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Start in ein neues Zeitalter in der #UWCL: Erstmals wird der Wettbewerb in einer Gruppenphase ausgetragen, bevor die K.o.-Runde mit dem Viertelfinale beginnt. Drei Klubs aus der Bundesliga sind dabei. Und: Es geht auch um Geld. ⬇️
Bei den Frauen stehen in der #UWCL insgesamt zur Verfügung: 24 Millionen Euro.

Zum Vergleich: Bei den Männern in der #UCL sind es 2000 Millionen Euro (also 2 Milliarden).

Doch wie fließt das Geld an die Klubs?
400.000 Euro bekommt jeder Klub in der Gruppenphase.
50.000 Euro gibt es pro Sieg
17.000 Euro für ein Remis
20.000 Euro extra bekommen die Gruppensiegerinnen
160.000 Euro Viertelfinale
180.000 Euro Halbfinale
200.000 Euro Finale
350.000 Euro Turniersieg
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[Désolée pour ma TL habituelle mais #incendie #var #incendievar]
Pourquoi ça brûle autant et aussi vite ? Et pourquoi ce genre de phénomènes va aller en s'amplifiant ? Quelques éléments de réponse....

1. Le @Departement_Var est en alerte sécheresse depuis le 3 août
2. Cette sécheresse, due à l'absence de pluie, est aggravée par les fortes températures de ces derniers jours

3. Lors de fortes chaleurs, les arbres perdent leurs feuilles (ou leurs aiguilles) pour limiter l'évapotranspiration et faire un paillage naturel
4. Il y a donc un tapis de "petit bois" prêt à s'enflammer, même si les normes de débroussaillement ont été respectées

5. Fortes chaleur = essence qui remonte les troncs, le bois est + inflammable

6. Un pin qui s'enflamme c'est d'un coup, comme une torche
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#BREAKING Thousands evacuated in southern France as 'fierce' wildfire spreads: official
#UPDATES Thousands of people, including tourists in campsites, have been evacuated from the Var region of southern France due to a wildfire, a spokeswoman for the fire department tsays, adding there were no casualties from the “very fierce" fire
Thousands of people, including tourists in campsites, have been evacuated to escape a wildfire raging near the plush tourist resort of Saint-Tropez in southern France

📸 Smoke rises as a wildfire rages near Gonfaron,
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● Feu de forêt très violent dans le #Var ce soir. À 1h du matin mardi 17 août plus de 1200 ha ont déjà brûlé #Gonfaron #Maures
■ Violent #wildfire in the #Var zone, South France, this evening. At 1am more on Tuesday August 17 than 1200 ha have already burnt
Le feu de forêt la nuit #Gonfaron a une progression très rapide, d'après les pompiers du #Var (CODIS83).
L'incendie se rend en direction de #Grimaud, #Cogolin, #LaMole.
Menace aussi Cavalaire-sur-Mer
● Feu #Var en peu de temps il a doublé en surface.
A 2h du matin, 3 000 ha ont brûlé
#Wildfire #Var #SouthFrance in a short time it doubled in surface. At 2am, 3,000 ha burned
☆ Terrible incendio forestal esta noche cerca de St Tropez
Van 3 000 ha a 2 am
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I am doing my master's thesis on alternative option pricing models with applications to risk management (e.g. #VaR measures, hedging).
I have a good background in finance and econometrics.
What kind of new and valuable insight could I bring to this topic?
VaR - Value at Risk is not an Option Pricing model!
BSOP Greeks enable the Options trader to understand and hedge against Market Risk in various forms.
You cannot really use VaR to price options on its own.
A RAROC / RARORAC / RORAC/ ROVAR Type Model might do the trick, but that is beyond the scope of your question and this discussion,
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Mais tarde tem VAR do Andrea Pirlo.

Quem arrisca fazer comentários?

@michellebarouki anima em fazer o var da esposa dele? Image

Uma coisa que as pessoas precisam entender é que roupas e acessórios são visual storytelling. Como você se veste transmite uma mensagem sobre você.
Idealmente a mensagem que você quer passar vai ser uniforme.

