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Oh, I feel this pain. Some of my discoveries along my dungeon design/mapping journey for D&D follow. A 🧵.
Graph or isometric graph paper, working and modifying preexisting maps, using @hexcrawl’s Jacquaying the Dungeon article, and/or playing in @inkarnaterpg are some of my favorite strategies.
For my #CandlekeepMysteries dungeon, I used a laundry rack, room info printouts, objects to scale representing rooms, and string to test out all of my passages, etc. It looked like a 3D version of the conspiracy board from It’s Always Sunny.

But it worked for me.

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So I just listened to the March 17th podcast of Dragontalk, where they discussed the process of creating the #CandlekeepMysteries book, then cross referenced the things they talked about there with what I received in emails and with something Orion said last summer. #DnD 1/?
2/? And suddenly things made sense to a degree. Last summer, after the Orion Incident, Orion wrote that working at Wizards was hard because the upper staff there had a specific idea of "what" D&D is and work to maintain that. To the point it becomes a detriment to expansion.
3/? And not just expansion, but creativity and development. Because at the end of the day, things have to be "D&D", and that D&D has to match the D&D they know. So in a situation where there's a lot going on, even if the purpose is to bring in new voices and perspectives, that...
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Okay, time to consolidate it all in one thread.

I wrote for #CandlekeepMysteries, the recent #DnD release. Things went sideways. The key issues were that the bulk of the lore and a lot of the cultural information that made my adventure "mine" were stripped out. 1/?
2/? And this was done without any interaction with me, leaving me holding the bag as I misled the public on the contents and aspects of my adventure. Yes, it was work-for-hire freelance writing, but the whole purpose was to bring in fresh voices and new perspectives.
3/? So, when I read my adventure, this happened. This was effectively the shock phase of it all.

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There is a controversy happening in the #DnD twitterers currently.

I’m seeing a lot of (older, white) TTRPG creators today saying, “If you agree to do freelance work, you get what you signed up for. Don’t complain.”

We disagree. Here’s why.

#DnD5e #CandlekeepMysteries
It's perfectly reasonable to want to enter an industry that historically has treated people poorly but want to be treated better.

Imagine someone saying 'don't complain' to a union activist trying to fight for workers’ rights!

#DnD5e #DnD #CandlekeepMysteries
But in this particular case, the issue IS NOT about getting work changed.

An older white man inserted the word PRIMITIVE into the text of a black man whose is well-known for arguing against colonialism in #DnD! Here's why that is exceptionally bad:

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An update to the #CandlekeepMysteries #DnD situation:

Wizards owns all the material sent in, and does not publish unedited adventures on the DM Guild, so there will be no "PanzerCut".

I have respectfully requested that my name be removed from future printings.
None of this was done lightly. I sat for some time staring at the email chain and my response to it. But, while understanding that yes, it was work for hire, what came out was not what I signed up to write. The final product doesn't reflect me, my writing, or my style.
My interactions with the team at Wizards has been cordial throughout, and I bear them no ill will. I also don't want people to go after them. I'm chalking this up as a learning experience, and moving forwards.

An unfortunate side effect is that there will be no DM Guild content.
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I'm still processing what happened to my adventure in #CandlekeepMysteries. The "PanzerCut" of the adventure is 7187 words, and includes a much larger description of the Grippli, player race data for them, and locations and items that were removed from the final version. #DnD
The key story is different and more detailed, the World Serpent is involved, the Grippli have culture... And the word "primitive" doesn't appear ONCE IN THE WHOLE TEXT AS A DESCRIPTOR OF ANYTHING.
My Adventure:
Ancient gods stirring from their slumber bring the ancient past to the modern day, imperiling the local Grippli village as factions of Yuan-ti battle.

Edited/Developed Adventure:
Primitive frog people need rescue by players, Yuan-ti are evil because evil.
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Today we're looking at "Mazfroth's Might Digressions" by Alison Huang.

This is a really nice, very tight scenario that demonstrates Huang's trademark style of layering complexity into her antagonists: The PCs are sent to investigate some criminals...

#CandlekeepMysteries Image
...who are indirectly defrauding Candlekeep and putting people in danger.

But it turns out the criminals aren't aware of the true dangers of their actions & their motivations are closer to desperate altruism.

... until you take a still closer look and all the ethics turn murky.
This continues the #CandlekeepMysteries reaction thread that started over here.

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Me: "Right, time to give my #CandlekeepMysteries adventure an in-depth read."

Me: 🧐🤔🧐🤨

There's been some changes. Really not liking seeing the term "primitive" being used. Also, my goal of adding to the FR failed. Everything linking to the deep history is absent. #DnD
As an adventure, it still works. It works well. But it's no longer a jumping off point to more or a showcase to the deeper lore and history of the FR. The art is still amazing though. Like, damn.
So amending the success list:
☑️ Classic feeling adventure
☑️ Bring back the Grippli
☑️ Keep it short and sweet
❌ Showcase FR deep lore
❌ Add to the FR lore
☑️ Introduce some cool items
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My copy of #CandlekeepMysteries finally arrived, so I'm diving in.

Beautiful cover art by Clint Cearley.

This is more or less live-tweeting. So expect to see a lot of raw thoughts. Image
So my honest first question with this book was: Will it render the excellent DM's Guild book Elminster's Candlekeep Companion by @justicearman and @Thrawn589 obsolete?

The answer: Not at all. I would say it actually super-charges it. Image
As a visual example of this, consider the incredible poster map that Marco Bernardini did for the Companion. When I heard there was a going to be a poster map in Candlekeep Mysteries, I thought it was a shame that Bernardini's work was going to be rendered superfluous.

But no!
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