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#Lebanon #IWF #China #Beirut #LebanonProtests #Financialcrise #bankruptcy

In Beirut there is hyperinflation, prices rose by 250 percent within a month, plus corruption, coronavirus, unemployment and hunger.
Lebanon, long ago called "Switzerland of the Middle East", is in danger of total collapse. Only the IMF and China could help. But negotiations with the IMF have failed. Now some are relying on China as a savior in need. But whether Beijing participates in it can be doubted.
And involved in this chaos is of all things EY, the accounting firm that gave Wirecard its falsified balance sheet for years (€ 1.9 billion). In March, Lebanon was unable to pay interest on its euro bonds for the first time.
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It appears that 🇱🇧's once-prosperous cocaine business, usually encapsulated with the country's often-advertised "buzzing nightlife scene," is just another victim of Lebanon's addiction (pun-intended) to the Benjamin$$$.

‼️ A #Thread ‼️
With lockdown measures easing recently, house-parties became a thing around #Beirut; a compensation for the shutdown of the plethora of clubs & bars around town.

However, folks (let us call them that for now) started complaining about the lack of cocaine on the market.
Indeed, the once abundantly available white powder, which brought tourists from the region & #Europe to party in #Beirut, has become a rare commodity. The reason? Druglords were running out of $s to pay suppliers and to bring cocaine into the country.
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On these days in 1982, the 1st face-to-face confrontation between #Israel special Forces and the first fighters who declared the birth of #Hezbollah 3 years later took place in #Khaldeh at the gate of #Beirut. The children of Sayyed Mussa al-Sadr were present+

Although Imad Mughnniyeh was with PLO as a front (PLO had plenty of weapons), he has already engaged w/ Islamic movements. It was also the 1st time Imad, aka haj Ridwan, confront #Israel troops face-2-face. Israeli did not know who they were fighting.

I met Yasser Araft at the Arab University area, that was PLO HQ. He told me how surprised he was to see these young men managing to stop #Israel advance when all Palestinian groups failed to confront Israel which, in 1 week, crossed the entire south to #Beirut

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1/ 🗣We at @anghami have been working for 8 years proudly in #Lebanon supporting 100s of families, building tech & music to reach over 80 million users from #Beirut.
We're unfortunately, one of the few global startup stories in the country.
@anghami 2/ 👥We've always recruited based on merit across the Lebanese society, never differentiating between religion or belonging.
Today, because of a tweet that's not endorsed by our company from a personal account, I read calls to fire an employee & boycott #anghami
@anghami 3/ ☹️ In contrast, others warn of retaliation with counter boycotts if the employee is fired.
That's our sad #Lebanon life. Our new demarcation lines? Mat7af or Gallery Semaan?
I am very well versed in tech, and know ziltch in politics & would like to remain so.
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Lebanon Appoints the German Ambassador Dr. Georg Birgelen @GermanEmbBeirut!!!

Just recently, German Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) passed a so-called ban on Hezbollah.
Followers of the group are therefore no longer allowed to be active in Germany. The Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has now invited Georg Birgelen, the German ambassador to Beirut, to a conversation.
The Lebanese Foreign Minister Nassif Chitti wanted "further clarifications" to the German decision, reported the state Lebanese news agency NNA. Accordingly,
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Millions of #Lebanon’s residents are at risk of going hungry due to #COVID_19 lockdown measures unless the government urgently puts in place a robust, coordinated plan to provide assistance. Latest from @hrw:…
On April 1, govt announced it would distribute 400,000 LBP ($150) to the poorest families, but offered few details. A week earlier, it had pledged 75 billion LBP ($50,000) for nutrition + sanitary assistance, w/out any details - unclear whether both refer to the same assistance.
But almost a month after the #Lebanon government announced the lockdown, and despite repeated pledges to provide aid, activists providing aid to needy families in #Beirut, #Saida, #Tripoli, and #Zgharta told @hrw that no aid has materialized.
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THREAD: #Lebanon - there was a claim by a woman few days ago that she dreamt of Saint Charbel, who told her in the dream that using sand from the land where he was buried would cure everyone from #COVID2019 .. of course many people took this 'holy claim' seriously in #Lebanon
The woman claimed that Saint Charbel told her to 'Boil some holy sand, filter it with some gauze, and this shall be the cure for #COVID2019' - the woman along a priest took this request to the Rafik Hariri hospital in #Beirut where people are quarantined.
The resident Doctor refused to cooperate and said that with all due respect, no sand (holy or not) shall enter the premises. Of course, religious people in #Lebanon did not take it so well. Remember the man licking the shrine in #Iran? We have worst here. #COVID2019
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[THREAD] Soybean futures, Solidere shares and the #FourthTurning: Lebanon’s crisis from a historical and demographic perspective
1. In #Lebanon these days, it’s easy to get lost in the minutae of daily developments, from what a minister said to eurobond this and capital control that.
2. These events are at the core of people’s daily lives, but how do they fit within the bigger picture, in the larger story being written?
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THREAD: #Hezbollah quagmire between #Idlib #Iran and the #coronavirus:
First, various reports coming from Idlib indicating major losses within Hezbollah forces, against Turkish and Turkish-supported #Syrian rebels 1/9
Second, some of the recordings made by #Hezbollah fighters indicate that the #Russians have abandoned them. See this video 👇🏼2/9
Third, many of #Hezbollah fighters receiving military training in #Iran and a number of Lebanese Shia residing or visiting Iran have been exposed to #coronavirus and are sent back to #Lebanon. 7 cases have been reported in Lebanon so far, all linked to travel from Iran 3/9
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Consider this:

During the invasion of Iraq, Saddam fired scores of SCUD missiles at Coalition Forces.

Many of them were successfully intercepted by our missile defense.

Yet not one interceptor missile was fired during the #IranAttacks.


It’s pretty obvious.

How could Iran claim their response was “proportional”, if their missiles were shot down?

It’s likely that Iran notified Iraq of its intent to attack #AlAsad as a measured response, and US officials (most certainly notified by Iraq), let it happen.
Once again, our forces have been placed in harms way—and used as pawns—to correct Trump’s diplomatic incompetence.

But make no mistake— the threat is nowhere near over.

This was just theater of an official nature. The Iranian military was never our concern.

It’s their proxies.
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#Hezbollah leader Nasrallah begins speech on the killings of #Qassem_Suleimani and #AbuMahdialMuhandis.

Says Jan 2nd 2020 (day of the assasination) is the beginning of a new phase in the entire region.
Nasrallah says Soleimani got what he sought on that night: Martyrdom.
#Nasrallah says both Soleimani and Abu Mahdi confided in him that they wanted to be martyred.

Abu Mahdi did so at a meeting in #Beirut’s southern suburbs 2 months ago when they “spoke for hours.”

Nasrallah congratulates then both.
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#Iran has decided to directly respond against the #US assassination of #IRGC commander #QassemSoleimani and #Iraq commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandes
#Iran #IRGC cmdr #QassemSoleimani movement was not a secret because it was understood that his killing will create a response.

He was killed in #Iraq by a #US order and #Iran will hit the #US by Khamenei order.

That will drag a wider confrontation

#Iran #QassemSoleimani commander was due to visit #Turkey President Erdogan and had a visit scheduled to #Lebanon.

His trips were known for many. The assassination will not at all affect Iran military and operationally because no one is indispensable.
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#Hezbollah won't accept a govrnmnt led by its group, never. It has to be a gov of most politically parties. Also, with an early election, Hezbollah won't risk exclusion in any future gov coz most Shia will vote for it if,only if there will be elections.
A technocrat government should be led by a non political Prime Minister. Therefore @saadhariri, as a political party leader, is not the person to lead a future government. Moreover, all those calling for a new election, the question is and will remain:

Which electoral law?
@saadhariri A non-sectarian and one district for the entire #Lebanon will damage the Christians and Muslims in #Lebanon will be delighted to accommodate protestors request in this direction.

I wrote about it in my latest article.

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Quick thread with initial thoughts on why #Lebanon’s PM @saadhariri just chose to resign, in defiance of orders from Hizbullah’s Nasrallah: (1)
@saadhariri First, just look at #Tripoli, #Sidon & #Beirut, Hariri’s traditional pillars of support (Sidon is his hometown), which have been major sites of #LebanonProtests. Every day this cabinet remained he was hemorrhaging what little popularity he still preserved (2)
@saadhariri Second, today’s disgraceful violence by Hizb & Amal thugs in Beirut was a great embarrassment to him. It’s one thing to be in coalition with your political foes when there’s a measure of stability in the country; quite another to be covering for them as they assault citizens (3)
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Oct 27
Iraqi students on strike closed the classes and took to streets and attending nationwide Iraqi people uprising
"Iran Out Out" "Baghdad will be free"
#Iran #IraqProtests #العراق_ينتفض
#IraqXXV #IRGCOutOfIraq #ایران_بره_بره

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All media & TV (Alhadas & Alarabieh) R banned to report
Al-Jumariyah Bridge #Baghdad
Security forces targeting demonstrators who trying 2cross the bridge

#IraqProtests #العراق_ينتفض #IRGCOutOfIraq #ایران_بره_بره
In solidarity with Iraqi ppl uprising the Students went on strike in one of the important universities in #Baghdad (Al-Mustansiriya University)
#IraqProtests #العراق_ينتفض
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#BREAKING: #Lebanon is not #Iran. #Hezbollah/#Amal supporters failed to use #IRGC's Tharallah HQ tactics to suppress protesters. #Lebanese Army confronted tens of supporters of #Hezbollah & #Amal who had come to streets to scare peaceful people who are protesting the government.
#Lebanese Army well confronted tens of supporters of #Amal & #Hezbollah who had come to streets of #Beirut to scare & suppress peaceful protesters. #Beirut is not #Tehran & #Hezbollah terrorists can't employ #IRGC's Tharallah HQ tactics to suppress peaceful protests.
Same tactic used by members of #IRGC's Tharallah HQ for suppressing & scaring protesters in #Tehran during #IranProtests on 31 December 2017. Armed with knives while were riding their motorcycles in groups, #IRGC & #Bassij militia members were chanting "#Hezbollah, Mashallah".
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Wow. This is what a real Revolution looks like.