Uma das piores coisas que você pode fazer é misturar um monte de mensagens diferentes.

É a diferença entre um grupo cantando acapella e um grupo em que cada um está falando uma coisa diferente.
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Buy Vs. Sell-Side Risk Information: Time to Differentiate between “Your Risk” and “My Risk” Reports
@CFAinstitute @GARP_Risk
Report Sample of Asset Allocation Analytics
Well, we all are accustomed to reading “Buy” and “Sell-Side” Investment Evaluation Reports prepared by Financial Research Analysts at various FIs such as Investment Companies operating in the Financial Markets.
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Net thread Inshallah ->
What is the difference between the value at risk (VaR) and the conditional value at risk (CVaR)?
Value - at - Risk is the purported worst-case loss under normal circumstances/market conditions developed using a computational technique and further specific modelling assumptions tailored as per the risk reporting requirements of a Trading / Investment Desk.
But I tend to disagree with the term WCL - (the Worst Case Loss), as mostly used by some authors in the field of FRM - Financial Risk Management.
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Aquelas roupas que você bate o olho e diz "sob medida"
#VAR do Guilherme
Costume em windowpane: +2
Mangas perfeitas no paletó e camisa: +2
Relógio aparecendo apenas a coroa: +1
Calça sem passador para cinto: +2
Osxford wingtip com cintura em violino +2
Bainha Full break: +1
SCORE 10/10
"como é um osxford com cintura de violino?"

Assim, meu jovem: Image
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Liebe Follower,
wie bereits angekündigt möchte ich euch in diesem Thread alle 16 Szenen präsentieren in denen es laut meiner Statistik zwingend einen #VAR-Eingriff hätte geben müssen.
Zu fast allen Szenen verlinke ich den jeweiligen #Videobeweis oder ein Foto.

Zusätzlich verlinke ich die passende Spieltagskolumne von @CollinasErben .
Zu jeder Szene gibt es eine entsprechende Umfrage.
Dabei könnt ihr dann wählen ob die ursprüngl. Entscheidung korrekt war, eher richtig, eher falsch oder klar&offensichtlich falsch-> #VAR-Eingriff‼️

Die Antwortmöglichkeiten sind jedoch immer an die jeweilige Szene angepasst.

Ihr könnt natürlich auch nur bei einzelnen Szenen abstimmen oder natürlich gerne bei allen.

Über eine zahlreiche Teilnahme und ein Retweet des Ursprungstweets würde ich mich sehr freuen. 🥰
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34. Spieltag 20/21

4x korrekt ✅
0x diskutabel⚠️
0x Fehlentscheidung WEGEN VAR❌
0x fehlender Videobeweis‼️
0x 👓

Gesamte Saison 20/21:

84x korrekt ✅
1x diskutabel⚠️
1x Fehlentscheidung WEGEN VAR❌
16x fehlender Videobeweis‼️
1x 👓

