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I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, so here goes. A thread on Trump.
I didn’t vote for Trump. To my everlasting shame, I voted for the twerp @Evan_McMullin . That’s a decision I’ve regretted ever since reading his tweets and learning more about his politics.
I blogged about Trump. I said there was no way he could win. Obviously, I was wrong.
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This Mensch’s tweet is an OUTRIGHT LIE.

She supported PRO PUTIN/ NAZI Marine Le Pen & her ugly Nationalist Fascist rhetoric because Marine & Louise are ideologically one & the same.
2/ Louise Mensch said of Pro Putin/Nazi Le Pen in this FOXNews 2016 interview:

“Le Pen isn’t her dad. She is not long far right & a Nazi. She is a significant conservative if you like. The Donald trump of France!"

Louise is a Le Pen & Nazi Apologist.…
3/ Pro Marine Le Pen, Louise Mensch in the 2016 FOXNews Interview repeatedly mocks Merkel & her blames her for the break up of the EU and that the break up of the EU is ""Good riddance to bad rubbish…
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1. As events unfold, many are confused. All of these people are coordinating a strategy to entirely deconstruct, then rebuild, the U.S. Justice Department.
2. The level of rot is far greater than most casual observers thought.
3. Deep inside the FBI and DOJ there is wide-spread corruption amid leadership.
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So, a little bit about the Niskanen Center, a "libertarian, open societies" 501c3 think tank, that opened in 2015 and is associated with George Soros, Tides, SPLC, and dozens of other Progressive globalist groups.
Niskanen Center describes itself:
Niskanen lists nationalist/populist movements as their enemies, and enemies of an "open society."
"The politics of the 21st century increasingly pits defenders of the open society against a new breed of populists animated by a vision of a closed and exclusive national community"
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Quick thread on something gleaned from #FusionGPS testimony released yesterday. /1
So, if you recall a few months ago, Democrats selectively leaked that #FusionGPS was hired in early 2016 by the Washington Free Beacon. The leakers wanted people to think that the Steele Dossier was a bipartisan hit. /2
But the timeline never made sense, and WFB denied that they'd hired #FusionGPS to go after Trump. Their Rubio-supporing sponsor, Paul Singer insisted he was not paying for the now-discredited dossier. /3
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January 17, 2018
POTUS has signaled that today is #FakeNewsAwards Day
Let's prepare for the event, shall we?
The "news" comes from MSM, Entertainment, Corps, Social Media, & Deep State. Within these groups deviant and criminal behaviors are prevalent. To hide what they have done, they must destroy @POTUS
They have declared WAR.
Where is the battlefield?
The choice is yours.
or BLUE?
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1. Thread. Let’s look at some of the challenges we face as we stand, against @PutinRF and his asset in the @WhiteHouse #SloboDonny going into 2018. And how we can better work together to counter those threats - united. We’re all in this together after all. h/t @QeyeTDogbytes
2. The first area where tRUmp has the upper hand is the information space. For example @Twitter has done precious little to eliminate their #Russia’n troll and bot infestation and their willingness to be purveyors of hate group messaging.
3. What can we do? We can educate ourselves more about bots, trolls, bot networks, and how to avoid them, ignore them, or alternatively how to use the right language to get them to boost counter-tRUmp messaging and/or turn on @PutinRF. Assymetric, use their strength against them.
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There are ten days left in 2017. Every day between now and New Years UsVsThemBlog will be bringing you a countdown of the most ridiculous #TeamPatriot pronunciations of 2017. To start the countdown off we the #10 most ridiculous #Team Patriot pronunciation to follow:
10. In July Louise claimed Donald Trump could not step foot in New York due to charges against him brought by local authorities. She administer then Press Secretary Reince Priebus to admit it! This was, of course, false. He’s been numerous times.
Stay tuned tomorrow for the #9 most ridiculous #TeamPatriot pronunciation of 2017! (An UsVsThemBlog Production)
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- THREAD - I'm bothered by the lack of concern regarding the circumstantial evidence surrounding absolute @GOP complicity in #TrumpRussia. This is a spontaneous, cathartic thread on what I see regarding this issue. There's a reason congressional (R)s are flipping to #Trumpism.
It seems people like Lindsey Graham and John McCain went from #NeverTrump to Trumpism. The reason they must comply is quite obvious. And all the evidence you need is in the reporting of our irreplaceable press corp. You just have to put the pieces together.
This is the foundation for everything. Every (R) must anchor themselves to the party for better odds of political survival. They *must* go down with the ship b/c they endorsed a sociopath. They are trapped. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Here's why.
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Why impeachment will happen, and soon:
thread 1/
2 words: POTUS Ryan
We saw yesterday. The GOP is owned by donors and lobbyists, the Senate and the house.
Donors don't like Trump's unpredictability and incompetence. They want good soldiers who march as ordered, not a cranky toddler that throws tantrums and can make their stock drop with a tweet
every rich donor & non-deplorable knows Trump is mentally ill, can not be trusted. Getting a "not insane" POTUS there and having competent guys in the WH is not something only Dems want. They want it too, for evil reasons.
Trump is toast
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There is a debate brewing among #NeverTrump conservatives (the few of us there are) and others: do we seek to persuade pro-Trump (or pro-Moore) voters, and understand them, or scold and mock them? /1
I am firmly in the “scold and mock” camp. The “We must understand and reason with them” approach rests on an assumption that theirs views are merely misinformed, or a reasonable expression of political frustration. To which I say: bullshit. /2
The hard-core Trumpers - like the people who now say “sure, Moore is a child molester, but at least not a Democrat” - are not the dispossessed and downtrodden just venting their frustration. They know exactly what they’re supporting. /3
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1) Thread on NeverTrump Republicans. I touched on them in my previous tweetstorm, but given everything that has happened I think a whole threat on the subject is needed
2) In his response to my last tweetstorm @drawandstrike made a crucial point about the #NeverTrump Republicans; in the face of massive conservative victories chronicled by me, @ThomasWictor, @Imperator_Rex3, and @LarrySchweikart, they oppose Trump still
3) In all fairness, Never Trump on the right did have two legitimate arguments that I subscribed to until election day, when I voted for Trump. First, that Trump wasn't going to win. Second, that Trump was going to govern as a liberal
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