryptocurrency #Altcoins #ALTSEASON Image
People are slow learner, thats why change is always hated.
What #Ethereum is doing here is forcefully teaching people how to use bridges to use layer2 on $Eth.
Actually this was the only roadblock for all these other layer1 technically superior blockchains $Avax $Atom $Xtz $Ada
So, whats about to happen now;
as people will start using layer2 solution on $eth, they will also learn to migrate to all these other blockchains. (The only learning a user require to move to these other blockchains is to know how to use bridges).
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Aircoins Community Update Mega Thread:
1) Hello Everybody, we wanted to take a moment and acknowledge our recent influx of users/investors. For anyone who is new and for people who have been around I have some exciting stats and news to go over.
2) be prepared:
This is going to be a lil bit of a long thread but should be action packed with some juicy details at the end. $airx #AugmentedReality
3)1st of all Aircoins is a mobile app where players can collect digital assets in AR based on geolocation. Using a proof of effort algorithm players are rewarded for their effort while staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.PokemonGo but instead you are finding crypto
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Performance YTD

Portfolio A (Stocks and Cryptos)

2021 ⬆️37% (boosted by Cryptos)

Portfolio B (stocks only)


Added to: $TDOC $ABNB $HAAC $PLTR (new) $PTON (new) $RDFN (new) $SKLZ $SQ $TSLA $TTD $NVTA $PINS (new) $SE

No sales

Added to #BTC #Ethereum #Cardano #Polkadot

Key is quality

I believe in value in quality and disruptors, not value in the dis-intermediated.

PS: Buys are based on personal conviction and this is not investment advice. Do your own DD and build your conviction.

Thanks to great people like @BrianFeroldi @drowsyinvestor @BahamaBen9 @skaushi @BackpackerFI @Soumyazen.

The nerves were well held, thanks to y'all.

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Thread for any "Newbs" in "crypto/web3" & ANYONE that's sat on the fence, wishing they invested, & think it's too late..

A simpler version..long, but informative! I hope..

Recently; I've been asked the same Q's: Whats the difference between Bitcoin? Vs other crypto currencies?
What's Blockchain tech? DeFi? "Web 3" infrastructure?

Is it all linked to Bitcoin/& price?

Do I need to have experience/knowledge to invest in KR1?

What makes @KR1plc so different from other "crypto stocks"? 

Why are u all so excited about all this?

Ready for the 🐇 hole? 😂
I realised that actually, a crazy amount just simply assume that Bitcoin is linked to everything/anything, that is crypto/Web 3/blockchain related...

So I'll try answer all those Qs below, in brief & more simpler terms, to give you a small insight of this beautiful/crazy world..
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¿Qué es #kusama ? ¿Por qué es considerada la blockchain prima-hermana de #Polkadot ?

Abro hilo:
Todo el mundo habla de Polkadot, pero poca gente nombra a Kusama. El hecho de no ser mainstream no quiere decir que no tenga potencial, y lo vais a poder comprobar a continuación.
⬇️ Image
Kusama está programada con #Substrate , y contiene casi al 100% el mismo código y estructura que Polkadot. La ventaja de #Kusama es que la gobernanza y las decisiones que se toman a través de su comunidad son 4 veces más rápidas.
La gente suele pensar que @kusamanetwork es la red de prueba de #Polkadot y, a pesar de que en cierta manera los programadores realizan cambios y adaptaciones en #Kusama , las redes de prueba son realmente Westend y Rococo.
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Getting close to @Polkadot and @kusamanetwork parachain launch by @web3foundation, we check why #parachains need @Kiltprotocol and how ones can benefit from #KILT beeing a #Polkadot and #Kusama parachain.
#KILT provides a base layer for verifiable credentials in Web 3.0 world, building a permissionless trust infrastructure for real-world business cases like #DeFi, genetics testing, cloud computing and energy partnerships, also exploring collaborations in climate change and gaming
As parachain Kilt would provide its #DIDs (Decentralised Identifiers) and Verifiable Credentials through Relay Chain to other parachains

KILT would soon be able to utilise functionality from other parachains, such as smart contract systems and oracles.
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Are you an $ETH lover who feels disgusted by growth outside of $ETH?

I say you’re focusing on the wrong thing

5 years from now... maybe less... most people won't give AF what chain anything is on

They’ll buy your $ETH on Polkadot

Or maybe even a $BTC sidechain

More 👇
All chains are gloming together like Lisa’s money-saving bar of soap

But there will be a network that transmits the vast majority of the world’s value

And one factor will matter above all others on that network:

It must be decentralized

It must be passably performant, yes

But there's no need for it to process trillions of tx every nanosecond because small or unusual transactions will migrate elsewhere

Another factor: the world's leading value-transfer network must be easy to build on
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#Ethereum's high gas fees and low scalability are slowing down developments.

#Polkadot provides a solution for the blockchain ecosystem through its cross-chain interoperability. @Kylin_Network will provide this ecosystem with #DeData

A #Kylin thread...1️⃣

2️⃣@Kylin_Network builds a cross-chain platform that will power Polkadots data economy.

It aims to become the data infrastructure for DeFi and Web3 apps on #Polkadot by providing instantaneous, reliable data sources and analytic services for close to zero fees.

$KYL $DOT #DeData
3️⃣The internet consolidates power by controling your data. @Kylin_Network is building a new data infrastructure that is needed to chance #DeFi from a experimental money game into a useable finance application. It will also help regain control of your data.

