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For the past 50 years, the Endangered Species Act has been a vital safety net for protecting fish, wildlife and plants. The law has been instrumental in preventing the extinction of numerous imperiled species and safeguarding the environments in which they thrive. A close-up, side angle of a...
From the bald eagle to the island fox, we are thankful for the species this law has helped recover and save. While we have made significant progress in safeguarding species on the verge of extinction, many face challenges to recovery, including habitat loss and climate change. A small grey and brown isla...
Over 1,700 species of fish, wildlife and plants are listed as endangered or threatened in the nation. Agencies like @USFWS and @USGS work with state, Tribal and local partners to restore endangered species, like the critically endangered Attwater’s prairie-chicken. A male Attwater’s prairie c...
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Did you know that this week marks #EndangeredSpeciesDay and #BiodiversityDay?

We honor these days by highlighting the need to change our eating habits and fashion choices to protect animals from going extinct.👇1/10
Animals play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy #environment. For example:

- beaver dams prevent fires
- squirrels help trees take root
- #fish feces can lock carbon away for 600 years
- elephants create water sources for other species

Our current food system is a key driver of #BiodiversityLoss, a 2021 report by @ChathamHouse found.

The expansion of #AnimalAgriculture, in particular, destroys ecosystems by turning them into pasture or farmland to grow feed. @CaroChristen reports. 3/10…
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#EndangeredSpeciesDay: Iconic Indian Animals That Are Threatened with Extinction… (Photo: IANS)(Photo: Sanjeev Rastogi/TOI, BCCL, Delhi)(Photo: IANS)(Photo: TOI, BCCL, Mumbai)
India is home to a plethora of unique and peculiar animals, which occupy a variety of habitats ranging from the extremely hot and cold deserts to mountainous terrains and all kinds of forests.

In the past few decades, however, several factors have been significantly contributing to the accelerated extinction of the myriad flora and fauna on Earth.

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1. Kashmiri Red Stag
 Only found in the northern parts of Jammu&Kashmir and in Himachal Pradesh.
2.Tibetan antelope
Very few are found across the border in Ladakh, India
3.Black-necked crane
The only high altitude crane, a
few pairs found within the
limits of Trans-Himalayan
Frequently seen in Tso-moriri
lake, Ladakh.
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THREAD 🐢🐺🦒🦍🦏 Today is #EndangeredSpeciesDay 🦏🦍🦒🐺🐢 Here are some of favorite recent Inside Edition stories about the work conservationists are doing to save endangered animals around the world 🌍🌏🌎
The Fernandina tortoise, a species that was thought to be extinct for 113 years, was rediscovered on a Galapagos island in 2019. 🐢

“I believe she can become an icon of wildlife hope." – @ForrestGalante
.@nywolforg in upstate New York, a team of veterinarians and volunteers "hunt" wolf pups in an effort to save the critically endangered Mexican gray wolf – according to the center, there are only 140 of these wolves in the wild. 🐺
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Hawai’i is the #EndangeredSpecies capital of the 🌎and May 17th is #EndangeredSpeciesDay. But through proactive #conservation efforts, hope and beauty 🌺 remain. Here is the week’s ABC’s of #SavingSpecies throughout the Pacific islands.

[Photo by David Sischo] A snail with a brown and yellow striped shell on a leaf with red flowers in the background
🅰️is for 🅰️uwahi Restoration

25% of Hawaiian endangered plant taxa are from dry forests. #Conservation agencies, volunteers, and landowners of ‘Ulupalakua Ranch are changing that future by planting these🌱at Auwahi

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[Photo: M. Oppenheimer/PEPP] A plant with a small, yellow flower with 7 long petals and black and orange seeds.
🅱️ is for the Yellow-Faced 🅱️ee
The first 🐝 to be federally listed as Endangered are Hawai’i’s endemic yellow-faced bees! The Service’s Coastal Program works with universities, the State, and community to protect them
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Photo by J. Graham A small insect with a yellow face sits on the petal of a half-flower that is white.
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