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P Chidu said in an interview this week that he wishes someone with knowledge of economics was around in this government to make sound decisions. That is SOME arrogance from a lawyer who pretends to be an economist. Lets re-cap his voodoo/scorched earth economics from UPA2 era../1
Chidu not only goofed up the entire economy by his voodoo economics and accounting principles, but he also followed a scorched earth policy to make sure Modi is booby trapped, when they come to power in 2014. He knew the writing on the wall & did it. Lets recap what he did ../2
1) He cleverly moved the fuel subsidy of 35000 Cr from Q4/2013-14 to next year.
2) He announced Food Security Bill budget of 115,000 Cr and said it will be rolled over to the next year.
3) He opened the Ghost of 7th Pay commission & left unlimited liability to new govt. ../3
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Why do we need #EqualRightsforHindus?
1. #RighttoChildhoodFun
Courts rule that Dahi Handi, Diwali, Holi - dangerous, polluting, water wastage. Children & families love these festivals.
But actually Childhood is lost when
- self-flagellation during Moharram
- Radicalisation leading to Child suicide bombers
- Children paid for stoning Army, etc.
Childhood also lost when
- Church & its supporting NGOs force
Schoolchildren to protest against Government for
- Aarey, Sterlite Copper issue, etc.
Village sports Jallikattu, Kumbala, Dahi Handi train & test fitness of individuals. V. important.
- Unlike #WeaponsTraining or #LoveJihad training by Radical Islamists
- Unlike Acts of Epilepsy, Mental Illness by Evangelists
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Le jour où les ONG bloquent des locaux d' @EDFofficiel , @TotalPress et j'en passe, nous sommes actuellement à des émissions de CO2 de ... 31g ! Dont 97% décarbonés et 21% renouvelable. #electricitymap @greenpeacefr @EELVRosny93
Pendant ce temps en Allemagne, on en est à 221g soit 7x plus que nous, avec 76% de décarboné et 63% renouvelable, et la belgique, qui compte enlever son nucléaire, 151g en faisant tourner à fond... son nucléaire.
Le vrai combat, si vous en voulez un, c'est en Pologne, avec actuellement 763g, 76% de leur prod actuelle provient du charbon.
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What the mainstream media won’t tell you about the man at the centre of the US-backed #VenezuelaCoup.
#rte #BBC #UTV #ch4 #VM1 #Tg4 #Newstalk ...
An uncritical MSM with no memory is critical for US foreign policy ...
None of them remember the WMD'S anymore ...
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Egregious cases of #RTE as activist hit High Court : Children equally suffer due - now not everyone can understand the issue here and the deception… ; let me explain for benefit of public.
Imagine the following situation :

1 . You are a non-minority trust and have a school with 100 Seats. #RTE stipulates you set aside 25 seats for (whatever arbitrary quota Govt decides) -- all fine till now.
2. It is also the case that the 25 seats wuld have to be subsidized by your trust somehow - most likely by passing on burden to the other 75. Even here -- all fine till now. read on..
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It would seem to be a mistake to not have taken peoples' very real, practical concerns more seriously…
This was the article which had been retweeted…
3/ Given extent, range, & specificity of research that has gone into making appeal so far it raises certain questions about how the local council justifies itself as operating for the greater good of all of its locality-while pumping publicity for...…
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Delusions of grandeur. Read this news. Schools run by RoP are exempt from #RTE even if they are govt-aided. An RoP guy is running a war on pvt schools run by Hindus in Nagpur(RSS headquarters) using RTE. U want to guide thd world?…
Manata govt is closing RSS schools in West Bengal. They cannot close minority-run schools because of Art 30 privilege. This is what happens when you don't change anti-Hindu articles/laws. The state can do whatever it want & you can't do anything legally…
"They are operating without NOC". The state can give if it wants, can revoke whenever it wants. Mohan Bhagwat needs to beg Mamata for NOC. John Dayal or Badruddin don't need NOC from Mamta

Modi could have made atleast the NOC part easy like Sonia did for minorities with NCMEI
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In Delhi a 11 month old girl died because the hospital refused to treat her without an #Aadhaar card.

In Chandigarh, a woman was refused #abortion because she did not have an Aadhaar. She sought a back alley abortion and suffered extreme bleeding and complications.




3/n. HIV+ women in India have stopped their treatment as hospitals demand the biometric Aadhaar. The women fear loss of anonymity & social stigma on them and their families.…

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