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#Lebanon #Palestine #Beirut #Coronavirus

A forecast by the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee and obtained exclusively by Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) is that between 70 and 80 per cent of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are susceptible
to Covid-19 infection. Despite this, the evidence suggests that the refugees are facing the pandemic more or less on their own.
As of 5 October, according to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) the total number of Covid-19 cases among Palestinian refugees in Lebanon was 1,282 with 478 active cases and 31 deaths.
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#URGENT | Fuel oil tank #explosion causes a major fire in a residential area in #Beirut, reports say

#SputnikUrgent #Lebanon
UPDATE | Videos of the explosion's aftermath in #Beirut have appeared online. According to preliminary data, there are several victims and they are receiving help from medical workers from the Lebanese Red Cross Society

#SputnikUpdates #Lebanon
UPDATE | Lebanese Army soldiers and civil defence volunteers have started to evacuate people from nearby houses. Firefighters are working at the scene

#SputnikUpdates #Lebanon
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#Israel|i PM Netanyahu at #UNGA has revealed a #Hezbollah missile depot in #Beirut, #Lebanon ImageImageImage
Literal PowerPoint, and yes I’m out for a walk playing Pokemon Go 😂 Image
3 sites.... Image
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#Lebanon #Beirut #BeirutExplosion #GarbishCrise

Beirut’s port explosion, which killed 212 people and obliterated large parts of the city on August 4, has put additional strains on Lebanon’s already compromised ability to manage its waste.
Image of a beach inKeserwan, north of Beirut, Lebanon, on 23 January 2018. The rubble and demolition debris alone vastly increased the daily volume of generated waste.
Additionally, the blast severely damaged two key sorting, recycling, and composting facilities in Karantina and Bourj Hammoud, as well as waste collection vehicles.
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#Lebanon #Beirut #Coronavirus

Lebanon has had the highest number of new infections with the coronavirus in a single day since the pandemic began. The country's Ministry of Health in the Middle East reported 1,027 new cases.
According to the ministry, 21 of the cases were imported from abroad. This means that the total number of reported corona cases has increased to 32,819 since February 21. So far, 329 deaths related to Covid-19 disease have been registered in Lebanon.
The number of new infections has risen significantly since the explosion in the port of the capital Beirut on August 4, in which at least 190 people were killed. Due to the increase in the number of infections, Lebanon postponed the start of the new school year until October 12.
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President Michel Aoun during United Nations General Assembly: I thank all of the heads of state who participated in the August 9 conference to support #Lebanon after Beirut explosion, and a special thanks to Pope Francis
Aoun: I salute Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for his continuous efforts at the helm of the international organization and for his efforts to help Lebanon after Beirut port explosion, in particular for organizing the Beirut Support Conference to mobilize donor pledges (1/2)
(2/2) and provide basic relief aid with the kind initiative of friendly French President Emmanuel Macron
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Lebanese local sources reporting a massive explosion in the southern village Ain-Qana, in the Nabatieh Governorate.
No official reports on what blew up in Ain-Qana yet. However, local sources are saying it might've been an explosion in a gas station.

Another angle to the explosion.

(Please dismiss any "theories" about the explosion until further notice).

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Army Command explains the result of the work of committees that surveyed the damages in areas affected by #Beirut port explosion: A structure consisting of 1,500 personnel was organized to successfully carry out the mission
Army Command: Each part of the small groups was inspecting 34 damaged units daily, and it is our duty as soldiers to transparently carry out the tasks that serve citizens
Army Command: We asked citizens to call us or send the locations of damaged units; the entire area was surveyed and determining the location helped us divide it into sections to send the team and take over the process of inspecting the damaged apartments
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Final statement of meeting of Executive Committee of Middle East Council of Churches in Bkerki: Patriarch Rahi stressed that the Council is called in the current circumstances to work with churches and their presidents to confront the difficulties that threaten their homelands
Executive Committee of Middle East Council of Churches: Michel Abas has been elected as Secretary-General, and the participants in the meeting affirmed deep solidarity with the Lebanese people in the catastrophic tragedy they are suffering from due to #Beirut explosion
Executive Committee of Middle East Council of Churches: We are committed to support continuity of the work of the Middle East Council of Churches in a way that expresses Christians' unity
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#France Prsdt @EmmanuelMacron believes he has more chances to be re-elected if he "solves" the current crisis in #Lebanon. @wallacemick told me yesterday in a café that Macron may be re-elected only if he builds - metaphorically- a wall with #Turkey. Lebanon is the wrong path.
In fact, Macron maybe imitating President Trump who supports #Israel to get re-elected for a second term. But the Lebanese lobby in France doesn't have the weight needed. Moreover, #France is expected to fail in its attempt to force a government to its liking in #Beirut.
I don't understand why #France can't understand that Speaker Berri & #Hezbollah shld facilitate the French initiative when #Paris is an accomplice with the US in mounting the number of sanctions on the duo group that, along with its allies, are the strongest at the parliament.
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Lebanon: Remarks by the High Representative / Vice-President Josep Borrell at the EP plenary - European External Action Service!Gw88VN
#Lebanon: read properly what #Europe can give you and stop dreaming.
"We allocate the resources we have (63 million), but you know that we are at the end of the financial perspective, and as long as we do not have new resources, we cannot do more than what we are doing.
The #Beirut Harbour explosion damage is estimated between $8 billion and $12 Billion
#Lebanon deficit is between $81 billion and $110 billion

Europe can give you proudly: $63 million.

