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British-Iraqi Jew . Currently has chronic post COVID-19 fatigue. RTs not endorsement & all views expressed are my own. Not left or right, just Hoff!
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5 Jun
@JBickertonUK Clearly you dont understand the history of 400 years of racism in the United States. I suggest you watch the program by Henry Louis Gates Jr on reconstruction after the civil war. Then look at figures like Booker T Washington
@JBickertonUK Who put a focus on economic empowerment as a way of tackling institutionalised racism, because only eight years after the end of slavery in 1883 until the civil rights act, the Supreme Court ensured that African Americans across all U.S. states had less rights than they did
@JBickertonUK After slavery was abolished and were worse off economically.

This was due to allowing officially segregation which led for many years to apartheid across the USA in businesses, restaurants, shops, schools etc.
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29 May
It's been hard to describe about what living with chronic post #COVID19 fatigue is like.

This fab piece by @claudiatanner where she spoke to @bcdelaney1, Prof Paul Garner of Liverpool Tropical Medicine School & actress Gemma Hepworth who all had it. /1…
Also if you have had the symptoms over a long period of time in the way myself, @bcdelaney1, Gemma and Paul describe please if you have not already talk to your GP and as I have done and Prof Tim Spector of @KingsCollegeLon encourages please self-report your symptoms on their/2
#COVID19 tracker app. /3
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25 May
My verdict.

I sympathise more with a person and also am disgusted about the actions of those who have gone in to hate Territory.

I say this as someone who believes he should have been fired for clear workplace bullying of a friend of mine.

I am still puzzled by /1
Why so many people are so desperate to defend something which despite me feeling more sympathetic to the man has clearly got this wrong.

I get the anger towards him too, I really do, but ultimately is it helping, no? And I do believe him about threats to him and his family/2
As his MP @EmilyThornberry should be doing all she can to stop that, not inciting it on Twitter.

Having worked for an MP, I am aware your job is often about helping people where there is no love lost, but the job of an MP is to represent all your constituents, not those who/3
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7 May
Could anyone help me with this before my GP appointment tomorrow?

Particularly interested in hearing from those in verified medical positions/background, scientists, govt ministers or family in these areas/1

Or anyone else in #Wheathampstead area or expertise
If cannot totally understand as you're all busy heroes.

Just want to give accurate information to gp and not endanger family, friends in area and gives piece of mind /3
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26 Mar
Nice green tie @RishiSunak! /2
For the smallest businesses @RishiSunak says for the smallest businesses #HardshipGrantPlan - up live. /3
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23 Mar
Watching @UKParliament statement from @MattHancock.

Very glad to see collegiate approach from @JonAshworth & @MattHancock and great to see thanks to the Paymaster General, @NazShahBfd, @wesstreeting, @SayeedaWarsi, @BoardofDeputies the concerns on forced cremation have been met.
I'm concerned MPs who due to the outdated voting system are putting their health at risk as they need to scrutinise the #CoronavirusBillUK but should have been able to scrutinise this virtually. /1
I'm worried for all those there and think its mad that @MattHancock who looks ill is having to deal with people like @SteveBakerHW and @CarolineLucas who are being so rude to @MattHancock and the other MPs. /2

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22 Mar
A minority refuse to think of others, endangering us all by not trying to obey #SocialDistance rules.

Now my walking lifeline may go.

I recorded this video as its destroying me and I hope they change their behaviour. /1


I want people to get the message that there is another way and we must think of others.

I am praying even just one person hears my video and changes their behaviour and helps others.

So please share my video widely if you can. /2

Released lots of pain saying how I felt, so I'm happy to discuss this virtually to do my bit, so people might get message its vital they #BeKindToEachOther

@mattforde, @BBCNews, @SkyNews, @theipaper, @TweetTheArticle, @CohenJust happy to write/interviewed virtually therefore. /3
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23 Feb
@yhazony @OrthodoxConsGrp @Quillette What an absolute load of BS.

As @jmendelsohn77 has highlighted @DKShrewsbury has a history of making highly inaccurate remarks on the Holocaust.

