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Okay, so maybe some unpopular things I'm about to say about #dnd5e and #pathfinder2e . This is just from my experience and I wonder how other people feel.
The first game I played in was in 2016, it was Pathfinder and it was being run by a World of Warcraft Guildmate. My wife and I joined and it was a terrible experience. He was a bully, allowed the experienced players take advantage of us.
The rules changed depending on who did what. The Ranger grabs my Halfling Bard, puts him on the bar counter and forces a bottle of mead down my throat - that's fine. I try to defend myself, but the checks I was trying to do were not allowed.
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Make sure to read the rules on the img! This is NOT by any circumstance, an *N*F*T* selling, I do not condone that type of purchase or sale. #dnd #OC #adoptable #art #digitalart #faun #satyr #characterdesign #dungeonsanddragons #witch Image
↓↓↓↓ ✨Bids start HERE✨ ↓↓↓↓
Just putting it back up on the timeline! If you can't afford or has no interest, pls rt if possible! Thankyou!✨💜
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If you #freelance, in general, they can do what they want with your work. They own it. They can edit as they like. If there is no “no edit” or “pre-approval” clause, forget it.

This is the price you pay to play with properties like #SpiderMan, #StarWars, or #DungeonsandDragons.
Freelance #writers and #artists expecting to have input and editorial clout—to really shape an entire product from soup to nuts, to have final say over nearly anything: don’t bother freelancing.

It’s not for you.
Next up, if you’re out to create something amazing, I can almost guarantee that it only comes along in vast, company driven group project once in a blue moon, and only then randomly, because stars align or something and the people click.
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A short threat on my most used cheat sheets for #dnd5e. I've always got at least one copy of each of these on my table! First off, this great sheet summarizing ability scores/checks!

#dungeonsanddragons #dnd ImageImage
And here is the link to that sheet:…
Next up, combat! I find this sheet to be a wonderfully simple summary of what happens during combat and what a PC can do in #dnd5e #dnd #dungeonsanddragons This is a free d/l on the @dms_guild…
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A thread of #DnD classes, in GIF form, starting with: Barbarian (1/13)

#dnd5e #ttrpg #dungeonsanddragons
Monk (2/13)
Artificer (3/13)
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DND Campaign Story: Lost Mines of Phandelver
Spoilers Ahead

Starting off with the character in the company: Innie he is a Tortle Fighter, Regina she is a Tiefling Artificer, Jane she is a Human Wizard, Snapshot he is a Elf Ranger, and Nisia she is a Aasimar Bard.
We start the journey off with Innie, Regina, and Snapshot. They are traveling down Tri Bor Trail to deliver oil to Barduth for Gundrid Rockseeker. Jane went off and head of our group with Gundrid and Sildar.
As the group came upon two dead horses full of arrows, they slowed their cart to a halt. Snapshot goes to the horses and collects the arrows from them, but as he is moving that way the see four goblins hiding in the forest.
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Se me ocurrió hacer un hilo sobre #dungeonsanddragons (D&D /#DnD), su historia por encima y su resurgimiento de los últimos años. Así que acá esta.
¿Qué es? Es un juego de rol, como Final Fantasy, Fallout, Dark Souls, Diablo y así, pero es de mesa. Realmente solo se necesitan dados, lápiz, papel, ganas y bastante:
La primera edición, conocida como D&D Orinal, salió al mercado en 1974 publicada por la compañía Tactical Studies Rules (TSR). En el 77 la segunda edición digamos que se dividió en 2, la continuación donde el juego se vendía por sets y Advance D&D...
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Okay, so this one's for #dungeonsanddragons people. Back in the early 2000's @Wizards_DnD released a revised version of Chainmail, with a focus on various factions fighting over the magical armaments of a slain War God. It was kind of set on Oerth, from the Greyhawk books.
Does anyone know if there was ever any sort of adaptation of the lore/story of that version of Chainmail to D&D 3rd Edition rules? I've been looking for it for years but can't find anything.… This is the version I'm talking about
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Another piece I did on #DungeonsAndDragons, this one on Oriental Adventures and the importance of listening to Asian voices within the D&D community! Many thanks to @danielhkwan and @DeeEmSteve of @aznsrepresent for graciously speaking with me.…
Anyone who wants an academic/cultural/nerdy take on exactly why this book is antiquated should watch the livestream that @aznsrepresent did, as well as their current work reading similar RPGs like #LegendOfTheFiveRings (which is better albeit still flawed)…
If you want D&D stuff actually written by Asian creators, the #UnbreakableAnthology's a good start:
(And as far as other RPGs, I'm *really* looking forward to Jiangshi by @bananachangames and @SenFoongLim, b/c...Chinese vampires):…
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WotC's statements about equity in #DnD rings hollow for me for so many reasons. For one, they are still profiting off of Oriental Adventures and other harmful supplements. When you buy this, you show them that you are ok with Asian people being represented by blatant stereotypes.
You show consumers that these legacy products are to be consumed. They aren't.

