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The four ex-officers accused of killing #GeorgeFloyd have filed motions of dismissal and have a courtdate set for this morning at 9 am.

Hundreds are out in downtown #Minneapolis in front of the courthouse demanding the charges not be dismissed.
Anika Bowie, VP of @NAACPmpls, speaks against a change of venue for #GeorgeFloyd's killers.

"We are here today because we have a justice system that doesnt want to lay in the bed it created ... we know justice in Hennepin County needs to be taken care of Hennepin County"
Michelle Gross, President of @CUAPBMpls, speaking about "cop exceptionalism" and how she feels the cops who are accused of killing #GeorgeFloyd are being treated in exceptional ways.

Watch #LIVE
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A useful way to think about how protests work is a cascade model. Before a standing ovation, folks look around to see what others are doing. Signals from media + elites (people further up), neighbors (seated near you) & local norms all shape whether people stand up.
Protests help draw attention to an issue. Media may cover it, amplifying underlying concern in larger public. Individuals & groups watching from sidelines then weigh whether to support, ignore or oppose the cause. So, athletes can play a powerful role.
Research by @EricaChenoweth & Maria Stephan finds a key reason nonviolent protest tends to be more effective than violent resistance is potential local, national & international allies are more likely to align with a movement perceived as largely peaceful.…
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Last night, as protesters were pushed by police up Stark away from the East Precinct station, they encountered a woman shouting insults from her porch. She was wearing a Nazi uniform, and had a Nazi flag in her window. Tonight they confronted her again, tagging 'Nazi Lives Here'
She came out again to shout at the protesters, saying "I never said I was a Nazi", they respond "You wore a swastika!"
The Nazi flag is now gone from her window, but the tag on her house remains.
(image from @garbagefilth 's video.)
Dressing like this or displaying the Nazi flag in Germany, the place where Nazism originated, is illegal and would result in her arrest.
In Portland, however, it is permitted.
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Thread. While we’re talking of Tulsa, we should also remember Rosewood, Florida.
“On New Year’s Day 1923, a white woman told her husband “a n*****” assaulted her, a false claim that precipitated a week of mob violence that wiped the prosperous black hamlet off the map.
in 1923, the settlement was a small and prosperous predominantly black town, with its own baseball team, a masonic temple and a few hundred residents. It was just three miles from the predominantly white town of Sumner, and 48 miles from Gainesville.
A crowd swelled in Sumner to find the “fugitive”, some from as far away as Gainesville, where the same day the Klu Klux Klan held a high-profile parade. Over the next seven days gangs of hundreds delivered lynch mob justice to the once-affluent town of Rosewood.
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One must understand that the phrase "Black on Black Crime " is the result of institutional and environmental racism.
Though Black people do often commit violent crimes against one another, the phrase "Black on Black Crime" intentionally shifts the blame to Black people and away from the environmental racism that occurs.
Black people were specifically and forcefully placed into terrible neighborhoods with limited to no resources and were intentionally denied loans from the US Bank to generate poverty.
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None of this needed to happen.
We were all in agreement.
We were all united.
The entire nation was one for a change.
Why did we ruin that?
I have a sadness in my heart.
Instead of embracing that moment and becoming the nation, the people, we want to be, we burned it to the ground.
Where is the justice in this?
They say Justice is Blind.
It appears to me that the people are blind.
I beg of you. All of you.
Please stop this nonsense.
I pray the strength of God guides you.
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The GA Legislature resumed session today. There is so much we can do to keep the pressure on our lawmakers to #DoTheRightThing

It's going to be a screwy session due to coronavirus, but we’re gonna try to keep you updated all week.
We also suggest seeking out some of our Dem legislators on Twitter and FB. Some folks who are active and a great source of info include:


Follow them and your reps.
Also check out the official accounts for the caucuses @GAHouse Dems, @GASenateDems

And the GA Legislative Black Caucus:

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As predicted: This was either a hit or a School Play.

Chauvin was an enforcer at a nightclub know for drug trafficking. Floyd was either involved and expendable, or a liability to the operation.

