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(One of the) GOAL◾s of the deadly💉 #COVID911#Event201#PLANDEMIC

◾ was to get rid of #MAGA💭

2020 #ChickenJoe⤵"is now officially dead ans burried."

- @TheHill @brooksagnew
(2) @JourneymanNews💎 undercover nurse in📺the🚩"epicenter📍of the epicenter🗽"
Erin, injured #veteran turned nurse turned🚑whistleblower. In her home state #Florida they used #Hydroxychloroquine
#Cuomo's🚩anti-#MAGA #Elmhurst🚑"orders coming from high up"
(3) Erin enlisted in the army shortly before▶…#911Truth🌟=▶ #Iraq pretext
and⤴deployed w/ Operation #IraqiFreedom
#COVID911🌟carte blanche for #GreatReset & #NewNormal
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Let's do an August Flashback-a-cize mega thread. Starting with some #Nazis.

The first bullet point should be "One party system". Image
“A new study has found that individuals that have previously contracted COVID-19 show a more potent antibody response than those who were solely vaccinated for the respiratory virus.”…
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🛡️#T3OccultAstrology - FULL MOON - WHO CALLS PLANDEMIC 3/11/2020
On the final day of the March #FullMoon (#SuperWormMoon) 2020, the World Health Org called for the global #CV19 #plandemic - Geneva Switzerland - all governments shut down.
Still don't think they use astrology?
@WHO crys wolf w/ the Sun in water (liquid) sign of Pisces conjunct Neptune, the planet ruling deception, drugs, invisible enemy, opposed to Moon in earth sign Virgo - sets the #plandemic into action. Pivot point Neptune, the liar, is at home and in full strength in Pisces.
On December 14th just 9 months later #dont announces the worlds first vax rollout on the Solar Eclipse that squares w/ malice the March 11th position w/ Neptune when the WHO announced the #plandemic. This is amazing to say the least.
Neptune = drugs, deception, #InvisibleEnemy
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When will you see ((they)) PREY on all of us. Then ((they)) laugh at us fighting each other. #COVID #COVID19 Population estimated decrease from 300 billion to 65 billion by 2024? A thread
Rothschild editor of magazine and yes #plandemic. Varients are planned!
#Fauci pulls the fake positive PCR test during HIV outbreak. He then makes money on experimental drugs and many die. Sound familiar? Why isn't this on T.V.? Really? Who pays for shows? Commercials. How many are for big pharma drug pushing?
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Programming the New Human Species
Hydrogel) [Part 1]…
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#MustWatch -
Awake minds warned us about the junk science of v@kcins thru the centuries but too few even listened

Here Mike Adams, owner of CWCLabs prophesizes the ongoing v@kcin #holocaust back in 2019

#Plandemic #NWO #JustSayNo #VaccineInjury

They're unable to proceed against American people due to the #2ndAmendment; so they've planned this invisible enemy which they can't shoot

They dosed people with chemicals, killed fertility, funded #feminism & enacted laws to kill relationships

#VaccineAgenda #FakeCases #NWO Image
V@kcins will be kill switches which can be switched on to kill months to years after the jab

The upcoming holocaust will be 1000 times bigger than what we've seen in history

#VaccineInjury #Scamdemic #FakePandemic #NewWorldOrder #TheGreatReset…
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We have been played from all our #Politicians in the World!

#UnitedNations is only one nation

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See all the #Bank accounts from all countries around the World.
Countries they always let you think are poor are actually loaded with money & gold!
At a conference in 1944 in witch 44 countries came together&created the #IMF


All these things that we knew were happening that were in the light aren’t making sence,but when u see this..
Remember when #JFK said;We are run by secret societies.
This hits it!
Every country is in debt,with all this money?
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@bpoc2020 dient aanklacht in tegen regering bij #ICC

Investigator (onderzoeker) is toegewezen.

Ook werkt #BPOC2020 samen met dr. #ReinerFuellmich in de Class-Action Lawsuit, het zgn. Tweede #Neurenbergtribunaal.
Je kunt nu zelf aangifte doen tegen #MarkRutte cs inzake de #coronamaatregelen aka #coronazwendel en alle zaken rondom op het politiebureau

Ingebonden kant en klare #aangifte van 400 pagina's…

Of nu via collectieve actie !…
Dr. #ReinerFuellmich :

Scientific evidence that '#covid19' is #CrimeAgainstHumanity

#Fuellmich is an international trial laywer, who succesfully sued large fraudulent corporations, like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank.
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#కరోనావైరస్ వదంతి గురించి 
విస్తుపోయే నిజాలు తెలుసుకోండి....


#కరోనావైరస్ వదంతి గురించి
విస్తుపోయే నిజాలు తెలుసుకోండి....


#కరోనావైరస్ వదంతి గురించి
విస్తుపోయే నిజాలు తెలుసుకోండి....

