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== Jack’s Spellbook #335 The Resurrection Spells ==
There are five spells in #dnd5e that can raise a creature from the dead: Raise Dead, Reincarnate, Resurrection, Revivify, and True Ressurection. I’ll be reviewing them all together today.

#dnd #dnd5e #ttrpgs #JacksSpellbook Chance for Glory by Bram Sels
Each spell has its own costs, requirements, and drawbacks for bringing a creature back to life. I'll be reviewing them in ascending order of power.
Revivify is a 3rd-level spell that costs 300 gp worth of diamonds and resurrects a creature you touch that has been dead no longer than a minute, raising them to life with 1 hit point.
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== Jack’s Spellbook #334 Pyrotechnics ==
Pyrotechnics is a spell that's almost good, except it requires a preexisting nonmagical flame to do anything.

#dnd #dnd5e #ttrpgs #JacksSpellbook Explosive Welcome by Mathia...
You choose a 5-foot cube of nonmagical flame within 60 feet and create either Fireworks or Smoke.

Fireworks cause each creature within 10 feet of the fire to make a CON save or become blinded until the end of your next turn.
Smoke creates a 20-foot-radius sphere that goes around corners. The area is heavily obscured and lasts for 1 minute or until dispersed by a strong wind.
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== Jack’s Spellbook #333 Purify Food and Drink ==
Purify Food and Drink's effect is so specific that the vast majority of players won't ever get the opportunity to cast it.

Despite its rare usability, it's very efficient at what it does.

#dnd #dnd5e #ttrpgs #JacksSpellbook Deglamer by Zoltan Boros & ...
This 1st-level Ritual affects all nonmagical food and drink in a 5-foot-radius sphere centered on a point you choose within 10 feet, purifying it and rendering it free of poison and disease.
This spell allows you to eat bad meat or poisoned water without getting sick, as well as potentially restoring a whole family's store of poisoned food with only 10 minutes of Ritual casting.
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Updated Library Time!!!! #TTRPGS ImageImageImageImage
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The absolute best thing about #TTRPGs is that I love to read. Love it.

I love reading stories about all these characters that get to do all these great things. I love some of the supporting characters that, were it not for them, the hero or heroine would not be able to overcome
the great odds that face them and rise to greatness and become memorable legends.

Now, here's the absolute best thing about it all. I get to be at least one of those characters for a little while and when I look back on that session or campaign I get to say, "Yeah, I did that."
I don't need someone to nerf the snakes that I may fear in real life. I don't need representation. I'm already represented. I made a character sheet. Either I'm in there as some version of myself or I'm not myself at all. I get to make that choice but whatever happens, I still
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WotC's move to end #OpenDnD has created an uproar among fans, and a lot of people are blaming the corporate suits at Hasbro. Here are some thoughts from a former corporate suit, and how I'd try to use business arguments to convince other execs not to "de-authorize" the OGL. 1/🧵 #OpenDND logo, but it's on fire
And to be clear, I never worked at Hasbro. But I did work for three of their key competitors: Mattel, Spin Master, and Moose Toys. In fact, my last big career choice was whether to become the President of @bwisegames or pursue a VP-level position at Hasbro. 2/🧵
I'd start by pointing out what's obvious to fans: that making D&D "open source" took it from around 50% market share in the year 2000 to 85% in 2022. In a highly fragmented market, the #OGL incentivized potential competitors to play *with* D&D rather than against Wizards. 3/🧵
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Everything you don’t know about #monopoly:
And speaking about assumed monopolies:
Given the current glacial state of the #ttrpg hobby, this is the kind of content that you can post every day while waiting for the penny to drop for some relevant number of people.
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Hey #GameDev / #GameDesign!

Tired of seeing game dev students who don't know how to make prototypes, or don't know how to be creative?

My students have just finished submitting their "Experimental Games" courseworks, and I couldn't be more proud of them.

Check out this🧵!
Taha (@TeeheeYolk) chose to explore player perspective my mashing up FPS and Platformer sections.

The result is discomforting and odd, but definitely creative!

Riley (@AllanRiley123) looked at #UI placement, and asked why we use the outside of the screen and not the inside.

Might seem counter-intuitive at first, but is it really as intrusive as you'd think?

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*Guy on the subway sees my Dungeons & Dragons jacket*

G: Heeeey~! D&D!
D&D is the best!

Me: Yeah!

G: I had the craziest D&D thing happen to me...

(I assume we're going to talk about hus current campaign or playing when he was younger.)
G: I got in a bar brawl for real.

Me: Like, in real life?

G: Yeah, yeah, YEAH! A for real bar fight and, as it was happening, all I could think was "Aw shit, this is just like D&D!!"
Me: Okaay~

G: So I've got two dudes ready to kick my ass and I'm strategizing like it's all a game. Y'know, improve my armor class or disarm 'em or just anything!

Me: How'd that go?

G: HAHAHA, that's the craziest part!
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I'm choosing violence today as we talk #ttrpgs.

I hate when 1 player out of a group of 4 to 6 gives me pages upon pages of backstory, and it doesn't matter what system they do it in. Whether it's #dnd or #pathfinder2e, I don't like it.

Welcome to today's 🧵:
"About Me"
Whether in an established setting or an original setting, the GM knows the contents of the game they have in mind pretty well (or should know). Players, on the other hand should be provided an overview and background of the contents of the game (story).
Let's say it's a table of 5 players and a GM, each with different interests, experience levels, playstyle, and availability. The 5 go off and figure out character ideas after the GM pitches the concept. 4 come back with ideas and questions. The 5th player returns with a character
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#TTRPG and #DnD Folks - @satinephoenix has sabotaged, stolen from, swindled, lied to, and abused WAY TOO MANY people our hobby. About twenty or so people came forward. You KNOW a bunch more didn't come forward. 🧵 Please share - I want people to remember.

