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News from the EIR Daily Alert For SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2022:
"The #Swiss #military expert Jacques Baud’s Operation Z Describes How West’s Misinformation Makes #War Worse—for #Ukraine. ..."
..."The #Swiss #military expert Jacques Baud has just written a new #book, Operation Z, out in #French on Aug. 30. In a lengthy interview with The Postil Magazine, posted Sept. 1, Baud explains that his book isn’t so much about the #Russian special military operation..."
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1. today,the Italian daily Repubblica has an interview w/ #HillaryClinton,who is in Venice for promoting womens' rights. During the interview,she speaks about #AfghanWomen under the Taleban. No question to her on who funded & trained fundamentalists throwing acid on Afghan women
2. NO question on #LibyaWar, which was #HillaryClinton's war. Hillary with the #British and the #French. Libya which was and is an absolute catastrophe, in particular, a catastrophe for #Italy. NO question on #Libya from la Repubblica to #HillaryClinton
3. it is a disgrace how #HillaryClinton uses #WomensRights,#HumanRights,#freedom and #democracy to push her militaristic agenda which has destroyed entire nations.I believe everyone who believes in women's and human rights feel betrayed, exploited
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🔴"We are on your side," #Macron spoke in #Ukrainian

In a video message on the occasion of Ukraine's #IndependenceDay, #French President #EmmanuelMacron announced that a ship with humanitarian aid for #Ukraine will soon depart from the #French port of Marseille.
And the congratulations continue! The chancellor of Germany, heads of the government of Germany and members of the Bundestag wished Ukraine victory 🇩🇪

"Dear #Ukrainian women and men! Your country will overcome the dark shadow of war. Because your country is strong and courageous ImageImage
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🇫🇷 Emmanuel #Macron warned of sacrifices ahead and foreshadowed the "end of abundance" at his first cabinet meeting following the summer break.

"What we are living through is a time of great upheaval." ⤵️
🇫🇷 The #French president also emphasised the importance of unity ahead of these trying times during Wednesday's cabinet meeting.

He called again for energy sobriety ahead of what looks to be a difficult winter, reports FRANCE 24's reporter @LukeShrago ⤵️
@LukeShrago 🇫🇷 The #French government identified three main battles at Wednesday's cabinet meeting:

➖ Climate change
➖ Energy dependance
➖ Equal opportunities

@LukeShrago explains the major takeaways ⤵️
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#YEMEN:New US forces arrive at #Aden and Al-#Ghaidha airports

Informed sources reported this evening, the arrival of irregular US forces to the airports of Aden and Al Ghaida in Al-#Mahra governorate in the east of the country, and in a flagrant violation of Yemeni
sovereignty amid the silence of the Presidential Council in #Aden. On board a US military plane deployed in the vicinity of the airport in the Khor Maksar district, in conjunction with the arrival of US forces to Al-Ghaydah Airport in Al-#Mahra Governorate.
The latest #American military provocation, several #French forces launched an airdrop at the Balhaf Ghazi port in the Radhum district of #Shabwa governorate, 24 hours after the arrival of American forces to Hadramout and conducted reconnaissance tours in the areas
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#YEMEN :#America begins implementing the plan to occupy Hadramawt and the eastern coasts

Today, Sunday, the #USA officially started implementing its plan to control the oil-rich province of #Hadhramaut and the eastern coasts of Yemen, within the framework of a previous
plan to control the oil provinces and the strategic eastern coasts of #Yemen overlooking the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.
A military delegation from the US Naval Forces (Marines) arrived today at the coastal Brom Mayfaa district, to begin arranging for the establishment
of a US military base in the district, to be the starting point for its military and intelligence operations in the region.
The US military delegation met with the Director General of the Prom Mayfaa Directorate, Ali Suleiman Ba Qarawan, the Director of Security of the
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#dysorthorgapic #dyslexic #French #BadStudent😋

#autism #Reserch

I usually use to help me translate. But right now, I don't understand. How is using Leo Kanner's backward and dishonest knowledge going to help autists and research 🤨 ?
Leo Kanner has said many things about autism, ESPECIALLY "pathological" nonsense, and he has stolen knowledge from Hans Asperger's assistants.

To take a notion from 1960, proven false and harmful to autists, as "evolution" for autism research, is absurd. ImageImageImageImage
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Thread: 28 July 2022: Day 155 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: "#Ukraine's counter-offensive in Kherson is gathering momentum", with a bridgehead established south of the Inhulets River. Ukraine has used HIMARS to damage the bridges in and out of Kherson, leading Russia's 49th Army to look "highly vulnerable".
Congress has been briefed that #Russia has suffered 75,000 casualties (killed and wounded) in #Ukraine
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#TVL ["Le Journal" of 2022-07-18]

("la situation en #Ukraine. Le président a décidé de limoger plusieurs hauts responsables tout en réclamant
>toujours plus de sanctions contre la Russie à Bruxelles. La situation devient de plus en plus hors de contrôle.