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Dr. Robert Young... so called "viruses" don't exist...
C O V I D IS a #F RA U D
Dr Hilleman admits that

‘. million’s of Americans were poisoned with Cancer virus laced polio vaccines’ Listen to the evil and arrogant laughter in the background!

The ONLY Way to Get a Virus is TO BE INJECTED WITH IT! - Aajonus Vonderplanitz
👆Rumble video…
Some notes from the video👇
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Nu zelfs jonge #zwangere vrouwen met👑op😱🚑 #care🆘…🚑ziet hoe #ICantBreathe IC💥s. In 4🚑huizen regio @PolitieUtrecht van🕛daag 206🚑van wie📍63 op #ICU📍🚑noemt⌚moment van versoepel🎲ingen🎢‘rare🕖ng’ aantal👑🚑 op ic’s📍neemt📈toe & veel😱🚑 #jong🆔e💉
As a former Clinical Research Associate I announce an #audit of the 4 hospitals in the #Utrecht region.

@PolitieUtrecht organise it for me & get back to me in writing, here,📍 when & where, per quoted 4 hospitals, I can show up, un-announced🔎 #plandemic
Erin enlisted in @USArmy when she was 17, shortly before #911Truth
& deployed in support of Operation🚑 #Iraqi #freedom💥in 2003

#Bilderberg 2002…🆘#3 discussed 2003 #Iraq war in 2002 Image
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CV thread, lengthy but informative #coronavirus #cv19 #scamdemic #plandemic

I am not a doomsday preacher nor a fatalist nor a conspiracy theorist. I would be defined as a realist - a person who accepts a situation as it is, and is prepared to deal with it accordingly.
Do I think that the coronavirus is the sign of the end of this age? No, but it has shown me how easily the antichrist will be able to enforce the taking of his mark (Rev. 13:17). Maybe the coronavirus is a plague from God. I do not know, but it seems very evident that it may well
be a practice run, a drill, a simulation, a rehearsal, for Satan to work out the bugs for his superman. This is the beta version, being used to get all the nations prepared for the FINAL WORLD GOVERNMENT.
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🔔#T3PermaThread - RONA VACATION
This thread will spotlight important events in the #ronavacation saga in perpetuity.
First and foremost, lets hear what Sky News Australia has to say about their findings regarding the corruption of the World Health Organization and their role in the amplification of the #Plandemic
#RonaVacation is the mechanism used to capture society into a totally new system of control. The DNA alteration (mRNA) gives them legal precedence over you, just like Monsanto over GMO seeds. The #BirthCertificate system is now replaced by #GMOhumanity
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I teamed up w/ academic to see if banned #COVID19 disinformation videos like Plandemic were still widely available on the mainstream social networks. Short answer: 100%

Over 8-month period, these banned videos racked up 600k of @Facebook engagements even though they were banned
How did that happen? Well, these videos were uploaded to fringe sites like BitChute (a YouTube rival), then those videos were shared widely on FB w/o getting flagged. FB took down many of these banned videos when I told them about issue. But still, not a good look, imho
Let's call it the "replatforming" problem. You can ban as many videos/posts as you like. But whatever you do, ppl will find ways around those checks. Case in point: this version of #Plandemic is still on FB (via BitChute) 👇
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1/ The New Age of Aquarius World Order

Discussed in this thread;

•The imminent mass culling of humanity

•Why the Elites want 'Truthers' to survive this cull for the main event in 2025

•The coming Luciferian One World Religion
#plandemic Image
2/ The Theosophical Society was started by Helena Blavatsky in the late 1800's to lay the groundwork for the destruction of Christianity to be replaced by a new Satanic one world religion. Theosophists openly worship Lucifer who they refer to as the 'Light Bearer'.. Image
3/ Theosophists like Alice Bailey spoke of a "Plan" for a 'New World Order' or 'New Age of Aquarius'. They say that a 'new Christ' who they refer to as 'Maitreya' or 'World Teacher' will appear sometime around 2025 & usher in a golden age of light and peace.. Image
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Sooo.... NOW for the good news. It’s now being confirmed by military and forensic cyber analysis that OUR election was hacked by many governments. Mostly CHYNA. Trump won by at least 81mn to Chyna Joe’s 68mn. It’s NOW also been proven that the @DOJPH @FBI @CISAgov and more KNEW
about this PRIOR DURING and AFTER the election and held it from the American people. Why these analysts waited till now to come out with this can only be because they were also monitoring WHO else “KNOWINGLY” went along with this. Heads are gonna roll hard for “TREASON”. Suicide
weekend will soon be upon us for those who would like to save us taxpayers some money. I can’t wait to see ALL those corrupt MFers being paraded out in the streets in handcuffs. It’s going to be a glorious spring. But then again, most Americans already saw this coming. Just wait
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#Plandemic #Genocide #Vaccines #FightBack


Ten steps of genocide by G. H. Stanton and how to #FightBack. This is a very short resume. Please read the whole document above. Please comment as of what is the best way to #FightBack.
➔ 1. CLASSIFICATION: “us and them”
How to fight: search for common ground.

