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“Hezbollah media relations: We have nothing to do with the motorcycle protest that descended on downtown Beirut this evening.” #LebanonProtests #لبنان__ينتفض
#LebanonRevolts #LebanonProtests #لبنان__ينتفض
Small protests like this one in Hamra are springing up around Beirut, so it’s not just secluded to downtown. I hear there are also protesters gathered at the Central Bank, even more than yesterday. #LebanonProtests #لبنان__ينتفض
Lol cute
“Listen listen you Americans, my country’s people will not kneel, neither sanctions nor a siege nor to colonial directives” #LebanonProtests
#يسقط_حكم_المصرف video by @jamalghosn
Protests outside Lebanon’s central bank grow by the day. They have a very anti-capitalist tone targeting the country’s oligarchs, with special focus on central bank governor Riad Salame. Graffiti against him has been blacked out by someone #LebaneseProtests #لبنان_ينتقض
"Why #DownWithTheRuleOfTheBank? Because it will also bring down all the beneficiaries of the current system of looting, both public and behind the curtains, from journalists to academics to NGO’s etc. #لبنان_ينتفض #كلن_يعني_كلن #يسقط_حكم_المصرف "
Growing group of protesters gathering for political discussion in downtown Beirut led by @rania_masri #LebaneseProtests
Here is @rania_masri offering a sidewalk political lecture about the need for a secular non-sectarian state that’s beholden to no one else but its citizens. #LebanonProtests
I’m told that today’s AUB & LAU demonstrations, while large, included anti-Hezbollah chants and calls to “disarm them all”.
Not all chanted against Hezbollah but the presence of such chants, particularly with relation to their arms, will be troubling for many. #lebanonprotests
At this point the demo in downtown Beirut is an ongoing carnival. It does not feel like a protest at all. And it’s very middle class oriented. The message is unfocused and confusing. The people are much fewer. And some of the chants I do hear are problematic. Just being honest.
Nothing wrong with having a celebration, but the initial radical and angry energy we saw in the beginning is mostly gone.
Day 12 of #LebanonProtests. In Beirut demos and gatherings continue downtown, plus a few people chanting at the central bank, and some roads blocked by protesters. But in other areas of the city life looks back to normal, except banks and schools remain closed.
Day 13 of #LebanonProtests: there are clashes, a large group of men, presumably from the Amal party, are attacking protesters who’ve been closing the ring road in downtown Beirut. This video is from a friend who is there
More video from the clashes downtown at ring road. #LebanonProtests
Another video from the clashes in downtown Beirut, looks chaotic.
If rumors are true and Hariri resigns, that leaves Lebanon very vulnerable. Then the US will say it’s a Hezbollah government and the country will be threatened with crushing sanctions, as if the current economic crisis isn’t bad enough.
Those who want a weaker resistance are trying to benefit from the chaos and genuine legitimate anger expressed in the streets. And it looks like they just might.
Meanwhile the economic situtation is so uncertain, people are starting to feel panicked. Almost none of the exchange places are giving out dollars. I only found one of 6 that was and the black market rate they’re selling at is 1800 lira to 1USD, which is crazy high.
The US is such an intrusive force that electing a government the US doesnt like is a risk. So even though Hezbollah won their seats, they need a guy like Hariri who the Americans accept.
Now that Hariri resigned, people fear what the US might do to a Hezbollah dominated govt.
Protests continue in downtown Beirut. People cleaned up the mess from the attack earlier and re erected their tents. #LebanonProtests
Don’t be so sure about the official line on the clashes in downtown Beirut. It seems Amal supporters attacked protesters and destroyed their tents. But security services stood by watching and let them to do their thing. Then a resignation. Now pro hariri demos blocking roads 🤔
The skeletons of the destroyed tents have been piled up into a mountain of art in martyrs square after today’s attack. #lebanonprotests
Day 14 started off calmer in Lebanon but then it’s like someone turned on a switch and there are fights breaking out in different places. Lots of fear and uncertainty. And who knows who’s behind it (but you can speculate).
The media narrative about Lebanon is wrong. People are not united in protest. There are deep political interests & divisions. Different actors are pushing their own political agendas. The narrative being promoted locally & internationally is simplistic childish naive & dangerous.
