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**Apollo - A Mafia of healthcare industry **
An important thread
• In 1994, GNCTD and IMCL signed an agreement to lease 15 acres of prime land in Delhi for the construction of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital at a nominal rate of Re. 1 per month for 30 years. 1/n
• In exchange for the land, Apollo Hospital agreed to provide free treatment to 40% of patients belonging to the EWS and reserve 33% of its IPD beds for the poor.

•However, Apollo Hospital breached its obligations under the agreement, as it failed 2/n
to allocate even 10% of its IPD beds to poor patients.

• Sh. Ashok Aggarwal (@socialjurist) a prominent lawyer filed a PIL in the Delhi High Court in 1997 impleading GNCTD and IMCL to provide free treatment to needy citizens and seeking the court direction on the issue 3/n
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Thought I’d share some of the #books I have read this year! Didn’t think I’d done much #reading this year but I’ve definitely done better than I thought! #BookRecommendations #BookLover #ReadingList
First up Chasing New Horizons - the story of the New Horizons satellite journey to #Pluto. A fascinating look at the project and how it all came together. #ILovePluto A picture of a Lego figure ...
Next up another space related book. #Curiosity the story of the not so little #Mars rover. I really enjoyed this book as the background to the projects is fascinating. So many projects nearly don’t see the light of day. #Space #Technology #ReadingList #BookTwitter A picture of a Lego figure ...
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Quand tu t'apperçois que la #Nasa ne sait plus comment elle est allé sur la #Lune il y a 50 ans, tu comprends pourquoi on ne sait pas comment ont été construites les pyramides d'Egypte ! 🤣
J'hésite entre ces 2 citations :
"on n'arrête pas le progrès"
"ils ne savaient pas que c'ètait impossible alors ils l'ont fait"
"#Artemis est différent de la mission #Apollo : va 70 000 km au delà de la #Lune"
Qu'y a-t-il à voir au delà de la Lune ?
Quand je vais de Paris à Marseille, je ne fais pas une boucle entre Marseille et Nice 🤣
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L’État avait laissé ce fleuron de l'#industrie française, leader mondial des tubes en acier sans soudure pour l'industrie pétrolière et fournisseur de l'industrie nucléaire passer entre les mains du sulfureux fonds américain #Apollo qui gère les retraites des agents de la CIA.
Source : "Vallourec passe sous la coupe de fonds de pension, dont le groupe Appolo ; la BPI, tout en continuant à injecter de l’argent, se désengage un peu plus de la gouvernance du groupe."…
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Writing a thread on key learnings from Prabhudas Lilladher’s report on Healthcare sector covering the entire sector & key listed players.

The content of the same is as follows:
-Overview of Healthcare Industry
-Investment rationale
-Key sectoral risks
-Company Analysis

India's healthcare industry has shown remarkable growth in the recent past and the momentum will certainly continue in FY23 with improvement in occupancy, better case mix and sustainability of current ARPOB.

#Pharma #Healthcare #Investment
Beyond FY23, we believe hospital companies will be more focused on growth as they are
- adding new capacities largely through brownfield expansion for faster operationalization of beds & lower startup costs
- scaling up other ancillary businesses to tap further opportunities.
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A quick snapshot of Rajratan Global Ltd:

A thread(🧵)....
2/n Detail Report:
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Il nostro ciclone ha assunto caratteristiche sub-tropicali!
Si autoalimenta dal calore latente del mare e nelle prossime ore si approfondirà grazie ai forti temporali che si sviluppano attorno al classico “occhio”.
Porterà piogge intense, vento forte e mareggiate.
La convezione è sempre più simmetrica, entro domani dovrebbe abbracciare completamente l’occhio.
La sua traiettoria ad ora non è ancora chiara del tutto. Dovrebbe risalire verso la Sicilia, stazionando al largo per qualche ora prima di tornare verso la Libia dove si dissiperà
Le zone più esposte alle forti piogge saranno siracusano ragusano e basso catanese con forti temporali.
Il vento sarà forte lungo tutta la costa ionica con punte possibili attorno ai 100 km/h.
Il problema maggiore sarà il mare grosso. Le onde potranno raggiungere i 4/5 metri.
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1./ Now Col-5 has launched it's time to look forward. Let me take you straight to September 2022.

It's been a rough year. All the centralised stable coins suffered from the actions of the regulators, but their was one stable coin they couldn't get their hands on: $UST!
2./ Because of this, combined with the ongoing mainstream adoption of crypto currencies $UST now has a marketcap of more than $USDC, $USDT and $UST combined one year ago. Of course this means $LUNA went parabolic and now is the most wanted asset around
3./ The few other stable coins that are still being used are mostly deposited into @orion_money where also the users of other chains receive an APY of around 20% because @anchor_protocol keeps delivering, helped by @neptune_finance.
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#PlanetaryProtection has an enormous impact on interplanetary #astrobiology mission design and execution. Check out the rest of this thread for a few case studies on how it has been implemented over the years!

Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech
During the #Apollo era, it was unknown whether life existed on the Moon. To prevent contamination of the Earth’s biosphere by lunar microbes, both astronauts and the samples they collected were subject to quarantine following return to Earth.

Image: NASA
Following splashdown in the Pacific Ocean, Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins were transferred to a camper-like mobile quarantine facility. From there, they were transported to Johnson Space Center, where they spent 3 weeks in quarantine.

Images: NASA
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Apollo 13: Celebrating Splashdown!

In the 1st picture, NASA notes that Haise is ascending in a "Billy Pugh" net to the Navy recovery helicopter, while Lovell and Swigert wait in the life raft. The 2nd picture shows a joyous celebration inside the MOCR in Houston, Texas. 1/10
Gene Kranz is celebrating in the foreground, with Deke Slayton and others in the background.

The crew and flight controllers had earned this celebration. Apollo 13's mission ended with one final hair raising event. 2/10
All spacecraft reentering Earth's atmosphere experience a blackout period, where the spacecraft is out of contact with mission control. Odyssey took longer than normal to emerge from the radio blackout caused by the ionization of the atmosphere around the spacecraft. 3/10
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Three months of scandals...
(part 1 )

❎Teachers from fee paying school get COVID jab from private hospital

❎Almost 50 children with autism affected by secret dossiers

❎Varadkar had hard copy of GP pay deal waiting for him as he stepped off government jet

❎Stardust inquest into the death of 48 people at a nightclub has been further delayed

❎Central Mental Hospital management allege gardaí assaulted three staff.

❎A festival management company that imported €10m worth of Chinese ventilators for the HSE

❎More than €192m worth of State contracts were awarded without tendering in a 12-month period

❎Judge investigates 'unusual share trading' in Siteserv sale overseen by Davy

❎Ireland on track to miss taoiseach’s Covid-19 vaccination target for first quarter by over a third
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[A découvrir] 2020 > L’Etoffe des héros via @DPlusNewsFR #LaMethSci Image
2016 > #JohnGlenn, 1er Américain à effectuer un vol en orbite autour de la #Terre, est mort via @lemondefr #LaMethSci Image
20/11 > Derrière “L’Etoffe des héros” sur @DPlusNewsFR : un docu pour compléter la série via @allocine #LaMethSci Image
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#WaterOnTheMoon | The moon is sprinkled with patches of frozen water, #NASA scientists discovered. Mining it may be crucial for travel to Mars and beyond.… Image
.@NASA scientists have discovered caches of water hidden across the #moon's surface. Water could be a crucial resource for astronaut missions to #Mars, since ice can be converted into rocket fuel.

#WaterOnTheMoon #NASA
In a new study, a space plane detected the signal for H2O on the #moon. Other new research found small, permanent shadows where water ice could survive on the lunar surface. @NASA's next moon rover is designed to investigate water-rich regions of the moon.

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NEW LIGHT • #KathNielSerye
KN Serye
Kathniel Serye
KathNiel Twitter Serye

A KathNiel AU wherein Harana (Kath) is a jealous daughter and she is jealous of Lineo (Dj) Image
New Light

000 | Disclaimer • #KathNielSerye
P.S. Please disregard the timestamps unless stated otherwise =) Image
New Light

000 | #KathNielSerye Image
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1) Imagine if Neil and @TheRealBuzz had walked on the Moon wearing the BIS Lunar Spacesuit. Designed by the British Interplanetary Society in 1949 by a team that included Arthur C. Clarke, it was the first real attempt to design a spacesuit for the Moon and even included a cape! Image
2) The BIS suit had ingenious systems to cope with the harsh environment of the Moon. Pipes supplied oxygen and took away carbon dioxide. A ‘highly-silvered’ outer layer helped reflect sunlight, whilst a refrigeration system and a silver cape helped to regulate the temperature. ImageImage
3) The spacesuit was particularly bulky, almost resembling a suit of medieval armour. It even housed a personal airlock system in the chest, the idea was that the astronaut could retract their arms from the sleeves to open the inner door of the airlock, allowing them to.. ImageImage
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51 Years Ago Today-
We Choose to Go to the #Moon.
At 9:32 a.m. EDT on July 16, 1969, a Saturn V rocket carrying three American astronauts set off on a journey to land on the surface of the Moon. #Apollo #Space Image
Apollo 11 is pictured here at liftoff, with an American flag flying in the foreground. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins were on their way to the Moon, riding nearly 7.6 million pounds of thrust from the first stage of the Saturn V.
The Apollo 11 astronauts spent thousands of hours in simulators and test vehicles in the years and months leading up to their mission.
Through the combined effort of over 20,000 companies, and over 400,000 NASA personnel, three humans were sent to the Moon.
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45 uears ago yesterday-

On July 15th, 1975, the United States & the Soviet Union launched two rockets on a brave new mission.

These rockets weren’t launched on Cold War military missions. Rather, they lifted off on the first international mission in space. #space Image
The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project was part of the détente between the US and the USSR in the later years of the Cold War.