➔ 2. SYMBOLIZATION: names, symbols, dress, when leading to dehumanization (MASKS!)
How to fight: eliminate hate symbols. Denial of symbolization.
➔ 3. DISCRIMINATION: DENIAL of rights of the powerless group by the dominant group.
How to fight: demand / affirm empowerment and rights for all.

➔ 4. DEHUMANIZATION: VILIFICATION by dominant group. One group denies the humanity of the other group.
How to fight:
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Top Lab Test Expert: #COVID19 #virus ‘Does NOT Exist’
Scientists like Saeed Qureshi PhD, a former senior scientist at Health Canada, call out the fakery and reveal what more experts are now confirming world wide. We have been scammed!😂🙈…
@viruswaarheid 🤗
Germans have long known that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has totalitarian instincts.
#COVID19 #covidhoax2021 #FRAUD #PoliceState 😂 #Germany…
Merkel is using Germans as labrats?


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This will probs get me banned or offed, but #Retweet and expose that this #communist agenda is why they unleashed the #covid19 #Plandemic
Below are many facts + personal theories. WE ARE UNDER ATTACK,
This goes back far beyond 2014, but this is where things got weird, and the agenda becomes quite obvious. GOF research halt- they wanted to create "viruses virulent/pathogenic,- their words. For vaccine/protection purposes, of course. 🙄
The researchers reviewing the request for GOF shot it down- here's a taste of the 200+ page discussion, more ss to come. I believe Obama wanted to wait bc he didn't want this to tarnish his memory in the WH, & it was used to take #Trump down/implement communism. My take.
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COVID Fraud: Study Exposing Death Toll Lies Mysteriously Disappears
(Editor note: we recovered and re-posted for our readers the deleted article from the Way-Back machine) #COVID19 #covidhoax #FRAUD…
SHOCK REPORT: This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers
"Only" 9,210 Americans Died From #COVID19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses…
A Closer Look At U.S. Deaths Due To COVID-19 - November 30, 2020
Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Hopkins "deaths due to other diseases may instead be recategorized as being due to #COVID19"🤔…
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@BillKronoss @CatrionaColllns @FatEmperor Thread about Matt Hancock.

Hancock was a protégé of George Osborne for whom he worked 2005-2010. Elected an MP in 2010 he had several junior (Minister of State) posts in the Cameron govt. And of course was a Remainer.

Replying to @tonyseymour @BillKronoss and 2 others
@BillKronoss @CatrionaColllns @FatEmperor After the 2016 Brexit Referendum, Hancock mysteriously survived PM Theresa May's "purge of the Cameroons". In Jan 2018 he was promoted to full Minister (Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport).…

@BillKronoss @CatrionaColllns @FatEmperor The same month, Jan 2018, Hancock gave his speech in Davos ‘Reimagining policy making for the fourth industrial revolution’.…

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The movie 'V for Vendetta' that everyone is saying resembles our current #plandemic reality was actually Hollywood programming us to follow the coming Antichrist. Image
Just like in the Movie, the fake virus, #fakenews & over the top dracronian nonsensical restrictions we are now seeing are not intended to permanently enslave us...
The intent is for us to rise up, tear down this 'evil' corrupt Satanic NWO and usher in the 'good' Luciferian New World Order and worship the one who helps us do it.

#SCAMDEMIC2020 Image
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.Programación subliminal ❓

Echa un vistazo y decide por ti mismo

✔Una muestra de que los conspiranoicos son los que todavía creen en sus gobiernos, las farmacéuticas o los medios de intoxicación informativa
✔Grecia pide mandar un SMS al Gobierno durante el segundo confinamiento para poder salir 🤯
✔Vacunas obligatorias Ej.Alemania/Australia ImageImage
Pues ya está aquí...
Ahora a ver si somos como otros países que se levantan o un país de 🐑🐑

🤔Tienes miedo?
✔Quédate en casa, vacúnate, ponte tetas o haz lo que quieras... Pero NO puedes obligar a nadie a tratarse o vacunarse en contra de su voluntad
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Start here👇
There's no doubt in my mind that this plan has been in the making for some time now. But at what point did it become clear that 2030 would be end of game? I believe it was the result of Sri Lanka's Tsunami and subsequent World Bank bailout of 2004.
Sri Lanka lost 250+K lives. The United Nations and US POTUS Bill Clinton stepped in to implement a plan overseen by World Bank to solve the problems they faced. The #BuildBackBetter slogan was created.
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