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I’m limited to a certain # of tweets per thread, but like my old squad leader used to say, I improvised, I adapted, & I overcame. Started this labor of love a few years back, but the 2023 thread of daily threads for #AAPIHM begins here on 1 May, with links to successive threads.
I started this in 2018 because I was pissed off. At the time, @USArmy had a vanilla tribute to AAPI soldiers on the main Army page, but not even a link to the 4-4-Deuce. I’m still pissed, went to the @USArmyMuseum last summer & the tiny 442 exhibit feels like an afterthought.
If we - soldiers who share #AAPI heritage - are as important to our service’s history as you claim, @USArmyMuseum & @USArmy, then please do better. I didn’t even let my son see that sad display. I was spoiled, we’d been to @USMCMuseum just before, where they honor everything &
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"As we celebrate #AAPIHeritageMonth, the key word is 'belonging' for our patients, faculty, staff and students."

- Chancellor and Provost @jeffreypgold welcomes keynote @knguyenpoetry at @unmc @NebraskaMed for Asian American Heritage Month. Image
"Poetry and medicine are rarely mentioned in the same sentence, which is why I am so excited to join the two today. It is the art of taking what is unknowable and making it known."

- @knguyenpoetry, Vietnamese American award-winning poet and keynote for #AAPIHeritageMonth Image
"What makes narrative medicine so important is its emphasis on the literary arts. It boldly claims that an understanding of storytelling is necessary in medicine. It transforms a patient from symptom input to a real person who lives outside the diagnosis."

- @knguyenpoetry #AAPI Image
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🚨 JUST OUT ➡️ The 2023 STAATUS Index

Now in its third year, the STAATUS Index (Social Tracking of #AsianAmericans in the US) is the leading nationally representative survey of Americans' attitudes towards #AsianAmericans

🧵of some findings @taaforg #AAPIHeritageMonth #AAPIHM Image
1 in 4 Americans believe that #AsianAmericans are MORE LOYAL to their country of origin than to the United States

1 in 5 Americans still believe that Asian Americans are partly responsible for #COVID19 Image
31% of Americans believe that #AsianAmericans should be subject to MORE SCRUTINY when working in areas considered critical to US global strategic competitiveness Image
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This uniquely American epidemic of #gunviolence leaves none of us untouched.

Our communities & our country deserves better.
Waiting on details.

But I will bet 1000:1 that (as with almost every one of these) there were missed signs. Someone that should not have been allowed to own a gun. Hatred & desperation.
We can fix it.

Recent bipartisan steps will help - they have not had time to work.

More is needed. Policies make a difference but are not sufficient. WE CAN DO IT.…
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NEW: Asian American Dems jostle for top slot on new GOP select China committee

#AAPI lawmakers want to ensure CCP panel doesn't stoke more anti-Asian rhetoric and xenophobia as it confronts threats from Beijing. They're divided over who should lead them…
.@CAPAC Chair @RepJudyChu is personally pushing @RepJeffries to appoint @RepAndyKimNJ as top Dem on China committee.

Kim also making case to Jeffries. But @CongressmanRaja & @RepRoKhanna want to be ranking member too.…
“It was important to have somebody in that ranking position who not only had the expertise ... but also who could push back at xenophobic rhetoric,” @RepJudyChu told me.

“This committee could devolve into that ... when there is that xenophobic rhetoric, AAPIs pay the price.”
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1/ Rep Michelle Steel #CA45 is desperately using unfounded vile, racist, red-baiting tactics to attack her opponent Lt Cmndr JAY CHEN ⚓️🇺🇸 and the APPI community is ANGRY

📌 Asian Americans for Good Government PAC 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝𝙙𝙧𝙚𝙬 its endorsement of and condemned Steel
2/ Rep Michelle Steel #CA45 is desperately using unfounded vile, racist, red-baiting to attack her opponent Lt commander JAY CHEN ⚓️🇺🇸 and APPI groups are ANGRY

📌@Committee100 bipartisan group of the most prominent Chinese-Americans, has condemned Steel…
3/ Rep Michelle Steel #CA45 is using unfounded vile, racist, red-baiting campaign tactics & the AAPI community is ANGRY

📌 @ASPIRE_PAC (@CAPAC Leadership PAC) has condemned their colleague Mrs Steel
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This is the man the Santa Clara County DA says attacked at least 14 Hindu women ages 50-73 in a 2 month hate crime spree.

