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1) A common misconception in Asian Twitter & Reddit spaces is that AMs & WFs have lower rates of STDs than AFs, implying AMs are more incel than AFs. However stats from @CDCgov indicate otherwise. A long thread. #STDawareness #asian #asianmalewhitefemale #whitemaleasianfemale
2) The claim that AMs and WFs have lower rates of STDs than AFs come from this study by Hahm et al:…, which found that AAPI females report STDs four times more than AAPI males & about 50% more than WFs. #AAPI #STDawareness #STDfacts #Asiansgonewild
3) However, if you look at Hahm et al's method of measuring STD rates, it's just a question asking if a doctor or nurse told the participant they had certain STDs, including HPV, bacterial vaginosis and nongonococcal vaginitis.… #STDawareness #AAPI
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What kind of slot machine is Queen of Rio? The 5-reel Queen #90DayFiance of Rio slot machine has a high volatility. See how this stacks up against other slots in our guide here. the image Gonzos Quest VR #RHOA.
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There is no magical thinking involved when a gigantic earthquake destroys #loveeternal your town, killing everyone in it, including you and your family. Nature, in all its untainted glory, is powerful #90DayFiance but not magical.…

Math is also.
It's unstoppable. Wishing and hoping won't be able to change the house edge. For a player to purposefully seize control from the house, something has to be "off" about the games. That hardly ever occurs.…
Our magical thinking has an easy solution: wake up! Whether good or bad things happen to you, or if nothing good nor bad happens to you, Santa will never visit your town. (Right away, remove the children from the room.)
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Why does Jovi keep lying? He knows she doesn't like stuff and he makes her do things and then he blames her just because he coerced her. This is harassment. Ugh! #90DayFiance
Yara keeps telling him over and over and over and he lies on her and bullies her?? #90DayFiance
Literally everything is your fault Jovi??? I'm so confused at how he thinks he can blame anybody else?? You have to change???? Are you crazy???? #90DayFiance
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Last year on #90DayFiance there was an issue with Mike getting into the embassy in Ukraine to help Natalie with her visa process. The reason for that is below. 90 Days is on TLC which used to mean The Learning Channel. So it’s been a year, let’s see what we’ve learned.🧵👇🏻
Well, we’ve learned that Rudy Giuliani was in Ukraine helping to have our Ambassador removed and looking for dirt on Joe Biden. 90 days is my escape from all of that. But now the worlds have again collided, this time for Andrei and Libby.
You may remember this couple from such episodes as Lib’s brother Charlie and Andrei fighting in Moldova, or Charlie drunk toasting the happy couple on their wedding day where he told Andrei not to come to America and take advantage of it or my daddy.
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#90DayFiance Fiancés who need to stop WHINING:
1. Karine 2. Asuelu 3. Andrei

Fiances who need to stop stop being so self centred:
1. Tania 2. Angela 3. Yazan
Oh, and families that need to stop being so egotistical about Murica:
1. Libby’s family
#90DayFiance Families that need to stop demanding money from their sons who have their own families to provide for:
1. Asuelu’s
2. Pedro’s
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Okay, folks, time to play: What should Twanna make for dinner before the #90DayFiance Tell-All Finale starts? Looking in my fridge like ...
I try to avoid #FoodWaste / eat leftovers. For example, I turned the other night's ...

Dinner: Spaghetti squash with a homemade chicken, broccoli & cheese sauce.


Lunch: Baked spaghetti balls with marinara sauce. ImageImage
And, then ...
Breakfast: Fried spaghetti balls with marinara + an egg. Image
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And now for #90DayFiance one of the rare times I will express opinion on twitter LOL. First up Varya... no girl. This guy does not deserve you. You too, Mary. He proposes and takes 'I need more time' after 2 weeks as a no and immediately hooks up with someone else? Nope. Buh bye.
I can't believe anyone wants to fight over this guy who is clearly loving the drama of it all.
Now we are on to Usman and Lisa. Same sentiment other way round. If you are getting along this badly before the wedding it is not gonna get better. Find someone who doesn't yell at you all the time, Usman.
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EVERYONE who's sexually active should get tested for STIs/STDs!!! #90DayFiance
If you're watching #90DayFiance, here's one way to ask your partner to get tested: "Hey, not sure when's the last time you got tested, but I was thinking maybe we could go together to get tested sometime?"
The way #90DayFiance Ed did it was judgemental and hurtful. It could come across like: "I think you're a dirty ass ho who has an STD/STI — and I don't know your past or trust you — so YOU need to get a test if we're going to go forward with our relationship."
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OMG!!! I'm ridiculously excited that #90DayFiance's Darcey Silva wished me an early happy birthday!! 💕 ❤
I've known Maggie & April (collectively: "Mags & Bro") since we were teens. They told Darcey about my birthday, so she got dressed up all soft & sparkly and wished me a happy early birthday!!!
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
That loaded weird. Here's the original video ...…
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