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Today on OnAForums:

A user makes a "specific actionable threat" ("hunt down and kill") to "named person" (Actress Jenna Ortega), then after being "moderated" (comment not removed) tells his fellow posters he's truly depressed. The only thing that makes him feel better...👇

1/🧵 ImageImage "Lucyposting", which involves creating threads featuring hundreds of images of Lucy Lawless, some with swastikas on her body, interspersed with open racism and Nazi music.

81 pages of "discussion" on just a single thread (!)


2/ Image
Other users seek to devise strategies to egg on violent threat guy & his "friends" for a "bit" (humor).

Here, the forum admin is seen justifying doxing as "irony", and saying making a "specific threat" is the real problem.

Many specific threats have been made on OnAForums.

3/ Image
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Doxxing is not "free speech."
SWATTing is not "free speech."
Fraud. Identity Theft. Death threats. Bomb threats. Physical stalking. Phone harassment. Suicide demands.

None of these are "free speech." They are terrorism. They stifle the free speech of targets and victims.
Rob here runs an ISP that hosts Kiwifarms on its servers. A website dedicated utterly to the doxxing, harassment, stalking, and even causing the deaths of their targets. A website that celebrates a "kill count" of the number of vulnerable people it has driven to suicide.
Rob sees no problem at all with stochastic terrorism, so long as he can make a buck off the Nazis literally silencing their victims, permanently, while he hides behind the paper thin veneer of defending their "free speech."
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Latest words from Joshua Moon, Owner of Kiwifarms Doxing and Swatting Site

He seems frustrated. Are you frustrated Josh? You could walk away, except for your obsessive need to hurt trans and autistic people with your doxing site :(


Some more details on the woes of Joshua Moon, trying to get kiwifarms back online
More from Joshua Moon, complaining about repos with one of his accounts....
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In the wake of #dropkiwifarms can we turn our attention to other companies as well?

@AWNetworks has a contract with Alliance Defending Freedom, a group internationally recognized for crimes against the queer community, including pushing for the death penalty for being gay.
Several employees have left the company over this, inside sources tell me, and each time management gives a big act about how they just can't do anything about it because they aren't a large enough company.

I think after their latest valuation they're more than big enough.
They continue to work with known terrible clients such as the ADF when they have enough money to drop them easily. But they continue to work with them.

Why is that? @AWNetworks would you like to explain?
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1/ Okay, Part 2 of our #DropKiwiFarms coverage is unlocked. It's about the single scariest, most stalkerish threat Keffals received: a photo taken outside the apartment she was staying filled w/KF and loyalist lingo and posted to 4chan.…
2/ I found the kid who claims to be responsible. We call him “Teddy” in the episode. Teddy’s distinctive username is linked to many accounts on multiple sites, including Twitter, YouTube, and Discord. He has a long and sometimes scary history of trolling and terrorizing others.
3/ He is a “foodist,” or a follower of Foodistzen, a grotesque YouTuber whose shtick is saying outrageous and defamatory things about people who have recently died. He’s also a “Malagasy Clay Eater” (MCE), basically a small Discord subgroup of foodists.

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Thread. In the run up to WorldCon in Chicago last week, one of our cyberstalkers resumed sending detailed, explicit death threats against me to organizers of the convention.

This was not the first time. They have left me many dozens of voicemail death threats. 1/ Screengrab of an email sent...
They have sent similar death threat emails to attendees and organizers of other conventions I've attended in the past year. They've gone so far as to calling in a bomb threat to local police during one of them which required a sweep of the hotel with bomb-sniffing dogs. 2/
And, just to put icing on the cake, they have physically stalked me across multiple states, from D.C., to Michigan, to Illinois, where they take spyshots of me from as far away as their camera phones can reach. 3/ Spyshot of me taken by a st...ImageImage
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I need to make #DropKiwiFarms movement aware of sth as I think there is possibly a danger to the reputations of good people who have opposed far-right websites and personalities for years.