These protests started out beautifully & represented an unprecedented national cross-sectarian unity. But it was quickly politicized, first by Geagea when he announced LF resignations, which sent the whole thing in another direction. And then by others. And it’s only gotten worse
Another interesting point, it’s ironic that these protests were initially dominated by Hezbollah’s working class base. Now the protests are mostly middle class and they have alienated the very base that was crucial to the protests. Another unfortunate turn that no one will admit.
Neighboring Israel is meanwhile lobbying the US to prevent any future Lebanese government from including its Shiite rival, and urging that aid be halted “as long as Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese government.” asiatimes.com/2019/11/articl…
Day18 of #LebanonProtests, there are several kilometers of convoys on the highway from north to south towards Beirut waving Free Patriotic Movement flags and photos of Michel Aoun to show their support for the president.
Here is Tripoli’s sahet al Nour, the square where protests have been taking place. It’s still early, so far just tents from vendors and different political parties and civil society groups. #lebanonprotests
Lebanese Communist Party tents at protest square in Tripoli. #lebanonprotests
“Gay is okay” in Tripoli, Lebanon.
Lots of messaging in Tripoli’s al Nour square.

“Tripoli city of peace”
“We will continue until we bring down the president and the whole parliament.”
And a list of demands, including “the formation of a government of technocrats with exceptional powers” #lebanonprotests
An interesting mix of banners, one listing values of the protest in Tripoli (nonviolent, nonsectarian, etc), another listing important sites in the city, and then one by families of Islamist prisoners demanding release of their loved ones. #LebanonProtests
Protesters in Tripoli who I’ve spoken to are mostly unemployed. Cost of living is too high and they’re sick of ruling elites living large while they can’t afford to buy enough food. A different feel than downtown Beirut, economic hardship is far more severe. #lebanonprotests
Tripoli al Nour square getting more packed, army’s starting to search people who enter. There is a desire to express they’re not sectarian & just want a govt that will work for the people, whoever that might be. Some former Hariri supporters even said they’d vote for a Christian
No one I spoke to in Tripoli mentioned Hezbollah except for one guy who said “part of the problem is we (Sunnis) don’t have anyone but Hariri, and he doesn’t have guns like Hezbollah and Amal. We have nothing.” Also lots of praise for Erdogan, but nothing out of the ordinary.
In Baakline in Chouf some people protested and shut down roads and banks this morning. I’m told that’s the first time this has happened there. There are rumors that Jumblatt is encouraging it. But also could be totally organic. (Not my video) #LebanonProtests
In downtown Beirut, @rania_masri (who I obviously have a bias for) answered questions about @mmfidawla’s political vision for the #lebanonprotests. She gave a brilliant answer about how we shouldn’t be scared to use the word “political party” in Lebanon.
Lebanese Forces, Kateab & PSP, who are trying to ride the #Lebanonprotests wave, are blocking some roads while legit demonstrators are blocking others. That’s why there’s rumors/accusations of bribes & ID checking. If true, it’s the parties who are behind it, not demonstrators.
I’m hearing complaints about #lebanonprotests shutting roads & banks. Some protest supporters complain these tactics disrupt daily life for regular people who need to drive to work & deposit/withdrawal checks. “They should take protests to homes of ruling politicians” one said.
It also might be unwise to continue blocking roads when it ultimately ends up giving cover to these right wing parties that are also engaging in this tactic on & off with nefarious intentions. Time will tell #LebanonProtests
I don’t understand the joy over @AlakhbarNews resignations, or the resignations themselves. The paper might have an editorial line some don’t like but it publishes diverse viewpoints on the uprising hasn’t suppressed opinions. I don’t know what more you can ask of a paper.
#LebanonProtests on a residential street in Beirut’s Ain el Mreisseh, headed to Ramlet el Baida. Mostly AUB & LAU students. They say they started out about 5 people. Now they’re maybe 150 & growing. They’re telling people to come down from their balconies and join them.
Here you have a panel of right wing pro-US Lebanese commentators strategizing with a pro Israel think tank about how to exploit the #LebanonProtests to weaken Hezbollah. 2 of them ask for the US to impose sanctions on Hezbollah’s Christian allies (the FPM) washingtoninstitute.org/policy-analysi…
It seems people can’t protest local corruption and economic inequality without empire trying to exploit it. Very frustrating.