American astronauts Thomas Stafford, Vance Brand, and Deke Slayton launched on a Saturn IB rocket with the Apollo CSM and docking adaptor needed for the mission.
Slayton was one of the original Mercury 7 astronauts but was sidelined due to a medical condition.

Slayton served as the director of flight crew operations for almost a decade from 1963 to 1972 and helped shape the crews of NASA’S missions during Gemini and Apollo.
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Researching a few last minute pics for a talk I’m giving Thursday. I only have 45 minutes but my talk covers a quick history of human #spaceflight. Check out the @kscosmosphere Facebook page Thursday from 9-10 AM CST for my “From Apollo to Artemis” presentation. #Artemis #Apollo Image
Note how astronauts (left to right) Jack Lousma, Owen Garriott, & Alan Bean were protected from recovery personnel who wore “face masks to prevent exposing the crewmen to disease.” Pic and caption- @NASA
I hope you’ll join us on Thursday for the live zoom chat! You can also join the presentation here:
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Ancient Artefact of the Day: The Apollo from the House of the Citharist, Pompeii (1.4.1-3; connected with 1.4.25), excavated in 1858. #AAOTD #Apollo

Image: Museo Nazionale Archeologico, Naples: inv. 5630; Archivio dell’Arte – Pedicini Fotografi
A fantastic piece of Hellenistic bronze-work, usually identified as portraying Apollo in his guise as a musician. The figure's eyes are inset in stone; the nipples are inlaid with copper.A plaque in his raised left hand has been deemed a plectrum.
Yet while we may marvel at this now, indeed the statue gave the property its name, it is likely that for the owner of the house, the piece was little more than an item of furniture - albeit a luxury piece - with no cultic associations.
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2013 > @elonmusk, cet entrepreneur qui s'invite dans l’aventure spatiale via @lemondefr #LaMethSci Image
[#Podcast] 2018 > @SpaceX : la nouvelle course à l’espace ? un #LaMethSci à (ré)écouter via @franceculture ! Image
[#Podcast] 4/02 > #Starlink : tout ce qui brille un #LaMethSci à (ré)écouter via @franceculture Image
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Ancient Artefact of the Day: The Piraeus Apollo - an over life-size bronze Kouros, identified as an Apollo due to traces of what may have been a bow in his left hand. The dating of the piece is disputed (see below). #AAOTD #Apollo

Image: Piraeus Museum 4645
Excavated in 1959 as part of a cache of bronzes that included the Piraeus Athena, and dated to 86 BC due to the presence of an Athenian coin issued under Aristion, the cache is associated with the Roman sack of the Piraeus under Sulla.

The style of the 'Apollo' is confusing, with an archaic-styled head and chest, but with a robustness of the legs and musculature that is more of the 'Severe Style'.
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My aunt and uncle tested positive for #COVID19. No they are not #tablighi and no, they did not attend the Tableegh conference in New Delhi. We don’t know how they got it. May be at the provision store, or at his office or at the airtel office she had gone to for changing her SIM
My aunt was asymptomatic but was quarantined in #Apollo. She tested negative three times and was discharged last week. She returned home. My uncle was on ventilation but has recovered now and is waiting for the mandatory tests to confirm his negative status, still in hospital
My aunt returned home at kilpauk, #Chennai and she was all alone at home. But the problem is my aunt and her landlords are facing total social ostracisation.
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J'ai décidé de vous parler de mon métier au @CNES -- métier que j'exerce désormais depuis les recoins confinés de mon appartement

"L'analyse mission", qu'est-ce que c'est ? Et pourquoi c'est trop bien ?
Une mission spatiale, ça commence avec quelqu'un ou quelqu'une qui se dit

🤔 Je veux un satellite/sonde/rover/truc spatial pour faire "TRUC".

Par exemple: pour transmettre la télé en 4K, pour observer les étoiles, pour espionner mes voisins.

Ça, c'est la MISSION.
Et l'analyse mission, et bah c'est qu'on analyse ça. Voilà. Fin du thread.

Ahem. Bon d'accord on va expliquer un peu.
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I saw the movie #Apollo13 with #LunarModule Program Director #JoeGavin. Now it’s time to tell the forgotten story—which that film doesn’t show—of how he & his #Grumman #Team helped rescue the astronauts with a #LMLifeboat while the world watched:… #Apollo50
Five decades ago, during the aborted #Apollo13 mission of April 1970, #Grumman Aerospace Corporation’s #LunarModule saved 3 astronauts by becoming a lifeboat-tugboat. Throughout the crisis, #LM Program Director #JoeGavin manned his post @NASA’s #MissionControl Center in #Houston.
Gavin led a multi-hundred-person team in Houston & Bethpage, NY to help coordinate assessment & use of the #LM’s capabilities for emergency #LunarLifeboat role.

Gavin, virtually all of his colleagues + contemporaries & #Grumman itself have subsequently departed from the scene.
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