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Situation chaotique dans plusieurs villes au Liban comme ici à Tripoli où les magasins ferment car la monnaie n'a plus de valeur et des pénuries d'essence pour alimenter les générateurs électriques 3h/J
#LebanonProtests #طرابلس
D'autres images à Tripoli où la population qui sort dans la rue est en colère contre les pénuries et l'absence de réaction du gouvernement #Hariri soutenu par la France de macron / de nombreux coups de feu dans la ville
Situation à Tripoli où l'armée est envoyée face à la colère des gens qui s'arment aussi
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Le peuple Libanais ses soulève à nouveau aujourd'hui avec de multiples blocages dans tout le pays suite à la dégradation des conditions économiques et à la perte de valeur de la monnaie face au Dollar
"thawra"= révolution
Le peuple Libanais en a assez de l'incurie de ses gouvernants et occupe la voie publique / ici à Tripoli
Le siège de la banque Libanaise Swiss Bank à Beyrouth a été prise d'assaut et des documents sont jetés par la fenêtre
#LebanonProtests #Beirut
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Situation in #Tripoli #Lebanon deteriorating quickly. Protests that began 2 days ago against lockdown measures and 24 hour curfews to curb the spread of #coronavirus have disintegrated into gun fights. #LebanonProtests
For many Tripolitanians & other #Lebanese staying at home simply means no food at the table. More than 50% of #Lebanese are below the poverty line now. #Tripoli has one of the highest percentage of urban poverty in #lebanon
Even though #Lebanese politicians & decision makers have been warning about need for harsh lockdown measure, they have done little to put in place the proper social safety net measures needed to make sure people can survive. What is now in place is simply too little & quite late
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1/ #Lebanon didn't really get 1 moment of peace since the beginning of August/ before the #Beirutexplosions everyone was worried about a potential war with Israel, especially after the Iranian flight incident that was almost hit by warplanes over Syria.
2/ On August 4th the #Beirutexplosions happened and the horror began. It still feels fresh.

On the first weekend after the explosions #LebanonProtests happened and real bullets were shot straight at protestors from men wearing civilian clothes at times.
3/ At least 2 protestors lost one eye in the #LebanonProtests following the explosions in #Beirut. 1 man was hit by a bullet that was so close to the heart. He survived.

During all of this, emerging stories of survivors who are scared for life are surrounding us.
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No one is really rejoicing the the government of Hassan Diab resigned, because no one really expected Diab to alter the status quo. He was appointed to absorb people's rage, and eventually be blamed as a scapegoat for when the economy completely collapses.
Then the #BeirutExplosion happened and threw the entire establishment into disarray. Diab was pressured to resign, or risk taking the blame for the explosion. #Macron's visit sent a signal that change will inevitably come. Elites are now scrambling to hedge their positions.
President Aoun & FPM will likely double down on their alliance with #Hezbollah and March-8 alliance, but it will bring their demise. The Christian street isn't as wedded to the resistance axis as its Shiite counterpart. International isolation of Lebanon will cause FPM to implode
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Latest with @LauraSSpark for @cnni

"This action, the act of collective mobilization and cleaning, proved that Lebanon is for all, the Lebanese people are the government, they, we are handling this better than the government, look around" #Lebanon…
Meanwhile, on the streets of Lebanese capital, many people -- some skeptical about what the authorities will do and when -- were taking the clean-up operation following Tuesday's blast and violent protests Saturday into their own hands. #BeirutExplosions #Lebanon Image
A group of Ethiopian men and women were heading from the Gemmayze neighborhood to downtown to help with the clean-up.

Sunday is their "Off" day in #Lebanon as migrant workers - Yet here they were, cleaning the city. Image
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French president @EmmanuelMacron visits a damaged part of #Beirut specifically Gemayze street, welcomed by Lebanese with claps and pro-revolution & #LebanonProtests chants. He stood with locals & listened to what they had to say. Not 1 Lebanese politician did that. #Lebanon
Credit where credit is due - some political parties representitives did visit destruction sites in #Beirut - MP Paula Yaakoubian is one, I am also told MPs of the ARF/Tashnag party went down in Bourj Hammoud and helped the people hours after the explosion.
BUT big names like: President Michel Aoun only visited the port as a political statement, Speaker of the parliament Nabih Berri is nowhere to be seen, and ex PM Saad Hariri visited the mosque Down town Beirut while his supporters attacked groups of volunteers yesterday.
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A Longer #Threade I observed the last weeks

