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#ADDER in #IndoEuropean: #Latin natrix, gen. sg. natrĭcis f. ‘water snake’, #OldIrish nathair, gen. sg. nathrach, #Welsh neidr, pl. nadredd, #OldCornish nader ‘snake’, #OldBreton natrolion pl. ‘basilisks’, #MiddleBreton nazr, azr, #ModernBreton naer ‘snake’, …
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#ProtoGermanic *nadraz m. (#Gothic nadrs, #OldNorse naðr, #Icelandic naður), *nēdrōn- f. (#OldEnglish nǣdre, #OldHighGerman nātara, #WestFrisian njirre), *nadrōn- f. (#MiddleEnglish nadder, adder, #OldNorse naðra, #MiddleDutch nadre, adre, #Dutch adder, #German Natter, Otter)
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What do an adder, an apron, and an orange have in common?

If it weren’t for the phenomenon of “rebracketing”, they would all three still be known as nadder, napron (cf. #French napperon), and norange (cf. #Spanish naranja).
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R-77 #Adder & PL-12 #Thunderbolt

China’s quest for indigenous active radar MRAAM started in late 80s task given to 607 Institute (LETRI). PL-12 seeker development took help from Russian company AGAT which developed seekers for R-27/77 MRAAMs & data link from Vympel. 1/8 Image
PL-12 development took place parallel to R-77 which had advantage of USSR industrial capacity with far more experience & sophisticated tech. Collapse of USSR plummeted many of these companies into debt & out of volume production leading to all sorts of funds related issues. 2/8 Image
R-77 didn’t finish its full development, testing & serial production due to collapse of USSR/funding issues. Ukraine inherited much of R&D of R-77 (Izdeliye-170) which is what Chinese probably managed to capitalise. Below is R-77 (Izdeliye-190) 3/8 Image
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