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🌈 Hey Rainbow Readers! Happy Pride! We have several fun genre lists heading your way this month. All of these lists will feature between 10-20 books and all books on it will have under 5,000 Goodreads ratings, with a handful on each being under 1,000! The background graphic is o...
Our goal is to introduce you to new books you might have never seen otherwise. These will be a mix of indie and traditional books; and range in age category!

Our next list is queer gothic novels!
This is for readers who loved books like Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, What Moves the Dead by T. Kingfisher and Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu!

For this list, we defined gothic books as writing that employs dark and picturesque scenery,
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In the wee hours this morning I heard the heartbreaking news that Anne Rice died, surrounded by loved ones, due to complications from a stroke.
Anne revolutionized gothic horror writing with her layered, humanizing, and sensuous approach to storytelling...
Anne Rice initiated a trend toward more sympathetic portrayals of (say) vampires, telling the story of their eternal power and anguish from *their* point of view, which became the de facto norm for later shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight, and True Blood.
The LGBTQ community in particular embraced Rice's supernatural creatures’ ‘outsider’ status as their own, and she embraced them right back, becoming an early safe haven and trusted voice for queer folk.

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Check out this curated thread of splendid games to wishlist. 🔽 ⬇️

More outstanding curation to follow!…

Click This! its cool!
You can read the unrolled version of this thread here:…
Beholder 3 @Beholder_Game: The next in this #Dystopian, Strategy, Sim, Narrative, Choices Matter, Point and Click

One of my favorite adventure game series... Playtest available.…
Grim Road @TheMaxPirat

Seems to be something to look out for.
#Gothic Black and White, #Rougelike #turnbsed combat and a grim setting. I can't get past how excellent this looks.I know nothing more than that's what's on the steam page, so check it!…
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#ADDER in #IndoEuropean: #Latin natrix, gen. sg. natrĭcis f. ‘water snake’, #OldIrish nathair, gen. sg. nathrach, #Welsh neidr, pl. nadredd, #OldCornish nader ‘snake’, #OldBreton natrolion pl. ‘basilisks’, #MiddleBreton nazr, azr, #ModernBreton naer ‘snake’, …
1/14 https://commons.wikimedia.o...
#ProtoGermanic *nadraz m. (#Gothic nadrs, #OldNorse naðr, #Icelandic naður), *nēdrōn- f. (#OldEnglish nǣdre, #OldHighGerman nātara, #WestFrisian njirre), *nadrōn- f. (#MiddleEnglish nadder, adder, #OldNorse naðra, #MiddleDutch nadre, adre, #Dutch adder, #German Natter, Otter)
2 https://commons.wikimedia.o...
What do an adder, an apron, and an orange have in common?

If it weren’t for the phenomenon of “rebracketing”, they would all three still be known as nadder, napron (cf. #French napperon), and norange (cf. #Spanish naranja).
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Today’s #MaritimeMonday post visits an iconic #Cardiff landmark: the Bute Docks offices, a magnificent Pierhead Building, erected in 1896 as dock offices for the Bute Dock Company. @RC_Archives 1/4
It is a two storey #Gothic building faced with red brick and terracotta. There is an embattled clock tower over the main entrance and a fine terracotta panel on the west face. 2/4
The Port Manager's Office is on the first floor, which features an ornamental chimneypiece with canopy, castellation, foliated columns, and herringbone tiles to the back. There is an original iron spiral staircase to the clock tower. 3/4
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Today is my birthday and what better way to mark it than by revealing that I am currently editing a collection of R Murray Gilchrist’s #gothic #weird tales for @BL_Publishing’s Tales of the Weird series! I am absolutely over the moon, to say the least!
Some of you will know that I’ve been trying to get Gilchrist back in print for years now so to manage that not only as part of such a great series but in the company of luminaries like @XAldanaReyes, @Jendeavour, @daisy2205, @JoanPassey and @HenryBartholom6 is just amazing!
Specific thanks to @Jendeavour and @RomGothSam for letting me work through my thoughts about Gilchrist’s importance as a writer in their respective events and, of course, to @AnatomicalCat for putting up with me rattling on about him near-constantly.
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OX in #IndoEuropean: #Vedic ukṣā́, #Avestan uxšā, #ProtoGermanic *uhsô (#Gothic auhsa, #Old Norse oxi, #OldEnglish oxa, #OldHighGerman ohso, #German Ochse, #Durch os), #Welsh ych, #OldIrish oss, #Tocharian B okso, A pl. opsi.
This word, my friends, is so fascinating that one could write a whole PhD thesis about it (trust me, I know). The immediate reconstruction for all items in 1/ is a masculine n-stem with a nom. sg. *hₓuksō(n). For such a stem we would expect a nom. pl. *hₓuksō̆nes.
However, just as all languages point to or are consistent with an “amphikinetic” nom. sg. *hₓuksō(n), the evidence of three separate and independent branches unequivocally supports reconstructing a “hysterokinetic” nom. pl. *hₓuksénes.
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I wanted to share the story of how I came to love Bruce Wright's #Nightwalkers: #Gothic #Horror Movies, which just this week the company I run with @inchurlyo published.
In 1996 I graduated from @CathULaw and my wife and I moved to Austin. 1/
We had a sublet apartment off I35 and I was trying to find work while I studied for the Bar Exam. And though there was not yet an @alamodrafthouse, Austin was an oasis for movie lovers. This was the summer of the first #Tarantino-fest at the old @DobieATX. 2/
@VulcanVideoATX had been the first place I had gone, first night. I had looked all over the country for a copy of Mario #Bava's Black Sunday. Vulcan didn't just have it, they had both an American and a European cut. With #Linklater making movies in the hills, Austin was home. 3/
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1. Paulinus was born in the year of salvation 353, of a most illustrious family of Roman citizens at Bordeaux and he later attained senatorial dignity. He was made consul of Nola but
#StPaulinusOfNola #Jun22 #CatholicTwitter #EarlyChurch Image
2. struck by a ray of the divine light, he resigned the consulship and returning to Bordeaux, he was baptised by St Delphinus.


