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Three High-Risk Currencies
1. Srilanka Rupee
2. Lebanese Pound-£
3. Turkish Lira
All three countries facing more or less the same kind of macroeconomic structural problems, asset-liability foreign currency book mismatches, market-clearing bad rut, and wage and price rigidities
The surprising thing about Turkey, Lebanon and Srilanka is that all three nations have a high rate of literacy compared to other nations in their regions.
Hence, an intellectual deficit cannot be blamed for either bad or lack of economic policies
Srilanka 90% above literacy rate
The Lebanese Pound, which was at one time around 1500 to an American Dollar, is now trading somewhere around approx 30,000.
The salaries in #Lebanon are still priced using the pre-crisis LBP-$ parity.
People are selling cars to pay utility bills, and cutting cedar trees for wood
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We live in a world where if U disagree w/ mainstream media & warmongers leaders - who sanction entire populations around the globe (#Venezuela, #Iran, #Cuba, #Syria, #Lebanon, #Russia #Yemen #Palestine) advocate 4 weapons delivery to kill more humans - U r complicit in genocide.
The US is primarily responsible for the war in #Ukraine & pushed its policy to the point tt #Russia feels threatened by @NATO on its borders

#US & the #EU are committed to defeating Russia and r not interested in a diplomatic solution even if suffering from their own sanctions.
#Russia, for many years, warned the #US of its plan to expand @NATO on the Russian borders (#Ukraine and #Georgia).
The war is likely to drag on for a long time, Ukraine will experience huge harm and the war may escalate and spill over to other countries.
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Yadot Ahranot reveals #Israel's direct responsibility for Sabra and Shatila massacre, I personally have witnessed the consequences, that remain unaccountable. It took place 40 years ago, by Lebanese Israel's proxies: the Phalange militia & Saad Haddad's South Lebanon Army.
The massacre of thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians living in the Sabra and Shatila neighbourhoods of southern #Beirut took place after a meeting in which Ariel Sharon gave the orders to his proxies to commit the massacre and come up with a domesticated version.
The killings were perpetrated while #Israel, which had occupied #Lebanon from the southern border through West Beirut, surrounded the unprotected Palestinian camps, protected the killers and invented a story to hide its direct responsibility for the massacre.

Not surprising.
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Zionist Subversion, Mainstream Media Censorship… via @countercurrents
Israel's decades-long battle for the hearts, minds, and tax dollars of the American people in the face of widening international condemnation of its increasingly right-wing
right-wing policies except the United States
#Palestine #Lebanon
Notes From A Small Island:

Israel's Tight Hold on Uncle Sam's Cullions…
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[THREAD] 🧵#Lebanon's maritime border negotiations and it's implications :

The Mediterranean is filled with giant untapped gas fields which many countries can benefit from to boost their economies (#Egypt, #Palestine("#Israel"), #Greece, #Turkey, #Lebanon).

#Lebanon's maritime borders with Palestine are not drawn yet. There's the Karish gas field that is on the border on disputed territories, which contains hundreds of billions worth of gas.

[#Lebanon and undeclared sanctions] In 2020, Total suddenly stopped it's exploration activities in Lebanon and declared that "there's no commercial quantities available in blocks 4 and 9", and refused to give it's reports to Lebanon.

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This is a word that understands only the language of force:

#Greece (#US) and #Iran

Greek court overturns ruling on US seizure of Iranian oil shipment following #Iran's seizure of two ships flying a Greek flag.
#Iran will use a more advanced centrifuge to produce more enriched uranium. The message is:

If you don't respect the JCPOA, we are not part of it and we can do what we want, like you (#US and #EU).
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TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE: An Ongoing Social Engineering Project to Mind Control Humanity…