DA Rosen told me Lathan Johnson “rips off their jewelry, drags them down the street breaks their wrists, beats up their husband (s)”. #StopAAPIHate 🧵⬇️
The DA says there may be more victims & they’re looking for people to come forward.

The @HinduAmerican Foundation applauds the charging— saying during a time of increased attacks they’d like to see more counties charge crimes on #aapi victims at hate crimes.

Johnson faces up to 63-years behind bars if convicted.

NOTE: Samir Karla of the @HinduAmerican points out the women did nothing wrong. They were just wearing saris & bindis, frequenting temples & Hindu sites. #StopAAPIHate #HinduHeritageMonth
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1) A common misconception in Asian Twitter & Reddit spaces is that AMs & WFs have lower rates of STDs than AFs, implying AMs are more incel than AFs. However stats from @CDCgov indicate otherwise. A long thread. #STDawareness #asian #asianmalewhitefemale #whitemaleasianfemale
2) The claim that AMs and WFs have lower rates of STDs than AFs come from this study by Hahm et al:…, which found that AAPI females report STDs four times more than AAPI males & about 50% more than WFs. #AAPI #STDawareness #STDfacts #Asiansgonewild
3) However, if you look at Hahm et al's method of measuring STD rates, it's just a question asking if a doctor or nurse told the participant they had certain STDs, including HPV, bacterial vaginosis and nongonococcal vaginitis.… #STDawareness #AAPI
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𝗔𝗔𝗣𝗜 𝗢𝘄𝗻𝗲𝗱 𝗕𝘂𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗲𝘀 𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗧𝗲𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿𝗹𝗼𝗶𝗻 𝗧𝗮𝗿𝗴𝗲𝘁𝗲𝗱 “3xs a week… for months.”

Lee’s Sandwiches gets vandalized & broken into regularly. @tl_merchants says hundreds of $ of items get stolen/damaged each time.

#SanFrancisco #AAPI
🧵 ⬇️
Rene Colorado Ex. Dir of @tl_merchants says ambassadors (who now wear bulletproof vests aft getting a gun pulled on them) patrol daily & have been successful in deterring crime 9-6.

But crooks have figured out they can break in b4 or after they leave for the day #SanFrancisco
Renee says “the sense in the community is that the Asian community is an easy target…ur not going to get hurt ur not going to get caught & there are no consequences. It’s been kind of lk a free for all so we’re on edge, the community has been on edge for months.” #StopAAPIHate
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When I came out to my dad 20 years ago, he told me the idea of two men being intimate disgusted him.

Here's what happened next. #FathersDay 🧵 👇
By 18, our relationship was...strained. As a kid, I preferred Baby-Sitters Club books to basketball. I was (and still am) a sensitive person—a stray comment could swerve into screaming, sobbing, and the silent treatment.
My dad had a walk-it-off mentality when it came to my problems. Bullying? Insecurities? Suck it up and stop crying—sympathy is for the weak. (Typical Dad stuff.)
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This man in his 60’s was carjacked & dragged on the pavement in Oakland’s Chinatown 8th & Jackson this afternoon.

He left his keys in the car while picking up a bag of rice & the suspect got in the car.

The victim runs over & holds on to the vehicle. (Thread ⬇️) #StopAAPIHate
You can see the man suffered abrasions to many parts of his body including his face.

Thankfully two volunteer patrol groups & civilians stopped to translate, call 9-1-1 & render aid. OPD arrived minutes later as they were doing patrols nearby at the time.

#StopAsianHate ImageImageImage
Carl Chan, Oakland Chinatown Chamber pres said “ppl think crime is down especially [pertaining to] #aapi hate. It seems like it’s slowing down but it’s not. Report to PD…let ppl know these incidents happen in our community.”

