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An extraordinary message from @Pontifex on social justice yesterday, a "mini encyclical" as @robinrome said. Including comparing the Parable of the Good Samaritan to the protests over the death of #GeorgeFloyd. Social justice teachings are part of...…
...are part of the "traditional teachings of the church," said the Pope...
"Do you know what comes to mind now when, together with popular movements, I think of the Good Samaritan? Do you know what comes to mind? The protests over the death of George Floyd. It is clear that this type of reaction against social, racial or macho injustice...
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Pope Francis says that the protests following the killing of #GeorgeFloyd had the spirit of the Good Samaritan.

“This movement did not pass by on the other side of the road when it saw the injury to human dignity caused by an abuse of power.”
Francis, addressing a @EnMovPop meeting, says it “saddens me” that some in the Church “get annoyed” by Catholic social doctrine.

“The Pope must not stop mentioning this teaching, even if it often annoys people, because what is at stake is not the Pope but the Gospel.”
These principles, he says, include the “preferential option for the poor, the universal destination of goods, solidarity, subsidiarity, participation, and the common good” and they belong to the “full tradition of the Church” #PopularMovementwithFrancis
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“They came and walked up on us and said they’ll ‘Trayvon Martin our little Black asses.’ His exact words.” A Downtown 100 youth retelling an encounter with @MinneapolisPD

NEW -- Part 4 in the Series: 21st Century Jim Crow in the North Star City…
As explained in Part 3 of this series—Minneapolis’ Downtown Dark Alliance—a program called SafeZone began with cutting-edge surveillance technology when Target donated 30 cameras to the city, & grew into a citywide public-private surveillance state.…
#Minneapolis: The Downtown 100 Initiative (DT100), an extension of SafeZone, is essentially a criminal registry compiled of downtown’s top ‘livability crime’ repeat offenders. #Thread 🧵
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You know it’s hard enough growing up in the USA 🇺🇸.
I know, I know, We Have a Lot of Resources.
Sorely lacking when it comes to Self Esteem.
@Facebook banned the 45th POTUS, #realDonaldTrump.
Anybody can be Banned, Banished, Extinctified, Cancelled.
Afraid of Freely Speaking. 1️⃣
2️⃣ Meanwhile, #realDonaldTrump ‘s Wife, Former #FLOTUS is on Social Sadistic Media like @Twitter sees the Runaway Insults, Sensitive photos of Her, Rude, Obnoxious,
BULLYING is the word. Teenagers learn what they see. “Let’s gang up on Susie or Kyle or Donnie “ Get ‘em cancelled.
3️⃣ @Facebook and @Twitter have become the Moral Standard for their Participants. I started using as an adult in my 50’s when this Era of “Social Media” started. I liked that I could “talk” to People around the world 🌎, indeed Off the Planet, too @Space_Station ❤️🚀🛰
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A #Thread - CAUTION, this one gets graphic.

There's lots of good cops, but want to know why the corrupt one get away with their shit as much as they do.


Corruption/ self-preservation on the part of senior management teams & planned defamation on the integrity of

In 1989 Bevin Perrin, a school teacher, was abducted and brutally murder in #HamOnt, #Canada.

A $30,000 reward was offered and paid. The suspects went to jail, until their conviction was overturn, due to misleading evidence, but that's a whole other story.
Fastforward to 2009. I'm handed paperwork which shows that $30,000 reward money wasn't given to the tipster, but the homicide Detectives kept it themselves.

Background revealed the majority of Det's were also stealing from the informant handling system and #Crimestoppers.
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Why is it we have @piersmorgan @PiersMorganLive running off to the #UnitedStates after leaving the corruption within @GMB but has never acknowledged Toni aka Ruth Lovell and her murdered son #AmbroseGGBall ever, but had enough to say surrounding
#GeorgeFloyd ?

And @Nigel_Farage who was with the sister #corrupt #NewsAlert @LBC now on @GBNEWS talking about the the latest distraction #petrolpanic #petrolshortage who has never ever once mentioned the #Corruptionkills that has left a mother with a body in @HaringeyLabour
constituency for over 6 and half and a half years as @DavidLammy just keeps on rolling out the sadistic mindset that he has proved to get some kind of power trip from inflicting more insults to what is almost a broken woman @NicolaGreenArt .

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Many Black TikTok users say the platform exploits their content while suppressing their voices.

Increasingly, they're moving their activity to other platforms.

@_B_Contreras_ and @MarVasMartinez report:…
Cosplayer Charles Conley suspects that trolls mass-reported his videos, trying to get them taken down.

Videos in which he called out racist posts would get flagged for “harassment and bullying” and removed, he said, while posts he criticized stayed up.

📸Ebony Warrior Studios ImageImage
At this point, Conley is ready to call it quits. “It’s so draining,” he said.

