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Why we should read Robert L. Allen’s “Black Awakening in Capitalist America” to understand the context of the #StopCopCity movement coming on the heels of the 2020 #GeorgeFloyd uprisings…

A THREAD of excerpts that speak to the current situation re: policing in the U.S. 🧵🪡
The “City” is the past/present/future battlegrounds (materially, strategically, ideologically) for Black Liberation— and therefore all our collective liberation.

“To [white liberals] the cities present not a battleground but a crisis to be managed.” In recent times black milit...White America is well aware...
“On the one hand there was the orthodox liberal who prescribed more New Deal welfarism as an antidote to riots. More antidiscrimination legislation and expanded antipoverty programs would suffice nicely, he contended.”

Sound familiar? Reforming “the City” to maintain power. Several interlocked respons...
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Today marks three years since Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd. Three years since the largest series of antiracist demonstrations in history, followed by one of the most concerted racist movements to demonize and ban antiracist work in history.

📸 AFP Image
Three years of backlashing, of misinforming, of terrorizing, of grieving it all—but also of organizing, of learning, of creating, of building the world anew.

📸 SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images Image
May #GeorgeFloyd live forever in our memory and in our antiracist work. His memory, our work, will never die.

📸 Julio Cortez/The Associated Press Image
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Es una gran oportunidad para hablar sobre lo que los motines, revueltas y "manifestaciones pacificas" realmente son...
...En casos como Chile en tiempos del #EstallidoSocial y #EstadosUnidos en tiempos de las manifestaciones de #georgefloyd muchos de los primeros afectados fueron las PYMES... ImageImage
Las protestas tienen resultados negativos para los consumidores de sectores que protestan, como las huelgas de autobuses en Canadá. Y las de enfermeras aumentan la moralidad en el hospital, no parece ser el caso para enfermeros y otros trabajadores del sector salud. ImageImage
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My nephew was on his way home from school & was randomly targeted by the police. When he asked why they wrestled him to the ground & put their knee on his neck. @metpoliceuk the way you target black children is DISGUSTING! You could have killed him! #justice4K
It’s sad that I have to make these disclaimers but my nephew is 16, literally the sweetest & most gentle person you will ever meet. He is not affiliated with any gangs or been in any sort of trouble in his life! He’s just a child that has suffered in the hands of @metpoliceuk
When the officers in the video were asked why did they stop him, they said they couldn’t say yet. You can hear my nephew saying he didn’t want 2go with them because he was scared, but they took him in & drove around in the van for hours! @metpoliceuk that’s kidnapping #justice4K
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Happening NOW!

Follow this🧵for live tweets of the #Barnraising panel discussion feat. @DrCMBoraas @UshmaU @ajeanstevenson Dr. Suzanne Bell & Dr. Siri Suh! @minnpop #abortion #healthequity
Dr. Siri Suh is faculty at @BrandeisU & teaches Sociology of Reproduction.

Last fall after the #Dobbs decision, enrollment in this class doubled. Shows interest but also alarm in the aftermath of overturn of #RoevWade. @minnpop #Barnraising #abortion
Dr. Siri Suh's research area is post-#abortion care in Senegal, which is a country where abortion is prohibited.

Recently, she has focused on use of misoprostol & working to decolonize reproductive health knowledge in Sub-Saharan Africa. @minnpop #Barnraising #healthequity
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Congressional question for TikTok CEO:

1/ With such widespread influence bringing joy to people why has TikTok blocked videos about human rights in China—particularly those that on Xinjiang internment camps and Uyghur genocide—disabling accounts of users who post them?
2/ Why has TikTok down weighted posts deemed sensitive by the Chinese government and Chinese Communist Party, LGBTQ+ people, disabled people, and certain African-American hashtags?
3/ In February 2022, German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported that automatic subtitles in videos containing terms such as "reeducation camp," "internment camp," or "labor camp" were replaced with asterisks.

