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'Mooiste bomen van Hoorn' zijn niet meer. Op één van de 13 na waren ze kerngezond, volgens second opinion rapport Wim Kruijk. Hadden alleen wat onderhoud nodig.

Biomassacentrales GroenLinks hadden honger - en parkeerders klaagden over takken op hun auto's bij storm. #ecocide
#ecocide in Hoorn is uitgevoerd onder bezielende leiding van twee ambtenaren: Johan Knoeff en Jens Tjalma. Rechts op de foto Tjalma en links wethouder @simon_broersma van Fractie Tonnaer, die tot op dag van vandaag nooit heeft gereageerd op rapport waaruit bleek: bomen gezond.
Stralend door afwezigheid bij elke grote bomenkapactie in Nederland: de klimaatactivisten @NLRebellion Wat ze wel heel goed kunnen is: kruispunten blokkeren, demonstreren voor de komst van windmolens en lawaai maken in Den Haag.…
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Coucou @Shell, ce 10 novembre c'est le 25ème "anniversaire" du meurtre ☠️ de 9 militants nigériens Ogoni dans le delta du Niger... ça cous rappelle quelque chose ?
Les militants Ogoni ont été arrêtés et exécutés le 10/11/1995 pour avoir protesté contre les actions de @Shell dans le delta du Niger.…
Nous exigeons que @Shell verse des réparations aux communautés touchées par les violations des droits de l'homme et de l'environnement, en particulier au peuple Ogoni du delta du Niger
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George Orwell based his novel, 1984, on 1930s fascism & communism, projecting them onto a future Britain & unwittingly making it difficult for us to recognise how #BigBrother would manifest himself in liberal democracies like our own.
Manifest himself he does, but not as in 1984. Instead, we are left many freedoms, while at the same time being enslaved - rich & poor alike - to BigB & #TheMatrix of state & capital. As in the film, most are completely unaware of it, & the well-served have no reason to become so.
But enslaved we are, to a system that is inherently unjust, inhumane, & unsustainable on our finite, vulnerable & overpopulated planet, #SpaceshipEarth.

Thus enslaved, our leaders have been unable to initiate the #SustainabilityRevolution on which our very survival depends.
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There is an existential threat to our survival which I see 3 aspects to: #Ecocide, #CivilisationalSuicide & #WhiteSelfGenocide.

That we are committing ecocide is undeniable. Ask #DavidAttenborough.

The other 2 are more controversial. Most people would deny both outright.
I believe all 3 to be true, which I elaborate on in this thread:
The choice between fight or flight is instinctive, but there is no instinctive response to the threats we face. We have to think about them, which exposes us to the subconscious temptation of rationalisation & denial, which we have clearly succumbed to.
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Americans are not free.

No one is. We are ALL - rich & poor, high & low IQ alike, & whatever your race - enslaved to Big Brother & the Matrix of state & capital.

The rich & rich enough feel free, because they can buy whatever they need or want, but they are not truly free.
The freedom of the wealthy is costing the Earth, because produced by a growth-dependent, grossly materialistic, mercenary, rapacious & driven global economy that is inherently unsustainable on our finite, vulnerable & overpopulated planet, #SpaceshipEarth. Image
I remember us being warned about this back in the early 1970s, esp. in E. F. Schumacher's book, Small is Beautiful.

I was a young man at the time & assumed that our leaders would face up to this existential threat to our survival & initiate a #SustainabilityRevolution.
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The West is committing #Ecocide (of which #ClimateChange is just one symptom) & #WhiteSelfGenocide, which have a common cause in that civilisation itself perverts & corrupts evolved human nature.
If academics were to recognise & quickly develop an understanding of this, we could still save ourselves, but they are blinded by their own dependency on the state.
Academics play such a decisive role because they are the ones others look to as authorities. They teach our university-educated elites. Most importantly, social scientists fail to understand the true nature of society & the state, which is their employer.
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United we Stand. Divided we Fall.

There is no truer truism than this.

Britain, America, & our entire civilisation are hopelessly divided & thus on course to fall. And it will not be long in coming.

We are committing #Ecocide, & #WhiteSelfGenocide.
#ClimateChange is contained in #Ecocide, which is a consequence of us prioritising economy (the household of man) over ecology (the household of our planet).

