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Thread on the WaPo article about the bottomless, never-ending bulls**t probe of Clinton’s emails. #ButHerEmails
State Dept. intensifies email probe of Hillary Clinton’s former aides…
“State Department investigators began contacting the former officials about 18 months ago, after President Trump’s election, and then seemed to drop the effort before picking it up in August, officials said.” #Clinton #ButHerEmails
“It is such an obscene abuse of power and time involving so many people for so many years,” one former U.S. official said of the inquiry. “This has just sucked up people’s lives for years and years.” #ButHerEmails
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#FTR: Sheryl Gay Stolberg is HELL-BENT on taking Biden down.

I don't really understand why. But even if any of her "reporting" presents some valid points, we must keep her clear bias in mind.

Unfortunately, the @NYTimes bills her as a correspondent...not an opinion columnist...
@nytimes #FLAG: Oh, and for the record, I don't criticize journalists easily. Feel free to search my Twitter history.

In the meantime, remember some of Sheryl's recent reporting on Biden...and it's timing...
@nytimes #FTR: I've said it before, I'll say it again...I do NOT have a favored primary candidate yet.

I just won't stand for the primaries to be influenced by biased reporting...or for the nominee to emerge damaged, based on "scandals" that were blown out of proportion.

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Petr Aven's description of how Putin gives orders by offering "suggestions" is how it works with Trump, too, per Michael Cohen.
I'm of the very lonely opinion that both Alfa Bank stories (the server, and the dossier) were partly disinfo. Which would serve the purposes of putting Alfa on defensive.
Reminder: During the period when he was using his personal BB sending deletable texts to Erik Prince about his ties to Kirill Dmitriev, Bannon was a member of the National Security Council.

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📌On June 8th, Steve Engel head of the OLC at the DOJ, invited Barr to lunch after he rec’d Barr’s unsolicited memo criticizing the Mueller probe.

📌Did the WH decision to hire Barr influenced by private chats he had about his legal views on Mueller’s investigation?

📌Steve Engel served on the Trump campaign transition team and is a Kav pal.

📌McCain was the sole GOP senator to vote against confirming Engel to lead the DOJ’s OLC citing his role in the controversial torture memos under the GWB adm.

“I cannot ... vote for any nominee who in any way has supported the use of enhanced interrogation."

“Mr. Engel reviewed & commented on this memo, which attempted to justify interrogation techniques that violate the Geneva Conventions and stain our nat’l honor,”
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I just completed Chapter 8 of my livetweeting of my reading of Seth Abramson’s book, Proof of Collusion, which you can buy here:…
My threads on previous chapters are here:
Chapter 9 is called “’The Hunt for Her Emails.’” Of course, no one ever found them (these were emails that the FBI let Hillary, with the aid of her lawyers, delete when they handed over a large cache of them to the FBI, because as they were going to be published publicly...
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Time to start Chapter 5 of Seth Abramson's pretty thorough new chronicle of how Trump, the Republican Party, and the Russians (and some other countries) worked together to steal the election; Proof of Collusion.
You can buy a copy of the book here:…
An archive of my readthrough of the first few chapters starts here.
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So tonight, I'm going to livetweet my reading of Chapter 4 of Seth Abramson's Proof of Collusion. You can find an archive of my tweets through Chapter 3 here:
My livetweet isn't anything resembling a summary; it's just the things I find notable, so go ahead and buy Seth's book!…
Because I'm a weird dude, I'm having fun doing this. :)
Anyway, on to Chapter 4: The Campaign Begins: 2013-2015.
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When Trump calls old friends on one of his iPhones, American intelligence reports indicate that Chinese spies are often listening — and putting to use invaluable insights into how to best work the president and affect administration policy #butheremails…
"Trump’s aides have repeatedly warned him his calls are not secure, and that Russian spies are also eavesdropping on them, but he refuses to give up his iPhones.

WH officials say they can only hope he refrains from discussing classified information"
"American spy agencies had learned that China and Russia were eavesdropping on the president’s cellphone calls from human sources inside foreign governments and intercepting communications between foreign officials."
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Am I excited to FIRE Bruce Rauner, one of the worst governors in Illinois history (and that's saying something!), with my vote? Yes. Am I excited to vote for JB Pritzker, particularly? Fuck no. Do I need to feel excited to do a basic strategic act of civic duty? Also no.
If all the candidates kinda suck where you live, and you CAN vote, please vote for the one who sucks least as a favor to all the vulnerable people who will be affected most by the victory of the suckiest. P.S. You can vote for someone and still protest stuff they do.
Voting is just one strategic tool in the changing the world toolbox. If you are someone who can use this tool, use it on behalf of all the people whose votes are being suppressed. Feeling excited is great when it happens, but not necessary.
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I stand with @JoyAnnReid
I stand with black women.
I stood with black women in 2005.
I've stood with black women since I was a child & my parents were Civil Rights workers.
I will stand with black women till my last breath.
If you do NOT stand with black women, ask yourself why.
As a #lesbian, I hope people will stand with/for me.
They don't always, because being an ally takes work.
But I welcome allies, no matter how long it takes folks to get there.
We must believe in people being able to #change.
None of us has perfect politics nor personal lives.
Every day people change.
People who were racists realize they were wrong.
Men who were misogynists realize women are people.
Homophobes realize they were wrong.

We all have the power to realize we have been wrong and to change.
Embrace change.
It's how we heal the world.
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Self-awareness, you had one job. #nh01 #nhpolitics
Meet the new "progressive" candidate for #NH01, Bernie Sanders' son. #nhpolitics #NeverAgain #BoycottTheNRA
Rights, something, something. #nh01 #nhpolitics
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Except you don't have the consciousness to do that- only what you've, perhaps, been programmed to register, process, or maybe transmit/emit. Here in #Ireland on the other hand there are 💚s everywhere hoping to #repealthe8th #LISTENUP #Focus on #Caring #Now to ensure #legislation
2/ to #repealthe8th or/& make #abortion in #Ireland a #legal #safe #clinical #option for women, regardless of socio-economic circumstances.
3/ Think you want to **Repeal the 8️⃣️th** 💚s? This is a sane quote from here, Ireland, today:"The dissolution of the Dáil would see the simultaneous dissolution of all Oireachtas Committees. ---
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