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Roger Stone protégé Jack Posobiec & others used the social justice protests following George Floyd’s murder as a launching pad to further divide the country in the Summer of 2020. 1/
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NEW: Family of AJ Stewart Speak on Patterns of White Supremacy that led to his Killing Over a Parking Spot 🧵

With Brian Kjellberg's murder trial slated for March 27, Stewart's cousin is speaking out about the racial dynamics of the 2021 St. Paul murder:…… defense attorney Earl Gray, murder defendant Brian Kjellberg
Unicorn Riot recently sat down with the Poet Laureate of San Francisco & cousin of AJ Stewart, @_Tongogara_ (Tongo Eisen-Martin) for an exclusive interview about the racial politics of Stewart’s murder, Brian Kjellberg’s upcoming trial in MN & more.…
“I think it begins with this white guy sharpening a metal pipe into a shank, wrapping it with a black tape handle & ideating about murdering someone Black,” @_Tongogara_ said of Brian Kjellberg, a white military veteran who killed his unarmed cousin AJ Stewart in Dec. 2021.
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5 articles ou sujets de l'actualité états-unienne qui ont retenu mon attention ce matin du mercredi 1er février 2023.
#USNews #EtatsUnis #Actualités
(Première école publique dans le comté de #Castro #Texas 1891, Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum)
1. A #Memphis forte cérémonie en hommage à #TyreeNichols tabassé à mort par la police. Le révérend Al Sharpton, la famille et les amis de #Nichols l'ont longuement célébré avant ses funérailles demain.…
2. Peu de choses à attendre du #Congrès en matière de réforme de la police. En revanche, @axios souligne que de multiples initiatives sont débattues et parfois promulguées au niveau local depuis le meurtre de #GeorgeFloyd en mai 2020.…
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CN rassistische Polizeigewalt, Mord

Wieder ein Mord. Wieder ist das Opfer Schwarz.

Ein Video zeigt den grausamen Mord an #TyreNichols. 5 Polizisten prügeln auf ihn ein, bis er komplett unkenntlich ist.
Vorsätzlicher Mord. Die Bodycams schalten die Cops aus. Die Tonaufnahmen passen überhaupt nicht zu den Aufnahmen, die eine Straßenkamera gefilmt hat.

Es sollte eine Verkehrskontrolle sein und endete im Mord an einem Menschen.
Wir sind in Trauer, aber wir sind auch wütend. Die Polizei besitzt das Gewaltmonopol. Und sie nutzt es. Immer und immer wieder. Seit 2015 hat die Polizei in den Staaten 8166 Menschen ermordet. Doppelt soviele Schwarze, obwohl sie nur 14% der Bevölkerung ausmachen.
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#TyreNichols should still be alive.
#BreonnaTaylor should be alive.
#GeorgeFloyd should be alive.
#DuanteWright should be alive.
#FantaBility should be alive.
#TamirRice should be alive.
#LaquanMcDonald should be alive.
#SandraBland should be alive.


#AtatianaJefferson should still be alive.
#StephonClark should be alive.
#FreddieGray should be alive.
#BothamJean should be alive.
#PhilandoCastille should be alive.
#MichaelBrown should be alive.
#EricGarner should be alive.
#AltonSterling should be alive.


All these people in mental health crises I reported on should still be alive today. They or their families called police for help.
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Je ne diffuserai pas la vidéo insoutenable du tabassage odieux de #TyreNichols par 5 « policiers » de #Memphis #TN
Après le meurtre de #GeorgeFloyd en mai 202 il s’agit d’un drame supplémentaire pour rappeler la crise de l’institution policière aux #EtatsUnis
Comme l’écrit parfaitement @CharlesMBlow l’affaire rejaillit sur tous et notamment sur le Congrès qui n’a pas su voter une vraie réforme de la police après le meurtre de #GeorgeFloyd…
Et évitons également de faire de la situation états-unienne un cas exotique.
Les forces de l’ordre en France dérapent également fréquemment et les noms de Rémy Fraisse, Steve Caniço ou Cédric Chouviat nous le rappellent facilement.
#police #bavures #violence
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It has been barely a week since Georgia law enforcement agencies murdered Tortuguita for protesting Cop City.

