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Dear white people and non-Black POC "allies"- especially AAPI- sharing anti-racist tips on social media & supporting Black businesses is good, but I need you to know that the substantive work comes at a direct cost to your own personal & professional well-being. A thread...
In 2016, I got to know a pregnant🤰🏾who established prenatal care w/ me. She described her job as a tour guide in the city, how she loved history, but didn’t identify with the narratives told on the job. “It’s not really my history as a mixed woman, you know?”
I nodded in agreement. My story as a 2nd gen Chinese 🇺🇸woman- granddaughter of undocumented Paper Sons who took advantage of the 1906 earthquake/🔥that destroyed immigration records- was never something I learned in school. Our shared sense of otherness was palpable.
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Growing up as an adopted Asian American, I've always found difficulty making sense of my identity.

As #APAHM comes to a close, here is my attempt to articulate just that and what I’m doing about it – a thread.

#AAPI #AAPIHM @TwitterAsians #AsianPacificAmericanHeritageMonth ImageImage
My name is Annie. A lot of people assume Wu is my last name when they find me on social media since it's @Annie_Wu_22.

My last name is actually Henry, which is the last name of my adoptive family. They chose to incorporate my Chinese last name as my middle name. ImageImage
I was adopted as a baby and haven't been back to Asia since. I was adopted into a white family in a VERY white town.

Growing up, I never felt different – even though I was usually one of the only non-white children. In fact, I don't even think I realized this most of the time. ImageImageImage
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I don’t believe the likes of Steve Bannon ought to have any voice or platform in discussions of U.S. policy on China. His ties to the alt right and links to white supremacists are appalling and disgraceful, truly dangerous and un-American.…
I can understand why @thewirechina team might choose to interview him, given the extent to which his views and impact in debates on U.S.-China relations have been noteworthy--and deeply damaging, in my opinion. But I was also troubled by how this Q&A was framed and featured.
In particular, I was troubled to see this profile posted without directly addressing his links to the alt right and promotion of intolerance and xenophobia. Instead, he's framed as more or less a 'China expert,' which could convey legitimacy beyond that his views ought to merit.
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Dear @ewarren, when I tell the story of your presidential campaign to all the children in my life (which I will), here's some of what I'll share about why we should all be saying #ThankYouElizabethWarren . . . . (1/8)
You put up front & made visible what women, especially working class women, usually do quietly: we figure out what must be done - no matter how impossible it seems - and figure out a way to do it; we help people see the plan -- the way to make the impossible, possible. (2/8)
You put critically important, yet invisible women--domestic workers--on stage & at the center of your solutions. Your historic speech in GA on Black domestic workers & their courageous organizing lifted up generations of leadership that our kids deserve to know about (3/8)
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I finally have a legit personal & professional news announcement, and it doubles as a #DecadeinReview #lookback: I am moving to Philadelphia in the new year to join @PhillyInquirer as a digital producer! 10.5 yrs ago, I had just finished an internship w their health desk. 1/?
@PhillyInquirer A lot has happened since then. My 1st FT #journalism job @bkreporter where I burned shoe rubber cultivating love/appreciation of #localnews in my home borough as a reporter/magazine EIC/digital editor for four years, then @bklyner, #freelancer life and, currently, @flipboard. 2/?
@PhillyInquirer @bkreporter @bklyner @Flipboard Leaving @flipboard as breaking news editor is bittersweet. 6 mos turned into 2 yrs thanks to valuable work & amazing colleagues who made a remote newsroom feel interactive & seamless. Shoutout @gabyaschwarz @SonaliKamboj @jeelsey @sfine88 @thekenyeung @miaq. 3/?
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YES. Speaking Chinese-- Toisan dialect for me-- wasn't shameful, but wasn't valued. 1st gen didn't want 2nd gen to suffer #discrimination like they did. By the time my gen realized we wanted/saw value in connection, was too late. Wknd Chinese schl not enough. @SelfEvidentShow
Also, ironically, hypocrisy of racists shows in dominant U.S. culture's simultaneous demonizing of those who are bilingual & those who only speak English. Bc we are good enough to socialize w but not fully Other enough to be token and hired for "diversity." @SelfEvidentShow
I've gotten that as journalist. Employers see my face, assume multilingual, lose interest bc not fluent enough. Also, by some #AAPI orgs, as I have experience, but am 2nd/3rd gen, removed from immigrant narrative. #mediadiversity in U.S. prioritizes 1st gen POV. @SelfEvidentShow
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It’s May, which means it’s also Asian American & Pacific Island Heritage Month. This is the @TwitterMoments I compiled from my tweets last May. #AAPIHM #AAPI…
Another May, another daily thread to celebrate #AAPIHM. Sessue Hayakawa, silent film star & Hollywood’s first sex symbol, partied with Fairbanks, launched Valentino’s career, fought in the French Resistance, & played COL Saito in Bridge on the River Kwai.…
One of my favorite authors today for the #AAPIHM thread. @AmyTan’s Joy Luck Club, which I first read 30 years ago, showed me that fiction need not be full of white people’s stories. She showed the world that our stories mattered.
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Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga (1925-2018) discovered a copy of "Final Report" produced by the Civil Affairs Division of the Western Defense Command in April 1943. Every copy of the report, drafts and notes, was directed to be destroyed.

#JapaneseAmerican #AAPI #history #twitterstorians
The Final Report stated it was "impossible to establish the identity of the loyal and the disloyal with any degree of safety." Meaning all Japanese Americans, the majority of whom were US citizens, were to be judged solely on their ethnicity/ancestry.

#history #twitterstorians
Final Report stated: It wasnt' that there was insufficient time in which to make such a determination; it was simply a matter of facing the realities that a positive determination could not be made, that an exact separation of the 'sheep from the goats' was unfeasible. #history
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