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1. On the night between June 14th-15th,Palestinian terrorists that infiltrated from Lebanon had attacked the Israeli Arab towns of Arab Al Aramsheh, Jouradah, Khirbet Arabeen,Khirbet Mughrees and Arab Al Soumaniyeh murdering 1 civilian and injuring 9 more including children.
During the attack , that was motivated as “revenge for collaboration with Israel” , 3 civilian homes were bombed and dozens of other homes were attacked with gunfire.
60 year old Mohammad Abdul Ghani from Arab Al Aramsheh was murdered in one of the bombed homes and 9 people were hospitalized in severe condition , including children , in a hospital in Haifa with more then dozens wounded that were treated locally and did not seek hospitalization
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EXCLUSIVE: #Lebanon banks have swallowed at least $250 million in UN humanitarian aid for Syrian & Palestinian refugees and poor Lebanese since 2019 via bad exchange rates negotiated with UN agencies, a @TRF_Stories investigation finds…
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Most losses stem from a joint WFP/UNHCR/UNICEF program worth $400 million in 2020 for Syrian refugees.

Losses of a third to half were also recorded in:
-WFP assistance for 105,000 poor Lebanese
-UNRWA assistance for Palestinian refugees - even amid a severe funding crisis.

These massive losses took place at a time when
- Roughly half of Lebanese are poor
- More than 2/3 of Palestinian refugees are poor
- Nine out of 10 Syrian refugees are extremely poor

UN orgs essentially handed banks millions of $ while many people struggled to buy food.

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#BREAKING: #Israel Air Force conducted an airstrike during which Delilah cruise missiles were launched by F-16I strike fighters at multiple #IRGC & #Syria Arab Army targets in #Damascus & near #Homs. Video shows the Israeli F-16s flying over #Lebanon after missile launch 👇
#Syria Arab Air Defense Force tried to shoot-down the Delilah missiles launched by the F-16I strike fighters of #Israel Air Force over #Lebanon but was again unsuccessful. Here is a surface-to-air missile launched by SyAADF getting self-destruct after failing to hit a Delilah.
Watch that Pantsir S1E or S2 of #Syria Arab Army firing its cannon at the Delilah cruise missiles launched by the F-16Is of #Israel Air Force at #Damascus International Airport minutes ago:
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#IDF/#IAF jet activity reported over southern #Lebanon and Beirut.
Initial unconfirmed reports of explosions heard in #Damascus, #Syria
SyAAD active over #Damascus, #Syria
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How long has #Nasrallah been speaking?
I think he is speaking about Al-Manar as the channel of the Resistance and the Liberation...
Al Mayadeen's transmission is bad...
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Wow! Big news!!

With this operation, #Encrochat #Sky #MPC & other encrypted networks being infiltrated, does this mean the end of #Drugs #Corruption #OrganisedCrime ?🤔


It's a brilliant operation BUT may have unintended consequences

A #Thread
I got sucked into doing some amateur study of the economy of drug trafficking because of brilliant TV shows.

When you study the numbers, understand the geo-politics, social, criminal & financial elements behind the global industry... you realise just how powerful it really is!🎬
If you trace the industry from;
- Areas of production
- Transit routes
- End Markets

Then look at the money flows;
-Peso exchange
-Hawala networks
-Trade based money laundering

Then the operational groups🧐

It's mind blowing in scale & influence @InSightCrime 🤯
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A thread explaining how the UK’s lockdown approach has failed and IS continuing to fail.
Thread 👇👇
A summary of the UK’s lockdown’s
Lockdown 1
-No masks (indoors or outdoors)
-No restrictions on how often you can leave home
-No restrictions on why you can leave home
-Outdoor exercise should not have been allowed
-No curfews
-No permit system
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Is #HassanNasrallah, the leader of #Hizbullah, dead?

Rumors abound.
Coincidence? A flash heat wave was felt in #Israel yesterday, as if the fires of hell were stoked with a new source of fuel. 🔥
1/ Thread: The #Nasrallah Obituary Album Image
2/ Nasrallah Obit Album.
Israel will regret that #Nasrallah died NOT at its hand.