In downtown Beirut a group of Lebanese entrepreneurs from Ard News (who mostly live outside the country) are showing the controversial Netflix film about Ukraine’s Euromaiden protests. Organizers tell me they hope #LebanonProtests can learn from Ukraine and other revolutions...
The film “Winter On Fire” has been criticized for whitewashing the Ukraine protests. It has been screened at anti-government protests in Hong Kong and Venezuela. But the organizers tell me they are screening it in Lebanon so people can learn how to avoid bloodshed like in Ukraine
Organizers added that they will be showing the Netflix film about Ukraine’s Euromaiden protests (among other revolution films) across the country and outside of Lebanon in major cities where the Lebanese diaspora is organizing to support the protests in Lebanon.
I’m in south Lebanon today. Here is the protest site in Sur (Tyre). The mood is celebratory and musical. Lots of families. #LebanonProtests
Speakers blaring music in Sur. They’re protesting for the same reasons as everywhere else but the music is too loud to have any sort of meaningful conversation. Seems to be a pattern. At nearby restaurants customers watch the split screen. #LebanonProtests
Anyone who thinks south Lebanon is turning against Hezbollah and/or Amal, it’s not the case. There was lots of rage against Nabih Berri, but his photo and Amal flags are still everywhere. Same with Hezbollah, even next to the protests. Also protesters are NOT anti-resistance.
An interesting note from Nasrallah's speech today, he says China could invest billions in the Lebanese economy but the US won't allow it. He adds that the US won't even let Israel do business with China. This is true. bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
This article framing is a real problem.
Hezbollah won many seats in democratic elections last year. They should be represented. US allied parties are clearly using #LebanonProtests to try & push Hezbollah out and then blame their obstruction on Hezbollah dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-Ea…
Right wing US ally Samir Geagea was the first to publicly call for the formation of a technocratic government. Then this demand was quickly adopted by the media and across the country’s protests. Now it’s US-ally Hariri’s demand. It means a government without resistance.
It’s day 28 of #LebanonProtests. And here is the British, US, UAE, Bahaa Hariri-funded Atlantic Council begging Donald Trump to use the uprising in Lebanon against Hezbollah. atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/menasour…
There’s a lot of anti Hezbollah sentiment among protesters in downtown Beirut. Hezbollah isn’t their primary concern but the animosity seems to be greatest against them. The US is already using its political proxies to exploit that. Next will be the NED/USAID civil society groups
So far the protesters, despite being leaderless, have been adamant about rejecting foreign influence, which is good. But there are individuals from groups that get funding from US regime change arms who inserted themselves into the protests. That’s a recipe for disaster.
Candlelight vigil in downtown Beirut for Alaa Abou Fakher, the PSP member & Chouefait municipality official who was killed by an army intelligence member while blocking a road in Khaldeh. The two were apparently relatives who “knew each other very well” dailystar.com.lb/News/Lebanon-N…
Meanwhile in Nahr el Kelb people are blocking a tunnel with cement. Everyone is saying they are Lebanese Forces, a right wing political party backed by the US. At this point #LebanonProtests should stop blocking roads or they will be in alliance with these right wing parties.
This is a bad direction for #LebanonProtests to take. They are being used by Lebanese Forces, PSP and Future, all US stooges who have become a part of the protests. They will steer it in a very ugly and violent direction to increase their political power. It’s in the open now.
A photo from a friend at the allegedly Lebanese Forces roadblock at Nahr el Kalb. Rocks, barbed wire and fire. #lebanonprotests
Last night Amal supporters fought with protesters blocking the ring road. They were sent there to provoke and it worked. They are also determined to force Hezbollah to be associated with Amal and Berri. That’s why they carry Hezb flags and chant Nasrallah’s name. And it works.
There were also some Lebanese Forces supporters who were blocking the road, but they are never identified that way. So many double standards and biases in reporting. It’s dangerous. #LebanonProtests
Amal supporters attacked protesters in downtown Beirut last night (including some LF supporters). And who gets blamed? Hezbollah. This AP article doesn’t even mention Amal, just calls them all Hezbollah supporters! apnews.com/a599c7dca9d04e…
Amal supporters have on more than one occasion waved Hezbollah flags alongside Amal flags. It’s a way for them to implicate Hezbollah in their actions. They do it on purpose. And they do support Hezbollah. The western media falls for it every time.
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