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I'm a little worried. #POTUS hasn't tweet since 10:18 PM · Dec 21, 2019‼️
Maybe he is trying to tell us something.
This #ImpechmentHoax shows us, the Republicans have joined together as they never had. They will fight for our #POTUS until the end. Thank you #Patriots for your unity‼️ We the people are also united as one for our President‼️ #Trump will win the 2020 election. DNC in FEAR‼️
[They] are wearing black because it's their political funeral.
Some will lose their job‼️
“The Squad” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib🤡🤡🤡🤡‼️
232 voted for Impeachment.
232= Satan in JG
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Things you may not be watching but should be: the DOJ IG testifying before Senate HSGAC on the #FISAReport, where the IG has said he did not find political bias, but also stated that the answers he got for why the huge errors occurred were not at all satisfactory.
HAWLEY: [The FBI] lied to the FISA courts to get a surveillance order. Why would so many people do that?

HOROWITZ: We don't make a conclusion as to the intent...but there are so many errors that we couldn't make a determination as to what motivated those failures.
HAWLEY: Was it your conclusion that political bias did not affect the Page investigation?

HOROWITZ: We did not reach that conclusion. We have been very not reach that conclusion...[due in part] to our inability to get explanations for why this all happened.
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The FBI has until Jan 10th to come up with solutions to the issues identified in the IG Horowitz report

#FISAabuse #FISACourt #IGReport…
🚨 Set your calendar for Fri 12/20 because the FISA judge Rosemary Collyer has ordered the declassification of her 12/5 order

#FISAabuse #FISACourt #IGReport
#Spygate #Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #MAGA #PartyofCrime #DrainTheSwamp #LockThemAllUp…
Nunes argued that it is somewhat disingenuous for Collyer to claim today that she has concerns about fraud upon the court when the House Intelligence Committee notified the court of the substantial errors almost 2 years ago!

#FISACourt #FISAReport

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🚨THREAD: Since the #FISAReport has been released, there is something pretty critical in there that jumped out at me. This hinges on the AG Barr quote below:

“Durham is not limited to the FBI. He can talk to other agencies. He can compel people to testify,” Barr said.
2 - “One of the problems in the IG’s investigation, I think he would agree, is that @Comey refused to sign back up for his security clearance and therefore couldn't be questioned about classified matters.”
3 – “…So, someone like Durham can compel testimony, he can talk to a whole range of people, private parties, foreign governments, and so forth.”
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Page "xi" of the #FISAReport is noticeably different than the other pages.
Header color is faded. Looks copied from a spiral bound report.

Does this support the idea of two different reports existing?

"Xi" for #XiJinping? Something else? What could be the connection?
Also, you cannot select text on page "xi" as you can on other pages - it was clearly inserted.
Now Trump's signing on order related to "Title VI"?
Yes, I realize "VI" is not the same as "xi", but something is telling me this is not a coincidence.
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The focus of the #IGReport was #FISAabuse the IG identified “at least 17 significant errors or omissions” in the #FISA warrant used to spy on @CarterWPage.

Although many media organizations are trying to focus on the IG’s finding that the @FBI was within its rights in opening the initial counterintelligence investigation, it should be noted that this was not the focus of the IG’s investigation.
However, Horowitz did note that he had material concerns about the @FBI’s legal ability to open an investigation into the campaign of a presidential candidate:

The #IGReport highlighted several different areas of misconduct and identified a number of errors.
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Meet Ali Fayad
A Lebanese born-
Ukrainian Arms dealer
Iranian Spy
Hezbollah Operative
Adviser to former #Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych
Ali Fayad gathered intelligence on US targets.
Recruited sleeper agents within the US.
Formed an alliance between the Mexican drug cartels and Hezbollah.
Ran multi-ton shipments of cocaine into the US.
Established Hezbollah safe houses and training camps all through
South America.
Paid off governments
and on and on.

@BarackObama and his administration were briefed about him on multiple occasions.
Hezbollah in South America and operating so freely did NOT move any Obama officials to act, arrest and shut down the estimated 450 million
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This thread is dedicated to the IG FISA report.
Word on the street is that the media is beginning to receive leaks from today's impending release.
I will post all IG FISA related content in this thread.

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Democracy dies in the dark when the vote of We The People is overturned by a corrupt Democrat Congress simply because of hate and they can't win an election. Read and know more:…
It is because of President Trump's winning economy that Obama is a multi-millionaire. You'd think he say thank you.
What's at stake if the Dems take control. Know the the facts as analysis by robjh1 and @smalltownandrew…
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The @FBI’s #FISA warrant to #Spy on Trump campaign adviser @CarterWPage—a key part of the agency’s investigation of the Trump campaign—has been fraught with irregularities.

By Jeff Carlson @themarketswork (Thread 👇)…
Ahead of the release of the #DOJ Inspector General's #FISAReport, we provide an overview of what exactly the known irregularities are.

The initiation of the investigation by @JusticeOIG was originally announced on March 28, 2018.
However, the #IGReport has been repeatedly pushed back and delayed.

IG #Horowitz declared his area of original focus within his initiation announcement:
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Q. Where Are We in the Justice Tmeline?
How long before the Arrests?

A. Within Phases 1 & 2.
Before 2019 ends, We will see Phase 3 Begin. 2020 will see most of Phase 3.

#FISA #Fisareport #FISAabuse #Spygate #DarkToLight #Justice #PAIN #WWG1WGA #ItsShowTime
2/3 📣 WE ARE AT PHASES 1&2...
#FISA only Brings Public Awareness (1). DOJ Brings its own Investigations (Almost Finished.) (2), then Arrests (3), then PROSECUTIONS (4).
If & When Found Guilty, the Prisoners go on to U.S. Federal Prison, GITMO Incarceration for Life, or ...
3/3 or the Traitors Face the Death Penalty. (Phase 5)
Justice TO ALL, FOR ALL,
Shall. Be. Restored.
SO! There's still much for us to do... Stay Strong. Chin-Up! Encourage One Another! We've come a Long Way, Patriots! #TrustThePlan #UnitedNotDivided
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1) The sham #ImpeachmentInquiry is still underway with @RepAdamSchiff at the helm.

How & when will it end?
Where are we in the #Qanon timeline?
What comes next?

Let’s take a quick look at recent #Q drops in context...
2) In drop #3604 from this morning, #Q quoted himself from #2693 back in February.

Nearly a year ago, Q predicted that an #ImpeachmentHoax would be pushed and run by the CHAIR of the #IntelligenceCommittee.


Q called it STEP FOUR.
3) That’s one hell of a prediction considering that #Impeachment is supposed to be run by the #JudiciaryCommittee (which is now Chaired by @RepJerryNadler).

How could #Q know nearly a year ago that this oddity would occur?

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#DECLASS @POTUS ???? /deC/ #QAnon
@POTUS 101 today Armistice 101st
5 = Hussein
Richard Donoghue.Hussein
One of my first decodes 12/11/2018
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Recall that we were told documents were going to be declassified in order to release #FISAreport.. and now this from @FBIRecordsVault FELEG (Five Eyes Law Enforcement Group) who all met in Washington June 2016.…
Oh to be a fly on the wall of what these dream teams came up with.
#CrossFireHurricane? @nick_weil
A little birdy just reminded me that good old Clapper was chirping in June 2016.…
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