#Videobeweis #VAR
Eingriffe: 86

- Tor gegeben:12
kein Abs. 11; kein Hand 1

- kein Tor:31
Abs 23; Foul 4; Hand 4

- Elfer:22
Foul 11; Hand 10, drin 1

- kein Elfer: 12
kein Foul 4, außerhalb 5, zuvor Abseits 3

- Elfer wdhlt: 1
Linie 1

- Rot: 5
Spucken 1, Foul 4

- kein Rot: 3
Abseits 1 gelb 2
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#SCCL2021 #RCTID Gio, “sabíamos que iba a ser difícil, fue una gran competencia, fueron mejores en 1er tiempo y fuimos mejores en el 2do. En general buena competencia y el gol al final es Justo a nuestro esfuerzo”
#SCCL2021 #RCTID Gio, “no hay que celebrar sino reconocer lo bien que lo hicimos en el 2do tiempo ante un gran rival”
#SCCL2021 #RCTID Gio, “cuando vi que era penal, #VAR estaba revisando y era claro que era penal. Merecíamos algo por el tipo de partido que hicimos. Mora tuvo tranquilidad y el gol será importante en México. Orgulloso de la actuacion de Los jugadores”
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I have been asked to do a detailed write-up on what does and does not constitute risk management.
There is a lot of confusion within the scholarly cum practitioner domain, as many topics are unjustly added or deleted from academic curriculums and workshop topical course outlines
Risk Management has a wide scope both within the financial services and non-financial services industry.
Especially, Risk as a subject has greatly benefited from the transfer of applicable and vocational knowledge outside the Insurance Field, over the years.
Risk as a profession, which was and continues to be dominated by Applied Statisticians, and Mathematicians, generally fitted well into the #Actuarial Domain, but, only until recently, when scholars from other non-related professions jumped into the market, offering afresh ideas.
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If the connotation of risk is an intertwined concept and is difficult to quantify, how does a Risk Officer look at it?
Is there any way other than using copula models to determine systemic risk with long tails or a black swan event?
@CQFInstitute @GARP_Risk @SOActuaries
I guess we are worried about Market and Credit Risks or other interrelated financial risks which can create conjoint loss given events.
Any #Gaussian distribution model will enable you to model and predict potential Operational, Liquidity and Balance sheet AL - (Asset - liability) Mismatch, Market and Credit drove losses under normal market conditions.
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Thread on contentious decisions regarding referee, VAR and Manchester United. Yes everyone does have the odd decision their way here and there but some more than others.
#VAR #ManchesterUnited #PremierLeague
Brighton vs Manchester United (2-3) Maguire was holding onto the Brighton player before scoring. VAR didn't even glance at his foul.
in the same match United given a penalty kick after the full time whistle.
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🌟 A thread of tips, lessons, gotchas, syntactical conventions, semantics, structures and common errors regarding JavaScript.

Follow to be enlightened!

🌟 1: All programming languages works with data, and there are 7 built in data types in #JavaScript:

• null
• undefined
• boolean
• number
• string
• object
• symbol—added in ES6!

They are also called primitive types

🌟 2: #null essentially means "no data", empty, nada. #undefined means data has not been explicitly defined or declared. #boolean evaluates to either true or false. #numbers are digits between 0-9, #strings are characters enclosed within double quotes

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🔴 Diego Maradona. Y si la autopsia dice que tenía restos de clorhidrato de cocaína? Esperemos que no. Además, la Justicia debería ser “muy fuerte”, para soportar la presión política. Qué hace sospechar? Que justamente altera la frecuencia cardíaca. Pero yo no soy médico. 🤔
Maradona cuando fue detenido, no tuvo el “paraguas político” de Carlos Menem. Fue detenido en el barrio de Caballito en Cdad. de Bs. As. al regresar de Italia🇮🇹 luego de que le diera positivo un control antidoping. Raramente, esa vez, nadie “lo salvó”. Su enojo con Menem? Lógico.
Pero no importa si tenga o no restos de cocaína. Hagamos una barrera |||| ...y quedémonos con el mejor jugador del Mundo de ese momento.
Por qué creo o digo “de ese momento”? Porque con el Reglamento de #FIFA desde hace diez años a hoy, gritarle a los árbitros es expulsión. Roja!
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Kurioses Elfmeterschießen inkl. #Videobeweis bei den 1/8-Final-Playoffs in der @MLS zwischen @OrlandoCitySC und @NYCFC

Ein (langer aber lesenswerter) Thread😁
Beim Stand von 4:3 hält Orlandos Torwart Gallese den entscheidenden Elfer. Orlando feiert bereits als sich der #VAR einschaltet. Gallese hatte beim Schuss *beide* Füße vor der Torlinie (den hinteren jedoch sehr knapp!).
-> Elfer wird wiederholt & der Torwart bekommt Gelb-Rot. Da die MLS über den Sommer spielt, gelten die Regeln von 19/20. Seit 20/21 wird ein Torwart beim 1. Verstoß nur ermahnt und zudem werden die Karten aus der regulären Spielzeit nicht mit ins Elfmeterschießen genommen!
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{#GW8 thread/rant}

Every time I open FPL I'm ready to burst in tears 😢😢 That's my #gw8 team which scored 51 points. I feel sooo so unlucky with apparently everyone else having no less than 80 points.