Now the club and the precinct are burnt down. Evidence and all. #WeAreTheNewsNow
You know, the one w/ a history of drug trafficking as well as a suspected money laundering and intel hub? @GeorgWebb…
George Floyd was murdered. He was arrested on suspicion of passing funny money. 1/29/20 CBP intercepted fake bills from China, and again days after his death. He was placed in the vehicle, then removed before his murder. Was this a hit to cover for an OP?
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New: There's a list of "puzzling questions" about the murder of George Floyd going around conspiracy theory sites and Facebook. They're nonsensical, irrelevant, and designed only to muddy the waters of the case.…
Some versions of the "puzzling questions" lists have 14 questions, others have 20, others go on and on for well over 100. Most are either easily answered, or have no answer. Few have any relevance. But conspiracy theorists love lists of questions.…
"Just asking questions" about an incident is a trademark of conspiracy theorists who want you to think that what you're being told by the media is all a hoax. But most of these questions aren't sinister - they're just pedantic. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd…
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THREAD: Here are some chants I'd love to see retired, and alternative chants you can do in their place.

#BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor #DefundPolice #AbolishPolice
RETIRE: "No justice, no peace! No racist police!"

INSTEAD: "No justice, no peace, DEFUND the police," or "No justice no peace, ABOLISH police."
The first chant doesn't get to the heart of the issues being protested, and doesn't make a demand. Individual racists aren't the problem, it's a structure that is inherently racist being called into question.
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LONG THREAD PLEASE READ: confession time: I am a priveledged white middle class male. The first time my girlfriend showed me an article about George Floyd, I was appalled by the inhumanity and cruelty of the officer who murdered this black man pleading for his life, however...
I was initially numb to the meaning of this single act. As a member of Generation Z, my life has been full of tragedy and turmoil relating to police brutality and racism, all seeming to be in the background to my decent upbringing in a southern home. Hearing about such travesties
Was nothing new... I hated the violence and have developed morals based on these events but have never fully paid mind to them. It pains me to say that it has taken the entire world to wake me from my trance and shatter my rose tinted glasses crafted by my love of retro escapism.
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Old white guy from Kirkland checking in.
It’s shocking to see how much force the @seattlePD are willing to use against the people they’re charged with serving. Faced with chants, signs, and a few rows of colorful umbrellas, they came in full riot gear, backstopped by the National Guard in camouflage fatigues. Soldiers.
The protesters had makeshift water tents and scrappy medical stations set up. They knew the police were going to hit them. The police knew it, too. They have a few hundred people up against a waisthigh metal fence, and come over the bullhorn periodically to tell them to back up.
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Day 9 of #GeorgeFloydProtests in Portland. The largest group that has been meeting @RevHallpdx daily at 6pm, is marching farther and farther away from the targets (Police precincts and city hall) by the "leaders". Today they are going to Irvine Park, 11min from downtown (map⬇️)
"Leaders" of #GeorgeFloydProtests are marching thousands away from any viable targets, decreasing any pressure those in power might feel to make systemic changes. I'm confused, why? Image
Another large group at Pioneer Courthouse square for #GeorgeFloydProtests.
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#PortlandProtesters on Burnside bridge chanting #BlackLivesMatter
Samantha was targeted by police for giving out water
@tedwheeler spoke at #PortlandProtests and crowd did not seem to care. With him was Robert King, former police union president and senior adviser
#blacklivesmatters #Justice4GeorgeFloyd
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I spent the last 2 years working in the @NYCMayorsOffice. Last night I was arrested by NYPD for violating @NYCMayor's curfew while participating in a peaceful protest, and then questioned by the FBI. Story about what happened and what I saw in the thread below.
I was part of a group of hundreds marching through Downtown Brooklyn and Boerum Hill. We were chanting and cheering, with vocal support from apartment windows, brownstones, fire escapes, stoops and sidewalks.
We had a police tail, but they were keeping a distance, similar to what I've seen each night since the curfew was imposed. (
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THREAD: A lot of us have been having difficult conversations with our Chinese parents & relatives about race. I sometimes can't even find the language to do so. Instead of screaming at garbage WeChat articles thrown my way, I'm putting together this list as my own ammo: 1/
These are docs/ books about racism in America with translations to share w/ our Chinese-speaking relatives & friends. Many sites including Netflix aren't accessible in CH, so I'll try to find links on sites like bilibili (don't sue me, thx). Accessibility is my priority here. 2/
1. "I Am Not Your Negro" (English & Chinese subtitles) 2017…
Douban description: 本片改编自美国黑人作家詹姆斯·鲍德温未完遗作《记得这屋子》。作品忆及1960年代黑人民权运动过程和他的挚友—麦格艾佛斯、麦尔坎X和金恩博士三大精神领袖接连遭到暗杀的事件。3/
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@JBickertonUK Clearly you dont understand the history of 400 years of racism in the United States. I suggest you watch the program by Henry Louis Gates Jr on reconstruction after the civil war. Then look at figures like Booker T Washington
@JBickertonUK Who put a focus on economic empowerment as a way of tackling institutionalised racism, because only eight years after the end of slavery in 1883 until the civil rights act, the Supreme Court ensured that African Americans across all U.S. states had less rights than they did
@JBickertonUK After slavery was abolished and were worse off economically.