(remember their attempted FDR coup and financing Nazis and Communism)
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Energean Power FPSO is already offshore Israel/Lebanon and production from #Karish will start soon!
Where are we in demanding an immediate halt to work in a field located in a disputed area?!!
Where are the new MPs?
#Lebanon sent a letter to the UN “to shift negotiations on the southern maritime border from Line 23 to Line 29, while retaining the right to amend Decree No. 6433 in the event of reluctance and failure to reach a fair solution
Lebanon’s letter stresses that “the Israeli action in that disputed area endangers international peace and security.”
Lebanon's Hezbollah warns Israel against drilling in disputed maritime border area
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"The 🇯🇴 soldiers welcomed us at the border to sent us toward the camps. I told him 'wait a minute, I want to have a last look at Syria.'"
Listening to @lysedoucet & @LoraElwen report on the 10th anniversary of @ZaatariCamp and it brought back memories… /1
Memories of spending close to a decade working with @SavetheChildren for children and families affected by conflict in #Syria, #Iraq, #Somalia, #Myanmar, #Palestine, and many other places. And losing #cynicism, finding #purpose, and changing my perspective on conflict and war. /2
In 2011, I was sitting in an air conditioned office at @WorldBank in Washington DC. I thought I had landed my dream job. But instead I had tasted #bureaucracy, #hierarchy and the #cynicism of organizational politics. If you had met the 2011 version of myself, you would agree. /3
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🧵 In a matter of two weeks, the value of the Lebanese pound reached around 36,000 LBP against the USD, ⬇️ from 27,000 LBP. Meanwhile, Lebanese policymakers have yet to reach a clear stance on economic reforms that could contain the shock & curtail some of its deep effects. 1/7
2/7 LBP today is at 4% of its 2019 value. As the Lebanese lira loses more of its value, the average price of basic commodities is going to spike, including fuel and electricity subscriptions. This development comes with the emergence of news on hiked telecommunication fees.
3/7 The troubling bit of such policy failure is that it was a completely avoidable scenario. Had policymakers decided to nip wasteful spending & rent-extraction in the bud back in 2019 (or earlier even), so much of the country’s social fabric could have been spared.
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#Lebanon parliamentary elections:
#Hezbollah and its allies, including the Christian of @tayyar_official won 60 seats at the Parliament, while the allies of #SaudiArabia and the #US, notwithstanding millions of dollars spent to win the majority, won 42 seats.
For more than 12 years, #Hezbollah had 13 MPs and has always won 12-13 MPs in every parliamentary election. Therefore, saying "Hezbollah lost the majority seats at the parliament" is similar to saying Neo-Nazis were evacuated not surrendered in #Azovstal.
#Hezbollah's Shia partner, the AMAL movement, has 17 seats (as agreed with Hezbollah for over a decade) & continues winning 16-17 seats in every election.

The fight was on the #Christian seat: the pro-US-Saudi-Israel group versus the US-sanctioned group led by @tayyar_official
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The #FreePatrioticMovement marked a slight decline in the parliamentary elections, while the #LebaneseForces made noticeable progress both in the number of parliamentary seats and the number of preferential votes each party received.
#LebanonElections2022 #Lebanon
The LF parliamentary bloc grew from 14 to 18 MPs, while the FPM's bloc decreased from 19 to 18 (discounting both parties' allies).
The LF made a solid advance in the Saida-Jezzine district where they snatched two seats held by the FPM after the 2018 elections.
The LF also won an additional seat in the districts of Matn, Beirut I, and Tripoli. The FPM lost 5 seats in Christian areas (Matn, Baabda, Jezzine, and Beirut I), but replaced four of them with seats in Akkar, West Bekaa, and Baalbek-Hermel.
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#Lebanon FINAL election results.

(Will be updated as they come in from the interior ministry)
Mount Lebanon 1 - Baabda (6)

Ali Ammar (Hezbollah)
Fadi Alameh (Amal)
Alain Aoun (FPM)
Pierre Bou Assi (LF)
Hadi Boul Hosn (PSP)
Camille Chamoun (LF-backed)
Jbeil - Kesrouan (8)

Farid Haykal Khazen (Pro-Marada)
Raed Berro (Hezbollah)
Simon Abi Ramia (FPM)
Nada Bustani (FPM)
Salim Sayegh (Kataeb)
Neemet Frem (Independent)
Ziad Hawat (Lebanese Forces)
Chawki Daccache (Lebanese Forces)
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1-Early #Lebanon election results indicate Hezbollah lost parliament majority to civil society & opposing traditional forces. Longtime group allies knocked out in South, Beqaa & Mount Lebanon. While significant, strategically, country will remain hostage to group's weapons لبنان#
2- The significance is in that Hezbollah & Co can no longer claim to hold the legitimate majority. They suffered unprecedented setbacks in key districts. They will also have much harder time putting an ally in the presidency when Aoun's term expires in Nov 2022.
3- Hezbollah's Christian ally dealt a resounding defeat, with nemesis Lebanese Forces now set to be largest Christian bloc. Despite still holding on to some 16 seats, about a quarter of Aouni MPs are elected by Hezbollah voters. Gebran Bassil becoming president now distant dream.
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Expatriate votes are still being counted to determine the final results of the parliamentary elections, in which opposition and civil society lists accomplished many breakthroughs.

#Elections2022 #Elections #LebanonElections2022 #Lebanon
Civil society lists have so far won at least nine seats: three in Chouf-Aley (Mark Daou, Najat Saliba and Halimé El Kaakour), two in Beirut II (Ibrahim Mneimneh and Melhem Khalaf),
one in the North III and one in Beirut I (Paula Yacoubian), one in South III (Elias Jarade) and one in West Bekaa-Rashaya.
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#LebaneseElections 2022

South #Lebanon
* turnout until 8 pm *

Second South Circle: 47.21%
With expatriates: 50.05%
Electoral quotient: 23.654

Tyre - junior circle: 46.18%
Villages of Sidon - junior circle: 48.92%
Third South Circle: 45.00%
With expatriates: 47.07%
Electoral quotient: 21.564

Nabatiyeh - junior circle: 53.96%
Bint Jbeil - junior circle: 40.74%
Marjayoun, Hasbaya - Minor Department: 41.86%

#AlManar Lebanese TV
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Polling stations unequipped with elevators or wooden ramps, ballot boxes on high tables, voting booths on raised platforms, heads of polling stations pressuring the disabled and the elderly to hurry up while casting their vote,