What if someone looks to the optional "Honour" rules found in the 5e DMG or inquires about the "cultures" of Kara-Tur mentioned in the PHB?

Kara-Tur is still being sold and this is a PROBLEM.
If you disagree, you have clearly never had a piece of pop culture harm you. Books like this take my culture, oversimplify the nuances that make it beautiful, mash it together with other cultural reductions, and present it as THE WAY others should view our stories.
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I just introduced my family to the magic of D&D! Highlights from our first session include:

Dad (Cleric) - "Pelor and I got into an argument and we aren't friends anymore. He's holding me back at level 1. I'm not talking to him until he apologizes."

#dungeonsanddragons #thread Image
Dad (Cleric of "Pelor") - "I try to spray Windex on the cursed corpse. It heals everything...even death"

He's basically playing the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
My mom (@YogaMom8) is playing Lao "Long Sky" Min, a traveling folk hero who helps anyone in need.

The party encountered a dwarf affected by a terrible curse.

Mom - "This whole time, I've been carrying a jug of my special soup. Goji berries have some magical properties!"
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If there's one good thing to come out of quarantine, it's that my family is FINALLY willing to let me run a virtual D&D game for them. When I asked my mom about her character idea she said, "I want to be Ip Man, but also really good at cooking". #dungeonsanddragons
My dad said, "I want to be a senior supervisor at a Nuclear power station" (his old job that he retired from YEARS ago).
UPDATE: My dad has pivoted to being "some sort of magical healer".
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I am sad to announce that after much consideration I am cancelling my appearance at Breakout Con due to COVID-19.

Thread. 1/3
#dungeonsanddragons #ttrpg
I'm 30, have no health risks, and am privileged to have healthcare and benefits.

But others around me do not.

This is a time to be responsible and aware of how our actions can impact the community. Do your part in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

@aznsrepresent will be hosting our panels and games via Twitch in lieu of Breakout Con. We'd prefer to be there, but are unwilling to take the risk and put the vulnerable loved ones in our lives in danger.
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I need to summon the positive force that is our #TTRPG community. Bennie, an avid #dungeonsanddragons @levelupgamingCA participant of 3 years, has a VERY rare autonomic nervous system disorder called Familial Dysautonomia and needs your help! #thread…
His mother Monica is a single parent and as a result of the demanding care needed by Bennie, was unable to continue her career as an educator. Bennie has had repeated ongoing health challenges, frequent hospitalizations, and the need for specialized healthcare support.
Despite his need for specialized treatment and support, publicly funded healthcare and social services have been limited for Bennie since he turned 18. With no immediate or extended family in Toronto to support them, Monica can really use some help.
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#PlotHooks Episode 2 is out Saturday morning at 10 EST!

And as promised yesterday, here’s what to expect! (mini-thread)

#DnD #DnD5e #dungeonsanddragons #RPG #roleplaying #collaborativestorytelling #podcast
In “The Prime Material,” Samuel and Matt begin a series about using the Upper Planes of #DnD’s cosmology in your story. We discuss using these planes as a whole, and then zoom in specifically on Elysium and Bytopia. We’ll look at more of the Upper Planes in a later episode. (/2)
In “The Wilds,” we take a look at different ways of using the classic Mimic in your narrative, outside of just using them as chests. (/3)

#Mimic #PlotHooks #DnD #DnD5e #dungeonsanddragons
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I think a lot about the #TTRPG industry and how it can have more #inclusive spaces/content. Since we started @aznsrepresent, the question I'm most frequently asked is, "when is it right for me [a white creator] to make a game that has Asian themes?" #dungeonsanddragons #thread
My answer is usually a reference to @simonsinek's "golden circle" concept regarding one's sense of purpose (or "why").

Why are you making this game? Why have you decided to use Asian themes?

