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"Mutual aid...programs tend to be run on a "by the people, for the people" mindset and prioritize boots-on-the-ground volunteering... Mutual aid also allows for people to communicate what they need, rather than being told by contributing parties."…
Handy Mnemonics: The Five-Fingered Memory Machine – The Public Domain Review…
#HandMnemonics, #DigitalDevices
The community fridge movement could change the way we think about helping each other…
#CommunityFridges, #MutualAid, #FoodSecurity, #FoodWaste
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/21/2022…
Predicting the Next Big Thing: Success as a Signal of Poor Judgment by Jerker Denrell, Christina Fang…
#PredictionAccuracy, #ForecastingAbility, #ManagerialForesight
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Aus meiner Sicht die wichtigste Abbildung des #IPCC-Berichts zur Mitigation (=Minderung) des Klimawandels.

Sie zeigt, dass eine Halbierung der 2019-Treibhausgasemissionen bis 2030 für weniger als 100 $/tCO₂-eq möglich ist🙌

Schauen wir sie uns im Detail an: Image
Eine Lesehilfe vorweg:
🟦 = kommt uns günstiger, als so weiter zu machen wie bisher, bzw. defekte Dinge wieder durch die alte Option zu ersetzen.
🟨🟧🟥 = die Option kostet zwischen 0-200$ mehr pro eingesparter Tonne CO₂-eq, exkl. allfälligem CO2-Preis😉 Image
Wind- & Solarenergie haben das grösste aller Potenziale, um Emissionen bis 2030 zu reduzieren! Image
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Here's a #BrightonWaste 🧵
Lots of ways to reduce your waste or manage it better


Find all the local @TerraCycleUK schemes for hyper-recycling
Plastic packaging, crisp pkts, PPE, toothbrushes, lots of stuff you can't kerbside recycle!
The biggest and best local specialist recycling happens every Thursday at @BrightonOpenMkt check what can be recycled and how to participate BEFORE you go!…
Check this national postcode search to see what can and cannot be recycled where you live from home (in theory for when there's not a strike on!) and all the other local #recycling options available via @recycle_now
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With yesterday being #InternationalFoodLossandWasteAwarenessDay it is a wake up for all of us to look at how we contribute to, or combat food waste. That said, it's never as simple as it seems.

We've rescued somewhere in the region of 250,000kg's in food since we set up.
250 tons is nothing to sniff at but considering Edinburgh alone wastes 46,000 tons of food a year it's a drop in the increasingly polluted ocean.

As a wise man said "Food is a good" and from where we're standing it's clear we could be converting our waste to abolish hunger.
It was this realisation that 2 problems can actually make one solution that inspired us to create EKFH and if applied well, we truly believe our model could be rolled out in every town across the land.

But we digress..

What helps when tackling an issue is identifying the cause.
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Literally every problem in the world is caused by disagreements over facts, interests, and/or values.
Well, maybe not *every* problem. But still, probably 60-70% or so?
Disagreements over facts, interests, and/or values definitely explain a lot of the difficulties in achieving better policies for #foodsystems, as we argue in our @OECDagriculture report "Making Better Policies for Food Systems"…
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Today, marks the end of #ZeroWasteWeek, a week initiated by @myzerowaste to promote waste reduction.

We honor this week by exploring one of the lesser-known ways to reduce #FoodWaste and its negative impacts on the environment: Choosing a more #PlantBased diet.👇 1/7
30-40% of available food in the US gets wasted, according to @USDA.

Since more resources are needed to raise animals than grow plants, wasting meat and dairy has significantly higher environmental impacts than wasting plants, @karenaspwriter reports. 2/7…
For every 100 calories of grain fed to animals, we get:
🥛 40 calories of milk
🥚 22 calories of eggs
🐔 12 calories of chicken
🐖 10 calories of pork
🐄 3 calories of beef

@NicholasDCarter makes the case for transitioning to #PlantBased farming. 3/7…
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** Research on a Post-it #MyPint21**
For @pintofscience's #Pint21 early career scientist Miranda Burke @beeingmirands invited our researchers to tell us about their projects through the medium of the humble sticky-note!

👇Here's a thread of their creations 👇 A sticky note that says "tackling global environmental
#MyPint21 from Mark Hamilton @Mark_H_22
“I’m researching how #coral reef degradation affects small-scale #tropical reef fisheries, incl. productivity, catch rates, fishing activity & diets in #fishing communities”
@ENVISIONDTP @LecReefs #Pint21 @LancsUniSciTech #GradSchEnv A drawing showing the implications of coral reef degradation
#MyPint21 from Mike Roberts & collaborator Estrella Luna @ELunaDiez
"#Plants can use their experiences of stress to 'prime' their offspring to be more resilient. We're trying to understand how they do it."
@BBSRC @N8agrifood #PlantSci @GlobalPlantGPC #Pint21 @LancsUniSciTech
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#NorthKorea #Pyongyang #Starvation #foodwaste #Food #crise


