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1 of 35. #TRUTH #TwitterStorm PLEASE read, #Share, and #Retweet this Very Important thread. Use it on 1/17/18. I will highlight key developments, based on my analysis of #QAnon and ACTUAL events. Many pointers to this, but original source to dig is here:
2. To interpret things:
- I will reference #QAnon material in these posts with {}.
- I will generally place my interpretations OUTSIDE of {} but will use parentheses within to help. Reference web link in post 1 to SEE original Q content.
3. #QAnon is REAL, VERY REAL. There's a massive effort by #DeepState to discredit or label #QAnon as a #LARP.
Q (1/14/18):
{Boards changed due to statements re: private comms - FALSE.
Boards changed due to failure to IDEN accurately.
Boards changed due to MISINFO…
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#Qanon #DrainTheSwamp
How long has @FBI #Mueller been mucking up everything he touches?

Maybe around the time he was in school with John Kerry.
I am going to say more like 2001. That was when he was #FBI director.

So I guess he was doing everything he could to stop the bad guys. Right?

#Qanon #DrainTheSwamp
Hey, hold on. Are you serious? You got nominated ONE WEEK EXACTLY before 9-11?

Absolutely NO #coincidence here. smh

#Qanon #DrainTheSwamp
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1) Inspector General Report Preview : Investigating the #FBI White Hats
2) On January 12, 2017 the DOJ Inspector General announced his investigation.
Part of his investigation is into the FBI Vault dump that occurred on October 30th, through November 1st 2016. A little over a week before the election.…
3) Clinton Campaign press secretary Brian Fallon reacted immediately. He is currently a CNN political contributor.
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#SundayMorning 👉In order 4 #Mueller 2 prove #Russia interfered in election & colluded w/ #Trump, he'd have 2 prove #Russia hacked #DNC & weaponized emails by giving them 2 #wikileaks. He CANT. While every1 focuses on #Dossier, @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse should stress this FACT
The entire investigation into Russia interference & influence stemmed from Crowdstrikes flawed intel report which Perkins Coie solicited & was paid for by DNC & Clinton campaign. Same people who hired & paid #FusionGPS to concoct the fake dossier
Crowdstrike (Shawn Henry, former FBI w/ ties to McCabe, Comey, Mueller & Dmitri Alperovitch, an Atlantic Council fellow w/ shady past) refused to cooperate w/ Congressional hearings. They never showed up.
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#Qanon leads for #AUS from this morning. $88 mil was given to Clinton Foundation from #AusAID Here is a story by @zerohedge…
#Qanon You see here so did Norway cut the funding. The theme here is this. WHY STOP DONATING TO THE FOUNDATION JUST BECAUSE HILLARY LOST?
The thing is aren't they just "helping" a good cause? Or is it with out #CrookedHillary in office no more #PayToPlay?…
#QAnon You can see wiki has tons of AusAID material. We need to find out why.

Since #AusAID stopped funding Clinton Foundation when she lost. Lets check the Clinton category.
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☕Morning! Great feeling waking up & #ClintonFoundation investigation is in the news. For those of u who think it was *just* reopened, it wasnt, & it never stopped. #FBI Little Rock isnt ONLY field office involved
(🍎NY😁). #WhatHappened & why did fmr admin try 2 shut it down?
Go back in time 2 things u may have overlooked. Pieces will come 2gether for ya, including why McCabe sent Strzok 2 NYC 2 handle Weiner laptop. Its ALWAYS been about protecting the foundation. Why? Global implications? October 2016, Tom Fuentes, fmr asst FBI dir. Pay attn.
I talk about it 100 times a day. Just because Lynch DOJ (Kadzik, Caldwell, Yates) worked w/ Brooklyn US atty office to obstruct investigation, they kept going. You don't tell NY guys "No."…
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Hey @brhodes why did the @FBI deny your security clearance? Looks like it worked out though, Obama just pushed you right through to top secret clearance so you could get to work on the #IranDeal meanwhile all #MSM wants to talk about it Kushner’s security clearance🔍 #Hello2018
Of course @johnpodesta knew, well someone turned a blind eye would be oh so curious to know if the #FBI ever changed their mind and if so, who's name was on the report #wikileaks #ticktock…
WAIT, BEN?! Was blaming #Benghazi on a YouTube video your idea!? You were the head speech writer, you were the foreign policy expert. Look at this garbage you wrote yet #SusanRice and HRC marched right out and parroted it all. #NeverForget #TickTock #BenRhodes
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1. #Pizzagate and #QAnon are two separate things.

#QAnon is verified insider with a somewhat uncanny ability to predict trumps tweets and apparently false flag attacks. Let’s start with couple examples.
2. Look at the timestamps below
3. As you can see, our apparent insider #QAnon posted at 10:54am the exact same line as @realDonaldTrump would almost two hours later.

“We love our U. S. Military. On behalf of an entire nation. THANK YOU for your sacrifice and service. #ArmyNavyGame #USA.”
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🙋🏼 #Saturday thread questions that should be answered regarding
#FBI #McCabe #Strzok #Comey #Clinton #HumaAbedin #WeinerLaptop #NYC FBI agents
#WhatHappened #coverup #ClintonFoundation #emails
#LockHerUp #DrainTheSwamp #DrainTheDeepState #HappyNewYear
Justin Cooper? U were pissed Braverman trying 2 clean up foundation. U hate Chelsea. She saw u put spyware on computers. Did u tell Ron Fournier "Follow foundation 💵." Wasnt registered 2 u? U ran it till 2014 w/ NO sec clearance? Were u feeling the heat?
Referring to May 2016 IG report...u were in charge of server during entire tenure of Clinton while Sec of State. Why didn't u get immunity like all the others? Were u ever questioned on or off the record for the "other" investigation NY agents conducting?
👉Clinton Foundation
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This ENDS the Russia Narrative, I DECREE it in Jesus' Name! #CrowdStrike #QAnon

please see thread! retweet, share
#CrowdStrike #Qanon

please see thread!
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#Thursday rant bout 1 of biggest swamp dwellers that always gets overlooked: USAID
👉August 2017 article. (If u followed my original account, do u remember me bitching bout CHEMONICS?). Why does this FOR PROFIT org continue 2 fuck up & get more $? #MAGA…
Remember in 2015 when people warned about Chemonics and the largest ever contract to a PRIVATE, for profit, consulting firm w/ a history of problems? Guess what, their warnings were accurate as the previous article shows.
Do you not know who Chemonics is? Let me remind you... #Haiti
Yes. They worked in tandem w/ #ClintonFoundation. Chemonics made millions while Haitians suffered.…
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1) #SaveTheKids Now that I have a following, I am a single, threaded 27-point story of the #Treason against the US committed by #Hillary, #Obama, and the #Cabal, starting w/ #UraniumOne and #IranNukes deals.…
2) Trump was recruited by #Patriots/#Military as the only outsider (not part of establishment) who could really #DrainTheSwamp, which is much worse than the aforementioned #Treason. He is protected by the #Marines in particular.…
3) #SethRichMurder The #Cabal, which includes corrupt Dems/GOP, never expected #HRC to lose. They owned #FakeNews #LSM (lying socialist media), rigged #DNC primary for #Hillary, and unsuccessfully rigged actual election w/electronic voting…
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