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Y'all told me you wanted it, so without further ado, let's talk about the #Eberron: #AshesoftheLastWar #dnd5e groups on what they've discovered on their journeys so far!

There's a Friday group and a Sunday group, which will each be getting their own threads. Let's begin!
- Anemone, Khoravar (Half-Elf) War Wizard @_praxidikai
- Arend, Khoravar Axe Sculptor @rmalena
- Leonus, Halfling Plague Accursed @Uberelephant
- Milo, Halfling Swashbuckler Rogue @sigmanuggets
- Pepper, Halfling Bard @PleasantDoom
- Valon, Valenar Bond Druid @WillRamsay5
They work for Morgrave University in Sharn, where a couple of professors - the gnome Farblen McGlurk, Chair of Folklore & History, and human Yasha Patrice, Professor of Astral Physics Theory - have assembled a specialized research group to study topics unavailable during the War!
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In celebration of the reunion of @HellcowKeith and @dbassingthwaite for Exploring Eberron, our #Eberron play-by-post server submits a new hashtag for your consideration:

#DarJokes (1/many)

Q: What does a goblinoid call their soulmate?
A: Dar-ling.
@HellcowKeith @dbassingthwaite #Eberron #DarJokes (2/many)

Q: What goblinoid is obsessed with time?
A: Calen-dars
@HellcowKeith @dbassingthwaite #Eberron #DarJokes (3/many)

Q: What goblin is universally despised?
A: Dar-Dar Binks
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I started a new #DnD campaign in #Eberron. It's interesting to see how players come up with characters.
One guy only decided to join the campaign a couple of days before but he was familiar with the setting and made a Dragonmark Heir. He really wanted to play an Artificer so he made one at the table.
Another guy was in from the get-go but wasn't familiar with the setting at all. He had his heart set on playing a druid so he made a half orc druid. He saw that he could be a Gatekeeper. Perfect!
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