And then there were none: The three men who led the 2006 #Lebanon war against #Israel - Qasem #Soleimani, Iyad Mughniyeh, and #HassanNasrallah debriefing Khomeini Jr in #Iran. Image
3/ Nasrallah Obit Album.

There's no doubt that #Nasrallah was Soleimani's main man in #Lebanon.
"Welcome to Hell, Hassan." Image
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1. On May 31st 1953, Palestinian terrorists that infiltrated from #Lebanon had opened fire on Israeli civilians near Safed, including on a minibus with Israeli schoolchildren that were on a school trip.
The incident occurred approximately at 20:30\8:30 PM , 2km from Mount Meron. An ambushed cell armed with a machine gun opened fire on cars passing in the area.
16 year old Isaiah Pickler was murdered and 3 other teens were wounded , including 1 critically.
Isaiah (Shaikeh), son of Leah and Chaim, was born in Focșani Romania in 1936. He grew up in Romania.
During the Holocaust, the father of the family perished.
A few years later, in 1950, Isaiah, his mother, his sister Giza and his brothers Moshe, Reuven and Herman made alliyah.
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The breakdown in #Syria's presidential election:

Bashar 51%
Al Assad 49%

President #BasharAlAssad is in power for 21 years now. It will be 26 years if he completes the new term.
I still remember when he took oath in Parliament in #Damascus after his father's death in 2000. I was watching the ceremony on TV w/ a close Syrian friend, ex-army, served in Syrian military in #Lebanon. I was flabbergasted after his first live speech:
The new Syrian president spoke in perfect, incisive, articulate Arabic, without pauses. No teleprompter. Impeccable expression. He was the youngest Arab leader then (along Abdullah II of Jordan), a breath of fresh air (before Tamim, MBS, MBZ, Hariri, & Haitham).
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Chaos and humiliation as #Israel pulls out of #Lebanon (2000)…
#Nasrallah: apologizes for his absence during the last few days. He has a cough... seems tired...
#Nasrallah: I was in contact with people and leaders in #Gaza every day during the last days, but I have to speak about this, then I will speak about #Lebanon and remember #Badreddine...
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🧵It's been 21 years since #Israel withdrew from #Lebanon. The Lebanese replaced one occupation for a more insidious one directed by #Iran & executed by #Hezbollah. What have we seen in terms of progress for the Lebanese? Their "liberators", the "resistance", has destroyed them.
Rather than political autonomy, Hezbollah has directed the assassination of Rafic al-Hariri, assassinated in 2004. Anyone who stood in their way was shot or bombed, devastating civilian spaces with deadly acts of terror. "For the resistance".
Rather than economic security and development, Lebanon has seen garbage pile up on the streets of beautiful Beirut. People don't have jobs, while corrupt politicians get rich and provide no services to the people they're supposed to be serving.
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#BREAKING: Ceasefire announcement with #Israel to be announced in 24 hours, a senior Hamas official tells CNN #GazaUnderAttack
#BREAKING: Several injuries reported during an #Israeli raid on a house in southern #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack
#BREAKING: #German foreign minister says there is a need for humanitarian support operations in #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack
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Fake news: Two rockets in the sea, one intercepted & one fell close to the company that makes the interception missile systems to remind #Israel to stop its genocide in #Gaza. No war declaration here.

#Israel continues its indiscriminate bombing.

What #Israel has achieved for its security, apart from killing/wounding children, women & 1000s of civilians, destroying the infrastructure & homes, is NOTHING.

#Gaza defended #Jerusalem, brought back to light the Palestinian cause & #Israel genocide and ethnic cleansing.
It is not in the interest of the Palestinian leadership in #Gaza to accept the cease-fire proposed by #Egypt if it doesn't include the protection of the 38 families in Sheikh Jarrah #Jeruslam that #Israel has the intention to unlawfully expel and replace them with settlers.
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Rocket barrage targeting northern #Israel fired from #Lebanon with the Iron Dome reportedly intercepting some, but not all, of them.
#Israel shelling a number of targets in #Lebanon in response to rocket fire, according to @IDF.
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"Say his excellency. How dare you say #Aoun is behind #Lebanon's 🇱🇧 collapse? OK tell me who killed Khashoggi?"

