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@andrewjteacher @GeorgeNHammond @ftweekend @GrenfellUnited @officialJ4G Also worth reading a the earlier #Australian #LacrosseFire ruling which may present a cost recovery option for the contractor under vicarious liability against project principals

Three appealed but judge also found against them.…
@andrewjteacher @GeorgeNHammond @ftweekend @GrenfellUnited @officialJ4G Then there’s this gem of a case & ruling also upheld on appeal

Sahib Foods Ltd v Paskin Kyriakides Sands (a firm) [2003] EWCA Civ 1832

Hence predict stormy waters ahead for developers, contractors, architects, specifies, consultant (fire) engineers etc…
@andrewjteacher @GeorgeNHammond @ftweekend @GrenfellUnited @officialJ4G Finally there’s the post #grenfell remediation cases where the mistakes of the past & present are being quietly swept under the carpet
housing providers charging leaseholders again for another round of fire door works
manufactures + test houses lobbying @GOVUK
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1. good morning,my #Australian #FOIA hearing took place last night (CET time) in #Canberra: I am represented by the excellent #Australian lawyers,@BarnsGreg and @peterbolam. @BarnsGreg grilled @dfat which refuses to release me the #FOIA docs on Julian #Assange.
2.I've been fighting my #FOIA litigation in #UK,#US, #Australia,#Sweden since 2015 to access the full documents on #Assange & the #WikiLeaks journos to reconstruct the case factually:without hard facts,we just have opinions,uncertainty and the government can manipulate us at will
3.#FOIA is one of the very few tools that we investigative journalists have to unearth facts and reconstruct facts thoroughly and rigorously. Never leave facts in the hands of the government: it will manipulate facts at will to fit its agenda
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#NZ This is a long thread on the issue of harassment & threats made against #WomenInLeadership, primarily #WomenInPolitics.

⬇️ Reviews incidents over time, highlights the danger & escalation of #misogyny & the real life consequences on the personal & our democratic institutions.
This thread is being woven, the week Michael Cruickshank was sentenced to jail in #NZ for threatening to blow our #WomanPrimeMinister’s head off & to “..wipe you off this f---planet”- Also arrested this week Richard Sivell who has allegedly been posting threatening messages.
Here you can take a look at #OnlineAbuse ~ ⬇️ is a really useful article by @shesource & @WMCLive that names online hostile behaviour, how it is that #Women are targeted, & explains why “online harassment exists on a continuum with offline violence”…
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Looks like #western & #Australian analysts are finally waking up to what I've been publicly stating here for the last two weeks .
#Kiev & #Kharkiv are distractions , the real game is in #southeastern #Ukraine .…
In the Southeast sector #Russia has no #logistics problems with supplies getting trucked in via the DPR & LPR .If anything the #Ukrainian forces stuck here have logistics trouble with supply lines stretching to #Lviv nearly 1200km away ,nothing is getting out of #Kiev ,#Kharkiv .
To their credit #Ukrainian forces seem to have Prepositioned significant ammunition , troops & equipment in hardened dispersed storages in the east which they're using to fight on .
Of late #Russians have been Targeting these stores unerringly.
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1/ Bill, l #Australia is NOT "the answer" to the next #pandemic if all countries responded the same

#disease, #poverty, #child dev dont go on vacation for a #pandemic. All of these will always lead to > death than the pandemic if Australian measures are enacted

We'll explain...

1) #UNICEF has >500M in severe poverty due to measures advocated by you and #Australia and NZ. 1:10 will die from severe poverty

Conservatively, that is > 10M deaths. & If all had done that millions more would die for just poverty

And #children die the most from poverty
2) 15M #cancer #patients need #Treatments. Over 50% aren't compliant & new diagnoses are down ~70%

Combined, we have ensured from #COVID19 measures the deaths of 5-10M cancer patients, conservatively

Those #s increase with a global #Australian / NZ response
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Taking the low road: #China’s influence in #Australian states and territories