Firsthand Accounts - no particular order
Summed up on an external web-page so I don't ping all the authors again and again.…

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This is the most tacit admission I've seen from an RPG designer of how elitist gatekeeping and grognardism was killing their game.

And I think it's good it was said. 🧵

#dnd #pathfinder2e #TTRPGs
Years ago I made a Reddit post about how I hated the Ivory Tower Design of older systems like 3.5/1e because it was just kind of smug and gatekeeper-y, and it attracted douchebags who's narrative fantasies were inherently tied to the mechanical superiority those games offered.
I got a swathe of people responding saying that was their experience too, and that a big reason they prefer modern games is because it doesn't attract as many assholes. They don't need to gatekeep those games because they inherently deter elitist showboaters.
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Inspired by @/pangalactic's read-through threads, I'm going to start talking about Diogo's Primal Quest.
If you don't already own Primal Quest, you can pick it up in #TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights and jump in on the #PrimalQuest jam.

To describe Diogo as an influence on me would be an understatement, so this read-through will probably be biased.…
The gametext starts with a very short intro, links to the Primal World zine series and character sheet, and info on the open license. I started talking to Diogo about open licenses a few years ago, and know that openness is an important commitment to him.…
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This week the world celebrated our very own Portuguese language 🇵🇹 and we were busy keeping up with to get these pages up and running again 🔨 Portuguese version linked just below 👇 #indiettrpg #TTRPGs
Esta semana, o mundo celebrou a língua Portuguesa e nós estivemos ocupados a pôr estas páginas novamente a funcionar: Se queres acompanhar estes desenvolvimentos, junta-te ao nosso servidor no Discord!
Também contamos ter em breve novidades na nossa página de entrada principal:
We also expect to have some updates on our main landing page soon.
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All right! Here is: A d100 list of books you can find on a shelf or desk in your Dungeons and Dragons game. I hope it sees some use! (The full online PDF can be found in comment below)

#DnD #dnd5e #TTRPGs #pathfinder A preview of a d100 list, f...
Here's your link:…

I've found Homebrewery is an amazing resource, but the formatting gets out of whack depending on what browser you're on and what zoom level you're at. Might have to play around to get the best experience.
Okay! For those who just can't the formatting to work no matter what, I bring you a different take, through the magic of Screenshots! ImageImageImageImage
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This sounds like a lot of fun and something I can do despite the distressing things happening in my life right now!

Please let me know how you like my replies and don't be shy to interact or ask questions. 💜 Image
I'm Alexej 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🇩🇪🇬🇧🇪🇺 - passionate writer & illustrator of #TTRPGs, YA & erotic fiction and I'm a #MonsterLover 💜

I write eldritch-noir detective stories about the fictional struggles of a queer warlock under a totalitarian regime in the world after the apocalypse.

I use a pen name to keep my #nsfw & #sfw art separate - not out of shame but as convenience for my readers. Some of my scenarios are very explicit and/or feature kinks many find problematic. And that's fair! I'll keep this thread #sfw & vanilla tho. (European standards)

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HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS #dnd5e #pathfinder #TTRPGs Image
Well this blew up a bit didn't it?! If you guys could click buttons for me on the below platforms that would be amazing! TY #ttrpgfamily
This is the first tweet I have ever had that broke 10k likes! Thanks everyone, please do click buttons for algorithms on the above post! Have a great weekend, twitter!
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It’s occult creation of alternate dimension(s) which our rulers will control. With our screens we already live in it most of the time but meta will bring us there full time. Elfland but gh3y.
The spider egg dream in Bladerunner is about this. We are replicants insomuch as our rulers program our dreams, memory, and aspirations with popular culture and fake news. Image
It’s matrix obviously ofc, though it’s such a tired metaphor I loathe to use it. The robots using human body heat etc to make batteries was metaphor for the post covid lovkdown world. No one interacting yet somehow the Metaverse economy (and social) continuing on as golem Image
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I said I'd print it after I hit $1k, and we hit $1k, so here we are!

KANABO is a d100-based rules-lite adventure game set loosely in Tokugawa-era Japan (1600–1868) and based on iconic sword-fighting movies. James Mendez Hodes (@LulaVampiro) did the cultural consulting on it! ImageImage
in the 17-page Player's Handbook:
-Tools for safe play
-A lightweight, easy-to-run d100 system with four stats
-A randomized character system that provides compelling starting points for your adventurer
-Hirelings, tools, clothes, provisions, and weaponsp ImageImage
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Reading comments on #DeltaGreen today really cemented a thought that’s been floating around in my head: people don’t buy #TTRPGs for rules, they buy them for rules AND a compelling world. And it’s ok if the rules are merely sufficient, but the world? Not so much.
The job of a #TTRPG book is to HAND OFF the world to the GM. To christen them God and tell them “do what thou will with this,” but to jump that hurdle you must ENTERTAIN AND HOOK THE GM.

This sounds obvious, but apparently (based on some comments) a lot of people don’t get it.
“Why do you have a giant timeline in the Handler’s guide?” A GM coming in blank to a game is a God-in-training. They need to get the flavour (to change the flavour but they have to know what it IS first). The background. The characters. The factions. The history it is not fluff.
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