This was due to allowing officially segregation which led for many years to apartheid across the USA in businesses, restaurants, shops, schools etc.
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In case anyone was wondering about Austin PD's Budget... Image
Since alot of folks were asking me about NYPD and LAPD, heres an updated list. ImageImage
One more for good measure.
Top 10 Police Departments vs the world. Image
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Several action-oriented lists are circulating right now but all emphasize two points: White people and NB-POC need to (1) dismantle Anti-Blackness and (2) relieve Black people from the burden of educating us about HOW (not if) we reinforce systems of oppression. Some links below:
→ Anti-Racism Allyship Staterkit by @tatumdorrell, @MattHerndon94, Jourdan Dorrell…
→ donation list by @reclaimtheblock…
→ Anti-Racism Resources for White people by @sarahsophief, @dj_diabeatic…
→ Uprooting Whiteness syllabus by @williamrfrey…
→ Black History Month Library by @_CharlesPreston…
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Police shining lights in faces of protesters because one person touched fence. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
Random Drunk lady yelling "All lives matter" and protesters are just a bunch of young bloods
Last night much of the crowd was upset about someone throwing a water bottle,but not vocal about the same police tear gassing crowds of peaceful protesters the day before. Also protester asking a female cop "you want my pussy", because cop was staring #justice4GeorgeFloyd
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עכשיו בשכונת ה-Mission בסן פרנסיסקו. נחילי אדם בתנועה למקום מכל הסביבה, המון המון צעירים, בקבוקי מים ומסכות מחולקים חינם, מסוקים משטרתיים חגים מעל Image
כמות הצעירים מרשימה. נאומים נישאו רחוק אבל אי אפשר היה להבין. שלטים שמכריזים בעיקר #BlackLivesMatter ולא מעט Defund the police, גם say his name וכן #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd . מתחילים להתפזר, יש עוצר עוד שעתיים וקצת Image
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I’ve been thinking about power in systems. In medicine. In police forces. Government. Why there haven’t been mass defections. Why do we stay when the system harms? 1/
The System is made of people. We comprise It. Without us, it ceases to be. Strikes me as a kind of delusion that we don’t denounce and leave even when The System blatantly exploits and harms. 2/
The harm, the moral distress, it touches everyone. We see it daily. And I wonder if we don’t abandon these systems because we ourselves on the deepest level seek to gain power from within. We’ve been conditioned to believe that is the goal. 3/
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La manifestation d'hier contre les #ViolencesPolicieres et pour la #JusticePourAdama était inédite. De mémoire de militante, j'ai rarement vu un rassemblement de ce type, plus de 20000 personnes, calmes, déterminées. C'est l'information la plus importante à retenir.
Même si les médias préfèrent s'intéresser de manière disproportionnée aux quelques feux de poubelles et dégradations, la très grande majorité des gens étaient là pour porter un message : dénoncer l'injustice des #ViolencesPolicieres, demander la #JusticePourAdama.
La stratégie policière de dispersion d'une manifestation pacifique en lançant des gaz lacrymogènes a certainement contribué à échauffer les esprits. Aujourd'hui, elle permet de faire diversion, comme avec Trump, pour ne pas répondre aux revendications légitimes.
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