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Mar 23, 2021 8 tweets 5 min read
There is a controversy happening in the #DnD twitterers currently.

I’m seeing a lot of (older, white) TTRPG creators today saying, “If you agree to do freelance work, you get what you signed up for. Don’t complain.”

We disagree. Here’s why.

#DnD5e #CandlekeepMysteries It's perfectly reasonable to want to enter an industry that historically has treated people poorly but want to be treated better.

Imagine someone saying 'don't complain' to a union activist trying to fight for workers’ rights!

#DnD5e #DnD #CandlekeepMysteries
Jan 2, 2021 13 tweets 7 min read
D&D has a race problem.

In @WIRED, @mjgault describes @Wizards_DnD's resistance to changing parts of #DnD lore & rules concerning #race.

They want to retain the game's legacy. Here's why that's a problem:

#DnD5e #TTRPG #TTRPGs… A core element of #DnD5e is retained from #DnD's earliest days: fantasy races have significant inborn differences that include ability and morality. So, elves are smart, agile, & good, while orcs are strong, dumb, & evil -- they’re biologically savage & menacing.

Jul 20, 2020 5 tweets 6 min read
#Race in #DnD:
Racial Essentialism is the view that talents, behaviors, and&personalities can be generalized across groups of people simply in virtue of their 'racial' category. It's the core of real world racism.

So why is it an central part of #DnD5e?
#ttrpg @wizards_DnD
I know, orcs & elves aren’t real. But folks who have suffered racist harm often recognize racial essentialism when they see it, & seeing it when they are trying to make their PCs for #DnD can ruin their fun and alienate them.

#ttrpgs #DnD5e @Wizards_DnD

Jul 12, 2020 12 tweets 4 min read
A note on #racism in #DnD:

#Race in #DnD5e is essentialist. That’s what’s wrong with it. That means it ascribes things like ability, alignment, language, & skills to race, when those are clearly cultural/learned.


1/? Now is biological essentialism always bad? No! If you play Pugmire, your PC just is a doggie by birth and that’s the point.

Indeed, it’s not by itself racist or bad to play D&D as written. You aren’t a bad person and those who created it aren’t either. But!!