$KYL $DOT $KSM #DeData
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1. ♥Ethereum is still the most actively developed Blockchain protocol, followed by #Cardano and #Bitcoin ;

♦Multi-chain protocols like #Polkadot , #Cosmos and #Avalanche are seeing a consistent rise in core development and developer contribution.
2. ♦In the year of its public launch, decentralized file storage project #Filecoin jumped straight into the top 5 of most actively developed projects;

#Ethereum killers #Tron, #EOS, #Komodo, and #Qtum are seeing a decrease in core development metrics;
3. #DeFi protocols took the space by storm with #Ethereum being the choice of the underlying blockchain and smart contracts platform. They saw an increase in core development and developer contribution activity over the year which was all open sourced.
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#Polkadot, #Kusama nedir? Parachainler ne işe yarar? Kitlesel borçlanma ve Parachain slotu açık artırmaları nelerdir?

Yorum ve sorularınızı yazabilir, bu #flood’u paylaşarak daha çok kişiye ulaştırabilirsiniz.⤵️
.@Polkadot, blokzincir ağlarının oluşturduğu ve tümleşik tek bir ağa bağlandığı bir platformdur. Parachain adı verilen bu bağlantılı zincirlerin hepsi, senkronize ve güvenli bir şekilde canlı bir ağ organizmasını oluşturur. Böylece Web3'ün üzerine inşa edileceği temel oluşur.
Ethereum’un kurucu ortağı olan ve CTO görevini sürdürürken Ethereum Sanal Makinesi (EVM) ve Solidity akıllı sözleşme programlama dili geliştiren Dr. Gavin Wood @gavofyork , Ethereum’un ölçeklenme kısıtları sebebiyle 2017 yılında Polkadot’u kurdu.
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1/ Polkadot is a really well-designed project with some extremely smart folks at the helm - but their plan for interoperability with Bitcoin won't work for a few reasons that will be explained in detail within this thread. #Polkadot $DOT #Parity
2/ Documentation on the proposed 'bridges' for $DOT can be found here =…

This is where the 'XClaim' protocol is introduced.
2a/ One major setback stopping this from being trustless from the jump is the fact that Polkadot does not use Proof of Work (that is necessary) - but even putting this to the side, there are critical elements missing.
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O zaman bu aksamki bilgi seli, sizlerin seçimi üzerine Poladot' un kuzeni olan Kusama - $KSM için gelsin. #Kusama : #Polkadot 's wild cousin. Image
Radikal inovasyon arayan bir geliştirici iseniz ölçeklenebilir bir çoklu zincir ağı olan $KSM tam da size göre olabilir.
Kendilerinin tanımıyla $KSM, madendeki bir kanarya gibidir. Madenden kastımız ise #Polkadot $DOT Image
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(1) eUTxO model, which Cardano follows is far more superior when it comes to concurrency and parallelism. Account model of Polkadot and Ethereum forces them to shard, sharding is pretty hard and reduces security of blockchain and opens it to new attack vectors.
(2) Now both Polkadot and ETH 2.0 will be sharded blockchains albeit none of them proved yet that it can work well and stable. Academia didn't prove yet sharding works well with blockchains and #Cardano is following a classic approach - science first.
(3) Both Polkadot and ETH 2.0 follow more empirical approach let's try - maybe it works and if it works then yes it works. Who knows maybe it works?
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Why are developers describing tiny Polkadot as the ($400 billion) Amazon Web Service of blockchain?

Scan 30 bullets about the worst kept secret in the next-generation blockchain.

• Discover why Warren Buffet’s #BerkshireHathaway owns more #Polkadot than you.

• The truth about why Bitcoin coders jumped ship to rack-up crazy hours coding Polkadot. Ever heard of the “sharp knife” theory?

• Why never compare Ethereum to Polkadot (even if #Ethereum leads the $9 billion #DeFi boom)
• The world’s most powerful blockchain scaling strategy: is this the code to finally unshackle 4 billion internet users from privacy abusing Google?

• The often overlooked feature that can see #Polkadot 10X before the next scandal bursts into the headlines about crypto forks!
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As now #DeFi is populated by retails, it's a trading heaven.

Here's a handy small textbook that will yield you more than farming.

#Stages #consimp #TA ImageImageImageImage
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0/ Surprise surprise, it's been another hot start to the week for the #crypto/#blockchain ecosystem. Encouraging to see!

Below is a 18-part thread I created to help you keep informed re industry news that broke over the past ~24 hours. Hope you enjoy it!
1/ 🌐 An ann. from Elliott Suthers (Comms. Director, @Coinbase) revealed that "high-volume @CoinbasePro and Prime customers in Asia and Europe [can now] use cross-border wire transfers to fund their Coinbase accounts."

Now *that* is progress!…
2/ 🙋🏻‍♂️ Staying with @Coinbase, news emerged that the top-tier #crypto exchange hired Quito Zuba as its Head of Market Operations last November.

Formerly, Quito spent over 6 years as the Global Head of Operations for @ThomsonReuters. Big get for Coinbase!
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0/ The stream of #crypto- and #blockchain-related news knows no end!

To help you stay on top of all that's been happening over the past 24 hours, I've put together this 22-part thread.
1/ ☁️ @helloiconworld [ $ICX ] launched 'ICON Development Network' on #Amazon's AWS Marketplace, allowing developers to easily run a private instance of the ICON #blockchain network through @awscloud.

Makes building on #ICON far more convenient.…
2/ ✍️ @_PoetProject [ $POE ] - a decentralized protocol for content ownership, discovery and monetization in media - is now live on the #bitcoin #mainnet!

Partnership announcements and product updates in the coming weeks. Growing strong!…
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