“Having an application … actively sabotaging you and not backing you up, or saying that you are the perpetrator of these transgressions or aggressions; it gets beyond tiring.”…
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IN THIS THREAD: Since the January 6th riot is treated so seriously, we should refresh our memories about the January 2017 riot against Donald Trump's inauguration, as well as June 2020's George Floyd situation that went down in DC. Image
To begin, here's Obama's people the day he had to give a speech acknowledging Trump won in November 2016. They look like happy campers!… Image
In the aftermath of 2016, at the 2017 Electoral College certification, Democrats REPEATEDLY protested on the grounds of "RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA."…

But back then, the media treated the obstruction as TRENDY and COOL!
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The Southside Back in The Day festival was a beautiful outpouring of community love. Folks from across the state descended on Phelps Park in Minneapolis, just a block from where #GeorgeFloyd was killed to bring hope and healing to folks who been hurting. It was such a blessing!
The Southside Back in the Day fest was dedicated to kids in the community. @drverna and her team had all kinds of cool activities planned to uplift and support them including free haircuts. After the year our kids have had, it's nice to see them having fun and getting loved on!
It's a party with a purpose. Yeah @SoundsBlackness was there singing and er'rebody was eating good at the Southside Back in the Day festival, but they were also getting their blood pressure checked and getting people #vaccinated. Making sure our people are healed and healthy...
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#NowOnAir #NowStreaming I'm chatting with @drverna and her husband Shane Price on #TheShelettaShow on @wccoradio about the Southside Community Festival going on now in South Minneapolis, just blocks from where #GeorgeFloyd was killed. They are bring joy back to the community...
How did the death of #GeorgeFloyd have an impact in the new charges against not only the police officers but also the paramedics in the death of #ElijahMcClain? Twin Cities attorney and legal expert @Seraph7Studios breaks it down #NOW on #TheShelettaShow on @wccoradio...
Child if you ain't listening to #TheShelettaShow on @wccoradio #NOW, you're missing out cause I'm talking to @JavonteA from @USATODAY about his column about #DavidRuggles, the man who rescued #FredrickDouglas. He's telling the story of this iconic man..…
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SCOOP: Emails show that the LAPD
worked w/ Dataminr -- a controversial social media surveillance company -- during the #GeorgeFloyd protests. The LAPD has previously denied using the system to track BLM protests. @LATACO…
Previously the LAPD told @theintercept that they conducted a trial with Dataminr but chose not to enter into a contract with the company. They also denied that they used Dataminr in connection with the early BLM protests last summer.…
Backed by a contract with Twitter that gives them exclusive access to Tweets directly after they’re published and a team of analysts that monitor other social media platforms, Dataminr compiles public information in realtime and sells it to back their clients.
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LIVE: Thousands Rally At Minnesota Capitol to #StopLine3…
Winona LaDuke calls on President Biden to stop the #Line3 tar sands pipeline project, noting that a federal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) hasn’t been done at a federal level. Image
Lack of a proper federal EIS was the reason that a federal judge found the Dakota Access Pipeline was built illegally. (DAPL is still operating as this ruling is being appealed.)…
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After a wk of overt racist tweets, doxxing, public demasculinizations & shabby cover-ups, this is the only game they have left 2 play. It's been a PR disaster. Just 2 give u an idea, they mass reported the Scouse Ma account 4 having the sheer audacity 2 call out the racist tweet.
She didn't 'have' to do it. She could have stayed silent like so many ppl have & continued in ignorance but she didn't! The whole tweet, not just the 'boy' part was so blatantly racist 2 her, she demonstrated bravery, did the right thing and called it out without hesitation or
fear! Old-skool Scouse! And 4 that, they mass reported her on a tweet that had the C word in it. These are the types of ppl who have so many of you hoodwinked & afraid 2 speak out on r behalf. They're like the Wizard of Oz. All u have 2 do is peek behind the curtain 2 see what's
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After 5 years of murders + violent assaults, the Center is calling for people to stay home + give up the streets of #Portland this Sunday - to except a 'new-normal' of unending fascist violence after years of police open collaboration. A thread on why mass opposition is crucial.
This Sunday, far-Right groups are planning to once again rally in #Portland in August. Posters online have described their desire to engage in violence and "cleanse" Portland.
A year after Charlottesville, white nationalists, Proud Boys, and militia groups - led by Joey Gibson - rallied in #Portland. Later it was discovered that a far-Right group was found by police posted on top of a roof top with long-guns, but let go.…
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This week we released #UnravelingAntisemitism, a new visual work of art and discussion guide inspired by our 2017 “Understanding Antisemitism” paper. Today we’re breaking down the historical moments captioned in the poster, beautifully collaged by @katzcomics
The Roman Empire saw Jews as a backwards tribe, unwilling to accept Jesus and assimilate into imperial culture. The state made it illegal to convert to Judaism, illegal for Jews and Christians to intermarry, and illegal for a Jew to hold office or testify in court. Christianity in the Roman E...
Medieval rulers often barred Jews from owning land/joining trade guilds. Jews became overrepresented as tax collectors/money lenders for Christians w/ power. Everyday Christians often blamed Jews for harsh interest rates/taxes. That's where stereotypes of Jews and $ originate. Anti-Jewish Laws in Medieva...
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1/ I wouldn't recommend listening to this. I did thinking there'd be an apology. There wasn't and she refused directly when asked. I'm writing as I'm reading it. The overall take "it's more complicated" is empty when the complicating factors wouldn't change the interpretation
2/ It is contextualizing her as being scared of being alone with Christian Cooper adding context like she may be immunocompromised or she was sexually assaulted. There are also implications that the event was framed as racist *because* of #GeorgeFloyd
3/ (as if we wouldn't frame it as racist otherwise). A "smoking gun" is that "Mr. Cooper instigated the encounter" and that he's had similar encounters where he used dog treats to motivate people to leash their dogs. This was known before! If you believe he used these treats,
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THREAD on @LAPDChiefMoore's never-ending incompetence & why he MUST be relieved of duties ASAP: #FireChiefMoore