Incredible footage from #Beirut, #Lebanon today.

More than a million people are in the streets demanding an end to decades of government corruption. #LebanonProtests
After the “Arab Spring”, I understand the skepticism about #Lebanon... But thus far, there is 0 indication these protests are anything but a genuine, spontaneous uprising against US-Saudi-French-backed elites and the corrupt-to-the-core system they’ve presided over for 30 years.
Why #Lebanon is revolting: Because our country has no proper working electricity, plumbing or health care; joblessness is rampant and living costs are high.

And all the while, the oligarchy that controls this awful system lives in lavishness.

Now Lebanese are saying “enough!”
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On Lebanon's civil society: I have noticed that a number of observers are trying to understand the #LebanonProtests. The protests are not magic.They’re product of years of work:The work of Lebanon's civil society that needs to be acknowledged. #لبنان_يثور #لبنان__ينتفض #Beirut
1)Many remember the protests in 2015 that were covered by international media- now since that year, activists managed to achieve successes in some areas for first time, challenging the existing political system they're fighting. I will focus on elections in 2017/18:
2) In 2017, civil society won in the Beirut Order of Engineers polls. Jad Tabet, backed by Beirut Madinati coalition was able to beat a candidate supported by traditional parties. That was a major victory for civil society. Read here:…
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Protesters in #Lebanon are calling for the removal of the entire ruling class.

Protesters in #Lebanon are calling for the removal of the entire ruling class.

Protesters in #Lebanon are calling for the removal of the entire ruling class.

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The Lebanese people are no joke. I'm a proud Lebanese-American.

We survived one of the most brutal civil wars of the 20th century and came out strong as ever.

The #Lebanese people are resilient and brave, rooted in thousands of years of history.

#Beirut and #Byblos, where I grew up, are among the oldest cities on earth.
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Protesters in Lebanon are gathering downtown and blocking some roads with burning tires against government attempts to increase taxes. Though it’s unclear, disorganized and chaotic, one thing is clear: people are frustrated w/ the economic situation.
This comes after fires that spread across the country and the state was helpless to put them out bc the government didn’t pay to maintain the aircraft capable of putting out fires. People have had enough it seems
Protests in Lebanon continue. So much discontent over decades of corruption, economic stagnation and decline and a political elite that enriched itself while the country crumbles. This is similar I think to the frustrations that provoked protests in Iraq.
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On 30 Sept 2019 #NCRI held a press conference at the National Press Club of Washington, DC, revealing new details on the #Iranian regime’s September 14th attack on SA #Aramco oil installations pointing to this fact that #IRGC high commanders participated in this attack.
So the question comes in mind who is #IRGC and what is its mission?
In this video, we want to take a look at some terrorist activities of #IRGC in the world.
#NoImpunity4Mullahs #BlacklistRouhani @USAdarFarsi
Below is the history of IRGC.
#IRGC created by #Khomeini in 1979 is an #Iranian government agency tasked with defending the regime against internal and external threats. Espousing a radical ideology and a paranoid worldview.
#NoImpunity4Mullahs #BlacklistRouhani @StateDept
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By @jaarreaza
Inmenso honor haber sido recibidos por el hermano Presidente de la República Árabe🇸🇾,Bashar Al-Assad. Cuánta experiencia, sabiduría y consejos para la resistencia, la victoria y la Paz.Le transmitimos el abrazo solidario del Presidente @NicolasMaduro¡Que viva Siria!
.@marcorubio I advise you to find a psychologist. I think your case is more serious than initially thought. You're completely insane...Someone with a good head, in the 🇺🇸,please close his twitter, because he's embarrassing the 🇺🇸 to the whole world.…
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At least 1,337 journalists have been killed while covering the news since 1992. Their names form The #LastColumn logo. Each time a journalist is killed, their name will be added to the logo. #pressfreedom
In this thread, we share the final work of 24 journalists who were killed in line of duty since 1992. #LastColumn @CPJLastColumn
Marie Colvin’s #LastColumn was published on February 19, 2012. Three days later, she was killed alongside French photojournalist Rémi Ochlik when Syrian forces struck their makeshift press center in Homs, Syria.
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