Our grossly materialistic, mercenary, rapacious & driven global economy is the goose which lays the golden eggs.
As in Aesop's fable, there is an insatiable collective desire for ever more golden eggs (i.e. money, which is the most versatile form of power). Thus the economy has to grow, which it does at the expense of the environment, sustainability, our children & future generations.
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A thread
Twitter is full of comments such as “What will it take for people to take to the streets?” or “Just wait until the Brexit food shortages, then people will protest”.
The government relies on this. #3Point5Percent
Creeping normalisation of one appalling tragedy after another is a real thing. We shout and rage on here then, inevitably, another gross violation or calamity occurs and it starts again.
The government relies on this. #resist #revolt
With the #AlevelResults fiasco they’ve messed up and ruined too many lives too quickly. This is too big a disaster to go away. Result; instant street protest and huge, sustained anger. No need to wait for worse to come: it will arrive soon enough. #protest
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In all systems of oppression you will find a broken or suppressed balancing feedback loop. (I think...I am writing out this thread to test an idea in my head.) #SystemsThinking #Patriarchy #WhiteSupremacy #Ecocide
Balancing feedback loops measure the difference between a desired state of a system and the actual state and actuate corrective action.
Without balancing feedback, systems spin out of control. Think a car without brakes (or without a clearheaded driver to press on the brakes). Think a virus in a population without immunity or a cancer cell without immune surveillance or a police department w/o citizen oversight.
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Nationals @DarrenChesterMP (Gippsland) on BBC on #bushfire emergency "Whether they are worse in years to come is a debateable point I suppose. One of the challenges we have is trying to reduce fuel loads in the months leading up to the summer period"

I call bullshit #Auspol 1/10
Factcheck: Bushfires in Victoria becoming worse:…
1. "Extreme fire weather has increased since the 1970s in the east and south of Australia, including Victoria, with the fire season length extending from October to March." 2/10
2. "Climate change is now making hot days hotter, and heatwaves longer and more frequent. Drought conditions have been increasing in Australia’s southeast." 3/10
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A new thread as #COP25 begins.
I am totally fed up with the messages about 1.5C or 2 C warming
And fed up with the "Lalaland" way of thinking that "we are about to cut emissions"
So i decided to sum up the data i call this BULLSHIT
It's time for all to WAKE UP
Please RT
Let's have a look at every sector emitting Co2 or methane
tropical forests co2 capture ended…
Soil not capturing co2……
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BREAKING: Maldives calls for a fifth international crime of #ecocide at the International Criminal Court
The Republic of Maldives official statement read “We believe the time is ripe to consider an amendment to the Rome Statute that would criminalise acts that amount to ecocide”
The official Maldivian statement to the #ICC at #APC18 calling for #ecocide law was issued by Mr. Ahmed Saleem, Member of Parliament and Chair of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Climate Change and Environment 2/5
#SIDS #ClimateCrisis
Hon. Ahmed Saleem remarked during this week’s Assembly: “My country, along with other environmentally vulnerable states has waited a long time, hoping that
concrete steps will be taken at an international level to address this imminent #climateemergency which our people face 3/5
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My analysis on potential #runawayclimatechange and the #IPCC goal of 1.5-2C target
And why/how i expect nasty surprises soon
First, a chart with trend lines showing warming speeding up
#methane #permafrost #arctic #antarctica
#ClimateCrisis #climatechange #gretathunberg
A few charts showing #breakout of temperatures, or potential #runawayclimatechange in 2019, from #alaska to #california or #europe
#ClimateAction #climatechange #gretathunberg
Why warmer soon? several factors
1/ the SUN
Sun is waking up, with solar spots appearing , and the solar minimum period is ending , with a weak solar maximum expected in 2023 .
Lagging time: 4 years
#sun #solarcycle #solarminimum…
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George Osborne for head of the IMF: because the Grim Reaper really needs an extra fucking hand at killing off the 99% worldwide.…
I mean seriously, can't we just let #ClimateBreakdown and #Ecocide take care of humanity? Do we have to bring a fucking hereditary psychopathic British upper class twit Baronet into it?…
Nono, literally aristocratic fucking capitalists are like, no, the cataclysm is *not* accelerating fast enough for us, all these poor people are not going to just die off by themselves, we need *worse* financial policies please and thank you.
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I had an epiphany today (which means someone probably thought of this and said it better a couples of decades ago at least - but hear me out). When we talk about the burden of reconsidering our ways of production and consumption because of #ClimateBreakdown & #Ecocide ... 1/
we're really talking about moving away from the worldview of consumerism, of "homo economicus", of our only purpose being consumption. When we are demanding of our societies to enable us to live without damaging our life support systems, we are blowing consumerism sky high. 2/
Because being alive, as a sentient life form, doesn't mean being force-fed whatever some megacorp needs to stay afloat. It means being a knowing part of our world, not an ignorant funnel for consumption. 3/
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Ecocide kills millions. It should be a crime. My column this week builds on the work of the great @PollyHiggins…
Reposted, because the image didn't come up last time - sorry.
You can help make the international crime of #Ecocide a reality by becoming an Earth Protector:, through @MLifeforce
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