He attended a conference where Orban spoke who has a history of spreading antisemitic conspiratorial tropes in the
@yhazony @OrthodoxConsGrp @Quillette @jmendelsohn77 @DKShrewsbury Language used about Soros in Fidesz campaigns, similar to antisemitic tropes we have seen used by antisemites for centuries on Rothschilds. You do not have to like Soros to realise this is enabling and spreading antisemitism.
@yhazony @OrthodoxConsGrp @Quillette @jmendelsohn77 @DKShrewsbury Furthermore Orban and many other of the far right speakers on show at the conference @DKShrewsbury was pleased to attend have terrible records when it comes to media freedom, judicial independence, freedom of expression, freedom of speech etc.

So the only real
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2 Feb
Awful to hear of #Streatham stabbings, which may be a terrorist attack though not confirmed.

Here is how to respond and not respond IMO.

a) Praise police, security and intelligence services who do heroic job and save many lives and stop many attacks but cannot stop all. /1
b) Do not engage in stupid conspiracies calling it a false flag

c) Do not as I have already seen blame it on #Brexit.

d) Do send thoughts and prayers to those who have been directly impacted by attack. /2
e) Do not spread and believe rumours about the #Streatham stabbings. Only share from verified and trusted sources, not a random @Twitter account or from trolls.
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2 Feb
Of course when @WatfordFC were 2 0 up against @Everton should not have conceded two goals in four minutes by non-marking of Mina, but yet again #VAR had a role to play, this time through its non-use.

Mina clearly handballed for the goal which made it 2-1 and changed the game./1
I remember a table at the beginning of January 2020 showed based on the poor use or non use of #VAR against @WatfordFC we would have been 11th.

That sadly does not surprise me as I can think off the top of my head a few games where abject use of VAR has let down @WatfordFC. /2
a) @NUFC V @WatfordFC 1-1. @NUFC goal to make 1-1 should not have counted as in build up there was a clear hand ball, yet #VAR was not used to look in to it. /3
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27 Jan
@michaelwhite BS.

1. #HMD2020 marks not just Jews who died but also others like 3 million Sinti and Romani gypsies who died.

2. What starts with the Jews never ends with Jews.

3. I find it sickening when more and more people deny the Holocaust and survivors pass away you tweeted this BS.
@michaelwhite 4. It commemorates many non Jews who were righteous gentiles like Nicholas Winton and many Albanian Muslims.

5. The heme of #HMD2020 put together by @HMD_UK is #StandTogether Jewish and non-Jewish.

6. In #HMD2020 25th anniversary of the Srebenica genocide is also being marked.
@michaelwhite @HMD_UK 7. Famous Dimblebly report from Bergen Belsen showed British soldiers liberated the camp and were horrified by what they saw and talked of importance of #NeverAgain.

8. Worldwide less people know about Holocaust or deny it. This is playing a key role in rising antisemitism.
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17 Dec 19
You can debate whether the term Islamophobia is the right term.

Personally I believe the term anti-Muslim hatred is much better as for me bigotry towards Muslims is better explained as a vile hate. /1
However what is wrong and what this column does is ignore the growing hatred towards Muslims. That is what the term Islamophobia means to many.

Melanie is not arguing about the word.

She is arguing with the fact that rising hatred towards Muslims is not a thing. /2
That hatred towards towards Muslims is not as bad towards hatred towards Jews.

Not only does she downplay the vile bigotry Muslims face as @TellMamaUK highlights, she divides Jews and Muslims making it seen that hatred towards Jews matters more than hatred towards Muslims./3
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15 Dec 19
Hi all.

I have now made the decision to reopen my account.

I closed my account after receiving abuse for highlighting Richard Kemp's bigotry towards Muslims, being libelled by somebody and had my address revealed in a threatening way by a far left Corbynite FB group. /1
This was scary, upsetting and affected my mental health badly.

I feel embarrassed by that as I know people go through far worse as have I. One reason I was badly affected was I felt I was not able to cope.

It affected me so badly I cancelled a trip to see family in Israel. /2
I also have fought a running battle with clinical depression and am lucky to have an incredibly supportive boss in Fiyaz Mughal at @MAAS_UK.

In terms of support for my mental health, him and @lukeakehurst when he was my boss have been incredible. /3
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