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NEWS FLASH! It’s not a dislike of “hard maths” that puts girls off studying or pursuing careers in maths + physics.

It’s outdated and damaging stereotypes that close doors on many talented girls and women.

Ready to hear about some of our most inspiring women physicists?

1⃣ Prof. Michele Dougherty, our Head of Physics.

🪐 She leads missions to other planets. During @NASASolarSystem’s #Cassini mission to Saturn, she discovered an atmosphere on Saturn's moon Enceladus.

She's now gearing up to explore Jupiter's icy moons.

More from Michele👇🏾 Woman smiles in lab setting
“I am so very proud of all that my students and staff achieve as they carve out their careers - irrespective of their gender. It is astounding to me that senior leaders in the UK continue to make such unbelievably stereotypical comments, which are not backed up by data.”
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¡Novedades sobre el #metano en #Encélado!

La sonda #Cassini sobrevoló esta luna entre 2005 y 2017. En sus "plumas" de vapor de agua detectó metano y otras moléculas orgánicas.

Hoy se publica que *quizá* ese metano podría tener origen biológico...…
... ya que según los autores del artículo (@NatureAstronomy) ningún proceso geológico podría producir allí metano en las cantidades detectadas.

Esto *sugeriría* que quizá en las surgencias hidrotermales que probablemente existen en el lecho del océano...…
... *podrían existir* microorganismos similares (o no) a las arqueas metanógenas que viven en las surgencias hidrotermales del fondo de los océanos terrestres.

Esto ya se había sugerido antes, pero aquí se le da una nueva vuelta de tuerca.

Sin duda, #Encélado es uno de los...
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#WaterOnTheMoon | The moon is sprinkled with patches of frozen water, #NASA scientists discovered. Mining it may be crucial for travel to Mars and beyond.… Image
.@NASA scientists have discovered caches of water hidden across the #moon's surface. Water could be a crucial resource for astronaut missions to #Mars, since ice can be converted into rocket fuel.

#WaterOnTheMoon #NASA
In a new study, a space plane detected the signal for H2O on the #moon. Other new research found small, permanent shadows where water ice could survive on the lunar surface. @NASA's next moon rover is designed to investigate water-rich regions of the moon.

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This right here is a *masterpiece* of processing by none other than Jason Major: Rhea and Epithemeus in front of Saturn 😍

#Repost @jpmajor (@get_repost)
Rhea (l) and Epimetheus (r) in front of Saturn and its rings made from #Cassini images captu…
Although you're probably already like "duh it's gorgeous, yeah it's a masterpiece!", it's more than that: those are moons, and moons are in constant motion. Color images are produced by combining images taken in the red, green, and blue filters.
Each image is taken at slightly different times, so the moons will be in different positions in each shot. If you just superimpose them, you'll get something that doesn't have sharp edges like you see here.
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This image shows the limb of Saturn's moon Iapetus, captured by #Cassini on Sept. 10, 2007. A ridge of 10km-high (6.2 mile) mountains encircles the equator, possibly the remains of a former satellite that broke apart as its orbit degraded. Iapetus is 1,470 km (913 miles) wide.
Here's a wide-angle view of Iapetus from the same observation set on 9/10/07. Color comp made from images acquired in IR, G, and UV.
Iapetus is an icy moon stained dark. This "telephoto" view of the eastern limb region from the previous image shows where dark material has coated its leading forward-facing side. This dark material originates from even more distant moon Phoebe, which is likely a captured comet.
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