If in your heart, you believe that you should be making your content. Go ahead.
Be creative. Make what you want. But if you want to contribute to the growth and inclusiveness of the #TTRPG community, consider the following...

Will your creation afford others the time and space to join the conversation?
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On this night before Christmas, I want to talk about an accidental #SupermanAnalogue, the cleric and druid class from #DungeonsAndDragons. Particularly if you've ever 0layed 3rd edition, then you should be familiar with the term "CoDzilla". Image
Now, the most baked in example from #dnd is of course the Paladin class. It is the righteous Knight in shining armor after all. So much so that we had an episode of #MenOfSteel on the subject with @BrandesStoddard to discuss the parallels:…
However, I want to talk about CoDzilla because holy hell did they stumble into a crazy overpowered default pair of classes. It's a lot to explain the mechanics, but if you're mostly familiar with 4 or 5e, then you may be surprised to hear how broken these two used to be. Image
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If you listened to the Dragon Talk interview I did for @Wizards_DnD, you heard me speak about @levelupgamingCA. We've been working hard for the past 3 years to provide adults with autism and other disabilities opportunities to develop their social skills using #dungeonsanddragons
TTRPGs are such great tools to help EVERYONE...

1) understand and manage emotions
2) make constructive choices in social interactions 
3) understand and respect the perspectives of others
4) develop and maintain positive relationships
5) develop a growth mindset Image
It makes me so happy when our participants put a lot of thought into their characters and even try their hand at running a game! ImageImage
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by Robert Herrick, 1648

The hag is astride
This night for to ride,
The devil and she together ;
Through thick and through thin,
Now out and then in,
Though ne'er so foul be the weather.
A thorn or a burr
She takes for a spur,
With a lash of a bramble she rides now ;
Through brakes and through briars,
O'er ditches and mires,
She follows the spirit that guides now.
No beast for his food
Dare now range the wood,
But hush'd in his lair he lies lurking ;
While mischiefs, by these,
On land and on seas,
At noon of night are a-working.
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Sortie du #TrouNoir, voici la dix-neuvième séance du cabinet de chaologie ! Au menu, Tarkov, Low Magic Age et plein d'autres critiques de jeux vidéo plus ou moins récents.…
On décolle avec CONSORTIUM, un jeu de rôle science-fictionnesque pour le moins original. Mais cela suffit-il a en faire un bon jeu ?
@iDGi_1 #sciencefiction #RPG #indiegames…
En 2019, j’ai goûté une nouvelle drogue. Elle est dure, elle est exigeante, elle est addictive. Un escape game avec des flingues, du loot et du post-apo contemporain, bienvenue à Tarkov.
@bstategames #EscapeFromTarkov #FPS…
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So I found out a friend of mine was using some pirated pdf @Wizards_DnD products to plan his next campaign. Found out he had no intention of purchasing, nor did he feel bad because they were a "big company." Here is why that pisses me off:

#dungeonsanddragons #CriticalRole
I am CEO of a really tiny RPG company that is desperately trying to break even on our products. We do this for love, for sure, but things cost money. Not only that, as much as I thought I did, the main thing that I have learned is how much work it takes to make even small things.
Right now we are working on a #savage worlds setting called #ArchonsofNikud and it is going to cost us thousands of dollars and untold thousands of person hours to make. It is hard to describe the blood, sweat, and tears that will go into this project.
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It’s hard to believe D&D’s “Planescape” is 25 years old. I don’t have many preliminary sketches as the tight deadlines had me going straight to final art. It was an exhilarating time in my career. My energy and enthusiasm knew no bounds. 🎨 #dungeonsanddragons
More developmental sketches from the D&D “Planescape” campaign boxed set 1993-94:
In the fall of 1993, I’d been sent a pile of copies of Dana Knutson’s concepts to work from. Sadly none can be found in my files, though I do have this early (perhaps first) drawing of a tiefling.
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Gillar ni den här tweeten, så får ni en tweet om hur det är att vara #blind i #Sverige. Upp till 150 st eller 2 dygn, vilket som kommer först.

Det är naturligtvis enbart baserat på mina egna erfarenheter.
1) I Sverige finns inga lagat som reglerar blinda personers tillgång till utbildning i Punktskrift. Många blinda personer är därför också analfabeter, kan inte rösta, får ingen samhällsinformation, etc.
2) För er nördar - punktskrift är en slags 6-bits binär kod.
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