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Renmiri @renmiri1
Why impeachment will happen, and soon:
thread 1/
2 words: POTUS Ryan
We saw yesterday. The GOP is owned by donors and lobbyists, the Senate and the house.
Donors don't like Trump's unpredictability and incompetence. They want good soldiers who march as ordered, not a cranky toddler that throws tantrums and can make their stock drop with a tweet
every rich donor & non-deplorable knows Trump is mentally ill, can not be trusted. Getting a "not insane" POTUS there and having competent guys in the WH is not something only Dems want. They want it too, for evil reasons.
Trump is toast
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Tom Nichols @RadioFreeTom
There is a debate brewing among #NeverTrump conservatives (the few of us there are) and others: do we seek to persuade pro-Trump (or pro-Moore) voters, and understand them, or scold and mock them? /1
I am firmly in the “scold and mock” camp. The “We must understand and reason with them” approach rests on an assumption that theirs views are merely misinformed, or a reasonable expression of political frustration. To which I say: bullshit. /2
The hard-core Trumpers - like the people who now say “sure, Moore is a child molester, but at least not a Democrat” - are not the dispossessed and downtrodden just venting their frustration. They know exactly what they’re supporting. /3
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NavyJack @USNJack
Starting a NEW URGENT THREAD HERE Now. #DeepState is in open defiance of President Trump. 11/30/2017 Please RT+ to get the word out!
#MAGAMARCHFORJUSTICE #U1P #UraniumOne #EmailScandal #Benghazi #Russiagate @WhiteHouse @POTUS @VP @HouseGOP @SenateGOP #MAGA
This is not the first time President Trump has demanded @TheJusticeDept and the @StateDept cooperate and turn over subpoenaed information.

#MAGAMARCHFORJUSTICE #LockHerUp #UraniumOne #EmailScandal #Benghazi #Russiagate @WhiteHouse @POTUS @VP @HouseGOP
In fact as recently as last month President Trump demanded Secretary Tillerson cooperate with investigators and the courts and stop stalling on these court ordered production requests and subpoenas.…
#MAGAMARCHFORJUSTICE #LockHerUp #EmailScandal #Benghazi
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Alex Behzade @ABPatriotWriter
1) Thread on NeverTrump Republicans. I touched on them in my previous tweetstorm, but given everything that has happened I think a whole threat on the subject is needed
2) In his response to my last tweetstorm @drawandstrike made a crucial point about the #NeverTrump Republicans; in the face of massive conservative victories chronicled by me, @ThomasWictor, @Imperator_Rex3, and @LarrySchweikart, they oppose Trump still
3) In all fairness, Never Trump on the right did have two legitimate arguments that I subscribed to until election day, when I voted for Trump. First, that Trump wasn't going to win. Second, that Trump was going to govern as a liberal
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NavyJack @USNJack
Mini-Thread: I had discussions with several Senate aids last evening posing as someone opposed to Judge Moore. I am now certain that regardless of the validity of the claims, the key people of the #NeverTrump movement are involved.
Including Rick Wilson:
Mindy Finn (who must have gone to the Evelyn Wood speed-reading school based on the fact that she posted this only minutes after the story was released by the Washington Post). Please note her personalized headline in this tweet:
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I 69 Science @Warden_AoS
1. This adoption tax credit that the GOP proposes to eliminate is #NeverTrump vs alt right/new right/Trumpism in a nutshell.
2. After years of campaign lip service to social cons, the GOP can't find the political will to eliminate public funding for Planned Parenthood.
3. It's difficult to overstate what a fundamental betrayal this is .

Planned Parenthood represents some of the worst evils of the abortion industry.
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Charles Hoskinson @cehoskinson
1. Here's why #NeverTrump Republicans are the perfect example of Lenin's "useful idiots:"
2. Their hatred for Trump has led them to empower forces which stand against everything they claim to believe in.
3. They support candidates and talking points crafted by a Democratic party that has become overtaken by rent-seekers, racial grievance-mongers and the extreme left...
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Augusto P @GenAugustoP
This is the narrative. That our lost patience and willingness to be polite in face of insults is *proof* we are the awful things they say.
The Left can't let us go unscathed. We can't simply not agree and go our own way, we must be destroyed or they lose their leverage.
So the insults and gaslighting accusations intensify, to try and maintain their hold on the remaining folks who've been cowed into silence.
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Jorge Bonilla @BonillaJL
While we're at it, now is a good time as any to take care of a small housekeeping matter. /1
A former boss once taught me that you quit twice: first in your head and then when you walk out the door. /2
Truth be told, I was #NeverTrump since 2011, over his Kelo fetishism. /3
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🦈🦈🦈TurSharKen🦈🦈🦈 @FailShark
Dear #NeverTrump and #Resistance Tweeps:
I’ve notice a lot of fatigue lately and wanted to offer some encouragement: Y’all are AMAZING! /1
Look at all the issues you’re juggling: a leadership vacuum, wasteful spending, abuse of power, cultish Trumpkins, fidget spinners, /2
denial of facts, natural disasters, typos, tone deaf politicians, Nazi wannabes, special elections, racial injustice, nepotism, romphims, /3
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Yossi Gestetner @YossiGestetner
Trump is out virtue'ing, out righteous'ing, out putting-country-first'ing the GOP who sabotaged their OWN legislative promises since Jan!
2/ Trump did not mess up GOP leadership elections after Nov; filled the WH with RNC hands, @SenateMajLdr's wife got a job; NATO Ambassador
3/ went to an establishment person; Trump helped @PRyan in the special elections; helped @SenateMajLdr in Alabama's election; Trump tried
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