Are you still counting on foreign support and we are coming to the end of the year 2020?
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#BREAKING: fire erupts in Beirut Souks, in the center of Lebanon’s capital — Annahar newspaper
#BREAKING: Smoke is seen rising from the burning building in #Beirut's souk area
#WATCH: The fire appears to have engulfed at least one side of the building in #Beirut's souk area in Lebanon
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#Lebanon #Beirut #Protest

Anti-government protesters clashed with soldiers from the Lebanese army who shot rounds into the air in a show of force against demonstrators on September 12.
Further footage shows protesters explaining why they are there and what is going on around them.
Subsequently, the footage shows protesters scale motorway signs where they hang homemade nooses above the road.
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#Lebanon 🇱🇧: supporters of the #FPM assaulted protesters in #Beirut who were gathering to capl fpr the resignation of president Michel Aoun.

#Lebanon 🇱🇧: the Lebanese military is also present at the protest. Soldiers fired live ammunition to disperse the crowd Image
#Lebanon 🇱🇧: live fire can be heard on this video where soldiers are trying to push back a protesting crowd.

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Départ de la manifestation #BeirutBlast 40jours #Liban #Beyrouth Image
Deux fois plus de militaires que de manifestants, tout ce que j'aime... #Beyrouth Image
A Furn el Chebbak jets de pierre sur le balcon d'un habitant anti Thawra qui insulte les manifestants #Beyrouth #Liban Image
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#Beirut Port's General Director Bassem Al-Qaisi to MTV: The fire in the port's duty free zone is far from the container of matches; the fire is spreading towards Charles Helou Bridge and not towards the sea, and the army helicopters are working to extinguish it
Al-Qaisi to MTV: I think that the fire in Beirut Port was caused by the ignition of frying oils, but we do not know if the cause was the high temperature or a human error
Al-Qaisi to MTV: I will issue a circular imposing on all merchants who store or transport their goods in Beirut Port to inform the Army Command and the Port Administration of what will they do with these materials first
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This is heartbreaking. A month since #Beirut’s massive explosion, no official has been held accountable, not a single statement was put out to inform people about any progress made in the investigation, while the sectarian mafia is busy bickering over gov. formation.
Seeing fellow Beiruti residents fleeing for their lives, while firefighters risk theirs on-site at the moment, only affirms my belief that not a single state institution, not even the @LebarmyOfficial, are competent or can even be trusted with people's lives.

They must ALL go!
One parting thought as my stomach turns; a question to French President @EmmanuelMacron who I hope is briefed on this: do you really think a bunch of corrupt incompetent bloodthirsty mafia leaders are interested or even capable of the reforms you suggested?

Sanction them all!
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#BREAKING Huge fire at Beirut port weeks after deadly blast Image
#UPDATE A huge fire raged in Beirut port on Thursday, AFP correspondents said, sparking alarm among Lebanese still reeling from a devastating dockside explosion that disfigured the capital last month
VIDEO: 🇱🇧 Gigantic plumes of thick black smoke billow from a huge fire that erupted at #Beirut port, weeks after a deadly blast caused by hundreds of tonnes of ammonium nitrate ripped through the Lebanese capital #beirutport
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BREAKING: A huge fire has broken out at Beirut's port, just over a month after a massive explosion there killed about 190 people.

Officials say the fire started in a store of oil and tires, but the cause is unknown. Image
UPDATE: The fire at the #Beirut port is at a warehouse storing oil and tires, says Lebanon's army.

What we know:
▪️ No fear of explosion, says Red Cross
▪️ Cause of fire currently unknown
▪️ No deaths, injuries reported, but some suffering shortness of breath ImageImage
Some people evacuated #Beirut after reports of a fire at its port. One father said his son is traumatized over the August explosion that killed over 190 and left 300,000 without habitable homes.

The fire's cause is unknown but the Red Cross says there is no fear of an explosion. ImageImageImage
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#Beirut un incendie majeur au port de Beyrouth
Je serai sur @BFMTV dans 15' minutes pour vous donner plus d'éléments
Cette image est dingue... Impossible de prendre un taxi pour arriver sur les lieux de l'incendie donc je cours dans #Beyrouth paniquée et je lève la tête pendant mon direct pour voir ça... alors que je suis encore à 5-7 minutes du port à pieds @BFMTV Image
Toujours en route pour le port, black sun in the sky: c'est parce qu'il pleuvait des cendres sur moi à Achrafieh que j'ai compris que la météo n'était pas changeante. #Beirut #Lebanon Image
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OMG.. #Lebanon
Another inferno in #Beirut, a new blast in the port!
Update #Lebanon

According to this 👇👇, sources from Lebanese army reports that #BeirutBlast II is caused by a fire in storage facility of oil and tyres in Beirut port.

Funny how that happened after US imposed sanctions on 2 politicians with links to #Hezbollah alliance!
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#BREAKING: Another fire erupts in #Beirut's port

(Video via @LarissaAounSky)
@LarissaAounSky #BREAKING: Lebanese Civil Defense starts fire extinguishing operations in #Beirut port

(Video via @Sabine_Youssef)
@LarissaAounSky @Sabine_Youssef #LIVE: Fire erupts at #Beirut port, a little more than a month since a massive blast devastated the city…
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A large fire has started at #Beirut Port, #Lebanon.
Significant column of black/dark smoke rising from the area. Image
I'm assuming some form of fuel is burning due to the darkness of the smoke?
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Watch: Large fire inside #Beirut Port, causes unknown yet… Image
Video of the fire in #Beirut Port's Free Zone from a closer distance… Image
Sources to MTV Website: The Lebanese Army and Civil Defense teams are working to extinguish the fire in #Beirut Port, and the inflammable materials are not dangerous
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