As North Korea faces a new wave of starvation, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has threatened penalties for people found wasting food.
“At the beginning of this month, the Central Committee [of the Korean Workers’ Party] ordered residents to actively participate in solving our food crisis this year as part of a food-saving struggle,”
@RadioFreeAsia was told on condition of anonymity by an official from the country's North Hamgyong province. “The order emphasized that the struggle not only solves the problem of how we will eat, it is a matter of protecting the socialist system,” the source added.
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If you know Anyone providing food relief in Patna city, Bihar. kindly Dm. 2000+ families need the aid, alongwith sanitary napkins. #BiharHealthDept #BiharElections2020 #biharfloods #floodrelief #ReliefNow #reliefgoods #philanthropy #socialrelief #communityservice @KubbraSait
Please dm/SpreadTheWord to help with 2000+ families in Patna City, Bihar And 40,000+ families in NCR, 4.5 Lakh people reached so far #HumanRights
Milaap campaigns embedded in link↓ & urgent🇨🇭aid-10$ can feed one family for a week…
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Let's talk about #foodwaste, and the incredible carbon-cutting benefits of addressing and preventing it. If we halved UK food waste & planted trees on the land saved, we'd save more emissions than produced by the whole of the UK agriculture sector.…
Halving food waste + reforestation on grassland spared could mean saving and offsetting the equivalent of 11% of the UK’s total emissions. The cropland spared would be enough to grow enough potatoes and peas to feed 28% of the UK population!
If we don't prevent food waste we have to do something with it - and currently we send millions of tonnes of food, and other resources like crops, to Anaerobic Digestion plants which turn it into biogas. The AD industry has big plans to grow by 100 new plants every year.
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Aktuell trifft @JuliaKloeckner die EU Agrarminister in Koblenz zu #EU2020DE.
Gestern gingen dort über 1000 Menschen für eine europäische #Agrarwende auf die Straße, organisiert von @wirhabenessatt2…
Ein paar Eindrücke von der Kundgebung. Thread von /uk
@JuliaKloeckner @WirHabenEsSatt2 Nach Anmoderation durch @S_Richartz Grußwort von Bernd Schmitz, Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft zu #Klimakrise #Landwirtschaft: „Fairer Handel heisst nicht Freihandel für die Industrie, sondern faire Preise für Bäuerinnnen und Verbraucher!"
@JuliaKloeckner @WirHabenEsSatt2 @S_Richartz Als nächstes forderte Sabine Yacoub von @BUNDjugendRLP eine vielfältige Landwirtschaft mit geschlossenen Kreisläufen. Wir brauchen eine Abkehr der Landwirtschaft von Agrarexporten, hin zu regionalen Lieferketten und fairem Handel – das hat auch Corona gezeigt!
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Used a few items from my @misfitsmarket box to make homemade mango salsa. ImageImage
It's really delicious!! Stuck it in the fridge to cool a bit.
Currently boiling leftover fruit peels & flesh to make a delicious, refreshing Mango Cucumber Lime fruit tea / rum mixer. Image
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The 2nd Special Rapporteur on the #RighttoFood, Olivier de Schutter, delivered his final report to the Human Rights Council of the UN General Assembly on 24 Jan 2014. It was titled "The transformative potential of the right to food"
De Schutter's 6-year mandate (2008-2014) coincided with the Global Food Crisis of 2007 - that preceded the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. He visited 13 countries, prepared 10 reports on thematic issues and 2 special reports on the Global Food Crisis -
He said:"The #righttofood is the right of every individual, alone or in community w others, to have physical & economic access at all times to sufficient, adequate & culturally acceptable food that is produced & consumed sustainably, preserving access 2 food 4 future generations"
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Okay, folks, time to play: What should Twanna make for dinner before the #90DayFiance Tell-All Finale starts? Looking in my fridge like ...
I try to avoid #FoodWaste / eat leftovers. For example, I turned the other night's ...

Dinner: Spaghetti squash with a homemade chicken, broccoli & cheese sauce.


Lunch: Baked spaghetti balls with marinara sauce. ImageImage
And, then ...
Breakfast: Fried spaghetti balls with marinara + an egg. Image
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Whole milk is banned from schools, despite being a natural product containing protein + many nutrients essential for a child's health and growth. Whole milk is also lower in sugar than 1% or non-fat milk--which is allowed but tastes thin, and often thrown out. #foodwaste 1/3
Part of the USDA's new "Smart Snacks" plan include 100% fruit juices that are high in sugar + also Mountain Dew with 15g sugar. Our kids get these, but not natural whole milk. Why? #4dietaryreform 2/3
Pepsico a big provider for USDA School Lunches "K-12, Passion to Please" This is fed to our children, along with Mountain Dew. But not natural whole milk. Our government's #nutritionpolicy is not based on strong science, not nourishing our children. 3/3
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