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#Lebanon's successive governments' policies to buy time have inflated the cost to unsustainable dimensions. Here's the harsh truth: Crisis will be only solved through one or more of the actions below:
- Devaluation
- Haircut
- Debt restructuring
- Combination of the three.
Crises happened before and will happen again in the future. The collapse is not the end of history. But, one issue is largely more important: How to build our nation following the meltdown and what basis do we want to restore the State, economy, and society.
#Lebanon #لبنان
What I like the most about this one is how the BdL actually believes this recession is triggered by a slowdown in aggregate demand, so a reduction in interest rates (on deposits and loans) is enough to revive the economy.
#Lebanon #لبنان__ينتفض…
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I will give a talk in Beirut Friday 6 PM
+Municipalism/Localism as the SOLE solution
+Comments on the Ponzification & how it choked local industry
+Fragility/Antifragility & bouncing back

(In Lebanese/Neo-Canaanite)

"Berytus Nutrix Legum"
To those who say "Lebanon has serious problems" my answer is "Lebanon HAD serious problems" --these did not show before.

Once Riad Ponzi is out, & the state gets out of the way & stops killing businesses, the economy will be much more solid.

Good news that Western newspapers are not reporting on #LebanonProtests. Why?
Journos only get geopolitics & this is (still) a localist anti-geopolitical revolt.
Trick by BS vendors (eg @tomfriedman) who understand nothing is make things geopolitical.
(See #TheBlackSwan)
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Oct 27
Iraqi students on strike closed the classes and took to streets and attending nationwide Iraqi people uprising
"Iran Out Out" "Baghdad will be free"
#Iran #IraqProtests #العراق_ينتفض
#IraqXXV #IRGCOutOfIraq #ایران_بره_بره

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All media & TV (Alhadas & Alarabieh) R banned to report
Al-Jumariyah Bridge #Baghdad
Security forces targeting demonstrators who trying 2cross the bridge

#IraqProtests #العراق_ينتفض #IRGCOutOfIraq #ایران_بره_بره
In solidarity with Iraqi ppl uprising the Students went on strike in one of the important universities in #Baghdad (Al-Mustansiriya University)
#IraqProtests #العراق_ينتفض
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“Hezbollah media relations: We have nothing to do with the motorcycle protest that descended on downtown Beirut this evening.” #LebanonProtests #لبنان__ينتفض
#LebanonRevolts #LebanonProtests #لبنان__ينتفض
Small protests like this one in Hamra are springing up around Beirut, so it’s not just secluded to downtown. I hear there are also protesters gathered at the Central Bank, even more than yesterday. #LebanonProtests #لبنان__ينتفض
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On Lebanon's civil society: I have noticed that a number of observers are trying to understand the #LebanonProtests. The protests are not magic.They’re product of years of work:The work of Lebanon's civil society that needs to be acknowledged. #لبنان_يثور #لبنان__ينتفض #Beirut
1)Many remember the protests in 2015 that were covered by international media- now since that year, activists managed to achieve successes in some areas for first time, challenging the existing political system they're fighting. I will focus on elections in 2017/18:
2) In 2017, civil society won in the Beirut Order of Engineers polls. Jad Tabet, backed by Beirut Madinati coalition was able to beat a candidate supported by traditional parties. That was a major victory for civil society. Read here:…
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Protesters in Lebanon are gathering downtown and blocking some roads with burning tires against government attempts to increase taxes. Though it’s unclear, disorganized and chaotic, one thing is clear: people are frustrated w/ the economic situation.
This comes after fires that spread across the country and the state was helpless to put them out bc the government didn’t pay to maintain the aircraft capable of putting out fires. People have had enough it seems
Protests in Lebanon continue. So much discontent over decades of corruption, economic stagnation and decline and a political elite that enriched itself while the country crumbles. This is similar I think to the frustrations that provoked protests in Iraq.
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