Then he sold his abundant property,

#conversion #JesusChrist #FollowMe
3. distributed the money to the poor and retired to Spain, where he was ordained a priest. When he returned to Nola, he built a monastery near the tomb of St Felix and entered upon a most strict monastic life with some companions.

#RomanEmpire #History #monastery #Christianity
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Ever wonder what a bird sees? If so, read on!

Purple has always been my favorite color. But purple's not just pretty--it's a special type of color. If you look at a rainbow, you won't see purple. That's because purple is what we color scientists call a 'nonspectral' color. 1/n
Instead of being formed by a single light or mixture of similar lights, purple is formed by simultaneously stimulating our non-adjacent red-sensitive and blue-sensitive cones in our eyes. 2/n
Since purple is my favorite color, & birds are my favorite animals, I wondered, "Can birds see purple?" Today, our paper led by Dr. Cassie Stoddard with @dylanhmorris @B_G_Hogan @DavidInouye1 Ed Soucy is in @PNASNews that shows that yes, birds can!… 3/n
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Around 3000 BCE in eastern #Europe, a Proto-Balto-Slavic #language started to diverge from #ProtoIndoEuropean.

The #Slavic branch of the #IndoEuropean #languages began about 2,000 years later when Proto-Slavic deviated from Proto-Balto-Slavic.

[Image:…] Source: The Indo-European L...
As the #Slavic-speaking area expanded during the first millennium CE (striped area on map), Proto-Slavic transitioned to Common Slavic. The #language underwent minor changes that occurred mostly uniformly across eastern #Europe, thereby maintaining mutual intelligibility. A map of eastern Europe sho...
Around the year 1000 CE #CommonSlavic began to split into the South, West, and East branches to which all modern #Slavic #languages belong.

Roughly 315m people speak a Slavic #language, mostly in Eastern #Europe (including the #Balkan peninsula), #CentralAsia, and #Siberia. A map of Europe highlightin...
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Time once again for my occasional series "Women with great hair fleeing gothic houses!"

And today we visit 1971... #ThursdayThoughts
Note: this is a sea-circled island...

Terror On Duncan Island, by Caroline Farr. Signer #Gothic, 1971. Cover by Allan Kass.
Is she walking on water there?

The Night Of The Enchantress, by Katherine Troy. Coronet #Gothic, 1971.
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In the early part of the first millennium CE, the #IndoEuropean language known as Proto-#Germanic diverged into an East branch (which included #Gothic) and a Northwest branch.

Northwest then split into West and North branches when Proto-#Norse developed in #Scandinavia. Image
Until the 8th century, #Germanic #languages, including Proto-#Norse, were written in Elder Futhark, the earliest #runic #alphabet.

The name #Futhark comes from the initial phonemes in the names of the first six #runes:
ᚠ ᚢ ᚦ ᚨ ᚱ ᚲ

By the beginning of the #Viking Age around 800 CE, Proto-#Norse had evolved into Old Norse, and #Scandinavia's writing system transitioned from the 24 #runes of Elder #Futhark to Younger Futhark's 16 runes.

The #Swedish #Sparlösa #Runestone from ~800 CE features both #alphabets. Image
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06/01/2019 - 78 years ago today, the longest-serving #UnitedStates #President, #Franklin D. #Roosevelt (#FDR) addressed the 77th #Congress with his "#Four #Freedoms" speech with the intent to shift #US #foreign #policy from that of #neutrality to #interventionist.
#FDR promoted the idea that the people of the world, in all nations, shared entitlement to four freedoms: that of the freedom of speech and expression, the freedom of worship, the freedom from want and the freedom from fear.
#FDR is arguably one of the most 'successful' #US Presidents. Some would argue that on the basis of his numerous social policies such as 'the New Deal'. Others, however, would argue that his role during the second world war was more prevalent to his success & everlasting legacy.
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1/ Manu (The progenitor of Humankind)
All different races of Mankind are derived from Manu and Shradha. The current Manu is Vaivasvata Manu.
2/ The word Manu literary means man but it is a title given to the progenitor of mankind. According to Hindu Puranas there are many kalpas (One day of Lord Brahma the creator) and each Kalpa has 14 manvantara and each manvatara has one manu. So basically each Kalpa has 14 Manus.
3/ The current manu of the present manvantara is Shraddhadeva or Vaivasvata Manu of this current Kalpa. He is the son of Vivasvat (Probably Surya) and is therefore also known as Manu-vaivasvata.
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