#Lebanon #IWF #China #Beirut #LebanonProtests #Financialcrise #bankruptcy

In Beirut there is hyperinflation, prices rose by 250 percent within a month, plus corruption, coronavirus, unemployment and hunger.
Lebanon, long ago called "Switzerland of the Middle East", is in danger of total collapse. Only the IMF and China could help. But negotiations with the IMF have failed. Now some are relying on China as a savior in need. But whether Beijing participates in it can be doubted.
And involved in this chaos is of all things EY, the accounting firm that gave Wirecard its falsified balance sheet for years (€ 1.9 billion). In March, Lebanon was unable to pay interest on its euro bonds for the first time.
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Lawyer @WasefHarake is the second prominent activist to be attacked due to his vocal political statements - few months ago, journalist @mzbeeb was cornered and attacked while heading to his car after a talk that he was taking part of with the @aubsecularclub.
Other prominent #LebanonProtests activists were identified and attacked by security forces during the protests in the past months too - I had shared the attack on Tarek Serhan and the arrest and interrogation of @khaldounjaber1 (both were known to lead & chant in protests)
Its all systematic. Its all planned. This is #Lebanon's government trying to intimidate people for months since October 2019z

That in addition to constant arrests and calls for questioning.
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1/ Observing how Hezbollah is acting and reacting to things in the past few weeks - From Hassan Nasrallah's latest speech and tone, to the judge who tried banning the US ambassador from talking to the media, seems like a power play to me.
2/ Did the party really sense that:

- The smuggling game to Syria is very out in the open now..?
- The local currency crash is hitting hard even in its strongholds..?
- Some of his supporters are leaning towards the economic demands of the #LebanonProtests ..?
3/ So here comes the "Power play" theory:

Through the latest Nasrallah speech tone, and the latest judicial order against the US ambassador, and the latest news about a Hezbollah drown capturing footage of protestors who blocked the southern highway 2 days ago 👇
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To sum it up; the #LebanonProtests riots happening in Beirut tonight are united & powerful, seem not politicized, but if 1 protestor or group names and shames 1 political leader by name right now: rocks thrown at the riot police will be thrown at one another by the majority.
This does not mean that independent groups and protestors are absent. No, they are present since the start of tonight's riot. But they are not the majority, they are not the ones leading. That's the difference between tonight and previous nights.
This is why independent secular groups MUST take back the lead and again: highlight the basic demands from October 17th:
-All means ALL, ALL and no censorship on chants & slogans.
-The cabinet must resign
-Immediate economic solutions as a new cabinet is being formed.
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1/Earlier today - we noticed that Amal/Hezb/ anti-revolution people were geared up to intimidate any groups who chant against Hezbollah's weapons or Hassan Nasrallah.

But I also noticed some religious sectarianism on the other side of the square from some. #Lebanon
2/ The dialect was different from other protests at times, this truly gave it a sectarian sense. "The sons of Mohamad" the speaker says, while the square had Christians Muslims Atheists Sunnis Shiites.

This general 'mood' showed from the moment I arrived. #Lebanon
3/ This is why I think and believe that sectarianism still exists deep down and that's why other #LebanonProtests groups should know better and take the lead when a sectarian angle is highlighted via chants. The whole purpose of the protests is often disrupted this way.
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As Lebanese protestors gear up to take the streets again today to protest the dire situation (on all levels), an ever-going debate was re-opened around #Hezbollah’s weapons. Some groups demand that weapons are incorporated within the military as a key step towards a solution.
A second group thinks that this is not a pressing issue to deal with atm, given poverty & unemployment rates are soaring and quick solutions/reforms must be enacted and the country should be set on a path of reform which later on addresses #Hezbollah’s weapons.
A third group, mostly leftist, believe that weapons need to stay in order to ensure a deterrence effect with #Israel’s IAF, especially that tension is building up on the souther border.
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I don't know why I even bother posting anything related to the Shiite sect on Twitter when everytime I post I will be labeled as sectarian or an agent for the west.

Try being threatened & bullied by your whole sect & then come & preach me about my tweets & dialogue.
Especially with that argument that keeps popping up about me generalizing. Of course I will generalize.

The majority of the Shiite sect endorsed Hezbollah's war on Syria.

The sect pretty much generalized for itself and marginalized itself by opposing every single protest.
In my tweets I am not trying to get the sympathy or approval of Hezbollah supporters or the Shiite sect citizens that did not blink an eye when Hezbollah indulged itself in the Syrian war.
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#Lebanon THREAD:
What we so far know - a group of protestors headed to the residence of the Minister of Justice to highlight the attacks and violence that took place earlier tonight in front of the Presidential palace in Baabda where protestor's groups were. #LebanonProtests
#Lebanon - after gathering in front/ close to the Minister of Justice's house, protestors went back to one entrance of the Lebanese parliament where they started removing the fences.

Not 100% confirmed who these groups are but SM confirms they are #LebanonProtests groups.
More videos from Down Town Beirut tonight - in one of the streets leading to the parliament a groups protestors is trying to remove all fences and medium sized metal blocks.

