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6 Oct 20
This story in #Alhol got really bad even by #Alhol #ISIS standards ! Orphans are not found and against-ISIS women went to a Kazakh friend of this pro ISIS Chechen women (apparently there still are Kazakhs left) and took her 3 y.o kid hostage till she tells them where orphans are!
(2) Pro #ISIS women (among them many Europeans in hiding) went to against-ISIS women, beat them with metal bars (one briefly lost consciousness) and took their kid hostage. Later that day both hostage kids were freed but 4 orphans are still not found.
(3) even #ISIS males still fighting in #Syria called camp and asked this Chechen woman to let orphans go but she refused. Main funding groups (that collect money to help pro #ISIS women in camp) also refused to send her money from now on.
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19 Jun 20
(1)Sexscandals and actual related to it serious problems are widespread in #Alhol. In addition to sexual relations foreign females have with local males working in the camp, interviewed #ISIS females often talk about increasing number of lesbian couples (often Europeans)
(2) According to interviewed foreign #ISIS females in #alhol sexual relations between 14-16 year olds take place and some adults were found doing some kind of virginity reconstruction procidure in the camp. Also recently a boy was caught forcing younger boy to have sex with him.
(3) In one very well known (at least among Russian speaking #ISIS females) in #alhol case a woman had sex with her teenage son!!! It was right after Baghuz when there were many people in one tent so there were many witnesses. According to them, this woman was always not ok.
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10 Apr 20
Major riot in a Russia prison (1200 people) in Irkutsk. Prison burned down, inmates are shot with machine guns (300 special forces inside) and those who are inside cut their veins.…
Video of the burning prison camp
Police blocked 5 km radius around prison camp. I talked to those familiar with the situation there and they said that in that prison guards regularly beat and tortured inmates and conflict started after another such incident.
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