Today, Governor Brian Kemp declared a State of Emergency that authorizes him to call on as many as 1,000 National Guard troops to quell protests at any moment.
The true emergency, however, is that law enforcement agencies across the country are killing people every day. From #GeorgeFloyd in Minneapolis, #RayshardBrooks in Atlanta, #TyreNichols in Memphis, and of course, Tortuguita.
Kemp's declaration of a State of Emergency isn't about property damage at Saturday's protests at all. It's about police murdering #TyreNichols and Tortuguita within two weeks of each other. They're trying to instill fear in anyone who stands up against police brutality.
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Thank you @yellowscenemag for giving us the publicity. Putting out a story that says we are affiliated with Safer Boulder because @lsweeneymiran told you is not reporting, it’s gossip. Feel free to reach out to all parties when you are running a story. Because credibility.
Here’s a piece from October 2021 where @yellowscenemag promoted the now castigated candidate, Steve Rosenblum:…
As for the claim that I am pro police. I’m not even sure how to parse that. I can tell you we need police and I can tell you I held the first rally for #GeorgeFloyd in Boulder. We knelt for an hour and all went to Mateo afterwards. I don’t believe @yellowscenemag covered it.
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On the Blue Line south from downtown, I sat across the aisle from a loud rider switching rapidly between at least 3 conversations:

* a fellow traveler who thought they should be on the green line, the noisy on wanted to take blue line to 74
* a relative past or present
* himself
all 3 were argumentative -- the one with himself dominated his ramblings about his mistakes, why he's stupid or smarter than his other self. He explained he used to work at Cub and know food. He has to eat a sandwich, to which other self accused him of poison.
On the platform to go home, a friendly @MetroTransitMN employee announced northbound was delayed at 38th due to a medical situation.

I talked w/an artist Herb about geopolitics & slavary. He was spoke English but bits of Mandarin, Spanish, & Hmong. He is from Mich. & homeless.
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NEW: Criminal Intel Files Show Facial Recognition, Warrantless Surveillance in Minnesota
A little-known multi-agency drug war group runs thousands of facial recognition scans and other surveillance operations… Documents show capabilities of North Central HIDTA Investiga
We found over 37,000 requests for support, connecting at least 233 law enforcement organizations in MN and beyond. Documents obtained via a series of public records requests from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) provide rare insight into police intelligence gathering.
Many drug and other task forces as well as more routine law enforcement operations within the region receive intelligence from investigators within the Criminal Intelligence Division (CID) and Criminal Information Sharing and Analysis (CISA) units.
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#KanyeWest, der sich inzwischen “Ye” nennt, ist innerhalb weniger Jahre von einem gefeierten Musiker zu einem antisemitischen Verschwörungsideologen geworden. Doch wie kam es dazu? Eine Einordnung unseres Montoringteams de:hate im Thread. 🧵 1/18
Seit 2016 unterstützt er Donald Trump. Er behauptete, dass die Sklaverei eine “Entscheidung” von Afroamerikaner*innen gewesen sei. Auch sprach Ye sich für die Abschaffung des 13. Zusatzparagraphen der Verfassung aus, der die Sklaverei beendete. 2/18
West reproduziert die rassistische Erzählung, der von einem Polizisten ermordete Afroamerikaner #GeorgeFloyd sei an einer Überdosis Fentanyl gestorben. Auch behauptet er, dass Abtreibung die “Hauptursache” für den Tod Schwarzer Amerikaner*innen sei. 3/18
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NO SHOW: Larry Ray was supposed to be brought here to court for his argument that suffocating Claudia Drury was not physical injury, only fear. But it will go forward without him. Threadette below
Apparently, because Larry Ray kept pimping Drury out after strangling her, her "work was not impaired." That's what Federal Defenders are arguing. #JohnListGone
Judge Liman asks, What if a person emailed a photo of a gun in order to menace? And notes he is not bound by the DOJ guidance that Federal Defender cited
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The Biden Administration is working on a deal for government oversight of TikTok. The risk of U.S. persons' data being sent to China is real.

Yet far less attention has been paid to TikTok's recommendation algorithm and its insidious risks. [THREAD]…
1/ What do we know about TikTok's algorithm? Recommendation algorithms play a powerful role in teeing up content for social media users.