#Lebanon may witness a new wave of protests announced to start on the 6th of June . #LebanonProtests
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1/ LBCI aired a report today that discusses news about protestors going back to the streets in #Lebanon on the 6th of June - #Lebanonprotests groups denied being involved. I quote "Seems the organizers are groups from different areas & politically motivated" Image
2/ The report concludes that the groups preparing for the 6th of June protest are politically motivated by Ashraf Riffi and Hariri family - the demands will focus on early elections in #Lebanon.
3/ The report also associates the upcoming 6th of June protest with protests (Tweet below) that have been taking place in the past few days in front of Ex/Current ministers & politicians in #Lebanon including todays' protest.
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Good morning from #Lebanon where journalists are either summoned to investigation by the authorities or attacked.
Amal party thugs attacked Bachir Abou Zeid, editor in chief of the '17th of October' newspaper that emerged as an independent publication during the #lebanonprotests Image
Bashir had posted a Facebook status 2 days ago highlighting how electric shortage and power cuts in South #Lebanon don't effect the roads around the house of Nabih Berri (Head of Amal party/also speaker of the parliament).

So naturally, Amal thugs got insulted. #طفوا_بيت_بري
Bashir lives in Kafaromman village (South #Lebanon) and he is a bold supporter & organizer of local #Lebanonprotests editions that happen in the village.

He was followed and cornered there last night, insulted, beaten up. This is the only video we have so far.
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I'm not an utter optimist, but I'm not a total pessimist either. I do believe that the government + cabinet in #Lebanon will manage to implement solutions at least for the inflation & LBP/USD issue. But it will be a temporary solution. (1)
Similar to every "solution" they implemented over past years that did not address roots of the problems we have in #Lebanon.

Its always temporary, to keep people fairly satisfied or too busy to complain.

Speaker of the parliament's appearance on Tv today says alot. (2)
#Lebanon Which is why its important for the #Lebanonprotests & individuals not only to mobilize but to read more & more into every new policy or "solution" or loan or interference made my this government.

Not only they lack transparency but also strategy. (3)
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Local & international friends - this is a THREAD to highlight the importance of independent alternative media not only in #Lebanon but the region. One of the most significant ones is @fawramedia which has been working non stop on documenting the #LebanonProtests protests. Image
New independent media platforms emerged during the #LebanonProtests, running a media platform that is volunteer-based in such an economical situation is not easy in #Lebanon which is why @fawramedia can use every donation today…
To stay INDEPENDENT - @fawramedia decided to seek crowdfunding and not private, institutionalized, or political funding of any sort.

This is why I believe in this group and I can imagine them becoming a wider website based platform in #Lebanon too.
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A senior Lebanese army source has denied that the military tortured detainees who said they were beaten with sticks and electrocuted after their arrest during riots last week. (Report by @timourazhari in thread)

#Lebanon #Lebanonprotests Image
Lebanese army denies beating, electrocuting detained protesters

#Lebanon #Lebanonprotests…
Yet judge Peter Germanos clearly asked for an investigation regarding the torture accusations that are supported by medical reports and examination of arrested protestors.

#Lebanon #Lebanonprotests Image
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Thread: Some of the late readings that I managed to finish on this day (Sunday) - includes interesting reports/ #Lebanon related articles and some tech and security updates.
'Worse than the war': Hunger grows in #Lebanon along with anger @AJENews… By @timourazhari
In Lebanon's Covid-19, Aid the Vulnerable, Including LGBT People… @Rasha__Younes @hrw_ar #Lebanon #COVID__19 #LGBT
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A group of protestor was released overnight after being arrested in 'Saida' city (South #Lebanon)

In this thread I will translated what the 'Lawyers committee' specialized in defending demonstrators stated:

Some of the detainees from #LebanonProtests were electrocuted. Image
The detainees were transferred from the Military Intelligence branch to the Military Police in Sidon - the Beirut Bar Association headed by Melhem Khalaf was following up on the cases of detainees which included 1 minor. #Lebanon #LebanonProtests
The majority of the detainees were not allowed to make any calls/contact anyone, since they were arrested, no parents no lawyers.

The 'lawyers committee' intervened and made sure the detainees get access to their needed contacts.

#lebanon #LebanonProtests
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#Lebanon Thread: and I will be harsh because what happened this afternoon was not acceptable.

Please focus on the guy chanting in today's afternoon protest in front of the Central bank in #Beirut during one of the #LebanonProtests marches.
Apparently this young man (@serhantarek01) pissed the Lebanese army so much -because he was chanting in a protest?!- in front of the central bank while a group of protestors approached the gates.

The army started chasing Tarek.

#Lebanon #Lebanonprotests #عيد_العمال Image
This video partially documents how the Lebanese army started chasing @serhantarek01 - how many army members were after him and which weapons they used to hit him in broad day light with the presence of local media.

#Lebanon #Lebanonprotests #عيد_العمال
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Lebanese protestors are seen heading to downtown #Beirut, ground zero for Lebanon’s October uprising, 1st to celebrate #LaborDay & to protest the politico-economic situation in the country.
More photos of #LebanonProtests, this time from Kfar-Roummane, south of Lebanon. The city remains a stronghold for the Lebanese Communist Party and has played a major role in defying #Hezbollah-Amal authority in the south, mainly since protests erupted.

From the mountainous village of ِAley, a protest organized by #LiHaqqi - a leftist movement calling for social and political change & and one of the main movements participating in the protests that erupted on October 17.

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