(PS: This patrol member is thankfully a doctor.) Image
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#AsianAmerican and #PacificIslander communities are among the most dynamic populations in the U.S. Today, @AAPIData released the latest available demographic data, and it is CHOCK FULL of important findings! 🧵and link #DataEquity #AAPI #WhoWeAre State of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific IslaA chart depicting growth rate by race alone or in combinatioA chart depicting persons obtaining legal permanent residentA chart depicting percentages of the population by race alon
Between 2010 and 2020, the Asian American pop grew rapidly by 40% to over 24M. The Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander population also grew by 30% to 1.6M #DataEquity #AAPI #WhoWeAre A chart depicting growth rate by race alone or in combinatio
Indians are now the second largest Asian population in the United States, passing Filipinos #DataEquity #AAPI #WhoWeAre A chart depicting population by detailed Asian national origThis chart depicts growth rates from 2010 - 2020 by detailedThis chart depicts population by detailed NHPI national origThis chart depicts growth rates from 2010-2020 by detailed N
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Achieving racial equity requires investments in good data. This report lays out 10 key recommendations for #AsianAmerican and #NHPI communities, building on the strong #DataEquity work of @WHOSTP @OMBPress @WHIAANHPI 🧵and link… 10 recommendations to advance data equity in AANHPI communit"Disaggregation Plus": Improved federal standards
First, we need federal investments in data collections on #AsianAmerican and #NHPI communities that can offer insights that can inform the work of various federal agencies #DataEquity #AAPI #WhoWeAre Recommendation #1: Create additional case studies and pilot
Next, we need to raise the federal minimum standard for data collection across all relevant agencies that expands upon the categories used in the 2020 Census and American Community Survey #DataEquity #AAPI #WhoWeAre Recommendation #2: Update the federal minimum standard for d
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Thrilled to kick off our #AAPIHeritageMonth program with keynote speaker @chancellor_li from @UNOmaha to discuss the importance of community!

We are all from different families, cultures and backgrounds. The strength of an academic health center is in its diversity! Image
"This is a time of tragedy with recent hate crimes. This is also a time of opportunity. The more we can bring our communities together the better we can eliminate disparities. We are so lucky to have @chancellor_li's leadership!"

- Chancellor @jeffreypgold at #AAPIHeritageMonth Image
"With our 10,000 plus employees at @NebraskaMed, I am thrilled to celebrate #AAPIHM and to learn from our colleagues. Our culture is so important to our work in healthcare."

- @drjlinder CEO on the importance of diversity on our teams. Image
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🗣️Tomorrow at 11am we'll be looking at what the leaked #SCOTUS opinion on #Roe could mean for AAPI women. Follow the convo @EthnicMediaSvc and @aaaj_alc @NAPAWF @RepJudyChu @RepJayapal… Image
In just under 10 mins we'll be discussing the leaked #RoeVWade opinion and what a repeal of the landmark case could mean for #AAPI women. Follow us @EthnicMediaSvc or via FB Live: Image
Welcome to today's briefing on what the potential repeal of #RoevWade could mean for #AAPI women. Remember you can follow the conversation via FB live 👉
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It's #AAPIHeritageMonth! I've always been a little overwhelmed at how to honor #APIDA/NHPI stories, esp after such overexposure in recent years. I've been processing a lot over the past, present, and future ... 1/
We can tell stories to complicate the binaries of black/white in the U.S. We can address racial triangulation and wedge dynamics. We can address overlaying and intermingled theologies that make up our faith , about how we see God and the church. #AAPIHeritageMonth 2/
We can tell stories that don't center East Asians. We can include #APIDA and #NHPI stories. We can address colorism, militarism, and our unresolved traumas related to our transpacific immigration journeys, riddled with half known war and poverty stories, and survivalism. 3/
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My sociological imagination expanded when I chose to READ ACROSS disciplinary boundaries & genres.

I'm ringing in '22 🎆 by giving props to 22 BRILLIANT #AsianAmerican #women political scientists, historians, health researchers, writers & creatives from whom I learn so much 🙏🏼🧵
1/ @ProfJanelleWong, political scientist & co-Director of @AAPIData, wrote this searing piece @Medium about what the media gets wrong about anti-Asian violence & hate. She produces research & draws on it whenever she writes and speaks about #StopAsianHate…
2/ @sarasadhwani (CA Redistricting Commissioner, political scientist, and researcher @AAPIData) co-authored this paper w/@KulkarniManju about the responsiveness of CBOs to #AAPI communities during the #COVID19 pandemic.…
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Speaking of mass robberies in the Bay Area…a family-owned jewelry shop in Oakland’s Chinatown was targeted around 1:40AM.