Australia’s states, territories and communities enjoyed close and mutually beneficial relations with China for four decades from the late 1970s through to Xi Jinping’s rise to power in the 2010s.
With Xi’s ascent, authorities in China began leveraging longstanding subnational partnerships with Australian state and territory governments, universities, business associations, community organisations and Chinese-language media to voice their support for China’s
geopolitical interests in the region, in some cases contrary to Australia’s national interests. State and territory governments that had little formal role to play in national security could no longer escape it.
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Notes from my book: Receiving many messages, DM’s & emails over ‘safeguarding’. I have worked in this industry for 30 years. Safeguarding chapter: #MentalHeath professionals are human & make mistakes, because they are human. They are first & fore-mostly trained in #safeguarding
Their ethos is to ‘Do No Harm’. Most people don’t understand what this means. #Therapists & mental health professionals disagree on many issues. They are divided on what safeguarding means to them #Childsafety & #childprotection have always been fraught by #childsafety challenges
In 2015, I began raising #safeguarding concerns with My regulatory board & the #psychology organisations. These were serious concerns. Over those years, I was ignored, brushed off, #silenced or told it wasn’t a problem. The Australian Senate held an #inquiry into our regulatory
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1. Today marks #1000Days #Assange was imprisoned in #Belmarsh,after 9yrs of #ArbitraryDetention.Since 2015,I've been fighting a trench warfare to obtain the full documents on the case.I'll keep fighting,however if you have them,please share them SAFELY:…
2. if you need to check that my #SecureDrop complies with the security requirements which makes it suitable to share documents safely, please check the @FreedomofPress directory:
3. what I need:
- the FULL correspondence between #US,#UK,#Swedish,#Australian authorities on Julian #Assange and the #WikiLeaks journalists
- any relevant document on the #CIA attempts to poison/kidnap Julian #Assange and the #WikiLeaks journalists
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#SouthKorean President Moon Jae-in made it more than clear that his country WON’T join the diplomatic boycott of #BeijingWinterOlympics when meeting with #Australia PM #Morrison in Canberra, once again shattering the illusion of Australia trying to form a gang against China. Image
SK is not 1st country to reject #Australia's reckless wooing. Singaporean PM Lee Hsien Loong admonished Australian leaders to engage more calmly with China when #Morrison stopped in Singapore & tried to get some political tribute en route to his first in-person meeting with Biden
When #Australian media went to great lengths to drive a wedge btw New Zealand & China, forcing Wellington to take a hard line against its largest trading partner, New Zealand Trade Minister advised Canberra to "be more cautious with the wording" to improve its ties with China.
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#OpenSea hired a new CFO who was quoted:

"I haven't been this excited about something in a very long time. It reminds me of 1995 eBay."

It's easy to see the comparison, but let me ask you a question... would you buy art on eBay?

A few thoughts on the future of #NFT markets 👇
OpenSea has served a purpose to kick start the early stages of mainstream #NFT adoption, but some people are (understandably) frustrated at the prospect of a future IPO.

Take this from @Joanwestenberg, who raises a number of valid concerns:… Image
It wouldn't surprise me if OpenSea faces fierce competition in the future, not only from Coinbase & other large marketplaces, but from niche, community driven initiatives too.

It got me thinking, how will we buy & exchange #NFTs in the future?
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1/5 A slice of my life! Walking you through diff pavilions at #Expo2020 in Dubai.
So first, sharing the VERTICAL CINEMA experience. 👇
Prolly soon we’ll all b lying down and staring up to watch #3D movies/ videos. 😊

Video is frm #US, #SKorea and the #Australian pavilion.
2/5 At the #Germany’s pavilion it was all about group activities and Earth. In the video— as the swings moved collectively, the lights came down. And there wr other similar group activities in the pavilion. Prolly one of the best pavillions at the #Expo2020 to visit in groups.
3/5 At the #Saudi Pavilion, the concept of VERTICAL cinema was reversed. We had to look down. 👇It felt as if the land and hills around wr real and moving. But the same 3D experience as video in tweet-1, sans any glasses. #ExpoDubai2020 #Expo2020
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In the most grotesque breach of human rights imaginable, the #Australian army has forcibly removed #indigenous from Binjari & Robinson River communities to a #quarantine camp.

233 yrs of occupation/colonialism/genocide
Message to Michael Gunner, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, @fanniebay

"Michael Gunner you coward - where are you? Come here mate. Come here. You lying deceiving dog. You moneyslut."

"This is our land. We know every inch of it."
"Most people infected with the virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness & recover without requiring special treatment."

This is not - & has never been, about a virus.
The architects of this mass hysteria do not care about your health.… ImageImageImageImage
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Attending the NAPP National Association of Practicing Psychiatrists Gender Dysphoria In Young People Webinar 2 hours now. Will live tweet #live
This is a medical condition because it involves medication and surgery
Presentations by 5 different psychiatrists all experienced and working within the area of gender Dysphoria @dianna_kenny is speaking about intake assessment which is called “gatekeeping”
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The 2021 #Australian Association of Family Therapy #AAFT Conference included a presentation on ‘treating families with Transgender Children’ in the context of family therapy & is a significant departure from ethics, guidelines & the foundational principles of family #therapy
If you are member of the public seeking a family therapist, you have the right to know how they are trained. What follows is their recent training materials. Please share widely. I will be discussing this in my book. Please choose a #therapist wisely. I cannot overstate this
Family therapists in Australia are trained to have an agenda and bias. They are trained to ‘normalise’ and affirm self-ID
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Inga Clendinnen "Dancing with Strangers"

