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1/ Many tired-of-Trump Republicans/Cons are pointing out that the Feds had a subpoena on all documents that have classified MARKINGS regardless of classification status, and that Trump attorneys were stupid to certify that those were handed over when they were not. Um...
2/ Before we get to the apparent false certification, if the Feds' category for documents was based on markings and not classification status, then they relied on archive laws to get a #BidenRaidOnTrump. This makes the raid more insane; not less. So why the towel-throw in?
3/ Besides, all the marked-as-classified-but-possibly-declassified documents in the photo fit into 1-2 boxes, yet they left with 33 boxes. So again this was an Archive raid that at worst should have first been adjudicated in court (in terms of Executive Privilege).
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It is the opinion of @benshapiro that the person who...

- Gave the GOP the WH in 2016 (after losses in 2018, 2012)

- Who helped SenateGOP/GOPGovs outperform polls in 2018

- Who would win in 2020 if not for Big Tech Censorship and Never Trump Saboteurs is a negative for GOP. 🤡
Underpinning @benshapiro's take is that half independents say that Trump is pushing them to Dems.


- What does the other half say?

- How many GOPs are not voting by you avoiding Trump?

- Romney won Indies in 2012 but lost!

- Dems anyway use Trump so use it 4 ur side!
In steps @RyanGirdusky and says that the GOP can't talk about inflation either that is still almost the worst in 40 years (except for 2-3 months ago) because gas is dropping...

Shapiro agrees.

According to Ben, GOP can't talk Trump, Fed overreach, Dobbs and inflation.
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1/4 On Inauguration Day, the outgoing POTUS does not personally have physical access to classified documents to fill 25 boxes at will and to secretly direct the movers to corruptly whisk it away. So any talk of Trump "stealing/taking" boxes of such documents is a clown show.
2/4 Can a new admin claim that some documents should not have been given? Yes. But if you read beyond the clickbait headlines and dramatic intros, the "concern" was the security. Did Bush 43 check Clinton's security at Chappaqua?

From the NYT via @politicalwire:
3/4 Basically, staffers decide which docs can go with a POTUS, but senior people in a new admin have the legal (corruptly-used) power to claim that some documents were given by mistake and can also claim (corruptly) that it's not securely stored; hence the new locks in June. 😃
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🚨 🚨 🚨

There were 10 boxes of nuclear secrets laying around at MAL for 18 months tucked into Melania's cloths that it took 30 agents 9 hours to collect.

3:00 PM: Garland Asks How Dare You Critique the Feds.

5:00 PM: FBI Wray Echos the Same Points.

8:00 PM: Those Upstanding Above Board Feds Leak an Incomplete/Misleading Claim About Nuclear Secrets to a State-Aligned Press Office.
In a matter of 8 hours we went from "this isn't a raid and Garland didn't even know about it,"


"Of course GARLAND approved a RAID: We needed to save NUCLEAR DOCS from Trump!"

Soon they will say Biden was briefed due to the risk, but he deferred to DOJ "career officials."
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A) Why buy a self-serving claim about Garland's role?

B) Subordinates taking action on their own "for good of country/law" is a tool for corrupt abuse in authoritarian regimes.

Same goes for Gen Milley. He can't decide what's good for country over orders of Commander in Chief.
It's funny and sad to listen to CBS, ABC and other networks pro-government propaganda as we await Garland's presser.

Sad how "media" isn't behaving adverserial to government action.

Funny because their wording and lines can easily be refuted if they were, well, media; not PR.
Many commentators on Dem TV argued that the raid neded to be much more than classified documents or else they would not make a raid.

Haha. Really?

Anyway. Let's see Garland's spin and how those commentators will "explain" that classified docs are enough to have raided.
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Five hours after the #BidenRaidOnTrump news broke, yet there is still no tweet from @LeaderMcConnell or his @NRSC.

"Vote Republican" means empowering the wing of the GOP that helped legitimize the abuse of power of the last 7 years.
No tweet yet from the @SenateGOP about the #BidenRaidOnTrump.

The leadership of the Senate GOP is garbage:

They repeatedly lined up 12-17 members to vote with Biden.

They cheered on collusion hoax; Mueller and 1/6 hype.

50 Senate Dems pass Lib stuff cuz Senate GOP is a joke.
🚨 It's 5+ hours after news of the #BidenRaidOnTrump broke, yet there are no tweets from the top 5 @SenateGOP's and their affiliated accounts: @LeaderMcConnell
@SenJohnThune @SenJohnBarrasso @RoyBlunt @joniernst

Now you know why GOPs lost GA Runoffs and Biden had legis wins!
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