@keffals is engaging in tactics much like those of Kiwi Farmers. She is "optics poison".🧵 Image
The above is a message from her to me.

But that's not why I'm posting this.

She got into a slapfight with a Kiwi Farms user and called him a racial slur ("Sanchez"), an ableist slur ("r-tard"), and more.

She bragged to @burnbern8 about telling someone to kill themselves. Image
Here's the most recent blackmail slapfight leak:…

Courtesy of @NaiaGoesAwoo, who sent it to me.

Be careful of working with Keffals.

If this does not ruin her reputation, then something else will. Why do I say this?
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I wish people would see the depths of hatred for trans people. Anti-trans people will call in bomb threats to children's hospitals, public schools, and poutine restaurants, and they will obsessively cyberstalk a 9 year old on kiwi farms. All this to express their hatred.
These people are deranged in their hatred while we are simply trying to live our lives. It's absolutely insane the kinds of shit we have to deal with just existing. Kiwi farms was an entire site dedicated to stalking, doxing, threatening, and harassing trans people.
There are multiple 1M+ follower accounts like Libs of Tiktok who solely exist to push out anti-trans hate and propaganda to incite violence and harassment. Right wing media obsessively covers trans people in the worst possible ways while profiting from the engagement.
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I haven’t spoken much about KF over the years, mostly out of sheer horror and a feeling of hopelessness after their hosting of the manifesto and video of the Christchurch massacre.

I would talk with reporters once in a while about possible angles to cover KF, but it was futile.
The problem, of course, was anyone who spoke of KF was likely going to endure networked harassment, possibly for years on end.

KF isn’t just a website that coordinates harassment. It’s is an infrastructure of evil frequented by people who have a serious amount of technical skill
Mess with KF and you were likely to have your bank account, Uber, phone number, and apps hacked. If they got your home address you’d be flooded with pizza delivery, at best, or worst, swatted by police.

Any business that kept that site alive was complicit.
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Joshua Moon owner of Kiwifarms admits if he has to stay on TOR, he will open source the whole kiwifarms database, oh my, that will expose a lot of people!!!!

This will be interesting.

#dropkiwifarms Image
Joshua Moon "We're all fucked, I don't know if you've realized..."

Cult Leader of Kiwifarms - From their telegram chat, seconds ago.

#dropkiwifarms #endkiwifarms Image
What defeat looks like. Image
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Internetforummet Kiwifarms er, efter ugers massivt pres ført an af Twitch streameren Keffals under hashtagget #dropkiwifarms, blevet blokeret af sikkerhedstjenesten Cloudflare. Men hvad ER Kiwifarms, som en tidligere FBI chef kalder en terrortrussel? 🧵
Og lige inden du læser videre, denne her tråd har alle indholdsadvarslerne for transfobi, ekstremisme, vold, selvmord og selvskade...
Kiwifarms blev startet i 2013 af Joshua "Null" Moon, en tidligere administrator af forummet 4Chan, som du måske har hørt refereret til som en af "internettets sidegader”, fyldt med, alt-right internettrolde, shitpostere, nynazister og kvindehadere…
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In other words, KF started targeting people CF actually cared about instead of just trans people, queer people, sex workers, and so on.

Pretending like the site has only recently got really violent, as this blog post does, is quite simply farcical and cannot be taken seriously.
Cloudflare also very keen to claim this had nothing to do with #DropKiwifarms before then essentially admitting it was caused by #DropKiwifarms.
Cloudflare deserve no applause here, they made their position very clear earlier in the week, and are doing this because they started to feel threatened themselves.

The congratulations have to go to @keffals, the whole #DropKiwifarms team, and to everyone who has spoken out.
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Cloudflare has lost nearly $3 billion in market cap in the last week since Clara's campaign to #DropKiwifarms started. Hate doesn't sell and large corporate customers are beginning to question they relationship with cloudflare and leave. Image
For the "market is all down" crowd, cloudflare has done far worse that the nasdaq index in the same time frame despite cloudflare posting a solid 2nd quarter. Image
Nearly 5% loss this morning. Their blog update yesterday was an an unmitigated disaster. Image
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Keffals and kiwifarms have been trending on and off for more than a week. Found out in my resistance group last night that the partner of one of ours took his own life after they ruined his reputation online. Made it impossible for him to seek work.
Our group has been dormant for a short while.