In this thread students @MQLinguistics read Clendinnen's historical #ethnography based on the diaries of the officers of the 1st fleet to learn about #InterculturalCommunication between British colonizers and Sydney's Indigenous people
#DancingWithStrangers is a story of confusion and ignorance of #culture #language, aspirations, traditions and #law
One of the most tragic figures is Baneelon, an Australian kidnapped by Governor Phillip and taught English in a desperate attempt to create an intermediary.
The detailed musings of the white men in #DancingWithStrangers contrast with the deafening silence of any women's voices - what did the Indigenous and colonising #women think of each other? Of the men they encountered? How different would history be if women had been in charge?
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-#AUKUS & SEA1000 Attack-class future sub program Explained
-2016 #Australia DoD selected Naval Group #France’s Shortfin Barracuda 1A to replace Collins-class subs
-On offer were French Navy’s Suffren-class nuclear attack subs modified to SSK, 12 at A$90 bn
#IndianNavy @subnut Military Today
-Offer wasn't revolutionary
-No air-independent propulsion
-2019 Strategic Partnership Agreement signed despite Naval Shipbuilding Advisory Board‘s objections
-Board wanted extension of service life of Collins-class
-Finally extension program came through giving time till 2038 Transparency Portal
-2020 #Australian National Audit Office objected to non-futuristic nature of “Future Submarine Program”
-Difference of opinion was straining relationship of DoD & Naval Group
-DoD realized #French offer doesn't increase RAN capability needs until 2050s & beyond
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👉🏻 ANNOUNCING AUSTRALIA’S FIRST #DETRANS Gender Clinic to open soon! There is a great need #aus clinics to provide specialist therapy, group therapy, Support, referrals, resources, research, current law, books to #australian clients of all ages #trans #detrans #gender #Australia
The clinic aims to have highly trained and specialist therapists who will provide specialist trauma therapy to clients of all ages who are in the various stages of detransitioning and/or gender dysphoria.
The clinic specialists will have experience training Ed. in (or be willing to) GD, ASD (female autism as it presents), ADHD, #essences, child development, highest Ethics & safeguarding principals, trauma & C-PTSD, abuse, sexual abuse, differential dx, Gillick informed consent
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Getting lost in the crowd can be a problem when you’re an #endangered sea lion pup. Taronga behavioural ecologist @PitcherBen & collaborators are decoding #Australian #sealion communication to understand how mothers and pups recognise each other in a busy colony #ScienceWeek
Australian sea lions use a combination of sound, sight and smell to communicate and recognise their pups. Mothers can use the size and colour patterns in pup coats to help located their offspring in a colony… @RSocPublishing #AnimalCommunication
Smell is critical to recognition. Mums will smell pups they encounter while searching the colony to confirm which pup is their own offspring. Each sea lion has a unique smell and mums learn the odour of their pup… #AnimalCommunication
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#BREAKING: #USArmy 82nd Airborne Division is still sending troops to #Afghanistan. Not only, the number of #US troops there is reduced rather it is increased 3 times. These two #USAF's C-17As (06-6166 & 08-8190) supported by three KC-135R/T tankers are sending 300 more troops.
Two #USAF KC-135R tankers (61-0298 and 63-8045) and an RC-135W Rivet Joint (62-4138) have headed to #Afghanistan to support the evacuation of Afghan & #US citizens from #Kabul airport. It is first time that a Rivet Joint is getting involved in this operation.
Tanker activity in the Al-Dhafra-#Kabul airbridge. Two Al-Udeid based #USAF KC-135Rs are going #Afghanistan while a KC-10A tanker returns to Al-Dhafra.
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Right now, across eastern #Australia, #frogs are croaking it in large numbers – and again it’s the ARWH that are hopping up to the agar plate to find out what’s going on... #WildlifeHealth #ScienceWeek… @jodirowley @KarrieARose @FrogIDAus #FrogID @austmus
There's a reason the humble #frog is ARWH's unofficial mascot. #Amphibians are valuable #IndicatorSpecies – being highly susceptible to environmental toxins & many pathogens (parasitic, bacterial, viral & fungal) - & right now they're indicating that something is seriously wrong
We are currently in an unusual #MassMortality event for #frogs, and Taronga's AWRH is right at the forefront of figuring out what is going on.
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The Myall Lakes #Dingo Project is a collaboration between Taronga, @CES_UNSW, @UNSW_BEES, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service through @NSWDPIE, and MidCoast Council, headed up by Taronga’s @HWConflict and @PitcherBen. #MyallLakesNationalPark #ScienceWeek PC: Bobby-Jo Vial Image
Established in 2019, and funded by the Hermon Slade Foundation and Taronga, this project aims to develop and test novel #nonlethalmanagement tools for #dingoes, and to further our understanding and appreciation of this iconic but much-maligned #Australian #carnivore.
#Dingoes and other #carnivores often communicate territory ownership through #scentmarking and #howling. Sound up for this clip! It's a half-hearted howl, but lovely to hear.
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Australian Judges to now oversee #transgender #teen treatment is a positive step forward and welcomed in order to safeguard children who are unable to give full #gillick #informedconsent…
Thank you @KLBfax for your #bravery and standing up for vulnerable children who deserve #safeguarding, should have been given full #gillick informed consent and should have had their immature prefrontal cortex, as a consequence of child development, taken into consideration
This decision supports the UK, Finland, and Sweden in an international shift towards caution for #children and safest ethical medical practice. The Australian #gender clinic remains unidentified at the moment
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