Facebook and YouTube have come under fire from independent analysts for recommending extreme and incendiary content.…
2/ TikTok's recommendation algorithm plays an even more central role in promoting content, yet it is even more opaque.…
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دیروز یکی از اعضای خانواده داستان #حدیث_نجفی رو با ناراحتی برام تعریف می‌کرد: «کثافتها ۶ تا گلوله به سر و سینه‌اش زدند»

گفتم خبرش رو کجا دیدی؟ معتبره؟
گفت: تو باز داری از ج.ا. دفاع میکنی؟ با صدای بلند: برو برگرد ایران کنار همون کثافتها که آدم می‌کشند. [بیب-بیب-بیب…]
امروز دیدمش گفتم: دیدی تکذیبیه در اومد؟
گفتم بیا بشین توضیح بدم برات. تو این دنیا هر چی میبینی باید شک کنی. مخصوصا داستان‌های سیاسی.

گفتم من یک بار گول خوردم، دومین بار نزدیک بود گول بخورم، بار سوم گول نمی‌خورم.👇
گول اول: جنبش سبز. هنوز دستبندهای سبزم رو دارم. تازگی فهمیدم ۴ سال قبل از جنبش سبز، در تاریخ ۱۶ فوریه ۲۰۰۵، در کنگره آمریکا بحث انقلاب نارنجی [اوکراین] مطرح شد، و پیشنهاد green revolution رو برای ایران دادند. آب سردی که همچنان من را میلرزونه!:…
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A pregnant Black woman in South Carolina is serving 4 years in prison for chanting at police at 2020 protests — convicted of "breaching of the peace."

Brittany Martin has lost 12 lbs in prison and was hospitalized twice for pregnancy complications in July, family says. 🧵
Breaching the peace is usually punished by up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.

But prosecutors in Sumter claimed Brittany Martin's comments were "high and aggravated" — punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Her attorney says the distinction was not made clear to the jury.
Brittany Martin was sentenced to 4 years after telling police: "You better be ready to die for the blue. I'm ready to die for the Black."

January 6 Capitol rioters got less harsh sentences:
▪️Median sentence: 45 days
▪️As of January: 1 in 3 took plea deals for 1 year or less
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La ville @Edinburgh_CC en Ecosse a validé les conclusions de la mission qu'elle avait commandée en 2020 sur son passé esclavagiste.
10 axes qui trace un chemin de reconnaissance et de rassemblement. 1/14…
Cette mission, conduite par le professeur @SirGeoffPalmer, résulte des manifestations #georgefloyd #BLM de 2020. Elle a mobilisé une commission de 7 personnes et réalisé une enquête publiques à laquelle 3300 personnes ont participé. 2/14
Ce travail ouvert a duré 18 mois. Il a aussi associé les élèves et les professeurs des écoles d'Edimbourg, ainsi que des groupes de travail avec des habitants noirs ou asiatiques de la ville. 3/14 Image
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June 30. #MarkTheDate Hi. This is Kristin. Sharing what's on my mind as I observe the 2-year anniversary of my Dad's passing from #Covid19. This is an unedited, uncut version, like the B side of an album. Give it a read. Then do something for those @MarkedByCovid 1/ Image
My first memory of life without my Dad is seeing the last tendrils of sunlight disappearing over the horizon. I suspect I'll lean into that image for the rest of my life. After all, it helps numb the reality that I was at a gas station. 2/ Image
I was at a gas station because I was driving from San Francisco to Phoenix in an attempt to get home and wrestle my way into the hospital to see him. I was driving because we were in the middle of a pandemic and there was no other way to safely get from point A to point B. 3/ Image
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NEW: Eviction defenders thwarted an encampment sweep in Minneapolis on June 1 despite aggressive actions by the owner and workers of Big Top Contracting, hired to do to the cleanup.

Full Story 👇…
On June 1, 2022, authorities unsuccessfully cleared an encampment of tents on an unused strip of land off Interstate 35. Eviction defenders thwarted the sweep by asking for documents, helping residents pack & move, & using their bodies & placing objects in the way of authorities.
The encampment with over a dozen tents and over two dozen residents sat on land between I-35 and next to the large Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Headquarters office complex (left side of image). The eviction was allegedly triggered by complaints made by Wells Fargo employees.
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