Nous évoquerons ensuite l’arrivée du texte de loi sur le pouvoir d’achat à l’Assemblée nationale, un nouveau test pour la majorité mais aussi pour les oppositions.
Et puis nous reviendrons sur les violents incendies qui ravagent le sud-ouest de la #France."
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In Session 2, we focused on networks in #cultural and #creative industries: Building on the relations between UK #theatre workers, @ManfredideBern1 from @KingsCollegeLon showed the process of #CoProduction of #networks in space and time. (1/4)
Dominic Power analysed rural #female #artists’ work and #creativity in #Sweden. He found out that being in the #periphery does not automatically mean #isolation from the center or lesser #creative possibilities: Their networks go far beyond a classic #CorePeriphery model. (2/4)
Alice Bobée elaborated on the entanglement between #BusinessSchools’ cultural economic #geography and cities’ reputation: Facing reduced public #funding, #French business schools have set up campus in European cities, dissociationg themselves from their #national origins. (3/4)
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Thread: 30 May 2022: Day 96 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Great piece on the #KGB's reconstitution in #Russia in all-but name since the end of the Cold War, and the way this paradigm of a "counterintelligence state" undid #Putin in #Ukraine against Western intelligence systems that have absorbed new techniques.…
Offsetting the hysteria since 2016 about #Russia's government and watching the obvious failures in #Ukraine has led to some bias for the incompetence explanation over malevolence. But the malevolence really is there, much of it aimed at Russians.
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In the early 20th century, an #Indian Raja could snap his fingers and turn the fate of a #Spanish flamenco dancer into an Indian queen... as did the besotted ruler of the princely state of Kapurthala in #Punjab. A modern retelling of a #Cinderella story set in Spain. 1/11
How exactly did Anita Delgado, a Spanish dancer trying to eke out a living to support her family, become Maharani Prem Kaur? It all began when Maharaja Jagatjit Singh was in #Madrid to attend the wedding of King Alfonso XIII of Spain in 1906. 2/11
Like any tourist, the Maharaja wanted a night on the town and he walked into a nightclub. Here, Anita Delgado and her sister, both flamenco #dancers, were performing the curtain-raiser act that night. Delgado was just 16 years old but Jagatjit Singh was smitten. 3/11
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Owned by #kings, dukes & sultans, worn by Marie Antoinette, used to pay off a royal debt – and said to carry an ancient curse. It would have to be a #diamond. But not just any diamond. It’s the Hope Diamond, and it's from Guntur in #AndhraPradesh. 1/12 Image
The Hope Diamond is the world’s largest and most legendary blue gemstone. And equally remarkable is its tale, which begins in the famed Golconda Mines in Guntur. But it began life under a different name. 2/12
#gems #minerals
The diamond was discovered by an extraordinary #French adventurer and gems merchant, Jean Baptiste Tavernier, who visited #India in the mid-17th century. It was 112 carats, the size of a grown man’s fist, and it was called Tavernier’s Blue. 3/12 Image
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[Thread] about the organization of sinister reputation known as #PKK. Image
The #PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) as well as its sister organizations TAK (Kurdistan Freedom Falcons) and HPG improperly called "Kurdish" are terrorist organizations recognized as such by Turkey, the EU […], the USA […], __>
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The pain of a #DEX trader = frontrunning BOTs that steal you of great value trades, slippage and swap fees.

The value for money and ease of trade trading on #Binance or #Coinbase is missed on a DEX.

Until @KromatikaFi .. shutterstock,com person sho...
Limit trades have been missing from #DEX protocols. They are a staple in traditional finance, also appearing on #CEX like #Binance or #coinbase.
Range orders on #uniswap are not the same as limit trades.

Limit orders on #1inch are slow to get filled.

Until @KromatikaFi .. Motley Fool image explainin...
This is what prompted the devs of @KromatikaFi to create a product that tackles every one of these problems with ease.

Now you get BOT protection, no slippage, no swap fees and the orders are filled quickly via @chainlink keepers and utilizing @Uniswap liquidity. ten-steps-to-developing-you...
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1/ Dear all, many among you have asked me about my opinion on #oil, #logistics, #pipelines, price movements and a reality check on the #german #embargo plans. So I decided to make another explanatory thread. Grab a beer, this may take a while to read.
2/ It has often been said that oil is a global #commodity that travels on the seas. That view is not wrong, but incomplete. In fact, much oil is shipped by pipelines, on all continents. For an imcomplete but illustrative overview, see…
3/ Most pipelines either distribute incoming seaborne supplies to inland consumers (e.g., refineries), or they route domestically produced oil to seaports where it is loaded on #tankers.
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301. #MrQueen (20epi)
22. #Kdrama
Awesome series🔥🔥👌.
20hrs of Fun and Entertainment.
Not a Single boring scene in first 17 episodes.
Each and every character are awesome 👌
Sometimes so gay
OverallWorth watching
S1 - 4.75/5👌
#Shows2blue #Kdrama2blue #Korean Image
302. #AreYouHuman (18epi)
23. #Kdrama

Nice sci fi drama..
S1 - 4/5👌
#Shows2blue #Kdrama2blue #Korean Image
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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @TimSCahill1, Admiral R Hari Kumar, @CDF_Aust, General Koji Yamazaki, @INDOPACOM, Air Marshal Luc De Rancourt, and @Lisa_Singh.

