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📢Y así, sin despeinarse, tueter censura al Presidente de los Estados Unidos...
Está denunciando Fraude Electoral, con pruebas!
La TV y las BigTech manipulan, te miente a diario y nadie las censura

Si le hacen esto a @POTUS que no te harán a tí, pequeño ser "pagaimpuestos"
🤔Que qué pruebas?
Estas son sólo algunas...
Amén de las decenas de noticias sobre irregularidades durante la distribución y entrega de votos por correo ImageImageImageImage
Otro ejemplo, abriendo, mirando y tirando papeletas a la basura...
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España contribuye con el 3% del coste de este instrumento al servicio de una agenda que propugna la destrucción de la civilización Occidental. A costa de nuestros impuestos.
Hay que poner fin inmediatamente.
#DefundTheUN #DefundUN
Las instituciones que se crearon tras la IIGM para recomponer el mundo de la posguerra a la larga se han convertido en el semillero de la propia destrucción de Occidente.
Ya no sirven.

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Mas que porra é essa?! A ONU globalista fazendo campanha woke para lacrar com a pandemia! Mundo patriarcal dominado por homens?! Trump já tirou os EUA da OMS, puxadinho chinês; está na hora de dar um bico na ONU também. Um lixo! Image
@realDonaldTrump it's time to launch a new campaign: #DefundUN
É só lacração! Usam a pandemia para impor sua AGENDA globalista... Image
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Recordemos q los PCR NO se crearon para esto y NO son fiables.

Los múltiples estudios sobre los problemas que provocan las máscaras para respirar.

La falta de autopsias y los números, aún si NO nos mintiesen todo el día.

Más de 7 meses de "pandemia"...

Vamos a verlos🤔 HILO👇 Image
La pandemia empezó en 2019...
Estos datos sólo son de 2020
☠️Muertos por:👇
✔Aborto 23 Millones
✔SIDA 914.000
✔Cáncer 4'5 Millones
✔Malaria 533.000
✔Por tabaquismo 2'7 Millones
✔Alcohol 1'4 Millones
✔Suicidios 583.000
✔Gripe 265.000
✔Accidente de Tráfico 734.000... Image
Cuál es la relevancia de esos datos???
Que no cerramos el mundo entero ni prohibimos los coches o el alcohol por su causa. Y esas muertes SI son confirmadas x esa causa NO como el #SARSCoV2
Tienes un 1% de probabilidad de q sea grave, eso si "lo coges"
#Plandemic Image
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@KatinkaSlump @D66 @Paul_van_Meenen @volkskrant Pas op! Met D66 en GL op weg naar Community Schools die 24/7 open zijn. Het is #GIRFEC staatsopvoeding!
Uiteraard gratis. De barmhartige samaritanen.

Zie draad.
@KatinkaSlump @D66 @Paul_van_Meenen @volkskrant Het is gratis brainwash van D66, GL en allen die VNAgenda2030 voorstaan. Met een grote doch kwalijke rol van ons @koninklijkhuis

Zie draad.

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The 70th UN General Assembly met in NY on Sept/2019 to review the progress of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda Goals and ... how to accelerated them. Just before the CV plannedemic.

NOTE: The Conservative Party is governed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

THREAD - UN Agenda 2030 17 Goals

UN Goal 1) End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Translation: Destroy drive to innovate. Kill small business. Redistribute wealth to elite class. Create government dependents with basic universal income.…
UN Goal 2) End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

Translation: GMO
GMO food studies show toxic hepatic, pancreatic, renal, or reproduction & altered hematological, biochemical, & immunologic parameters
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Global organizations have failed us. The last ten years of economic and financial mismanagement have left us in debt and in an avoidable crisis. The WHO could have warned us earlier and with better ideas, but kowtowing to China was more important.
As it turns out, the defenses we need now are those of the sovereign state. Early warning. Borders. Local decision making. Supra national orgs such as the UN have contributed little to nothing now.
"Progressives" have spent a decade telling us on how China will moderate as it gets more wealth. Instead, China has become more centralized under President Xi. It is the model for a cruel surveillance state. It is massively oppressing minorities. It is colonial.
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Wow. The Pope is sounding a lot like Canadian media & the Liberal Government. Fancy that.
#NWO #DefundUN #Globalists…
I believe there's a distraction in here somewhere. What could the Pope be distracting from I wonder? 🤔
Don't look here. Look there.…
A statue of Molech is now standing at the entrance of the Colosseum where so many Christians were brutally slaughtered by the Romans.
Ask yourself why... and why now?
Normalization & acceptance of child sacrifice/ritual when truth is revealed?…
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WTF did I just watch?
This is an act.
By Design.
A speech of FEAR.
Verbal abuse.
Nothing more.
The UN is a danger to society.
To children.
To our pocket books.
The UN is short on funding folks.
Get ready for more tax hikes.
If in doubt, here's one significant fact for you. UN Peacekeepers were caught in a major sex trafficking ring and suffered ZERO consequences. No arrests. No charges laid. Do you think the UN would have any reservations about using one single child to further their Funding Agenda?
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Thread: (17 total)
CANADA's SAFETY is in Your Hands.
Does the Liberal Gov. care about our safety?
Serious Question.
If they did why would they pass a bill to REDUCE punishments for serious indictable offences?

This thread is a reminder of the deliberate choices the Liberals have made to endanger Us, Our Families & Our Nation.
The following three pics are all crimes affected by the signing of Bill C-75.
Take the time to read them folks.
Some are not just shocking but disturbing to think that some of these are even being contemplated.
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This is being taught to 4th graders? WTF? How have parents not protested this? It's outrageous. 😡 This is nothing but Pedophelia grooming. There's no other explanation. NONE.
It's "CommonCore", a UN Agenda initiative. The UN is teaching your children that anal sex is the same as being "friendly".
It's evil & it's sick.
Total destruction & manipulation of our Youth.
#DefundUN #BanUN #UNEXT #UNexit #CommonCore
Here's an in-depth investigation into the origins of Common Core. c.2013. It's a little lengthy at 1:11:19 but worth the watch.
Common Core: Based on UN Agenda 21, UNESCO Standards
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1/ The ClimateScam was concocted by the United Nations to finance their globalist agenda. Here's proof in their words.

As some of you know I like to dig. While researching I ran across some UN documentation. Amazing what you can find while sifting through the trash.😏
2/ This is the UN's World Economic & Social Survey 2012 titled: "In Search of New Development Finance".…
In this document, they examine the need for additional funding and how that relates to their goals for "globalization".
3/ In their words,"... innovative development finance should be linked to the process of globalization, either through taxing sectors considered to have gained most from globalization, such as the financial sector, or by taxing global public “bads”, such as carbon emissions.
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