#Elections2022 #LebanonElections2022 #Lebanon
forcing the disabled to vote out in the open and not behind the booth or have their vote cast by someone else… These are just some of the violations documented by the Lebanese Physically Handicapped Union across all districts in Lebanon so far.
Not only do these breaches humiliate and potentially endanger the elderly and the disabled, they also violate Article 96 of the Electoral Law which requires the Interior Ministry to facilitate voting for individuals with special needs.
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Several municipalities and governorates across Lebanon imposed curfews for Syrian refugees from the evening of Saturday May 14 until the morning of Monday May 16, most notably in Nabatieh,

#Elections2022 #Elections #LebanonElections2022 #Lebanon Image
after the governorate issued a circular asking municipalities to “inform Syrian refugees not to leave their homes from Saturday 8am until Monday, except in cases of emergency.”
The municipalities of Majdal Anjar, Marj,
and Ghazze in the Bekaa also issued circulars preventing Syrians’ circulation “based on the Lebanese Army’s statement,” although the army did not issue any curfew decision. The Bissariye municipality issued a similar circular “to preserve security and public safety.”
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🇱🇧 Today I release my #Lebanon report. It finds that the economic crisis - which has plunged millions into poverty - is the responsibility of the country's elite & was entirely avoidable.
👉Read our press release :


My report shows how failed gov policies & massive conflicts of interest resulted in:

➡️Appalling levels of wealth concentrated at the top
➡️An unaccountable banking sector
➡️A chronic neglect of public services
➡️Inadequate social protection

Public money was squandered over decades of mismanagement and misplaced investments by the Government and Banque du Liban.

👉The result: collapse of the currency and Lebanese banking sector, wiping out people's savings and impoverishing millions


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The most blatant, impactful form of political & legal discrimination in #Lebanon is that women cannot grant citizenship to spouses/children. No matter your sect, class, location, race, sexuality- if you’re a “woman” according to the state your “lebanese” nationality ends with you
Conversely, if you have a patriarchal lebanese ancestor, are a third generation lebanese-american are a MAN you CAN apply for & grant citizenship to spouses/children. Barring women from equal citizenship has legal, economic, political, &social effects. It also effects elections…
Heres another way to think about it: If the residential population of #lebanon is 3 parts citizen to one part citizen (75%citizen to 25% citizen) & only men can grant citizenship, that means that in lebanon only about 1.5 people out of every 4 has full citizenship rights. That
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#Lebanon,#Hezbollah in a show of strength ahead of the election

An impressive first election rallies for Hezbollah, with #Nasrallah delivering a speech virtually in Nabatiyeh and Tyre.

In his speech, Nasrallah mainly played the #Israeli card, boasting Hezbollah's... (1/4)
military power and the achievements of the "resistance" against Israel. This comes in response to the criticism voiced by Hezbollah's opponents this election on the issue of the illegal weapons that Hezbollah possesses, a Shiite militia that exists in parallel to the... (2/4)
Lebanese army.

Nasrallah stressed that according to surveys, Lebanese citizens are far less interested in Hezbollah's weapons and are more concerned with the harsh living conditions in Lebanon (he only forgot note that these same weapons are a contributing factor to... (3/4)
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Israel is aware of what war crime means? Since when? Since #Palestine exodus & massacre of villages? Qana bombing of the UN compound?

#Israel FM @yairlapid explicitly accuses Russia of war crimes and earlier, PM @naftalibennett "shock over atrocities"…
Israeli Violations Show Need for International Criminal Court Inquiry.
Gaza: #Israel War Crimes During May Fighting…
Israeli Settlements Should be Classified as War Crimes, Says @UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Occupied Palestinian Territories.…
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Beirut in EDNY: now Magistrate Judge Sanket J. Bulsara is arraigning Mohamad Yassine and Hassan Rahman, citizens of #Lebanon, on money laundering charges. They were arrested in Sept 2021 in the Republic of Georgia & extradited to NYC on April 30. Thread below
Judge Bulsara says he has seen the prosecution's Detention Memo. The Press has not. Judge asks, Is this a presumption case?
AUSA: No. But our letter says the same considerations apply here [the alleged money laundering including drug proceeds - allegedly]
Defense: We believe Mr. Yassine can be released. He is 51 and has no criminal history. There are not allegations of violence, and no mandatory minimum sentence. [EDNY says "If convicted, the defendants face up to 40 years in prison."]
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When someone comes from #Canada to fight with #Ukraine and greets a Russian tank (with a clear V sign) bombing a Ukrainian position in #Mariupol, you understand that western weapons and mercenaries won't change anything.

You are in Disney land in comparison to the hell of #Israel bombing of #Lebanon in 2006. But any US-Israeli savage wars are dismissed: #DoubleStandards.

The west won the propaganda war against #Russia in the first stage. In the second stage, its propaganda has been consumed and Russia was not intimidated by the western hostile narrative. Now Russian troops are advancing on many fronts. The west will be screaming for a ceasefire.
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