260k down to 761k overall might not look the end of the world,... x/1
but it is the end of the fun as all my efforts are now in the rubbish bin. Long hours of research, thousands of podcasts listened, millions of data points taken into account and yet - a mediocre result, which ruined my entire weekend 😨

Let see what went wrong x/2
PVA CS wipeout.

This Bamford offside was the gravestone of #VAR, absolute shithousery, but aside of that Leeds didn't deserve a goal in this game. I already hear the "booing" of all Bamford owners, but Leeds had one big chance and 3 shot on target in total at Selhurst Park. x/3
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[THREAD] Extension du #CouvreFeu : les arrêtés préfectoraux commencent à tomber ⤵️
L’arrêté du @prefet59 portant extension du #CouvreFeu à l'ensemble du département du #Nord #Lille #COVID19…
L’arrêté du @prefet38 instaurant le #CouvreFeu dans tout le département de l’#Isere. Seule la métropole de #Grenoble était concernée jusqu’alors…
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Savez-vous que dans les 70’s, la #France a fourni un réacteur #nucléaire à l’#Irak de Saddam Hussein ?

Ça ne s’est pas très bien passé...

Thread : L’incroyable #histoire d’Osirak.

1/ L’histoire du programme nucléaire irakien débute en pleine guerre froide. La Commission irakienne de l'énergie atomique est créée en 1956 avec le soutien des #USA au moment où est lancé le programme de développement du #nucléaire civil « Atoms for peace ».
2/ En juillet 1958, un putsch #militaire mené par le général Kassem renverse la monarchie irakienne et instaure un régime marxiste. Le nouveau régime se tourne vers l’#URSS. En 1959 un accord de coopération sur le #nucléaire est signé entre les deux pays.
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Que poco se comentan las manos en el área esta temporada. #VAR

Jugadas idénticas:
+4 para el Barça
- 4 para el RM

8 puntos en total. ImageImageImageImage
En el Barça-RM (partido de ida) se ha comentado mucho los 2 penaltis a Varane pero se recuerda poco el pisotón de Luis Suárez a Casemiro o el gol de Bale anulado sin que se ofresca una repetición que incluya la salida del balón.

+ 1 para el Barça
- 2 para el RM

11 puntos. ImageImageImageImage
Uno de los partidos más polémicos de la 19/20

La expulsión más surrealista (Fekir) segunda amarilla perdonada a S.Roberto tras una de las entradas más brutales de la temporada. Faltas de Lenglet en ambos goles del Barça...

+ 3 para el FCB ImageImageImageImage
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Of course when @WatfordFC were 2 0 up against @Everton should not have conceded two goals in four minutes by non-marking of Mina, but yet again #VAR had a role to play, this time through its non-use.

Mina clearly handballed for the goal which made it 2-1 and changed the game./1
I remember a table at the beginning of January 2020 showed based on the poor use or non use of #VAR against @WatfordFC we would have been 11th.

That sadly does not surprise me as I can think off the top of my head a few games where abject use of VAR has let down @WatfordFC. /2
a) @NUFC V @WatfordFC 1-1. @NUFC goal to make 1-1 should not have counted as in build up there was a clear hand ball, yet #VAR was not used to look in to it. /3
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#SHUWHU and #VAR. The decision was clearly correct. But... the rules need to change. Short, no doubt ill-advised, Friday night thread. 1/
If the ball hits the attacker's hand in the build-up to a goal *accidentally or not* it is handball. We've seen a lot of those this season (one recently for Sheff U). 2/
And the handball *was* in the build-up to the goal - Rice got control (via his hand), took a touch or two, and played in Snodgrass. Van Dijk's handball (?) before Mane's goal v Wolves was also in the build-up. 3/
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