We've been working on this for years and are pretty burnt out.

I do hope it doesn't go unnoticed.

We made it impossible for kiwifarms to obtain funding, had his paypal and other forms of payment banned.
We came together irrespective of our political alliances, for the greater good.

We all draw the line at nazi paedophilia. At slander.

Whether we are left or right, we decided they were beyond the pale.
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For weeks Cloudflare has stood behind their decision to provide services to a website that openly calls for the harassment, violence, and murder of transgender and nonbinary people, which even goes as far to reveal personal home addresses, putting these people in serious danger.
By hiding behind donations to LGBTQ causes and simultaneously refusing to sever ties with this website, Cloudflare is the definition of hypocrisy.
Taking action against anti-trans hate and violence should be an easy decision for Cloudflare, and the company needs to put a stop to willfully allowing its services to be used to aggressively harass LGBTQ people and spark real world violence. #DropKiwiFarms
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CW: the alt-right, genocide denial, racism, slurs, k*w*farms, transphobes
for over a year i have witnessed a #VTuber dogwhistle to extremists.
nobody has batted an eye.
it's time that changes.
@keffals #DropKiwifarms #CloudflareProtectsTerrorists
(a thread. 1/12)
(2/12) this VTuber's name is @/pipkinpippa. she works for the canadian company @/PhaseConnect owned by @/h2osakana. it is under this agency that she has been enabled to say & do things that attract a dangerous alt-right extremist audience-- especially the kiwifarms.
(3/12) in this clip you can see Pippa manipulating her innocent japanese co-worker into thinking that Joshua Moon's site is a 'good place', calling them her "kiwi bros".
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I know it's been pretty Kiwi Farms heavy around here this week, but please understand. KF's user base of obsessed sociopaths are 1 of 2 sites most responsible for 4 years of endless stalking my family and friends have endured.

This reconing is long overdue. #DropKiwifarms 1/
And this public backlash is putting a lie to the common myth of "don't feed the trolls."

The people giving that advice are well-meaning, but naive. They have not faced the sort of focused, sustained campaign of harassment and terrorism we have. These aren't trolls. 2/
They're clinically obsessed, criminal cyberstalkers. And they don't stop just because you look away. Indeed, like mold, they grow and fester absent the light.

As we're seeing with KF, the only thing that works is face them head on and drag them into the public consciousness. 3/
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#DropKiwifarms is trending, so I want to talk about my experiences in their crosshairs. I don't often talk about it because compared to many others, I got off easy. But also, I was terrified of associating with my old name, lest they start up on me again. I'm not scared anymore.
Before the site went down, the thread about me had been considered "inactive" for almost two years, their last update coming from speculations about a new profile pic my wife adopted that happened to include me in it.
Because of Kiwifarms, my wife and I have had to maintain the strictest of privacy settings on our Facebook accounts, but certain changes can never be private. They were still monitoring us for whatever info they could find.
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110.01/ Week one-hundred and ten, August 20-26, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 109 below.
110.02/ Why do they call it a "T-Shirt Gun" and not a "laundry shoot"?
110.03/ The way it's raining so hard right now gives me an urge to gather together 2 of every treife animal.
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Going to begin with what inspired this acc.. Naia Okami and Sappho aka HypnotistSappho. In this thread I will compile deleted proof for people curious about Naia's history online, that can be viewed efficiently without engaging w/ hate. Please do not contact any parties featured.
Cont. Denying existence of proof without giving speakers chance to present proof
Cont. The character of her then girlfriends.. and yes there is photos of Becca sending a dick pic + dildos to a then 16 year old. ImageImage
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