Michel Aoun dismissed remarks made by caretaker Foreign Minister Charbel Wehbe about Gulf countries, “do not reflect my stances nor the stance of the Lebanese state."
#Lebanon's 🇱🇧 @Mofalebanon caretaker Foreign Minister Charbel blames #Saudi 🇸🇦 & the GCC for #ISIS in #Syria 🇸🇾 & #Iraq 🇮🇶, defends #Iran 🇮🇷 & #Hezbollah

President Aoun rushes to clean Wehbe’s mess, says "his remarks don’t reflect the state’s position"
#Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 condemns Lebanese foreign minister @Mofalebanon comments, summons #Lebanon 🇱🇧 ambassador to express condemnation of comments made by Lebanese foreign minister Charbel calling Saudis "a bunch of Bedouins & #ISIS backers etc"
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Sirens in Ashkelon, and Kiryat Shmona near Lebanon 🇱🇧
IDF spokesperson:
Preliminary report: Sirens was activated in Misgav Am area in the north of the country, details under investigation.
3 rockets were launched from Aadaysit العديسة 🇱🇧 towards Misgav Am 🇮🇱
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Sirens in Misgav Am
#Israel #Lebanon
Misgav Am is on the Lebanese border
#Israel #Lebanon
Locals report that explosions were heard
#Israel #Lebanon
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#Israel 🇮🇱 military says it has thwarted an apparent attempt by #Hamas to carry out an attack on Israel from the sea, said a number of operatives from Hamas were spotted today in the north of the Strip with suspected “naval diving weaponry”
#Israel 🇮🇱 Magen David Adom ambulance service says those being treated at the site of a #Gaza 🇵🇸 rocket strike in #Ashdod include 3 people lightly hurt by broken glass and five people who suffered anxiety attacks

Turkish 🇹🇷 President Recep Tayyip Erdogan @RTErdogan urged Pope Francis @Pontifex to help end what he called #Israel’s 🇮🇱 “massacre” of #Palestinians 🇵🇸, which should be punished with sanctions, his office said
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I am a journalist & condemn any attack on journalists & their offices. In 1982, #Israel bombed our (& many other foreign agencies/newspapers) offices in #Beirut during the invasion w/o warning. However, the (@AP) office is not more important than:👇
The outrage should be against the lack of #Israel/i respect for innocent lives in #Gaza in the first place. The world's 'storm' against Israel bombing @AP and @AlJazeera is greater than the one against Israel's killing.
The 907KG #US_Made GBU-31 Israel used to bring down Al-Jalaa tower where @AP & @AJEnglish offices via @muhammadshehad2.
There is no equilibrium between the Palestinian and the Israeli military power but #Gaza will for the 1st time win its deterrence and is defending #Jerusalem.
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al-Manar reporter claims rocket were fired from southern #Lebanon toward #Israel - no rocket sirens reported so far.
*three rockets
Daily Star now reporting four rockets fired from southern #Lebanon to #Israel…
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When #Gaza is introducing the new Ay'yash missile with 250 km range, it is the same Fateh 110 missile with high precision and can carry over 400 kg of explosive: a game changer by all means. #Palestine
#Gaza said it has targeted Ramon airport and (un) surprisingly, the Iron Dome failed to intercept a missile that can reach Eilat. This is a message to #Israel that no place is safe and that Gaza is ready for a gradual escalation. Obviously Israel intel & interception have failed.
This is why #Gaza said thank you to #Iran who shared the experience and technology with the Palestinians so they can defend themselves against the "strongest Air Force in the Middle East" bombing civilian infrastructure and homes".

#Gaza has still more to show.
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The number of victims is high, expected to increase before this battle stops. #Israel would want to improve its position be4 the cessation of hostilities' negotiation. The destruction is significant in #Gaza

HOWEVER, the strategic gain is much higher+

#Israel showed its vulnerable domestic front, its lack of unity, the control of extremists to many streets and the participation of the 1948 Arabs (the most important) in support of #Gaza.

Gaza took the lead and brought unity among the Palestinians. Gaza is defending #Jerusalem.
Because of this battle, Palestinians understand today that Resistance is the only way forward. This battle on #Gaza put the last nails in #Oslo and Camp David agreements.

This battle gave #Iran a solid position in the Middle East and confirmed it a regional power.
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