1. There's a culture of violence w/in @LAPDHQ, Moore has shot 2 people, killing 1. With him at helm, officers are free to act as they wish w/o fear of accountability
2. Used a white-supremacist media outlet, Breitbart, to recruit LAPD officer applicants.…
3. Enabled anti-Black racism by allowing Black people to be stopped by LAPD at 5 times their population share and searched at 3 times the rate of everyone else.…
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Joe Manchin is raking in $ today (this minute, probably) in Houston from Texas oligarchs and insiders at a private fundraiser.

🧵 on who these folks are, their dynamics, and what we can do about all this.
Quick background: In Texas, the Legislature normally meets 180 days every two years. If the governor wants more time on the clock, he has to call a special session.
The far right Texas Legislature an state executive branch spent a lot of the recent regular session earlier this year pushing a bill that would suppress the ever living Texas-sized fuck out of the vote.
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Now that the country is trying to return to “normal”, expect the #Racism & #Retaliation to re-emerge. Some of the same people, even in our industry, who were involved in the #favoritism #nepotism #cronyism gossip and whisper campaigns -that comprise the foundation of racism…
Are returning to their old habits. Let’s not forget that some of these same people cried, protested, complained and railed against #SystemicRacism, simply because they had to, to avoid being exposed and branded as what and who they are. They key is to recognize and call them out
just as we did before #GeorgeFloyd was killed. I’m grateful for the allies of all races who’ve stuck their necks out literally to support racial justice in the last year. Without them, like it or not as @RobinGivhan suggested, it took those voices to bring the kind of pressure
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Reflections on last night: #eng #racism

We did an incredible job getting to the final, scenes not seen for a generation. A diverse team championing what England aspires to be, a progressive collective moving toward a shared goal. Each earning more than their keep.
I applaud each of them, but special mention must go to @BukayoSaka87 , @MarcusRashford, and @Sanchooo10 who have not only represented a community of people under duress from common people and elites alike, but shown that ascendence to greatness is individual.
Reading the words of @GarethSouthgate from earlier this year, it is clear that the @England team is very much forward-thinking in tackling #racism and he, himself, a great and empathetic leader, is forthright in tackling, against potential anger, this great cause.
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Derek Chauvin, convicted murderer formerly with the @MinneapolisPD, was sentenced to 22.5 years in prison for killing #GeorgeFloyd.

This is now the longest sentence ever given to a former cop for a killing committed in the line of duty.…
After being sentenced, #DerekChauvin was sent straight to prison with 199 days credit for time he’s already served in jail.

Judge Cahill said the 270 month sentence he handed Chauvin is based on his "abuse in a position of authority & the "cruelty" he showed to #GeorgeFloyd.
Chauvin was found guilty of unintentional second-degree murder, third degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter in one of the most historic murder trials of the century that concluded on April 20, 2021.

See our full coverage of the #DerekChauvinTrial:…
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BREAKING: Derek Chauvin has been sentenced to 22.5 years in prison for the murder of #GeorgeFloyd.
Derek Chauvin will serve 22.5 years in prison for the murder of #GeorgeFloyd, with 199 days already served.

Prosecutors sought 30 years, just over double sentencing guidelines (12.5 years). The judge made adjustments after the prosecution proved abuse of authority and cruelty.
Police have killed at least 1,129 people since Derek Chauvin murdered #GeorgeFloyd on May 25, 2020.

According to Mapping Police Violence:
▪️ Police 3x more likely to kill Black people
▪️ No charges in 98.3% of police killings
▪️ Just 0.3% of police killings lead to convictions
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In her first public comment, Carolyn Pawlenty, mother of #DerekChauvin declares at the sentencing hearing: "My son is a good man."
She tells the court: "When you sentence my son, you will also be sentencing me." Image
This came after some relatives of #GeorgeFloyd tearfully asked the judge to send #DerekChauvin to prison for decades.
"I do want to give my condolences to the Floyd family," says #DerekChauvin in brief remarks in the courtroom before the judge calls a recess prior to sentencing. Image
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Guess Chauvin finally decided to drop the "ghost" from ghostskin when he shaved his head.

I wonder who got him in the prison draft: Aryan Brotherhood, Nazi Lowriders, or Christian Identity.

#ChauvinSentencing #ChauvinTrial #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #BLM
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