The owner tells me about a dozen people were seen on surveillance trying to break in.

You can see a crowbar & what appears to be a carjack (1/4) #BayArea
The people are unable to break through the metal gate installed earlier this year. (They were robbed in Feb.)

I shortened the 4m vid but here’s the end where you can see everyone run into waiting cars nearby.

"We just feel so numb & disgusted.” says the owner. (2/4) #oakland
A good neighbor called 9-1-1 to alert OPD.

BTW: this shop was the one I reported on a few months ago. A family member witnessed women get robbed & dragged on the ground outside.

He ran after them & threw a stool to stop the getaway car. (3/4) #oakland #aapi
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Zoom w/ David Inoue .@JACL_National on H.R. 1931 Japanese American Confinement Education Act, which permanently reauthorizes the Japanese American Confinement Sites preservation program.

Missing from the #California co-sponsor list?
Michelle Steel.…
There is an endangered #NationalTreasure .@WintersburgHB in Michelle Steel's district representing this #AAPI history.

As an OC supervisor & now as congressional rep, Steel has not acknowledged it or taken any action to save it. Crickets.…
I will thank Young Kim for being the *only* GOP congressional rep from #California who signed on as a co-sponsor for H.R. 1931.

If you post social media about anti-AAPI hate, but don't sponsor efforts to save #AAPI history, we see you.
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Redistricting gives us the opportunity to come together and advocate for the future of our community and our children. This process allows us to advocate for district maps that will benefit our community for the next 10 YEARS. A lot can happen in 10 years! #OurMapsOurVoices (1/3)
Our #AAPI communities deserve the same opportunity to come together and advocate for our families as everyone else. At the school board level, we want to ensure that elected officials make decisions that are good for all, not just for some #OurMapsOurVoices (2/3)
School board members approve textbooks and other curriculum materials. They also make decisions regarding the opening and closing of schools -- hugely relevant as we approach 2 years in this #pandemic #OurMapsOurVoices (3/3)
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1/ About Oka Elementary School in #HuntingtonBeach. It is connected to the history of endangered #AAPI National Treasure #HistoricWintersburg, which Steel failed to recognize or help save while OC supervisor & now as a congressional rep.

The school is named after Isojiro Oka.
2/ Isojiro Oka was arrested & taken by FBI on January 28, 1942, for the sole reason of his Japanese ancestry.

He arrived in Huntington Beach circa 1907. Isojiro Oka and Hisamatsu Tamura purchased land in Talbert (Fountain Valley) specifically to build a school.
3/ They got a building from Standard Oil, moved it to the property, & it became one of the four Japanese language schools in Orange County. He continued to contribute to schools his entire life, sharing produce grown on his farm.
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@LionsRoar editor @MelvinMcLeodSun, in an otherwise moving editorial, commits serious Pure Land Erasure: he mislables the famous #haiku master Issa as a "Zen master."

Issa, as is well known, was a Jodo Shinshu monk. #AAPI #BuddhistStudies #Buddhism…
McLeod is actually getting his misinformation from Zen teacher @John_Tarrant, who in the same issue mislables Issa as a "Zen poet."

Which points to the larger nature of the issue.…
What we have here is a serious problem. It's not just about a leading Buddhist magazine completely mislabeling one of the most famous historical Buddhists.

It's an indicator of the Pure Land Deficiency Syndrome that plagues @LionsRoar @tricyclemag @buddhadharma and their ilk.
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This is a Buddhist object. It might not look that way to you at first. Can you guess how it is Buddhist? Twenty panels of fabric, with various floral designs, arrang
It doesn't LOOK Buddhist according to how we imagine Buddhist things should look. They should show some Asian aesthetic, such as Tibetan art styles. They should depict grand buddhas or wise monks, or be tools for meditation or mantra practice. They should be traditional (ancient)
But Buddhistness arises not from inherent properties in things themselves--it arises from use and context. What was the context and purpose of this object, therefore?
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