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue
.@TimSCahill1: There is a wide range of threats that we are facing today, such as the continuing struggle of #terrorism, emerging asymmetric capabilities, & #military & #economic competition. The domains in which our adversaries operate now are very broad.

.@TimSCahill1: While we have been occupied with #COVID19, our adversaries have grown stronger & expanded their capabilities. There is a need to develop an ability to counter our adversaries’ #hypersonics.

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🔴In #France, it's time to #vote🗳️... today is the first round of the #FrenchElections!

🇫🇷Follow our #liveblog as the French head to the polls this Sunday, and don't miss our special election night coverage starting 7pm Paris time! #presidentielles2022

It's a beautiful morning in #Paris 🇫🇷, as French #voters 🗳️gather in polling stations to choose their candidate from the 12 names on the ballot.

F24's @JamesCreedonF24 reports from the capital's 17th arrondissement about how the process works and how voters are feeling today⤵️
@JamesCreedonF24 📲For the results, reactions, and analysis of this first round of the #FrenchElection 🇫🇷, tune in to FRANCE 24 tonight from 7pm Paris time onwards to follow our special coverage!
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🇫🇷 Marie Le Pen potentially leading polls w/ youth? What's up w/ that? Well as a young man who himself was once led astray by the alluring nature of far-right nationalism and radical politics, enjoy a personal view on what I think is happening here in thread format. 🧵
Le Pen in particular is an interesting figure, because she says all the right words to attract just the right amount of people to her words. Feminism? She's got your back, but she's again the "threat" of neo-feminism, that's bonus points with both men and trad-feminists.
She's pro-#nuclear power and for hydro-electric. #France already moving in this direction under Macron so good choice by her there. She wants to smack down wind and solar, also good on enticing that nuclear energy community, and one of her few points I actually respect.
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In the past few days @sd270 and I have been frantically analysing the data we got from @ecfr latest poll on European perceptions of French diplomatic leadership. Unroll 🧵for an insight on our main findings (1/10)
European citizens want more cooperation on #security and expect the EU to provide it (2/10) #ECFRdata
Europeans are disillusioned with how the global system of international cooperation is handling today’s challenges. 71% believe that the system is not working on #climatechange. (3/10) #ECFRdata
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Our new polling shows: the steps taken at EU level since the #RussianInvasionOfUkraine seem to be the minimum the European public expects. Europeans are calling for deeper long-term cooperation on #security matters at EU level. | A thread👇 (1/9)…
Europeans are disillusioned with how the global system of international cooperation is handling today’s challenges. 71% believe that the system is not working on #climatechange. (2/9) #ECFRdata
Confidence in national political systems is at a low ebb across Europe, with a majority of Europeans (58%) holding the view that ordinary voters have almost “no impact” on today’s politics. 🇪🇺 But support for EU institutions, however, remains high! (3/9) #ECFRdata
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#UkraineRussiaWar ⎮ Here's your roundup of #France's 🇫🇷 engagement and solidarity with #Ukraine 🇺🇦 on a national level, at the #UN 🇺🇳 and within the #EU 🇪🇺⤵️
@francediplo_EN @francediplo @Elysee @franceonu @EmmanuelMacron @Europe2022FR @EUintheUS @EU_Commission @EUCouncilPress @JY_LeDrian #Macron 🇫🇷⎮ "I spoke to Pres. #Putin this morning. He refuses to stop his attacks on #Ukraine at this point. It is vital to maintain dialogue to avoid human tragedy. I will continue my efforts and contacts. We must avoid the worst."
@francediplo_EN @francediplo @Elysee @franceonu @EmmanuelMacron @Europe2022FR @EUintheUS @EU_Commission @EUCouncilPress @JY_LeDrian #Macron 🇫🇷⎮ "Maintaining dialogue to protect the people, obtaining measures that will avoid human tragedy, putting an end to this war: this is the purpose of my commitment alongside Pres. #Zelensky and the international community. I am and will remain fully determined."
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#UKRAINE RECAP ⎮ #France is mobilizing with #NATO 🧭 in #Poland 🇵🇱, #Estonia 🇪🇪 and #Romania 🇷🇴. Here's what you need to know 👇
⏮ Last week, #NATO 🧭 allies agreed to deploy elements of the NATO Response Force, including the #VJTF, which is led by #France. This was an unprecedented, but necessary move.
✅Paired with other deterrence and defense postures, that added up to:

➡️ Daily Air policing with Rafale in 🇵🇱
➡️ 4 fighter jets and 100 aviators in 🇪🇪
➡️ 200 troops in 🇪🇪
➡️ 500 troops of the spearhead force #VJTF in 🇷🇴
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